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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

217. Re-Release: Three Ways to Generate New Leads

On today’s episode, I’m talking lead generation and why it’s important to your business. I share three steps to becoming visible to more people.

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217. Re-Release: Three Ways to Generate New Leads

What is up y’all? Before we start today’s episode, there are two things I want you to know about that are happening in the next couple weeks. Number one is I have a brand new program that I’m telling you all about within this podcast episode, so keep listening. Number two, if you wanna know all about that program, make sure that you’ve signed up for my upcoming webinar happening September 19th at 2:00 PM Pacific Time. Register here.

The webinar is gonna be all about teaching you how to grow your online community. I started my business online and I know the power of creating content, but you know what gets in the way of that? Actually creating the content. So in this webinar, I’m going to teach you how to make content creation simpler, easier, and just not so much of a headache so that you can show up authentically, share your wisdom, your expertise, and [00:01:00] get conversations going within your content when you start conversations in your content.

Clients want to buy, they get curious, they wanna know more. So if you wanna learn about this process, make sure you sign up for my webinar happening September 19th. Register here. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me @CatDelCarmen on Instagram.

All right, y’all, let’s get started with the episode.

My name is Catalina and I’m on a mission to put more cash in the hands of women of color. I’m a wife, mom, amiga Prima, and I happen to run a multiple six figure coaching business. On this show, I share sales and marketing [00:02:00] strategies that keep your business. Simple. Your mindset focus, your bank account big, and your impact even bigger.

So if you are on a mission to create generational change and you want to make a lot of money doing it, welcome to the Latinas Booked Out podcast.

What is up y’all? Welcome back to Latinas Booked Out podcast. I hope you are having an incredible day, week weekend. I know it was a long one. All right, y’all, I am just gonna get straight to the point. Two things. I have a new program coming out and I officially wanna share all the information. Ah, I’m so excited about this.

Okay, so here’s the deal. My new program is [00:03:00] called Show Up Reel, and it’s launching September 19th. I’m going to teach you how to sign four figure clients without having thousands of followers, without creating perfect reels and without being a. Expert at Everything. Tech Show Up In Real is a content marketing program that will help you become more you in your content.

In this program, we will eliminate every excuse you have created for not showing up and instead, I will help you identify your movement, master your messaging, and really create like you are reading my mind content. That’s what so many people have told me through my content. You’re reading my mind. I’m going to.

Help you stop procrastinating from creating content. Stop trying to make it perfect and just show up real. Show up authentically. Share your wisdom, share your [00:04:00] expertise. ’cause I know it is in you. Here’s what I’m gonna teach you. How to create authentic content that creates like-minded people to your impact.

Driven business. If you’re anything like me, you got into business ’cause you actually care about people. I made over 200 K in the first 18 months of my business and I did this by surrendering to perfection, getting laser focused on helping people get results. And it turned out to be a recipe for success.

And now I’m teaching you and everyone in this program. How to radically simplify their content strategy, stop posting on all the platforms, and have the anxiety of having to be everywhere, get super focused on what they are great at and double down on that so you could create more clients and more client results.

This program is priced at [00:05:00] $2,500. There are payment plans available, and there is a very, very, very special bonus I. When you join, show Up in Real within the first 48 hours of doors opening, I want you to listen up. So like list, um, come back to me. If you’re listening to this, when you join, show up in Lead.

Within 48 hours of doors opening on September 19th, you will receive. Two years access and a thousand dollars off. Yes, you heard me correctly. This is a 12 month program and you’re gonna get it for two years. And for a thousand dollars off, I do not discount. If you know me, I don’t discount, but I’m doing it for this and I’m doing it really because I, this [00:06:00] is, it feels like this is like a program that I’ve wanted.

To create for years. It feels like a gratitude, like here you go. Like for so many people who’ve supported me and been rooting for me, and I, I don’t know, I just, I’m so compelled to create like a wild bonus. So this is the bonus, two years access and a thousand dollars off when you sign up. Within 48 hours, and it has to be paid in full, by the way.

So it’s $1,500, that’s with a discount, and you get two years access when you sign up. Okay. I hope you heard that. If you know your mindset is in the way of your marketing, I want you in this program. I invite you to this program. I’m gonna help you get out of your head and start making some of the f-ing money.

Alright? So join within 48 hours. Get your coins together. Get your money together. Get your whatever, do what you gotta do. [00:07:00] But get on the wait list for this and you can get on the wait list by signing up for my webinar below. So the webinar is called How to Build Your Audience Online and Create More Conversations Through Your Content.

So if you wanna join this program, if you wanna join, show up Real. If you wanna learn the exact process that I’m gonna teach, go to the webinar, and if you can’t make the webinar, just make sure you’re on top of emails so you can join in the program. I’m so pumped about this. I hope you join. Make sure to register right now in the link below.

If you’re listening to this online. And if you are listening to this on a phone, there should be a link below in the show notes. I can’t wait to coach you. I cannot wait to coach you. Alright, y’all. Now let’s move on to the actual episode. So today’s episode is another amazing episode I created many years, a couple years ago now, [00:08:00] and I was listening to, I’ve just been binging a lot of my own content that I created in the beginning of my business, and I’m really handpicking.

All of the episodes that are related to content creation, related to marketing, and I wanted to repurpose those because it’s so, so valuable when we’re talking about the marketing conversation. So today’s episode is called How to Generate More Leads in three Ways, or Three Ways to Generate more Leads.

And I’m really talking about what has worked for me in growing. My audience, a k a leads and what actually worked. And if you, the crazy thing is I recorded this episode the same month that my business took off, and when I say took off, meaning the six months prior [00:09:00] to this episode going out, I had made probably around 10 to $12,000 and the.

12 months after this episode came out, I created over 200 K cash in my business organically. So I want you to listen. I want you to take the advice and I want you to go to my webinar on September 19th. I’m gonna give you the process that’s gonna be within the program, and I’m also gonna teach you, I’m actually gonna teach you how to create, how to grow your online audience.

So, I hope to see you there. I hope you love this episode. I cannot fucking wait, excuse my language. And if you have any questions about show up Real, if you have any questions about the program, the webinar, anything, just let me know. You could either email or DM me on Instagram.[00:10:00] 

Alright y’all, I will see you later. Bye. What is up y’all? Welcome back to the Follow That Fear podcast. I am so grateful you are here. How are you doing? I wish you guys can talk back to me. Um, I am doing really, really well. We moved into our new place. We’re settling in. I still feel like a little couple things are outta order and my head’s kind of like I, everything isn’t.

Together yet. Um, but that being said, I am almost booked out for a month and a half hour. Uh, it’s just crazy. Um, so that’s great. I’m helping people make money. I’m helping my clients get their first four figure clients. I. I, there’s honestly no better feeling. There is no better feeling than helping my clients get results.

And results can look [00:11:00] different, right? Like results can be a four figure client, but results can also be like full out transformation, right? When you are in a place where you’re doing all the things and you’re exhausted and you’re tired, and you work with a coach, when you work with me and I’m like, no, scratch that out.

Scratch that out, scratch that out, scratch that out. I might have a little friction in the beginning, but what I’ve learned is watching my clients transform from super complicated content strategies to something super simple. That’ll grow their coaching business. There’s nothing like it. There’s really nothing like it, and it’s, it’s just such a beautiful thing.

I’m really, really grateful to do this work. Anyways. Okay, so today I wanna talk to you about three ways to generate more leads into your [00:12:00] coaching business. And when I say lead, so I’ll back up what a lead is. And lead is a sales term. Um, that’s pretty traditional sales term. A lead is a potential client, meaning that this person, it’s your job as the business owner to lead them to the sale.

So when I say lead generation, or when I say generating leads, that means generating more folks who not are, that are not just learning about you, but folks who are potential clients. These people are your ideal clients. So today I’m really excited because I, I’m going to be sharing four ways to generate more leads into your business.

So let’s really quickly talk about what are leads. So leads are potential clients. They are your ideal dream customers. And when I say generating leads, what I mean is not just [00:13:00] generating followers. Not just generating people who are aware of what you do, but really generating people who are potential and future clients, right?

Because everyone that is following us on some sort, whether it’s social media, whether it’s our newsletter, whether it’s our podcast, whatever. There are tons of folks that are in different levels of their engagement with you. There is one level that is brand new. They just found out about you. They’re feeling you.

They’re like, okay, okay. I like this person. I like their content. Then there are other levels, right? They’re the person in the middle who’s already signed up for some type of freebie you offer or has attended a webinar or something like that. That’s another level. And then there are the folks, these are hot leads.

Hot leads are the folks that are really, really thinking about working with you. They are like, if this chick says one more thing that really gets in my head, I’m, I’m about to hit [00:14:00] her up. At least that’s how I feel about my coaches before I hit them up. Um, so that’s what I’m talking about. I’m talking about four different ways to generate more leads into your business.

Okay. There’s a lot, a lot, a lot of ways that you can do this. There’s many approaches to lead generation. But I, I’m gonna share four of them that have worked really well for me. You know, I haven’t s I, I haven’t really heard a lot of folks talk about lead generation. The first person I ever heard talk about lead generation in the coaching industry, I should say in the coaching industry, um, is actually my coach dl.

Like, I just didn’t hear a lot about lead generation, and she like brought this up for the first time in the coaching industry. This term is used in business a lot and I like, we had a whole, like, there was like a team who did lead generation at the startups that I worked at. But in the [00:15:00] coaching space, the term wasn’t really used and I really started hearing it from my coach.

So I love this because not only has she inspired this conversation, but now what I’ve done is I’ve put four, like four things you can do to bring in leads into your business that have literally worked for me, that have literally worked for me personally. So that’s what I’m gonna be talking about today.

Okay, so let’s get into it. There are four different ways. Number one is putting on some type of masterclass free webinar, something free, um, that you can offer to your audience so you can teach them. And really, this does a couple things. Not only does this help you get in a position as a coach, right? I think this is great for new coaches because.

It helps you really stand out as the authority and as a teacher, right? Um, that’s like the beginning of it. [00:16:00] And it also helps you grow your email list, so that’s amazing. Right? Especially if you’re a new coach and you don’t have an email list yet, like that is amazing. Um, but the most important thing is that it can generate real true leads and how you generate leads from this is not just throwing one, but really titling it and creating a webinar, creating a masterclass.

I. That is very attractive to your ideal audience, so you will have to know who your ideal audience is before you go on to like take action on these four things. I have a couple episodes on the podcast on really how to identify your ideal audience. So if you go back to episode 31. Episode 31 of the follow that for your podcast, you’ll find how to identify your ideal customer so you can check [00:17:00] that out to learn more about that.

But when you’re thinking about generating leads, you should already have an idea of who you wanna think of. And honestly, if you know, if, if you’re not sure of who that ideal client is, just think of your favorite customer, or you can think of a person you would love to work with and help in some sort of way.

Okay. I’m gonna make that short. There’s a lot more you can do for this, but for right now, I just want you to think of that person, and when I talk about a webinar, what title, what topic would be super exciting to them? Right. So I’m a business coach. I help coaches sell and market their coaching businesses.

I help them get over this selling and marketing mindset that like haunts. A lot of folks of like, I don’t wanna be salesy, I don’t wanna be super cheesy, I don’t wanna be all this. I, I help them simplify it and I help them market in their own way. Right. So that’s [00:18:00] me. So a couple examples of, of some good webinars I maybe will put on in the future is, How to market your business, market your coaching business without being super cheesy, like I would name it, something like that.

Right? Because my clients, my, I know that my ideal clients, they are really worried about coming off salesy. They’re really worried about coming off like. Like me, me, me, me, me. I know that because I’ve talked to so many of them. Right? So putting on a webinar is going to do all of those things. It’s gonna help you kind of stand in your authority.

It’s going to help you build your email list, and it’s gonna help you bring in leads to your business. I’m a huge fan of webinars because they’ve really, really worked well for me. In not only growing my email list, but really bringing in leads. ’cause those people are raising their hand and saying like, [00:19:00] I’m into what you do.

I’m very interested. That’s how I take it when someone signs up. So number two is creating a community. So that can look different for different people, but maybe Facebook group, it can even be like an Instagram group. Probably wouldn’t recommend it, but, um, typically this happens in a Facebook group and I actually haven’t done this one.

I’ve always like attempted to, and then I go back and I’m like, I don’t want a Facebook group. That being said, I know for sure that this works for so many people. I know tons of coaches. That have Facebook groups that really take care of those people in that, in that group. And when I say take care of them, I mean engage with them.

They put on classes within the Facebook group. You can engage with them on a daily basis in a more closer way versus Instagram. It [00:20:00] really helps warm up that audience. That being said, a Facebook group, or it could be a Slack group, it could be on Mighty Networks, is another, um, is another tool you can use, but I.

These types of communities, they do need a lot of T L C, so they need a lot of tender love and care, meaning you have to put a lot of effort into it, but you can make it easy. Like if you’re a person who really likes Facebook and Facebook groups and you’re already in groups, then I would highly recommend that you create one for your business so you can.

You can attract people to your group and you could bring up topics that are important to your audience and to, to your future clients, right? So I would highly recommend doing that, maybe doing some type of schedule that you like. Either do like some sort of q and a, twice a month, maybe put on one class a month, and then maybe another time you could do like a wine night.

I don’t know. I’m making this up. Really that is [00:21:00] about building community and also generating leads, right? Because when people decide to go into that community to be a part of that community, they’re raising their hand and saying, I want what you have. I like what you do. I like the way you do it. Okay.

Alright. Number three. Number three. This has been literally pivotal to my growth is collaborations. I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re gonna have to make some friends online and you’re gonna have to step out of your comfort zone. I am not gonna lie as friendly as I am, as you know, bubbly and all that as I am.

This was so hard for me. I literally didn’t want to like befriend people online. I always wondered how people did it, like how did people get so friendly online and meet online and all this. But what really helped me do this is [00:22:00] having a podcast because when you have a podcast, you have to ask people. You don’t have to, but if you have a podcast with guests, eventually you’re gonna have to ask people you don’t know to be on your podcast.

So that is what helped me kind of get outta my bubble. And after I did that a couple times, I really, and then Covid happened and it was like, okay, I was trying to make friends with everyone. It really, really, really has helped bring in money to my business. Like, I’m not even kidding. I have gotten so many leads and some customers from collaborations I’ve done with my circle, right?

Like I’ve done different collaborations with, um, My friend Tiffany Chung, she is a social media coach and one, uh, I forget what month it was, but sometime in, in 2021, we, we swapped accounts and I went on her stories and did a whole like IG [00:23:00] story. Teaching her audience something, introducing myself, my programs, and then she did the same for me on my platform, right?

That was a collaboration. We switched up things. We got, you know, we did something fun and it was really, really, really great. I’ve also done this with a good friend of mine, Erika. Erika Cruz is a good, good friend of mine, and we’ve done, we’ve collaborated many, many, many times, especially as we were growing in the coaching world.

We did IG lives, we’ve done workshops, like we’ve just done so much together and it’s really helped our audiences and I highly recommend doing that. But it really starts with like making friends first. I wouldn’t like awkwardly do it. I mean, you could pitch it if you want, but I would recommend I. For this collaboration piece to really just make friends and befriend people that are maybe in your, that have a similar [00:24:00] ideal customer, right?

But maybe in a different field. That’s what I would recommend is I. Identify some folks who you really like their content, you really like what they do, and start engaging in their content. Start engaging in what they do. And when I say engaging comment, like watch their stories, like really befriend them and.

Especially for folks who have a similar ideal customer for you, but have a different niche, right? So for example, Erika’s business is all about like self-discovery and finding your purpose, right? So like that’s not directly tied to coaching and coaching business, but I’m sure there’s a handful of folks who are interested in coaching in her audience.

So that collaboration is perfect. I have someone I’ve collaborated who’s a money coach, right? I. I’m not a money coach, I’m a business coach, but they also target a very similar audience then, um, as I do. [00:25:00] So that would be a great collaboration. So find people that like you really do authentically, like for real, like their content, um, and like what they do.

And if they have a similar audience, I would really form that relationship and see if they’d be interested in having some type of collaboration. Alright, number four, and this one probably has been the best one for me, has been pitching to podcasts or coaches who have group programs and offer up being a guest speaker.

This has been pivotal. It’s literally made me over $10,000 doing this one thing. I’m not even kidding you. Actually, not like I would, I would put number three and four together. So first, collaborate, first, build the relationship, and then reach out to folks and say, Hey, I’d be happy to be a guest speaker on your group program if you are [00:26:00] looking for an expert in A, B, and C.

Right. Pitching to podcasts, I wouldn’t keep it so casual like I have a podcast and to be honest, when I get casual podcasts, they typically don’t like, I I I typically just won’t work with them if it’s too casual. ’cause I care a lot about my audience and I care a lot about what I do on, in online. And I really need a thorough pitch if somebody wants to be on my show.

That being said, there are so many opportunities out there. So what I want you to do is something similar as before, is really identify where is your dream audience? Where do they hang out? Who are they following? Find people that are not in your specific niche, maybe something a little bit different, and really grow those relationships and see if they have like programs or group programs that you can be a part of, because that can make such a huge difference.

When you can get a guest speaker spot, that [00:27:00] means you’re getting the attention of so many folks and they are all ears. Maybe just a couple of them would be interested in working with you in the future. This has literally made me thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars.

I’m not kidding, and it is putting yourself out there. It can be awkward, but I promise you that if you just take these risks to generate more leads into your business, you will see the return, I promise you. So continue getting out there, continue making those relationships, and really offer up your services.

Like there are people who would really, really love to have more guest speakers and experts for their group program. So identify those folks and get yourself out there. Alright y’all, I hope this was helpful. I’m gonna go through these one more time. Number one, put on a webinar, put on a class, put [00:28:00] on a workshop, a free one so you can not only grow your email list, not only really have the authority in your space, but also generate leads, actually get people who are actually interested in what you’re doing.

Get them closer to working with you. Okay? Number two, you can create a community, create a Facebook group, find a way to engage with them on a regular basis. You could do some q and ass, you could do some coaching calls, some group coaching, whatever you want, but you can also build a community to warm up that audience as well.

Number three, collaborate with people, collaborate with other influencers, other coaches, folks who are online, who have audiences that are similar to what you are looking for. Collaborate, make friends, ask to do IG lives, whatever the case is, but get things moving and shaking in your business so you can get those [00:29:00] leads.

Number four, pitch to people. Pitch to podcasts, pitch to coaches to be a part of their group programs. Always look for opportunities of group programs that you can speak at. Podcasts, where you can talk about what you do, talk, um, give some type of value to their audience. Hopefully get folks to your audience as well.

I hope this was helpful.

Hey, amiga, if you are not on my email list, you are missing out on some juicy content. I share sales and marketing tips every single week. Plus you’re the first. To know about new freebies and webinars and all the other things fun happening to get on the list, sign up for my free training, How to Sell Out 4-Figure Offers. This training will also shift [00:30:00] your mindset around what it really takes to book out your coaching business. So sign up in the show notes or on my website, to be added to the email list. I will see you next time.

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