But you also want to make a lot of money —— I’m talking Oprah money, Beyonce money — good rich people money. I know this but this is me too.  But scaling your business to six-figures and beyond will require you to think differently. 

You are in this because you actually give af about your community and want to see your people elevated. 

Here’s the thing, I have worked with dozens of women of color coaches and here’s what I have learneD


Show Up & Lead the Mastermind is a program created for WOC coaches who desire to create six-figures and beyond in their coaching business but want to do it in a way that serves their community, creates client results that change generational narratives, without working yourself to the bone. 


Serving your people, showing up real, and keeping your businesses as simple as possible —That is what a business needs to scale your growth, create massive impact & build demand for your coaching.

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Up & Lead

Show Up Real Podcast is a show dedicated to helping WOC create more money in their business using simple strategies to keep you focused on what matters in your business – your mind, impact, and the growth of your business. 

Wanna keep your business simple, mindset focused, bank account big,

Show Up Real


and the impact even bigger? 

and the impact even bigger? 


1:1 Coaching

Limited Spots for 1:1 Coaching.

- Investment $12,000 - 
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