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Up & Lead

A high-level 12-month coaching and mentorship program created for WOC coaches, creators, & service pros who want to scale their business to create their first six-figures and multiple six-figures years.


You are a CEO
of a coaching company.

Not just a coach.

Inside Show Up & Lead, you will start thinking about your business as a company. Instead of waiting on how much you'll make next month, you'll plan for it. You'll lead your business instead of chasing it. 

You will learn how to manage your mind, energy, and full life and create the calm in the center of it, any time you effing want.

You'll take on more and work less. You'll become a master at juggling a beautiful life with a thriving business.

Show Up & Lead Mastermind will teach you how to sell at an advanced level. You'll master the skill selling and converting your audience into clients. 

If you know how to make $30k from your offer,
you know how to make $100k. 

Inside Show Up & Lead Mastermind, you will identify your own result recipe and the exact steps you took to create that revenue.

Inside SUL, you'll learn how to bring in that revenue,
easier and faster.

You'll work less, make more, and create a ripple
effect of client results. 

You know how to make money.

Is this You?

You're a coach & creator with an engaged community you love and you make most of your money through partnerships and speaking gigs. You have a couple of offers that you sell but can't seem to convert your audience into paying clients.

You sell 1:1 coaching or services and have helped clients get results but want to scale your business to new levels without losing momentum.

Coach & creator who is taking on too many launches, offers, or programs and is burnt out with the cycle of selling. You’re putting all the effort and getting results, but you don’t like how you feel doing it.

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The secret nobody is telling you is that people don't grow to multiple six-figures doing all the things -- they grow be doing one thing, really really, well. 

When one single offer brings in six-figures, all other revenue streams are the cherry on top. 

Learn the simplest way to create six figures...

Develop the mindset habits that keep you focused on long-term growth over short-term wins that feel dopamine hits, Master the three beliefs every WOC entrepreneur needs to sell six figures on repeat, embody your inner rebel and create your own, unique business strategy that attracts your dream clients and elevates your community.

The Simple Six-Figure Framework


Learn how to evaluate your business results with self-compassion so you don't repeat projects that don't work, identify exactly what content & messaging get your audience to buy, Strategize the next three years in business to create your multiple six-figure to a million dollar plan.

Repeating Success:

Transition from 1:1 coaching to group programs, Develop your signature process to help your current and future clients get more and better results, faster, Craft and modify your offer to sell at scale.

Fully Booked Formula:



Learn how to uncomplicate your business and accelerate sales from your best-performing offer, Identify exactly what area of business to focus on so you can take on double the client load in half the time, Master simplifying marketing your signature offer.
If you sell 1:1  services, learn how to create multiple six-figures selling 1:1, identify the messaging, price, and mindset that will double your demand. Create a unique marketing strategy that converts your current audience into clients.

Scale Your Group Programs & Memberships:

What you get inside SUL:


Program On-Demand Portal: Learn exactly how to sell out your 1:1 or group coaching offer, Learn the entire mastermind strategy to skyrocket your growth, and Get access to all past mastermind group coaching calls.

Private Podcast: Listen to calls, webinars, and trainings on the go.

12 months of weekly coaching: Get coached weekly on mindset, marketing, and sales strategy to keep the momentum in your business.

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Community Communication Hub to build community with fellow service-driven coaches and creators (like your very own millionaire group chat).

Copy & Launch Feedback & Reviews: Get your webinars and content reviewed with feedback.

The investment






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Rita-Soledad Fernández Paulino

Founder of Wealth Para Todos, Financial Educator & Coach 

Within 11 months of working with Cat, I hit over $100,000 in cash.

I am a complete believer in her process. Cat has taught me the importance of self-coaching, taking action from a place of where I want to be, staying in demand by focusing on client results. Within 11 months of working with Cat, I hit over $100,000 in cash. Anyone who wants to make their first six-figures should work with Cat.


Naihomy Jerez

food & health coach

Now, I am the CEO of my business, I've had so much personal growth, and created $42,000 in 4 months.

Before working with Cat, I did not feel aligned with my business and did not act like a CEO. I was very overwhelmed by everything and not closing sales calls. While working with Cat, she helped me slow down and really simplify my business to then work on growth. I learned how to ask and accept help, I learned how to better manage my business money, how to show up more as myself, and take breaks during the week. Now, I am the CEO of my business, I've had so much personal growth, and created $42,000.


clau nÚñez

Influencer & Founder of expansoRas Membership

[Cat] helped me market my offer in such an empowered and authentic way that I sold out two launches and I'm currently working with a 4-month waiting list.

Before working with I didn’t understand how to sell my offer with ease and serve at a high level. The first week working together, I made my investment back. Something happens when you sign up with a high level coach and they hold you at a high level. 


Meera Mohan-Graham

QPOC coach

With Cat’s support, over our six months of work together, I contracted $90,000.

The entire idea of selling and marketing felt like a dirty word. Cat really helped me hone in on ways I could show up and talk about my business and genuinely invite people in…in ways that felt authentic and aligned with who I am and the values that I uphold. And perhaps most importantly, she helped me hone in on the fact that my business can’t be one sided, or solely focused on serving others - it also needs to sustain and serve me, so I can continue serving my community.


Cindy Lone

Success Coach & Owner of Latinas at Work

Cat has been a major catalyst for my growth to get fully booked out while having a 9-5.

Cat provided clarity and tangible tools to help me build belief in my coaching and create successful client results even with limited hours. Through her coaching, I did the hard inner work. I'm reinvesting in SUL for my business because I truly, deeply, and wholeheartedly believe this program will launch me into my first 6-figure year and beyond.


Who is best fit for Show Up & Lead Mastermind?

WOC Coaches, Creators, Service Professionals that offer services they want to scale to six-figures & multiple six-figures

what's included in the mastermind?

12 months of group coaching
Communication Channel to network and grow with WOC Industry Leaders
On-demand Curriculum Portal Designed to help you scale to your first six-figures and multiple six-figures
Private Podcast to take coaching on the go
An Inside Look at How Catalina’s Life & Business


Coaching calls happen weekly on Tuesdays at 12PM PST. 

will i get any 1:1 time with cat? 

Make sure you join the waitlist to be the first to hear when doors open. There may be an early bird bonus that includes 1:1 time with Cat. The program is designed for you to have support and coaching throughout the mastermind.

What's the application process?

1. Join the waitlist so you receive most up to date information about the mastermind
2. Apply when the applications open
3. You will then have a sales call with Cat to determine if SUL makes sense for you and your business
4. If accepted, you will have 48 hours to enroll and make $10k payment or 4 payments of $2,500