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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

214. How to Stay Consistent with Content

Today, I’m sharing four steps to make content creation extremely easy for yourself, so you can churn out as much content as you want, on any day that you want. Learn about the two different types of content and how to develop a content plan that works best for you.

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EP 214. How to Stay Consistent with Content

[00:00:00] What is up y’all? Before we get started with two days episode, I wanna make sure that you’ve registered to my upcoming webinar where I’m going to teach you how to build an online community from scratch that is filled with like-minded humans who want what you are selling. I’m sharing my organic content marketing process that helped me create and sell four figure offers over and over and over again.

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Register for free right now. Using the link in bio on my Instagram account, @catdelcarmen, or there’s a link below in the show notes on this podcast episode. Alright, y’all, I can’t wait to see you inside.

I am really pumped about today’s episode ’cause we’re talking about consistency. It’s one of my favorite topics. But before we get into today’s episode, I just wanna chat with you, and give you some updates. So a lot is happening behind the scenes in Cat Dog, Carmen Coaching.

We are gearing up to prepare for our first live event for my mastermind, show up and lead. I am so incredibly excited about it. We are going to do so much work in our businesses and I just booked, I. The third day, which is [00:03:00] gonna be a much more relaxing day just for us to decompress and really like kind of take in all of the work that we did the two days prior.

So I’m really excited about that. And besides that, I am also prepping an entire brand new program that I will be launching on the day of the webinar that’s happening, September 19th, it’s called How to. Build an online community of amazing humans who want what you have to buy from scratch. So I’m gonna be, I’m working on it now.

I’m creating content, I’m putting together the curriculum, the launch, like just a ton of stuff and I’m so excited about it. This program is really what I wanted and needed in the beginning of my business, and probably like I’m going to be. Really pouring into this program as I grow too. So I know this program’s just gonna be so, [00:04:00] so, so good.

By the way, let me give you a little background on the program. So the program is a marketing program. I’m going to teach you how to create content that attracts your dream people, that attracts community. I think one thing that I’ve always done really, really, really well is attract amazing humans. I’ve.

Seen it over and over and over again. A lot of the people that work with me go on are new to coaching, so they go on to grow. Either their businesses work with other coaches and some people find that as like a bad thing. But I think it’s a fucking great thing. Like I think it is amazing that I have attracted people that are new to coaching because coaching changed my fricking life, so I really love that the beginning of my journey started with building community and it was all about creating content that attracted that [00:05:00] community. It was never about the followers. It was never about going viral. It was always like, let me see what I can help my people with today. And. That version of Cat didn’t know then, but the legwork that she did created a multiple six figure business.

So that’s why I’m creating this program to teach you exactly what I did and what I wish I would’ve done at that time. You will be hearing more details about this program as we go, but I hope you sign up for the free webinar and yeah, just stay tuned and I’ll give you more and more information. Alright y’all, let’s get into this topic.

So how to stay consistent with your content. Okay. I’m gonna tell you something that nobody wants to tell you. Content really is a numbers game. The more content you put out, the more [00:06:00] you are going to grow, like in terms of your social community. That’s just like, nobody wants to say it that way, but it’s very, very, very true.

That being said, there are strategic ways to go about it so that you’re not killing yourself and you’re not like just. Burning out thinking about content. Okay, and we’re gonna talk about that today. Basically, what I’m gonna walk you through today are four steps to make content extremely easy for yourself so that you can churn out as much content as you want.

And if you know anything about me, my clients would know this. I am pro posting as many times as you’d like as many in on a day, on a week, on whatever. Like I’m the person, I’m the coach who’s gonna be like post five times in one day, and then no times for two days, and then three times one day, and then don’t post for a day.

And then there’s just [00:07:00] no rules, especially when you’re beginning. There are no rules. So that’s what we’re gonna talk about today, is how to stay consistent with content. So, like I said, content is a numbers game. You know, it’s sucks, but it’s the truth. And I also want you to know there are two types of content.

There are, there’s the type of content that’s going to grow your following, and then there’s the type of content that’s going to help your future clients make decisions in working with you. Now, they could be similar, but. One is really focused on growth and likability, and the other one is really focused on building trust and inviting people into your space.

Both types of content will increase the followers that you have. I. But one is way more focused on actually securing clients. Okay. Before you think about getting consistent with your content, you have to know [00:08:00] that how people get consistent with content is really just staying focused. They are staying focused, and they’re clearing the clutter in their brain that stops them from putting out content.

That’s all they do. All I’ve done, like anytime you see someone who. Has grown a huge following. Um, especially, and I’m gonna talk about following specifically because I think one thing content creators are great at is being consistent with content, right? So it’s like, what’s the, what’s the thinking behind that?

Like, what is it that makes them able to churn out so much content? And I’m gonna, I’m gonna tell you my process that has really helped me be able to churn out content and not be in my head about it. Let’s get started. So here’s the thing, you don’t have to be everywhere. So I’m gonna walk you through a four-step process, and the first one is picking a platform.

You don’t have [00:09:00] to be everywhere. You don’t have to be on every platform Once upon a time. I thought I needed to be on Instagram and Facebook and TikTok and LinkedIn and all the social media platforms. It’s not true. You don’t need to be everywhere. I actually think the more places you are at, especially the ones where you’re like half-assing it.

Those need to be eliminated. One thing I tell my clients all the time is that it’s just as important for you to know where you are going to post, uh, within your marketing strategy as it is where you’re not going to post. You have to pick a platform. I recommend picking, starting with two solid platforms.

Two platforms, and if you are, if two feels like a lot, then start with one. But I recommend starting with at least one platform and really getting to a two-place platform. Once you [00:10:00] have two platforms, you start looking at your audience a little bit differently. Let me explain. So. When I, and I’ll tell you too about why, like how I picked my platform.

’cause after you pick your platform, you have to identify the easiest way to interact with that platform. So number one is pick the platform. And for me, I started my business with the podcast. So podcasting has always been something that was the first thing I ever got super consistent with. Right?

But one thing I knew about podcasting going into it is that, If you have a podcast, you have to market it or it will not grow. Like podcasts will not grow and people will not listen. If you do not market your podcast, I. It’s just the truth. Okay? So you have to market your podcast if you have one. Same with a blog, like a blog’s not just gonna do it itself.

Sure, there are some things you could do behind the scenes. You could add ss e [00:11:00] o strategies to make it more relevant when people Google that information. But at I, I would really recommend marketing it. So, Here’s the thing, when you’re choosing the marketing platform, one thing I want you to come to terms with that, you have to also decide where you’re not going to post.

And it doesn’t mean you’re not going to post on certain platforms forever, but I want you to take six solid months to get very, very good at one platform. It. Helps you become not only great at what you do and how you communicate and what you articulate on that platform, but it helps people. Build trust that you’re, they know where to find you and you’re going to be there, right?

Like the w the worst thing you can do is like peop is think about your audience and like, the worst thing you can do is really tell people to go follow you somewhere. And then you barely show up, or you show up once [00:12:00] a month, or you show up like three times a week and then nothing for two weeks, right?

Like you want to be able to build trust. With your audience, that’s like step one, especially for people who are going to buy. So if that’s the case, I want you to pick the platforms that feel the easiest for you. So the way you do this is you just pick the platform. So the question I’d ask you is, where does it feel the easiest to show up right now?

And I would pick two. And I would say email is a very important one here. So email isn’t a priority, but depending on where you are in your business, I highly, highly, highly recommend it at some point. But if it’s, let’s say it’s Instagram and LinkedIn or Instagram and email or LinkedIn and a podcast or whatever the case is, I want you to pick.

These [00:13:00] two, it could be three. If you’re a more experienced coach, it could be three. But I really want, the point of this is really eliminating the noise. And what I like to do is I tell myself, or I tell my clients too, it’s not like you’re picking the platform and then leaving all of them for for a six month period of time, decide where you’re gonna show up and decide that you’re not gonna entertain half-ass posting on the other platforms that you’re not really giving your attention to.

That you’re not really giving your attention to. Okay, so that’s number one is pick a platform and pick where you’re not going to show up. This is really, really, really important now. Number two, in this process of how getting consistent with content is identifying the easiest way for you to interact and give value through that platform.

You have to figure out what in this platform feels the easiest for me. [00:14:00] What feels the easiest and we need to focus on easy because we’re trying to churn as much out, right? Like we’re trying to get as much out of you as possible, and that means I need it to feel easy. So I don’t want you to pick TikTok if editing videos feels really hard for you.

Right. But if doing a quick little video that’s barely edited for TikTok, you could do that over and over and over again then. Great. That might be a great option for you. But I really want you to ask myself what feels the absolute easiest for me to get done. I’ve had a client who’s focused on reels, and she’s like, I’m gonna do a hundred reels in one month.

I’ve had another client who’s like, I’m all in on email and emails just what I’m gonna do. I have many clients who’ve done multiple, like a couple emails and podcasts. Or podcasts and LinkedIn. There are so many ways you can do it. But I [00:15:00] want you to find what are the avenues within that platform that feel the easiest?

So let me give you an example, a story. So when I was starting my business, I was a stay-at-home mom, and one of the things that felt hard for me was creating content. But I was driven because I was, I had just quit my job and I knew I needed to start making money and really start building my business into a real business.

So, I was a stay-at-home mom. I had a very limited time because my son had two naps a day and I really couldn’t get anything done when he was awake. So I told myself, I thought about this, I did this process. I asked myself these questions, and what I came up with is IG lives feel very easy to me. IG Lives feel so easy to me.

So if IG lives feel easy, and then I have my podcast, which I did at nighttime when he was sleeping. I did the podcast IG lives. So when I think about Instagram, I was like, okay, I’ll do [00:16:00] IG lives. And then I also told myself, when I do Instagram stories, I. Stories feel easy when my son is awake. So when my son is awake and we’re like playing, I could just do like quick stories and that felt pretty easy to me.

So that’s what I decided on. If you go to my Instagram around, let’s see, probably around October 2020, you’ll see I was doing multiple IG lives a week. Multiple. And the reason I was doing them is because they were easy for me. I remember I had this system every single first nap.

He took two naps a day. My son, every single first nap. I would do an IG live. Sometimes I looked pretty, sometimes I didn’t. Sometimes I was dressed well, sometimes I wouldn’t, and I would just go with the flow. And if I didn’t look cute, I would put on a filter and I would call it a day, which I also had to swallow my pride about that.

But that’s a whole other story. But I just [00:17:00] want you to pick what feels e Z. So that was an example I did and I had, I’ve had to do this multiple times in a row. So in 2021, I did the same thing. I like creating a very simple marketing strategy. The same one I used with my clients in show up and lead. And it’s a very simple strategy that has helped me know exactly what I’m going to post on a weekly basis. And it’s very simple. It’s like a couple Twitter posts and a couple this, and a couple that. But before I even got there, I was just like, Nope. I need to do IG lives. IG lives feel easy and I can do them. And I, it was really hard for me at that time to write copy. Um, and when I say write copy, I mean write emails or write captions.

So I focused on video ’cause that felt easy. What are your strengths? What feels easy to you? What do people gravitate to? What feels [00:18:00] like you could do it over and over and over again? Pick the easiest way for you to interact. Interact and give value to that platform. Alright, number three is identifying what is slowing down your content delivery process.

So once you’ve picked a platform and once you’ve picked how you’re going to post, then I want you to identify what is slowing you down from really delivering the content. Sometimes it’s canvas, sometimes it’s a pretty aesthetic. Sometimes it’s the fact that you have no makeup on. Sometimes you don’t even know what to say or what to do.

Some, sometimes you, it could be so many things y’all, but what I want you to identify is what happens when you have an idea of what to say and you have the time to say it? What stops you from actually posting? And I want you to really ask yourself that question and then answer it. Like if that means like for some people it’s gonna be like, [00:19:00] oh, you know what?

I don’t have cover photos for my Instagram lives. So then I feel bad posting the Instagram live. ’cause I don’t like how it looks on my page when it doesn’t have a cover. So I just don’t do it. All right. Now we know what to problem solve. Too many people are spending so much time on Canva. Like, I don’t even want you to spend time on Canva unless you’ve made six figures.

I don’t even want you to spend time on Canva unless you make six figures. Unless it’s like, like a very simple, easy, Canva. And Canva, by the way, is a, um, is a graphic design tool that’s very, very friendly to non-professional graphic designers or just people, business owners, but people. It, it, it’s different for everyone.

Some people they, it’s because they don’t have photos and they think they need photo, like professional photos. I remember I thought that in the beginning of my journey, I’m like, I don’t have professional photos. You know what I did? I would take a selfie and then I would post, and [00:20:00] I think I even used to make ’em black and white.

’cause I was like, I don’t want people to see what I look like, but I want you to identify what is slowing down your content delivery. Delivery content. And then I want you to problem-solve it. Fix it. Eliminate it. Eliminate what’s slowing you down. If no makeup on is slowing you down from going live, then pick a filter that you like.

Spend 20 minutes and that’s a long time. Spend 20 minutes playing around with filters and pick one that you can get behind that you could show up looking like crap. I’m not kidding. Identify what’s slowing you down. Number four, decide that done is better than perfect. So this is the last thing. So once you’ve done, you’ve picked the platform, you’ve picked the easiest ways for you to show up within that platform.

You understand what slows you down in your process and you’ve problem solved it. Number four is you decide that done is better than perfect and you. [00:21:00] You post, you do it over and over and over again. You don’t play with your decisions. You don’t go back and forth. You take fast action and you post your little heart out.

You post your little heart out and do has to be better than perfect. When I first started my podcast, I. Knew that consistency was gonna be a problem for me because I would never consistently post anywhere. Like I had tried a YouTube account and I had tried different things, but with my podcast, I told myself, nothing is going to stop me from posting episodes.

So the first three episodes of my podcast, I legit had no music and I didn’t edit them at all. Why? Because I didn’t know how to edit and I knew it would slow me down. So finally around like number four, episode number four, I think that’s when I finally found some music to add to my. [00:22:00] Podcast and then probably around episode 10, I, I started editing a little bit, and then probably a little after that I made myself a little intro, right?

It was very step-by-step, and it worked. People got so much value from it. Done is better than perfect. Done is better than perfect. So number four is you decide done is better than perfect. You show up imperfectly, you take fast action, and you post your little heart out. I don’t care if you post five times a day, if you post three times a day, if you post one time a day, but I want you to get that muscle going so that you see how easy it can be because you could just trust what your brain tells you and get rolling.

So go out there, create constantly post, consistently, and decide that done is better than perfect. [00:23:00] Identify what’s slowing down that process, and always work towards eliminating that and making it easier, easier, easier, easier for yourself to show up. All right y’all. I will see you next time. Bye-bye.

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