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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

216. Re-Release: How to Grow Your Audience from Scratch

With another re-release, I’m sharing three things you should be doing regularly to build a community from scratch. Lead generation is such an important part of creating a profitable coaching business, so get inspired by today’s episode with ways to get new eyes on your content so you can grow your audience.

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216. Re-Release: How to Grow Your Audience from Scratch

[00:00:00] What is up y’all? Before we get started with two days episode, I wanna make sure that you’ve registered to my upcoming webinar where I’m going to teach you how to build an online community from scratch that is filled with like-minded humans who want what you are selling. I’m sharing my organic content marketing process that helped me create and sell four figure offers over and over and over again.

But you can’t make money if you don’t have community, not just any community. A community of your people, the people that desire and want your wisdom, advice, and coaching. The webinar is free. It’s happening Tuesday, September 19th. If you wanna learn how to make four figures your first four figures online and create content that makes people feel more seen in the world and makes people want to work with you, sign up for my training.

Register for free. Alright, y’all, I can’t wait to see you inside.

My name is Catalina Del Carmen, and I’m on a mission to put more cash in the hands of women of color. I’m a wife, mom, amiga Prima, and I happen to run a multiple six figure coaching business. On this show, I share sales and marketing strategies that keep your business. Simple. Your mindset focus, your bank account big and your impact even bigger.

So if you are on a mission to create generational change and you want to make a lot of money [00:02:00] doing it, welcome to the Latinas Booked Out Podcast cast.

What is up y’all? Welcome back to Latinas Booked Out podcast. I hope you are doing well. I am. I’m doing really well. We just wrapped up show up in Lead Mastermind Live in person event. I called it Six Figure Self-Trust and it turned out to be. Such a powerful event. This event in the midst of a lot of craziness.

There was a hurricane the day before, so it was a little wild, but not a real hurricane. They just said there would be a hurricane in Los Angeles, but it was, it was a lot of work leading up to this event and it turned out so, so well, my clients. [00:03:00] I know took so much away. I think the community was just incredible and we all left just feeling really good about building a business in this community.

And for me it was a big, big, big. Opportunity for growth, and that’s exactly what happened. I grew a lot, my identity, identity really evolved. I really pushed myself. So it, it’s been a big learning lesson and I’m continuing to push myself because I have a lot to do in a short amount of time. So I am just, I took this big, big, big project off of our, you know, our list as a team.

And now we have a couple more things to do as we streamline, as we get better at our systems. Uh, we as we get better in our operations, so things run smoothly and our client experiences gets better as we scale. So I’ve just been learning so, so much. [00:04:00] In terms of the behind the scenes of my business. But that being said, it was an incredible event and in life.

I also have a whole bunch of transitions happening as well. My little, little Rome turned one year old and we’re transitioning him into a local daycare that is amazing. And he’s had a nanny since. He was basically one month. So we’ve had such an amazing privilege to have that. But transitioning is such an emotional process for me.

I have been in tears literally today, ’cause it was his first day and I. Yeah, I’m just like willing to give myself the grace I need any time I want right now, and that serves me so well because I have so much going on in my life and in my business. So that’s happening. We’re doing a renovation on our [00:05:00] backyard, or we’re hoping to, so we’re trying to figure that out.

There’s just so many projects and things we want to do. We were looking for a cabin. I mentioned we were looking to buy an investment property and a cabin, and we actually decided to not do that anymore. The main reason was the location we were looking at. It didn’t seem to have that much one, that much revenue for the Airbnb.

We were, we were going to Airbnb it and it didn’t seem like a lot of revenue would probably just cover what we would invest in it, maybe even less than that. And secondly, most importantly, I should say, Paul and I just really had a serious conversation of like, is this the best time? I think we got a little excited and we just don’t think it’s the best time for our family.

We have a one year old and a four year old, and we’re like, this would be so much smarter to buy an investment proper, specifically a cabin [00:06:00] to buy a cabin when. Like Rome is maybe five years old and pj, my oldest is like nine. You know, like that would make more sense. They could go fishing, have a lot more fun in the snow, but right now it’s like they’re babies.

So it just didn’t make sense. Like after really thoroughly looking at it. We, we looked at a lot of open houses. We really did our due diligence and yeah, that’s what we decided. So we’re deciding to do some other things with that investment and then put some of it in in investment so we can grow it. So we could probably buy in the next maybe five to seven years or something like that.

So that’s happening and. Yeah, so there’s a lot, a lot of things going on, but today’s episode is an episode I recorded in 2021. I wanted to reshare it because I think a lot of people have a curiosity of [00:07:00] how to grow their business and how to grow their audience specifically, and. There’s a lot of information that has been shared over and over again, but these tips that I share on this episode are I, I still don’t hear them a lot, and they are huge, huge reason of how I built relationships online.

So today’s episode, I’m talking all about how to grow your audience from scratch. I’m literally, this episode I’ve created. Into concepts that I’m going to create, that I’m, that I’m literally recording and building now for my program. So I am, I’m gonna be launching a program September 19th. I hope you’re going to the webinar link below if you wanna register for free and some of the ideas that I talk about here.

I have thought through and am building concepts around it, so [00:08:00] that’s why I wanted to share this episode. You’re gonna take specific techniques that you could use right after the episode to build your audience. So listen in. Take some notes. And last but not least, if you’ve listened to this podcast and you’ve taken anything away, it would mean so, so much to me.

If you can leave a review on Apple Podcast, I have over a hundred thousand downloads because of you guys, and I’ve specifically decided not to run ads on this podcast right now and I never have, um, before. And I, I don’t do it because the experience that you have with my podcast is really, really important to me.

So, In that case, it would mean so much to me. If you could take a moment to review on Apple Podcasts, leave a note on what you’re learning, share it on your IG stories, on Facebook, on TikTok, on, [00:09:00] I don’t know, LinkedIn, wherever you hang out, it would mean so, so much to me. Alright y’all, let’s get started with the episode.

I will see you on the other side. I am really excited about today’s episode because it’s kind of different than like what I’ve typically been creating. I wanna talk about Instagram, like literally, this actually reminds me more of like my old, old podcast, podcast content, but I wanna talk about. Ways to grow exposure on Instagram.

So I’m gonna be sharing three quick ways, three quick tips to grow exposure. So the first question that you might have about this podcast episode is like, why would you want exposure? Now, a lot of you already know this answer, but I wanted to just start by saying like the, the importance. Of getting exposure on Instagram or through your content or through your [00:10:00] Instagram page.

The whole point of it is you are a business. You are a business, okay? And you wanna make sure that everyone knows you exist. You wanna make sure that. New people are learning about your business, your company, your services. Like you wanna make sure people are learning more and more and more and more about it.

Okay. Last couple weeks ago I was, I put on a training, uh, actually live virtual event for my clients and we did a lot of planning and decision making for the new year. And one of the things that we discussed is the difference between marketing, right? Marketing or, or content, I should say. And then audience building.

A lot of people were like, oh, I grow my audience on Instagram. That’s my method of growing my audience, but. [00:11:00] I’ve always looked at Instagram as a way to retain my audience, to give value to them, to really help them down the customer journey, right? Like I want people who are just introduced to me. I use Instagram to keep them engaged, help them learn about me and my services and my business.

So I don’t really see Instagram as an audience building tool unless you are doing it strategically. Right, like I like sure you build an audience on Instagram. I’m building one every day, but like I don’t just rely on that and I rely on a couple specific ways to intentionally build my audience. But today I wanna talk like this is mainly for.

I mean, not really just for beginners, but I wanna talk about ways that I have grown exposure to my business, my coaching business, and then also like what I would do if I was starting from scratch today. Okay, [00:12:00] so just in terms of growing exposure, oh my god, I don’t know why I said it like that. The how I would grow exposure right now.

Let’s go through them. So number one. Number one is I think the absolute easiest way to grow exposure for your content is sharing other people’s content on your Instagram story. It’s very simple actually. I think I’ve gotten so much exposure from people resharing my stuff. So here’s how it goes. Let’s say.

That some big, um, they don’t even have to be big. Let’s say someone I admire and look up to, posts something on Instagram that I really, really love, that I, I really enjoyed or I learned something from or inspires me or [00:13:00] something, I will take that as an opportunity to share it in my stories. Tag the person who originally created it and say a little something about how, why I like the thing.

This is important y’all. I think, I literally don’t think enough people take advantage of this. Like I’m always on social media, resharing people’s content and giving my thought process too. This is, I’ll talk the second. The second tip here is about building relationships, which I’ll talk about in a minute, but I think.

Actually sharing another person’s content says a couple things to that person. One, that person is automatically going to like you because you shared their freaking content, right? Like if someone shares your content, you’re grateful for it, you’re thankful for it. So that’s number one. And then two, I always, if you’re gonna do this, I [00:14:00] always want you to tag the person who created the content.

This is a big piece. So many of my clients like, well, not so many, but a handful of people will share content, but they won’t tag the person. And it’s really important that you tag the person, so it gives them the opportunity to reshare on their page. And when they reshare, you may get exposed to their audience.

’cause when they reshare, that piece of content gets reshared on their story. Here is the disclaimer though. People do not have to reshare. When you post them. So you, if you’re gonna use this strategy, I don’t want you doing it from a place of, oh, I’m gonna share this person and tag this person. I’m gonna share this person and tag this person.

I’m gonna share this person and tag this person. No, I’m not that kind of marketer. I’m not that kind of coach. I’m not that kind of business woman. You share [00:15:00] what you really like, you share things that really inspire you. You do it with intentionality. And then you tag the person and say, thank you. This is so good.

Or you tag them and say whatever is on your mind. The whole point of doing this, yes, it’s to grow exposure. You wanna do it from a place that is not spammy? ’cause y’all, you don’t even know I will block people so fast for being spammy with me. I have, I’m a Taurus, y’all, and I don’t know if you know about Taurus, but we’ll just like end relationships like this, like literally, I will just cut people off and if you are spammy with me, like I will judge you.

And you’re not supposed to judge people. As a coach, I’m not very judgy, but if you are spammy with me, I will judge you. So here’s the [00:16:00] thing. If you’re gonna do this, do it from a very authentic place, from a very intentional place. Do it because you really love what that person is doing, or do it because whatever they posted really inspires you or makes you think or something.

Don’t do it as a strategy to do it on repeat and just go, go, go, go, go. Nobody wants to work with that kind of person. It’s true. It’s true. Okay. So that’s number one. If you like someone’s content, say a little something and reshare it. And I even do this y’all with like big superstars because here’s the thing, I do this so naturally now, like I just stay.

Doing this all the time because I’m literally inspired all the time by people’s posts and different things. So like if something really, really makes me think or I love the post, I share it and I tag ’em and that’s fine. [00:17:00] So that’s, yeah. This goes actually into number two. This is probably the number one rule on social media that I tell my clients, especially the folks who are new to social media.

You wanna grow on social media, you want to grow your Instagram, you wanna get more exposure, guess what you need to do? You need to be social. The whole point of social media is to literally be social with people, build relationships, communicate. Be social. There’s like a thousand ways you can do this, but it really starts with understanding that the point of social media is to be freaking social, to start conversations, to have conversations, to comment, and to [00:18:00] share, and to really just keep the conversation going.

So when I think about how I’ve gotten exposure, So much of my regular practice, like I literally will spend time on Instagram just commenting on things and replying to things and being social. Y’all, if you knew how much I DMed with people in 2021 when I was building my audience, I literally. In the beginning of my podcast, I used to, when I was trying to grow my podcast page, I used to DMM every single person who followed me, but I didn’t send them one of those spammy dms like where you text it and you’re like, this is me and da, da, da, da.

And look, if you do that, That’s your game. I’m not really [00:19:00] into like super duper spammy dms. I really don’t recommend them. And some people have bots. Like I literally, I followed someone the other day, um, because they’re good. I think they’re good friends with one of my clients and they were really sweet.

So whatever. I followed her and she had a bot that. Auto generated a big old DMM to me, and we had already DMed a little, and it literally just, I, I don’t like that stuff personally. I wouldn’t recommend it and I just don’t think you need it. Um, but the point of this is, Being social like I used to send audio dms, literally audio dms.

I probably did this to like over a hundred people, audio dms, telling people who I am, welcoming them to my page. Thanking them and then letting them know when my podcast is and where they can find it. But I did this on Audio [00:20:00] dms, y’all like, I literally took the time to send an audio dmm and I got so many really kind notes.

So many people would reply and be like, this is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me on Instagram. Or like, I’ve never ever got a message this way. Like they were just so stunned that I took the time to do it. This was like in the, this was my hustle in the beginning. I was like trying to grow an audience.

I was trying to like get things moving and shaking in my business and at this time I wasn’t making money. But like I think it’s so important to just come to terms that the point of. Social media is to literally be social, to have conversations, to be in conversations, to comment on people’s, you know, posts that you, that are, that you, you’re inspired by.

Um, ask questions like all of it, like if I were to start from scratch, I would just be [00:21:00] so freaking social on Instagram. Social media, I would start conversations. I started so many conversations. I remember in the beginning of my, when I was growing my podcast and I was building my audience, I focused so, so much on like, what conversation do I want to start?

What conversations do I wanna have? Like so many people. They, they’re excited about their coaching business. They wanna grow their audience on Instagram. They wanna make more money through their content. Well, you have to first deliver value. And to deliver value, you gotta start some freaking conversations.

You gotta share your wisdom. You have to share your opinions. You might even piss some people off. That happens sometimes. [00:22:00] And that’s also. Fine. It’s okay. There are people who disagree with how I do business, and honestly, it’s none of my freaking business either. It’s none of my business. When you are dedicated to your business and you are in a place where you know that growing your audience is a very important piece of next year, like your strategy as a business owner, I want you to really start getting social on Instagram.

And this is if you’re on Instagram, but I want you to get social and not a place of like, I’m gonna be social so I could get these clients. That’s not the point. The point is that you understand that like this is just a place where you, it’s like going to a party, right? It’s like [00:23:00] creating an Instagram account is like going to an Instagram party and you finally showed up.

You don’t wanna show up and be the person who’s selling your services to every person at the party that you’re meeting. You wanna be the person who’s just like talking and being cool and being normal and having, you know, like having good conversations and, and giving insight and really listening and, and all of that.

And like, sure, you’ll tell people you’re a coach. Sure, you’ll tell people that you can help them with A, B, or C, but you’re not there with like spirit fingers trying to sell to them. Be social on social media. Okay. Build relationships. So many, so many relationships that I have now, especially with other coaches who I love and admire, like the relationships I have with them.

I started because I supported their con, [00:24:00] their content. I started because I started conversations with them in dms, not from a spammy place, from like, Hey, you are dope. I love what you’re doing. Let’s chat. I didn’t say it just like that, but like I did it from this place and look. Here’s the thing a lot of people love.

I don’t know. I, I, I guess a lot of people love to do very random dms to a whole bunch of people. I would recommend you build a relationship before you dmm anyone asking them for anything, like build the freaking relationship, like their stuff,

share their content, support what they’re doing. And then build that relationship. They will notice you. You’ll be so surprised how many relationships I’ve built based off of just being freaking nice on social media. That’s [00:25:00] it. It’s such a huge part of your coaching business because you always want to be opening up your business to new audiences.

People will get curious when you’re everywhere and you’re on everyone’s page and you’re having conversations and you’re giving your opinions. La la, la. Be social. And then number three, in growing exposure on Instagram. This is something that I’d probably do if I was starting from scratch and it’s also something I don’t do much of.

So I’m definitely not an expert in this. But like I want you to always consider if. If Instagram is gonna have an update or like a new feature be on top of it. So like right now, reels is a very popular feature, right? Like reels are fun and popular and people love them, and a lot of folks [00:26:00] have gotten a ton amount of exposure because of reels.

Now look, everybody has their own strategy. I, the only reason I’m bringing up reels is one, it really is truly great for exposure, right? ’cause the algorithm is going, I hate, I honestly hate the word, I hate using the word algorithm. But the truth is that the algorithm will support new features, right? Just like when you have a new offer, you want people to buy it.

Instagram has a new offer. They want it to, they want us to use it. Right. I don’t use it too, too, too much, but I do know the value of it. I didn’t spend a lot of 2021 using it because it wasn’t a part of my personal marketing and content strategy. But if I was starting from scratch and I literally feel like it’s easy to do reels, I would do them.

I really, really would do them. I chose to do Instagram [00:27:00] lives. I chose to do a lot of stories. I choose to do a lot of stories, like that’s kind of where I hang out. Who knows what that might look like next year. But I would use like video content. I would use video content, and I would have fun with it. And again, you never wanna do these things from a place of like, I’m gonna get a new client, I’m gonna get a new client, I’m gonna get a new client.

No. It’s not the energy. That energy does not sell coaching. It doesn’t. It doesn’t. You show up, you build relationships, you get social. You share content that you love with your people. You write a little something, you tag the person with no conditions. You try new trends, you get on reels, you do some stories like you play around with all of the features and you bring [00:28:00] your value.

You kind of find your voice the more you use it over and over and over again. When you do that, you will get more. Exposure one, two. You will get so much more comfortable using your voice and sharing your wisdom on repeat so you can make more offers and make more money and help more people and do all the things you wanna do.

All right, so y’all, that was the show. Three quick ways to grow your audience, share other people’s stuff that you absolutely love, and tag them. Tell ’em how amazing it’s, and share it with your audience. Build relationships and be social. Make sure you’re making time for that. Comment on, like, I, I comment on people’s posts that have like millions of followers.

I don’t care. I’m literally just social. I like will share my opinion or I’ll laugh at something or I’ll reply [00:29:00] with, with emojis, like all of it. Like I just am social. It’s who I am online because I know it’s important to my business. Okay, so be social on social media.

Of new features that the algorithm will support a k a reels take advantage of video content that you could just make in your hand take advantage of the features, like, especially like the trends. I think one thing I learned from I. From Erica Cruz. Good, good. Good friend of mine is, she is a TikTok like expert and she grew really her business starting on TikTok and she always told me like, you gotta hop on the trends.

I. So even if you hop on to some trends, have a little fun and do that, you will see. You will see by testing and learning what works [00:30:00] for you. Okay? So if you’re in a place where you know that building an audience is important to your like marketing content strategy, Exercise these things. Ask yourself, am I really building relationships?

Am I really being social? And if the answer is no, go out there and do the work. You got a business to build. There’s people that need your help, and I want you to make a whole lot of money doing it. Okay. Alright y’all, I will let you go. Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful week and I will see you next week.

Talk to you later. Bye.

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This training will also shift your mindset around what it really takes to book out your coaching business. So sign up in the show notes or on my website, to be added to the email list. I will. See you next time.

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