No more faking it till you make it. You made it. You said you could do it and you did.

Now it’s time to take ownership of the skills you’ve already exercised…. and own the eff out of them. Become the leader. In this room, we're taking our businesses to the next level, create more impact, and do it with less mind drama.

We pave paths. We lead the way. We have the audacity to do things differently.

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Up & Lead

I spent two years figuring out how I was going to make consistent money. I felt like my efforts were so much greater than the results I was getting. 

I was doing everything I was "supposed to do" and still felt like the business I wanted was so far away. 

That was when I realized that all the hustle in the world was not going to create money the bank -- I had to learn how to really sell, really serve, and close clients. 

So that's what I did. I got laser focused. I started unlearning everything I was "supposed" to do and used my own brain to solve solutions in my business.

That's when the money started flowing in. 

I know what it feels like.

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When I began working with her I had a very limited vision of what was possible. I laid out my current action plan to Cat that included unnecessary bells and whistles for my clients and a program at its infancy. 

Through our calls, Cat taught me the power of marrying simplicity and authenticity. In a non-shaming, non-judgmental manner, she helped me unpack my brain and unleash the side of me that would not only scale my business but change lives. 

Karina daves

"Catalina changed my brain."

I CANNOT tell you enough about what Cat Del Carmen means to me. 
When I started working with her, I knew I wanted to expand my money coaching business, and I didn't know what I was getting myself into. 
She helped me realize that building a business means a never ending dialogue with your mindset as well as being willing to make quick decisions. It's also about setting boundaries and preserving your energy. One of my favorite things about her is that she normalizes that those of us in marginalized communities need to take up more space and stand firm in our value. 


"Working with Cat always pays off."

No more comparison. No more second-guessing. No more making decisions out of scarcity. That is what’s keeping you from your next level. In this room, you will be challenged to evaluate your business, focus on what brings revenue into your business and joy into your life. You will and what creates the most impact. 

We keep things simple – simple marketing, simple sales, simple business. Why? Because when your business is simple, you can work on the most important part of your job — managing your mind, focusing on revenue, and create amazing client results. 

THIS is what creates massive demand over and over and over again. 

If you are fully committed to the next income level in your business but want to reach it without working yourself to the bone. This mastermind is for you. 

Our process is designed to simplify your business, master your mindset, get laser focused on sales, and learn how to repeat your results over and over again.

In this room, we are changing generational narratives one client at a time. One result at a time. 

If this feels like a big deal — it's because it is. You're about to up-level you business and your mind.


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Round Two starts  January 2023

To be eligible for the Mastermind, you must have
created $25,000 sales in your business in the last twelve months.

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The six-month mastermind started with an in-depth two day virtual event, where you will learn the exact process from mastering your mindset to simple business strategies that will create massive demand in your business.

The details…

Get coached, hear others get coached, to master the process and create more results & demand


Six Months of Weekly Mastermind Coaching Calls

Connect with the group, get coaching by me in between calls, and where we celebrate wins and support each other through transformation!

Private Slack group

Get coached 1:1 on your most stubborn thoughts or any coaching you need

Six Monthly 1:1 Calls

Access to over 30+ all past private trainings & group calls from all my past clients

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I’ve worked with cat for over a year and have achieved results that I couldn’t imagine, more then money; confidence. Confidence in myself and in my abilities. Cat has a way to drop the hard truth with love that allows growth like no tomorrow. With Cat I have created 15K in sales and the ability to grow in to 100k.

Louise Azzopardi,
life coach for women in trades

"I have achieved results that I couldn’t imagine, more then money; confidence.

Thank you Cat for your time, support, & belief. Cat helped me create a niche that works for me and reminded me of the larger vision. I have a fully formed business, website and social media presence now. I'm so grateful to have had this experience with her. 

Beatriz Rivera,
Business Coach for Introvert Entrepreneurs

"Cat helped me create a niche that works for me and reminded me of the larger vision."


Rita-Soledad Fernández Paulino

Founder of Wealth Para Todos, Financial Educator & Coach 

In 21 weeks working with Cat, I've made over $44k.

"In the 21 weeks that I have been working with Cat, I've had $44,394.70 deposited into my business checking account!

Cat has taught me to slow down my thinking so I can create a sustainable business that supplements my life instead of a stressful business that gets in the way of me living a full-life. I have no doubt, I will reach over six-figures one day because of my decision to work with her 1:1 for 6 months and to continue to work with her through her mastermind."


Naihomy Jerez

food & health coach

In the first 4 months of this year, I’ve made $18k in a way that feels good to me.

After I started working with Cat, I stared to feel a lot safer in my business. I was following methods that did not align with the way I wanted to do business and it was causing me to spin out. While working with Cat, she helped me slow down, explore the thoughts that were driving me to spin out, and really simplify my business to then work on growth. I’m excited to keep serving, growing my business and myself as well.


Araceliz gomes

money & business coach, Founder of the latina investor

Our first week working together, I made $10k and my investment back.

I am blown away, when I first started working with Cat I had only had one client. I’m naturally good at content and I had already created a following before working with Cat but I didn’t understand how to show up as a coach, sell my offer with ease, and serve at a high level. The first week working together, I made $10k and my investment back. Something happens when you sign up with a high level coach and they hold you at a high level. Quantitatively I’ve made over $16k but energetically I’m a millionaire. 

1:1 Coaching

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