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201. My Mastermind Launch Plan 

Today, I’m sharing my launch plan for Show Up & Lead Mastermind. I talk through my own launch plan and my thinking behind the decisions. And the best part is that you’ll get to watch me launch this over the next 30 days.

Show Up & Lead Mastermind opens for enrollment June 8th. Get on the waitlist for early access to applications!

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 Full transcript of the episode:

201. My Mastermind Launch Plan

What is up y’all? Before we get started with today’s episode, I am so excited to announce that I will be launching Show Up and Lead Mastermind starting June 8th. That is when applications are open. So if you don’t know what Show Up and Lead is, it is a six-month mastermind helping women of color coaches, course creators, and online educators master their marketing that actually converts, create their first six figures and become the CEO that their business needs.

This program is designed to help you. Be that CEO that honors doing business your way while creating more impact in the community and clients that you love to serve. So if you want to be a part of this, I wanna invite you to save the date: June 8th, doors open to Show Up and Lead. If this is something that you are interested in, make sure to get on the waitlist. I cannot wait to work with you.

Welcome back to Latinas Booked Out podcast. I hope you are doing well. I am doing really, really well. I am moving, shaking, preparing myself for the launch of Show Up and Lead. We are officially in pre-launch mode, which I’m just really excited about because there’s a lot of growth that I want to go through within this launch, and I’m gonna be sharing that today actually.

So today’s episode is something I’ve never done before. Honestly, it’s something I’ve never seen done before and I’m really excited about it. I am sharing my entire launch plan with you right here, and then I’m gonna execute it for the next 30+ days. So I’m really pumped about it. This is kind of unique, but I think it makes sense for me.

I’ve always been a very vulnerable person. I’ve always overshared, and I like that about myself. I like giving you a real inside look. I pride myself in being very, very, very real with my audience. I have always been like that, and I think as we elevate our businesses, you know, some things are at our core, and for me, one of my big, big values in my business is authenticity.

So I always wanna be real with you guys. Always, always, always. So that’s what I’m talking about today. I’m gonna be talking through my launch plan for Show Up and Lead. And I’m also gonna invite you to join us for this round of Show Up and Lead Mastermind. So while you’re listening to this and really taking this all in, I really want you to envision having these kinds of conversations about your business because that’s what we do in this mastermind.

We take a lot of time to talk through your business, your business challenges, your business goals, all of it. So as I’m talking through this, I really want you to imagine yourself in the live event of the mastermind in Los Angeles by the beach talking business, really owning this identity of like, I’m the CEO of my business and I create something out of nothing.

I create big, big, impossible goals and really owning that and becoming the person who could do that. So anyways, I will go through this and I just wanted you to imagine that as I go through this, but before we get started, I wanna remind you that if you’ve taken something away from this podcast and you have actually implemented, if you have gotten results, it would mean so much to me if you could share it on your Instagram stories, screenshot it, spread the word, this is how the podcast grows, so it would mean so, so much to me.

All right, let’s get into it. Okay, so here’s the thing. This is the third launch of Show Up and Lead Mastermind, and I have quite a few goals. But before I get into the goals, I wanna get into the kind of how I’ve organized this. So I’m literally reading this off of a doc. 

So the way I like to think of a launch plan is there’s four stages of a launch. So there’s the pre-launch, then there’s the launch, then there’s the onboarding, and then there’s the delivery. I think a lot of people forget about the onboarding, and a lot of people forget about the delivery. So when it comes to launch planning, I like to focus on all of those areas because it’s so important that your actual program is great and that people are getting results and that the people in the group feel like. The way my coach said this to me, maybe like a year or so ago, she said, the best thing you can do for your clients as a coach is to have a well-managed mind, meaning the more I manage my brain and my mind drama, the better coach I am. And then the second thing she said was: you might not be able to control your client’s results, but you can control how many circumstances you can create within your program. Meaning you can create as much as you want within your program to help your clients.

So that’s one of my big, big goals this year. But let me go through this. Let me go through this. So there are the four phases of launching. I put that at the top so I don’t forget. Then I like to focus on what I like to call a growth plan. And my growth plan is unique to me, meaning like, of course I want my launch to be better.

Of course, I wanna make more money. Of course, I want more people in the program. Of course. Like I want a lot of extra things for this launch, right? But I like to have some main focuses and some wins for myself that I really am choosing to have that specific growth. So my areas like these are just very general.

Let’s see how many I have. I have 1, 2, 3. I have three. So number one. One of the big focuses of my growth during this launch is creating content ahead of time and automating my content. Now, for me in my business and where my business is at, that makes a lot of sense, but for some of you that might not make sense at all.

I literally made at least 300K total in my business without having planned content, so I’m not recommending this for everyone, but one of my goals for this specific launch is I want to create as much content ahead of time and automate it. 

The second focus is I wanna get better at launching as a whole. 

And then my third focus is my live in-person event. This is the first time I’m going to have an in-person event with the mastermind. Every cohort I have done a live event, but it’s been virtual, so this is the first time it’s gonna be in person and I’m really excited. So that’s happening, and those are my areas of growth.

So I put that right at the top. Then I go into my business-facing decisions. So my business-facing decisions are all about the basics of a launch, right? So what’s your client goal? So my goal for this launch is to get 10 people into the program. I’m gonna max it at 20, but my goal is 10. The price of the program is $6,000, and I write all of this out you guys.

So I want you to envision that this is written out. The price of the program is $6,000, and then the revenue goal is $60,000. The program has three specific promises for masterminds. Masterminds do not have to have like one single promise. They could be a little bit more general. If this was a group program or a lower ticket item, or maybe a membership, like certain types of offers should have a very specific promise.

But for masterminds it could be a little bit more like, you wanna focus on a handful, at least three or less, I’d say. So number one is content marketing that actually converts, which I’m calling, I don’t have the proper name for it. Yeah, I’m in the middle of creating that content.

But it is going to be focused on advanced content marketing that actually converts. And there’s gonna be, well, I won’t get into that too much, but there will be a lot of how-tos. Basically how to make sure that your content converts. So we’re gonna be talking a lot about offers within that curriculum.

We’re gonna be talking a lot about studying your clients within that curriculum, and then also a little bit of the techy stuff as well. So content marketing that actually converts is one promise.

Then there’s the fully booked in six months, or sold out in six months. So depending on the type of program you have, the goal is to sell out your program or get fully booked in six months.

And lastly, it’s becoming the CEO that your business needs. Every single person that filled out my feedback form from the last launch or from the last program, Literally, I’m not lying. Every single person said, I now feel like a CEO in my business. I’m in control. I know what I need to do. And it’s one thing that all of my clients feel after they work with me.

When they’re working with me, they aren’t like side hustlers at all anymore, or they’re not wishy-washy CEOs. They are committed to the plan. So that’s a big part of my focus. So those are the three things I’m basically teaching. 

So now in terms of the launch details, the enrollment for Show Up and Lead opens June 8th, and I put the open date and the close date.

The close date is the 21st of June, so it’s about a two-week launch. And then I also put under there, VIP day bonus. There is a bonus for the program, but it’s a one day bonus or a wait list bonus. So basically the wait list gets one week to book a call with me and sign up for the program and they get a VIP day, or it’s anyone who signs up on day one of the public launch.

So what I mean by wait list in public launch is the launch opens to the public June 8th, but if you are on the waitlist, you have one week prior to get your application in and to secure your spot within, Show Up & Lead. The program is, when I say open to the public, what I mean is everybody, like anyone, could sign up for a call or buy into the program.

Alright, so then I have a webinar section where I talk about the three. So I actually put three ideas for webinars. So I haven’t actually solidified that. I’m launching it next week. So, stay tuned and you’ll hear the title of it, but I have a section in the launch plan for webinars with the date, with the topic, and kind of like what I want to talk about in there.

So that’s that. Then I have a marketing plan. Now, the marketing plan, I don’t always go by the book. With the marketing plan, it’s just kind of a place where I put ideas and this is what I wrote, and it likely will be something like this. But my marketing plan is stories ahead of time, three weeks out.

IG stories, snippets from coaching into reels and posts, captions with a pick or and carousel. And emails carousels with only words possible. Twitter posts, emails, email plan, and podcast episodes with extra episodes leading up to the launch. So that’s the overall plan. It’s very, very, very high level.

I think this has already gotten more granular with my team because they are taking on some of the repurposing. So a lot of this, I’m probably going to make even simpler but I will be creating additional episodes starting two weeks ahead of the launch. And then emails, I’m creating quite a few new emails for this launch.

And that’s kind of the plan, and I’m actually figuring that out in real time in terms of how to expedite that and make it easier for myself and my team. So that is that. Then I have the mastermind details. I think this is really, really important and I think people forget about it. The mastermind details are like, you want to really understand: What is the Mastermind going to look like? Or what is your group program going to look like in this rendition? Usually programs just get better and better and better as you go because you learn more about the client and what they need and what makes them successful. So I like to write down, like: what are the details of this launch?

So I put in six months of weekly mindset coaching. Everyone in the group will also, we do a monthly content creation day. We just started it, not a creation day, creation session. It looks like co-working and creating content, but we just started that within the mastermind. I’m also doing 50k plus revenue coaching specifically.

And lastly we’ll do some sales-focused coaching. I probably will add some type of money coaching to that as well. But I have that in the mastermind details on the launch plan. And then I added Slack. So we have a communication channel. There’s a portal that everyone has access to within the Mastermind.

So all of those things are things I want to update. So like I have notes next to them. Oh, I should do this. Or maybe change the channels on Slack or take away this portal and add it here. La, la, la, la, la. So these are things I can just take note of. Then I have this on its own, I could do a whole podcast on this, but the planning of the live event. We finally picked dates for it.

The dates for the live event are going to be August 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. We’re still kind of solidifying a location, but it’s going to be in the Los Angeles area, and I mean, we’re learning a lot because it’s our first kind of bigger live event. So I just jotted down, I brain dumped a whole bunch of things that I don’t want to forget.

And what happens is I usually go through this launch plan with my team. So that is that. Then that was all business facing decisions. 

Now I think about client facing decisions. So when I think about client facing decisions, I really think about: One is onboarding for me, a big part of my program that I wanna continue getting better at is the onboarding process.

The emails that they get after payment, the communication I send before we get started, especially now because we’re gonna have a live event. So a lot of what I wanna do for the client facing side is just make the experience better, have a lot more excitement, like momentum leading up to the live event.

And there’s a couple changes that are going to happen to my launch process. So this is the first time that specific people will be able to basically get into the program without doing a sales call with me. I’m just making that an option and it’s the first time I’ve done that.

So like we’re gonna have to do some trial and error behind the scenes before that goes live during the launch. So that’s what’s going to happen in the next week or so. I also write a list of emails I wanna redo for onboarding. So I put inside the first onboarding email when Slack is available, when live dates will be live, event details will be released.

A reminder to save this page to them, like I just jot down little notes that I don’t want to forget for them. Then I have a section of like, other emails leading up to events specifically, and I have some ideas on what I want that experience to feel like for my clients. This is why when I think about client facing decisions, like these are client facing decisions when I’m planning my launch.

I think about the experience after people buy. And then I also like to think about the experience people will have when they’re engaging with my content. Like I, this is why in the beginning where I said the growth plan is to focus on whatever my growth is. And, and then also what I mentioned around the, the program promises.

I like to kind of stick with a theme per launch and whatever that theme is I double down on the theme. It doesn’t mean I’m not talking about other things. So for example, the last launch I did, I really focused on fully booked in six months, and I just talked all about getting fully booked in six months.

This time around, I’m gonna be talking a lot more about marketing and content marketing and the differences between building an audience and actually converting an audience. So I’ll be doing that much differently, and that’s going to be the bigger theme of the launch this time less. I mean, you’ll hear, you’ll definitely hear me talk about being fully booked, but you, it just won’t be at the forefront.

So I like to think about this because this does affect the experience that my audience will get when they’re experiencing my launch, right? If they experience me like talking about the launch and things I’ve learned and all of that. And then I also have some client testimonials that I wanna share in terms of client facing decisions.

I am also doing some lives with some current people in the mastermind, which I’m really, really excited about. I’ve never done Instagram lives with my clients before, so I’m really, really pumped about that. And along with some in this section, I also added new videos I want to the portal. I added, I want a peer coaching video. I wanna restructure some of the content, create a lot of new content. And then I’m also adding an entire new collection of videos, probably five to 10 videos on just marketing next round. So, yeah, I just have all of this written out and, and that’s it for client facing decisions. And then after that, I have my personal belief plan and the things that I really wanna focus on throughout the launch.

The actual beliefs I want to really resonate with and the things that I’m telling myself, just I, I just jotted down some of, like, my main beliefs I wanna work on are that people want this program, people are getting ready to buy by this program. Gets the best client results. Every single person in this program makes their money back and weighs more.

And these are like truths to be honest. But they’re things that I’m telling myself. A lot of things I also jotted down, but a different way I’ve been thinking about my content is also. Asking myself, like, okay, when I believe this program is, there’s no other program like this out there. There’s no coach like me, right?

When I tell myself that my brain has the, like, the space to think differently and to have unique ideas because I’m telling myself things I need to hear. So you creating the list of beliefs that you wanna work on throughout the launch is so important because when it gets to launch time, it’s always the most stressful part and.

You always wanna give yourself as much space as possible during that time to just regulate your nervous system and to just trust yourself, and then also to answer questions and do any last minute content. For me, a big goal of my launch is to have pre-created pre-recorded stuff, so that’s the plan for the launch.

I’m also. This launch starts June 8th and that day I’m literally leaving for San Juan, Puerto Rico to speak at my friend Janice’s Summit. By the way, if you don’t follow the podcast, she has an incredible summit in Puerto Rico. All about money. It’s called Our Money, Our Power. Or I’ll power our money and I’m gonna be a speaker there she is flying us out.

And for me, it’s the first day of my launch. So like this is really a test of like, okay, I’m going to plan this stuff ahead of time and. There’s gonna be a lot happening without me pushing the button. And that’s really the test, one of the tests, this launch. So outside of that, uh, I have a lot of work to do from the belief standpoint and the things that I just wanna.

The things I ask myself from, from the belief point of view and my mindset point of view in this launch plan is like, okay, here’s my launch plan. What do I need to believe to implement it? Who is the person that creates 60K launch after this? I mean, I’ve done 60K launches and. I’m rooting for it again, but this time I wanna do it much simpler and easier, if that makes sense.

So not only do I wanna hit this goal, but I wanna do it in a less stressful way than I have done it in the past. So I’m thinking about it like that. And then lastly, I’m really just thinking about it. How, like if I really, really believe that my audience is ready for this program, and I want you to really ask yourself this question about your program, if I really believe that this.

Is going to help people create their first six figures. This is going to help people show up more authentically in their marketing while they make money. Like, if I really believe this stuff, who, what do I believe about myself? What do I believe [00:27:00] about my audience? What do I believe about my programs? And I write that down and I really just practice believing it because when I.

Am in launch mode. I want to have those beliefs, I wanna be able to believe those things. So your belief plan is so, so important. All right y’all. That’s it. That is my launch plan. It’s very simple, very high level, but this is what I work off of. And then probably for each one of these, there’s, you know, more work behind the scenes.

But I hope this was really helpful. You guys are going to see me. Actually implement this throughout the next 30 days. So I invite you to come join us inside, Show Up & Lead Mastermind. This Mastermind is designed for women of color coaches, course graders, online educators who wanna create their first six figures. Do it in a way that feels simple and actually learn how to create. Marketing that sells versus marketing that gets all the likes. And lastly, just start treating your business like a company, like a business, and really becoming and owning that you are the c e o and you are the one that’s going to make. All the changes in your business, you are the one that does that.

So I hope this was helpful. I invite you to join the waitlist for Show Up & Lead. Click the link below. This is a program for coaches who have made at least $10,000 in sales in the last 12 months, and the investment is $6,000 paid in full for Show Up & Lead. So if you want in, make sure to get on the list so you can have first access to apply, which the wait list will get one week prior to it launching to the public. All right, y’all. I will see you next time. I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait to mentor you, and I’ll see you later.

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