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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

213. Re-Release: How to Identify Your Audience & Speak to Them

On today’s episode, I am re-releasing one of our most popular episodes all about identifying your audience and learning how to speak directly to them. I walk you through an exercise to identify your why, your audience, and how to invite them to your community. Listen in, do the exercise, and let me know on Instagram what you learned!

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EP 213: How to Identify Your Audience & Speak to Them

Think about your audience, and when you do get some dialogue with your audience, if someone DMs you and tells you what they’re struggling with, or DMs you about how much they love your product, think about the words that they’re using. Look at those words in detail and almost copy those words when you’re creating content.

They want to find people who get them.

My name is Catalina and I’m on a mission to put more cash in the hands of women of color. I’m a wife, mom, and I happen to run a multiple six-figure coaching business. On this show, I share sales. And marketing strategies that keep your business simple, your mindset focus, your bank account big, and your [00:01:00] impact even bigger.

So if you are on a mission to create generational change and you want to make a lot of money doing it, welcome to the Latinas Booked Out podcast.

What is up y’all? Welcome back to Latinas Booked Out podcast. I hope you are having a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day. I am so excited about today’s episode because I am re-releasing an episode I created a very, very long time ago. I’ve been looking through my older episodes because I am crafting, I’m kind of creating.

My new program and I’m still adding so much to it and it’s, I’m still molding it right now, and a part of that work is researching a lot of my first episodes, like the [00:02:00] first 70 episodes of this podcast. And in that research, I listened to this episode. And I wanted to re-release it ’cause there was so, so much value in it.

And this version of Cat who created this episode was so early in her journey, but I am just so proud of that version of me. She studied all of this, like I have studied this stuff for years, and listening to this episode really made it very clear like why my business has grown the way it has, and it’s because I really, really do the work of studying the people I serve and studying business.

So in today’s episode, I’m gonna share. Re-release of an episode. It’s a simple exercise you can do at home on how to identify who your audience is and how to speak to them. So [00:03:00] in this episode, I will walk you through questions and things to think about. If you don’t have, you know, a notebook and pen to write and just listen to it first and just kind of like listen and think.

Your brain and then come back to it, listen again, and then do the exercise. But there’s so much value in this, and I think the questions will really help you identify who is the audience that you’re really serving, who do you wanna serve, and how can you speak to them? Like how can you speak to them? I think this is so, so relevant because in my next program that I am working on, it’s all about community building and really identifying like, who do I want?

Like what kind of community do I wanna build online, and how do I create a message in a movement that is going to attract them because, If you want to grow your business, your online business, your online coaching business, you have to learn how to create a movement and have a [00:04:00] mission and really build community online.

So listen to this episode, take notes and make sure to sign up for my upcoming webinar, on September 19th. It’s called, How to Build Your Online Community From Scratch. Register here. I will also be sharing my new program during this, during this webinar. So it’s gonna be so, so, so good.

Alright, y’all have a wonderful day. Take some notes and I’ll see you on the other side. I. Alright, now let’s get into the content. So I’m gonna format this step by step. So if you have paper and pen, this is the time to take it out. And I want you to do this exercise for yourself. And if you are listening to this in the car or you’re cleaning or like doing something where you can’t pause, definitely just take note of the things that call out to you.

Alright, so the first thing you wanna do with identifying your audience is think [00:05:00] about. Your product, your service, your influence, whatever you wanna do. Think about your product or service and think about who you want to serve. Really think about that like, and a couple questions you might wanna ask yourself is, why do I wanna do this?

Like, why do I wanna do. What I’m doing, like what is my why behind it? Of course, there’s gonna be like the why of like, oh, my family, like my friends, or you know, like, you wanna grow this into a business, la da da da. I get that. No, but I’m thinking, why do you actually want to do your service? Or why did you really create.

Of this product, and I want you to dig deeper into this because if you are listening to this, I’m just gonna assume that you have heart. And what I learned is when I stopped trying to chase like business and money, I. I started to [00:06:00] really, really understand why I’m doing what I do. So, for example, before I really started this journey, I kept asking myself like, what do I wanna do?

How do I wanna serve? Like, I always knew I was like the inspirational friend that I always knew, but I didn’t know. How to put it to work. And I, I just was so unsure. So once I really found like, okay, the confidence to say, okay, I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna start this podcast, I’m gonna become a life coach, or I’m gonna become a business coach.

And at that time, I really had no idea. And to be honest, I’m still figuring it out in many ways, but at least now I know what my gift is. And I think when you have a product or service, ask yourself. Why do you wanna do that? For me, I had to ask myself and I figured out. I wanna do this because I’m so sick and tired of badass women playing small.

There [00:07:00] were so many amazing women, especially women of color for me in my circle, that were so freaking talented, we’re way smarter, that we’re way quicker, that we’re way like everything better than me, and they were coming to me like, Asking like, oh, how did you negotiate your pay? Or how did you have, like, how do you get the guts to like, you know, start a blog or blah, blah, blah.

And in my eyes I was like, what? Like you are so badass to me. I. And that’s who I wanted to serve. I realized like, no, I need to do this because I need the right people to listen to this podcast. ’cause I’m gonna speak for my freaking heart. That was my why. So I want you to pause and think about your service.

Think about your product, think about your blog or whatever, whatever, however you serve. Think about that and think about the person. You want to [00:08:00] benefit from it most. Now I’m going into number two. So number one, think about the product and service that you have and think about who would benefit from it.

That’s number one. Number two. Now I want you to think about that person. Let’s get a little bit deeper. So now that you kind of know who you want, maybe, maybe you want to help women lose weight because you have been there before or maybe you have a product, right? Like maybe you have vintage clothing and, and you are so sick and tired of consumption, like fast fashion, and you’re like, no, there are cute things that are vintage and I wanna do my part to help think about the person you wanna educate.

Think about that person. Now. Let’s dig deep. Maybe identify someone in your life. This is what helped me. I started identifying people in my life that fit the [00:09:00] category for me, the people in my life that I wanted to speak directly to. So take a minute and think about the people in your circle. It could be past coworkers, it could be like anybody, people in your church.

It could be people in your, you know, friend’s, friend. But think about, try to hone down to one person that you really know needs your product or service. They need it. They wanna be better. They wanna learn. They want their skin to be better. They want a delicious cupcake. If you sell cupcakes, they want something really special for their kid’s birthday.

Whatever your product or service is, I want you to think about that person Number three. Now let’s talk about what does she do think about her de the details of her life. So number three, I want you to get a li, like now that you’ve identified [00:10:00] who. Will benefit from your product and you’ve identified down to one specific person in your circle or life or whatever.

Now that you have that, now I want you to write down, literally write down, say this is the person, write down. Her lifestyle. I want you to write down if she has kids or not. I want you to write down, if she watches Netflix, what does she watch on Netflix? What her, what does her dinner time look like? Does she have a family?

Is she making dinner? Is she like, you know, is she single and just eats whatever she wants? Is she healthy? Does she drink smoothies? Does she everything? I mean like everything down to the detail, as many details as you can, and I promise you there is a point to this. So write down what is her style like?

Like is she stylish, is she casual? Is she like always wearing fitness clothes? What does she look like? What does her life look like? What is her [00:11:00] lifestyle? Does she hang out with her family? What does she do for fun? I want you to write it all down. Now that you’ve written all of that down, I want you, and this is number four, I want you to give her a name, a real life name for real, guys.

Think of a name, and I don’t want you to think about this more than like one minute, okay? Minute starts. Now I want you to give her a name. Think of a name that you like, A name that fits her. A name that just comes to your mind. You’re like, you know what? I’m gonna go with that. And do not overthink this.

It’s not a big deal. But pick a name that you like and that fits her or him. If you’re, if your customer is a guy, but like, put, pick a name right now. Now write that name down at the top. If there’s room anywhere, write it at the top. Write down whatever her name is. Chloe or Marissa, or, my girl’s name is [00:12:00] Jessica.

Write her name down. Okay, perfect. Now that you have that written down, I want you to go to another page. Now I want you to write down, What are so-and-so’s biggest challenges? What are her challenges? So write that at the top. What are so-and-so’s biggest challenges? And I want you to dive deep into every single challenge that that she faces with every fricking day.

It. It could be every day, every week, every month, whatever. But like for example, I’ll give you a little example of like what Jessica was struggling with. My girl and Jessica so badly knows that she’s met for something bigger. She knows that she has success like in the future, but she doesn’t know how to get there.

She wants it so bad and she caress deeply about people. [00:13:00] She has a hard time kind of getting focused on one thing, but it’s usually a confidence issue. She struggles with time. She wants to be there with her family. She has a huge heart and she feels sometimes she feels a little selfish working on her own things.

She caress a lot of what people think, but she only caress because she actually loves people. She wants to help people. Some of her struggles is that she doesn’t know what her thing is. She wants to see progress immediately. She needs help believing that it will all work out, that she can actually create the business that she wants.

She doesn’t wanna sound salesy. She wants to be confident. She wants to grow her business. She wants to try new things. She wants to build an audience. Those are my girl’s struggles. What are your person’s struggles? [00:14:00] Write them all down. I’m not kidding. I. I want you to think about how you go about your business, whether you do video, or whether you have a website, or whether you have Instagram, which I’m gonna assume you have Instagram, um, for your business.

But, but however you go about it. I want you to one, think about those challenges as content. Every single challenge that you identified for your person. Is a content idea. And to be honest, you could probably break it down even more. So for example, when I shared about mine, my girl Jessica, when I shared about Jessica, and I said one of her challenges was that she wants to find what her thing is.

She doesn’t know what her thing is, like, what she’s good at, what her talent is. So one thing I did for [00:15:00] my audience, for my Jessica is I created a guide for her to hone down. On her skills and what’s good for her. It’s actually, it’s available to everyone. It’s called the Passion Clarity Guide. It’s on my Instagram link in my bio.

If you click on the link in my bio, in my Instagram, you’ll see passion, clarity guide, freebie. I made that for her. I know she struggles with identifying what her thing is, or maybe she’s multi-passionate. ’cause I know that’s what Jessica is too. She’s multi-passionate. She wants to do a lot of things, but she knows she needs to focus on one to build something.

So I created this guide for her, but that’s just one, like every single challenge guys, is a piece of content and a struggle that your person deals with and you wanna meet your audience where they are, meet them where they are. If they’re a hot mess with their finances, [00:16:00] then you need to bring up finances.

Even if you’re not a finance per, you know, person. But just say like, I get it, girl. Like you want to speak her language. So I, what I also want to get into is copywriting and copywriting, and. Or copy or whatever is basically any text or words that you use for your business. So every caption is copy. Every word on a website is copy.

It’s a business term or I don’t know, a journalist term. I don’t know exactly what, but it’s a term that I’m some of you are aware of. And. It’s so important that we get that right. And you guys, I’m not a copywriting expert at all, but I have learned a lot about speaking my audience’s language. So when you look at those challenges and you’re putting together content, or you’re putting together your website, or you’re putting together a blog or whatever the case is, I [00:17:00] want you to speak her language.

How would she share that challenge with you? How would she speak it into place? Like what would that look like in a caption? What would grab her attention? Because if I, you know, I shared one of my person’s challenges was finding her thing, right? I would write it just like that. Do you need to figure out your thing?

I wanna, I wanna write it. I wanna speak it the way she would and meet her. Meet her where she’s at. So I just want to be clear that like with all the challenges we wrote, Think about your audience and when you do get some dialogue with your audience, if someone dms you and tells you what they’re struggling with, or dms you on how much they love your product, think about the words that they’re using.

Look at those words in detail and almost [00:18:00] copy those words when you’re creating content. They want to find people who get them. The best response you can ever have from a customer or from your audience is, Ugh, I totally needed that. You totally get me. I feel like you’re my best friend. Those are the kind of responses that, you know, I.

You are making a difference. Now, this isn’t all gonna give you the answers. This is going to help you identify your audience, and it’s going to help you speak to your audience. So I hope this was helpful. That’s all I had for you today. I hope you did this exercise with us, with me. If you benefited from this, if you liked this exercise, let me know.

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