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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

211. 100% Client Retention & Creating Massive Value

This week, I am sharing six lessons from creating 100% client retention and creating massive demand. You’ll learn how I made the decision-making for my clients easier and what I did to prepare them to join. Listen in, leave a review, and share on IG stories.

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EP 211: 100% client retention

My name is Catalina and I’m on a mission to put more cash in the hands of women of color. I’m a wife, mom, amiga, and I happen to run a multiple six-figure coaching business. On this show, I share sales and marketing strategies that keep your business simple, your mindset focused, your bank account big, and your impact even bigger.

So if you are on a mission to create generational change and you want to make a lot of money doing it, welcome to the Latinas Booked Out podcast.

What is up y’all? Welcome back to Latinas Booked Out podcast. I hope you are having a wonderful, wonderful week. I am really excited about today’s episode. I am talking about one of the milestones that I am the most proud of, which I never really thought would happen ever, but I am talking about a hundred percent client retention and creating massive.

Value. I think they go hand in hand. And today I am talking about it because there’s a lot to unpack. When I really asked myself, how the hell did this happen? So before we get started, I am so excited about something else. I need to stop with that. I’m so excited. I’m so excited. I am though. So here’s the thing.

I am cooking up a brand new offer. This offer is coming out in September. This is gonna be my lowest ticket offer and probably the lowest ticket offer. I will provide that has coaching inside of it, and I’m really, really excited. So there’s gonna be more details to come, but here is what I will tell you about this program because we’re still kind of flushing out all the details.

Number one, this program is a marketing program for people who want to build an online community. I’m gonna teach you how I built my online community, how it helped me bring in my first four-figure clients and how to do it. Creating content that is actually creating a message. It is fresh, it is authentic, and it is you.

If you are interested and want to be the first to know all the details, sign up for my free training below. It’s called How to Build an Online Community. From scratch. So make sure to sign up below and you’ll be added to the waitlist for the new offer and you’ll be added to attend this free training, which is gonna be so freaking good.

I’ve never really taught this and I know so much about it, so I’m, I have been having so much fun putting the content together and really thinking it all through. So, I’m so excited. Okay, let’s get started. I’m just gonna get back. I’m just gonna get straight into the episode ’cause there’s so much that I want to cover and I don’t want this episode to be too, too long.

So let’s do it. So first, a hundred percent client retention and creating massive value. Okay. Here is. What I want to start with, I wanna tell you the story of my first round of the Mastermind to the second. So my first round of show up and lead Mastermind and that’s the program that I got a hundred percent retention in was show up and lead Mastermind.

This mastermind is a high-level marketing mastermind for clients who want to create six figures, get fully booked and scale into group coaching. Now this program is something I launched in 2022 in May of 2022, and I was pregnant when I actually launched it and I even went through maternity leave during the first round.

That being said, it was an incredible round. The people in the first round were amazing, but I did learn a lot about not only running a group, but I learned a lot about what I want my group to become and like my own goals for the actual group. So this Mastermind is a $6,000 mastermind, and it does have an eligibility, meaning that not everyone can join there.

You have to have made a certain amount of money to join this group. So I’ve played around with a lot of the dynamics of like, You know, who gets in the room and what kind of things am I teaching and all that. But in the first round of the Mastermind, what I did was, I launched it and I gave a lot of, gave myself a lot of room to evolve and grow when I launched it.

But I. Invited all of my one-on-one clients at the time to join the Mastermind. The majority of them decided to rejoin to join the Mastermind. A couple of them didn’t and that’s okay, but I ended up getting 11 people in the group. These 11 people are incredible humans, and I, you know, I. I did my best to serve them.

I learned a lot of lessons, and I won’t talk about all those lessons here, but I will say that when I launched the second time, I had three resigns. So three clients of mine decided to resign with me from the first round to the second round. Now the first round to the second round of show up and lead Mastermind are wildly different.

The energy of the groups is so different and I definitely, definitely, definitely poured into the second round of my mastermind because I learned so much from the first round.

So first things first, let me say this. The first round of this mastermind was incredible. People got incredible results. I did learn a ton. I went on maternity leave, so I was literally not present for about a month and a half of the Mastermind. But during that time, I had some of the best coaches, women of color coaches in the game be guest coaches within my mastermind, which was pretty.

Freaking powerful for all my clients to have access to these amazing people. So I created a pretty amazing experience and it was great. But when I got three resigns out of 11. I was so disappointed. Y’all, I was so disappointed. I, I just, I remember just feeling like I disappointed them and I disappointed all of them except the three, I guess.

But even then I just, I was so in my head about it and I remember having so much shame and when I went to launch the second time. I had a really rough launch and just was in my head a lot of the time, but I still went at it. And I remember towards the end of the second launch, I told myself, I don’t care how many people are, are in this group in the second round, but I am going to give them everything I got and I am going to pour into this group.

And I told myself, if. I just like, if I really care about the people in this group and really help, like really desire to help them get a result, I will help them get results and I will bring the value to this program. So in the second round, I already, before I even had clients in the door, I was committed to making this.

The second round of the Mastermind is something that I would be proud of. Now, when I, when I launched the third time, this, this last time I recently launched just a couple of months ago for the third round of the Mastermind, which we get started in August. I ended up getting 100% retention, meaning every single client that joined the second round of Show Up and Lead decided to join the third round  – 100%, every single client.

Now I’m gonna talk about my thoughts about resigning, but I will say this, it blew my mind. This is not something I was expecting. Although I did have some belief that it could happen, I definitely wasn’t expecting it. And I put together how many lessons? Six lessons, kinda six learnings that I took away that really cultivated.

Kind of like a culture around like, let’s continue, you know, let me continue on. My, my goal, let me continue pouring into my growth and my business and commit to this Mastermind. So, Before I get started on the six learnings, I wanna just talk about resigning and talk about resigns. So here’s what I wanna share in terms of resigning.

I remember when I started the coaching industry when I first heard that people actually like to join a group program and then resign to join it again. My mind was so blown. I was like, why do people do that? Shouldn’t you get your result the first time? La, la, la, la, la, la. But when I learned this, and also I ended up working with that mentor who taught me this, it blew my mind how many of her clients resigned with her over and over and over again.

But when I got into her programs, I realized why they were full, full, full of value, and. It was really clear to me it, it made sense why people rejoined because there really was an incredible amount of value in these programs. So, When I went about it in my business, resigning is something that I had to build belief in and then also learn how to invite my clients to resign back with me, which has been a process in different stages of my business.

I’ve had a hand good handful of clients resign with me for one-on-one coaching. I still have two clients who’ve been with me since one-on-one coaching and have been a part of every mastermind, and I’ve really seen both of their businesses like grow tremendously. And it’s clear that like when you are committed long term, you will see the growth.

So I always al almost always, I will invite my clients to work with me. Again, I’m not saying that this has to be the norm for you. I don’t think every single coach needs to have resigns. I do think that a lot of people, like everyone should consider it. And I’ll talk a little bit about. why I should, yeah, I’ll talk a little bit about why.

Here’s where like, here’s why I would want you to invite clients to resign with you. One is if they’re still working on their goal. A lot of people think that like if you’re in on some type of program, you just have to get the result. And if you don’t get the result, then it’s like a bad program. And that’s not true.

People are different. People have growth, people have different circumstances in their life. There are so many reasons why someone’s growth would be different than another person’s. And I never want you to judge someone’s growth because. Of how far they got in the goal. For some people it just takes them longer.

I am a person that it has always taken me longer to do something, and I’m okay with that. That’s not a problem. Like I don’t see that as a [00:14:00] problem. And I hope that my coach would never see that as a problem either. And that’s what I mean by like, of course, I want you to invite people to work with you, especially if there’s more work to be done.

If that makes sense. When should, so, should everyone resign? No, I don’t think everyone needs to resign from their program or even create a culture around resigning. I don’t think that’s, although, although I, you know, I think it could be helpful depending on your business model. I don’t think it’s a hundred percent necessary, but I do believe that a lot of people need to be inviting.

Their current clients resign with them and they’re not doing it, or they don’t think it’s possible or they can’t get their head around it. And if that’s you, I really want you to change your thinking around that because you’re doing your business a disservice and worse. You could be doing your client as a service, so you should always be inviting people to work back with you.

When it makes sense, they’ll join. When it makes sense and they wanna do it, they’ll join. And if it doesn’t make sense for them, they won’t join and that’s okay too. So I just wanted to start with that. So in terms of resigning, should absolutely everyone do it. I probably not everyone, but I think the majority of coaches, it makes sense typically if there is still growth to have, if there are areas of growth that you wanna help your client through, I would a hundred percent invite people to resign with you.

Now that’s all, I have a whole process around this, so that’s something I’m going to be sharing in the next round of the Mastermind. So there is a process I teach around resigning. But what you should know is like, I definitely wanna invite you. I definitely want you to invite your clients to resign with you.

All right. Now let’s talk about creating massive value and a hundred percent client retention. So I’m gonna share six learnings. Let’s start with the first one. One thing that has worked really well for me in the last six to nine months is I have created a culture of long-term commitment to your business, and this is for my clients.

With my clients, we do something called the three-year plan. The three-year plan is something that my, one of my mentors, Stacy Beman, originally taught me and I ended up using it myself. I think there’s a book called The Three-Year Plan or something like that, but, This is something I started implementing very early on in my business, and I’ve been teaching my clients this for a long time, and I’ve doubled down on it because it’s been so, so helpful to me.

So I. We are actually, I’m getting prepped to do this with my current round of the Mastermind. We’re gonna work on our three-year plans. And the point of the three-year plan is really for you, for my clients to have a super long-term vision for their growth and really see like, where is my work in each season of my business.

’cause the truth is that. You don’t just get to a million dollars. You don’t just get to a multiple six figures. You have to intentionally like, be, prepare yourself, prepare your business, prepare the back end of your business, and creating a three year plan helps you have a lens of like, okay, what am I going to need to work on in certain phases of my business?

It also really creates a culture of testing and learning and being okay with failures. Being okay with learning and making that all. Okay. When you have a long-term commitment to your business, I. You are willing to not stress about the small stuff that happened because you know that there’s room, there’s so much room for growth.

There’s so much room for failure. So I think one thing that has really worked towards creating massive value in my programs and having retention is creating a culture of long-term commitment. Number two is I start the coaching relationship off with a long-term invitation. So just like I told you, like.

I create a culture of long-term commitment to their business. So like I’m basically coaching my clients on like, look, building your business is gonna be something long-term. I don’t want you to get into this program and think like, ta-da, you’re just gonna get all the results quick. That’s not how this works.

This is a business. You gotta be committed long-term if you want the results. That being said, the second thing I do is I. Start the relationship with a long-term invitation, meaning everyone who joins my mastermind, they are going to be invited back to work with me inside the mastermind. From the get from the get meaning.

In some of my onboarding videos, I include invitations to return back to the Mastermind, and I make sure, and I make it very, very clear that this program is meant to be. Done over and over and over again to get the long-term result that you want. Now, am I like bullying people into joining again?

Absolutely not. My clients are grown-ass, smart-ass people. They know what they’re doing, but what I wanna do is make sure that they know. That they’re one, always invited back to be, be a part of this mastermind and to work with me longer. And I wanna make sure that they understand that from the get-go. I wanna make sure that they understand that this program isn’t like a one-hit-wonder thing.

It is a hundred percent one piece of the puzzle for long-term success. And my program is a six-month program, so the way I think about it is like, whatever your milestone is, I’m gonna help you get there. It’s likely not gonna happen in six months. It could, but it’s not likely not gonna happen in six months.

So I invite you back already, and I talk about this in onboarding videos from the get, so I start the relationship. With an invitation for them to join long-term, and I make that very, very clear. I’m like, this is the program that I’m gonna invite you to over and over and over again until you hit that goal.

I also talk about, I talk about my long-term clients and their successes in my marketing, which has been really, really helpful. So in terms of starting the relationship with the long-term vision, I also share that in my marketing, like I share my long-term clients in my marketing and their success, and it’s very, very clear, like my long-term clients.

Have growth, like they will have growth a hundred percent. Number three. So the third thing that has helped me create massive value in a hundred percent retention is I assume, They want to resign. I assume my clients want to resign. I have a very strong belief. I think everyone should resign with me.

Who wouldn’t at least want to? This is what I tell myself. I’m like, of course, my clients wanna resign with me. Who doesn’t wanna fucking coach? Like having a coach is the fucking best. Why wouldn’t my clients wanna resign with me? I have that belief. Very strong, and I think this is what makes it so normal for me to sell and invite people in to work with me long-term.

Because to me it’s not really an argument. Like of course they wanna work with me long term. And in terms of money and whether they can afford it, I’m never, to be completely honest, no, I wouldn’t say I’m never thinking about it. I think I definitely thought about it. Before I launch the third round or before I launch, I always want to get my clients mentally prepared to spend the money if they want to join.

And you know what? I actually didn’t add that in here. I wonder, I wonder where I would add it, but I will say that as I assume they want to join, I believe they wanna rejoin. And I don’t really argue with that thought in my head. I just assume that like, Obviously they wanna rejoin. Why wouldn’t they? Who doesn’t want to work with a coach?

Long term, it is the best. So I have this belief, and because that belief is so strong, it’s very easy for me to invite people to work with me long-term. It’s very easy for me to create a culture of long-term commitment to your business. And if my clients do decide to leave, it’s completely okay. I also have the belief that clients come back to me.

And both of these beliefs do me very, very, very well. They like, they are beliefs that I love, they’re beliefs that are good for business. So I have these beliefs and they’re very, very strong and they’re very, very helpful. Okay, so one, okay, so number four is I deliver more than what? They paid for more.

They are getting so, so much more, and it’s never been more clear to me. I think the 100 percent retention really made it very clear that this program is a $10,000 program. It’s probably more like a 10, 12, $15,000 program. And it was clear, I mean, like you don’t get a hundred percent retention, client retention if the program isn’t valuable.

And the biggest, biggest, biggest sign to me is that, yeah, this, this program is incredibly valuable. It has massive value, and my clients see it because that’s why they return. So here is how I delivered more than what they paid for. So Show Up in Lead is a six-month high-level group coaching program for coaches who wanna scale to six figures and beyond.

Now the program looks like this. What they were expecting was a live event curriculum, some type of curriculum, weekly coaching calls, and maybe some additional trainings. And what I have served over time is I, so this round of the Mastermind, I do an additional biweekly sales call. So two times a month we’re meeting just to talk about sales.

We’re meeting two times a month with all my clients who have created 50K or over. And we have an hour-and-a-half monthly content planning call as well. These are all extras. I decided to start in the middle of the program and the reason why I added these is because I’m committed to the success of my clients.

It is very important to me that I know what’s happening in my client’s businesses and I’m always checking up on them if they get a little quiet. I’m very much in everyone’s business and I’m, I always wanna serve them with what they need. So I decided to create additional calls mid-Mastermind because it was helpful because I wanted to make sure that like I’m doing everything in my power to help them get the results they came here to get.

So that definitely added to the massive, massive value of this program. Number five is I do a mid-mastermind check-in. So in the middle of the mastermind I do a check-in and I get feedback from the people in the program. And one, I wanna get a temperature check on, like how do they feel about the results?

But two, I also wanna get a. A temperature check on. Like what do they need? What’s missing for them? What can I provide them? And I do that and I try to create different resources, different ways that I can help them get more results. I’m committed to it. You could probably just hear it in my voice the way I’m talking about it.

I’m like, I am committed to them getting results, and this has always served me well. So you can see why this program. Like got a hundred percent client retention because I’m like really committed to getting them results. Lastly, you have to know what is happening in your client’s journey. One thing that I’ve done with this mastermind, this round of the Mastermind, the second round, is I’m very involved in everyone’s kind of business.

I’m very involved in kind where they are in their business, and I check in with them. This is a group program, so I don’t do one-on-ones, but I. Do check up on you and I do like will, I will tag you on Slack, or I will just call you out on a coaching call and I’m gonna wanna know what’s going on. Why?

Because I am committed to your results. I’m committed to my client’s results. I’m committed to helping them work through the hard to get to the milestones they want to hit. This is what creating massive value is. Having this kind of commitment. Like I’m always thinking like, how can I, like, what can I create, what can I say to make this easier, to make this click?

I stay in that mode and it’s very clear to me that the commitment level is there from my part and then also from theirs. Right. Also from theirs, like they’re also committed to their business. And I’m gonna add one more thing here. I said six things and that was six things. But the seventh thing I’m gonna add is before I.

In tra like before I launched my program, I always want to prep them to decide early. So the whole, like I would say starting four weeks before I actually launched, show up and lead for the third time, I prepared my clients and I communicated with them what to expect things to consider. Things to think about.

I told them like, Hey, if you’re considering joining again, these are the dates. I really want you to think about this. I want you to feel good about your decision. Like I really coached them ahead of time to make this decision easier for them. And I did that because I know it’s hard. I’ve been on the other side of this.

I’ve been the person who has really wanted to join, but is unsure if I should resign with a program and I’ve been on that side. So I wanted them, I wanted the decision to be easier for them, so I communicated things ahead of time. All right, y’all, I hope this was so, so, so helpful. If you want to join the next round of Show Up and Lead, I invite you to join the waitlist.

You’ll find it in the show notes, or you could go to the link in my bio on Instagram, Cat Del Carmen, and you could sign up there if you are a brand new coach because Show Up in Lead is an elevated program for experienced coaches. If you were a brand new coach, I invite you to join my upcoming webinar all about how to Create an Online Community From Scratch. This program. I’m also gonna be launching my second program with this webinar, so make sure to join. It’s for brand-new coaches or experienced coaches who want to create content and build a social community online. So if that’s you, make sure to sign up.

And lastly, If you wanna work with me now, if you wanna commit to your goals right now, I have a couple of spots open for one-on-one coaching and we can start next month in August. So if you are on a journey where you know you want that one-on-one support, I invite you to apply.

I will see you next time.

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