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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

224. Transitioning from 1:1 to Group Programs

Today, I’m sharing what to think consider and take action on before transitioning from 1:1 to group programs. Take notes & listen in.

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Ep 224. Transitioning from 1:1 to Group Programs

[00:00:00] What is up y’all? Welcome back to Latinas Booked Out. How are you doing? I hope you’re doing well. I am doing great. I am chucking along. Chucking along? Is that a thing? No, that isn’t a thing. I am chugging along. I am…

Let’s see, we’ve got a lot going on in the business. I am really laying down a foundation for the next million dollars in my business. Um, I shouldn’t say next cause I haven’t hit a million yet, but I’m really excited. We got some things moving and shaking. We’re cleaning up our [00:01:00] curriculum. We’re prepping for The next two launches and I’m feeling like such a boss.

I mean, I got to be honest with you. I’m just, I feel like the last couple months were so such a shift in my identity that now I’m just like, this is who I am. And now my job is just reminding myself. That’s who I am. I’m a, I’m an industry leader. I have. insanely amazing clients. My clients are so badass.

They’re working on their growth all the time. And I, I really, really, really am just interested in solving my client’s problems. So that’s kind of where things are moving and shaking outside of that. Show Up & Lead Mastermind is opening for enrollment, and we have some details coming out very, very soon about what to expect in the next round.

So I’m excited [00:02:00] about that. And outside of that, I think we’re good. I think I went through everything. All right, let’s talk about today’s episode because I’ve been wanting to do this episode for a very long time. And I’m excited to finally kind of share my process and my strategies around scaling from one on one to group programs.

Now, I sold one on one for quite a while and selling one on one is something that I always considered myself really great at. Because I scaled so quickly selling one on one coaching. And I really sold a lot of one on one coaching packages, right? So I did 200 K in 2021, just with one offer. That was one on one, which was just wild.

I still look back at that time and I’m like, that’s crazy. Who sells that [00:03:00] much in just one on one. So I sold one on one for quite a while, right? Like I was very familiar. With it, but selling group has felt like an entirely different, like I, I had to learn how to sell something completely, completely different.

And I think people. Need, like, I think the growing pains from selling one on one only to selling group is so different than people who sold group and scaled a group. It’s just such a wild ride because selling one on one is, is, I don’t want to say easy, but selling one on one is. It could be kind of simple if you’re good at marketing and you’re friendly and you’re willing to share your wisdom, right?

Like it could be simple if you want it to be simple, [00:04:00] but selling a program is something that and selling, I should say selling a group program and launch using launching as a strategy. That is something you actually have to get good at over and over and over again. And I, I think the lesson for me in learning how to sell group was just, it kind of surprised me because I thought I was really good at selling and I felt like such a rookie selling group programs.

I’m like, why am I, why, why is this so hard for me? So I wanted to create today’s episode because I really wanted to give some perspective on what to think about. Before you scale into group, right? And before transitioning from one on one coaching to group coaching, these are three things that I want you to think about.

I want you to consider. I want you to [00:05:00] create. And. I think doing this will help you go into selling a program so much more simply. So let’s get into it. Let’s get started. It’s a really, really simple episode. There’s just a couple of things I want to share with you. So here are my strategies from, for scaling from one on one to group programs.

First thing I want to just quickly share is. What to expect, I kind of touched on this just a minute ago, but when here, here’s what I really want you to expect when you’re scaling from completely one on one coaching to launching a group, you have to think about selling your group. In a long term point of view, meaning when you are launching your program when you’re especially if you’re using a launch strategy, [00:06:00] meaning like you have an open and close cart launch.

If you’re doing that, you have to give yourself an insane amount of grace that you are learning to sell a different way. Even if you did so, so, so well selling one on one coaching. Selling a group program is so different because you’re selling different things. When you’re selling one on one, you can really sell anything, right?

Because you’re working one on one with the person, and you could pretty much help a person with so many aspects of the transformation you sell, right? So You can help them with so many different things because you have that one on one time with them because you’re confident that during that one on one time, you can help solve a problem, right?

Like if you’re confident in helping a client solve a problem in one on one coaching. Um, one, you’re, you’re a pro and two, it’s the, the [00:07:00] biggest difference from selling one on one to group is now you have to build belief around the transformation you sell quite a bit because in a group program, typically there isn’t as much one on one access.

And you’re. You want to be able to be confident in what you’re selling, very confident that the transformation you’re selling is doable. And for you to have that confidence. You either need to give yourself a lot of grace or what I think is important is having actual clients with actual results of what you’re selling.

Like you gotta have some clients, some data showing that like, I know how to do this. I’ve had clients go through it. And this process works. So that’s number one is like, I really just want you to know that learning how to sell something completely differently, [00:08:00] there’s going to be a learning curve there and that’s okay.

I typically tell my clients, if you’re scaling from one on one to coaching, I mean, sorry, group coaching. To a group program, you should expect around 40 percent of the revenue from one on one coaching. Meaning if you sold a hundred thousand dollars in one year in one on one coaching, your first launch of the group program is typically going to be 40%, 40 to 50 percent of that.

Sometimes it could be more, sometimes it could be less, but I think 40 percent is. Pretty correct. So if you launch a program in, in, um, if you launch a group program, after kind of being an expert at one on one, you can expect one launch to be about, you know, somewhere between 40, around 40%. It could be a little lower or higher depending on your [00:09:00] demand, depending on the price that you sell one on one coaching.

There’s a lot of kind of pieces there. So that’s what you can expect revenue wise. That’s pretty standard. Here’s how I want you to prepare. I think if you’re thinking about scaling. If you’re thinking about launching a group program and you’re selling one on one right now, if you’re thinking about doing it next year, let’s say, like maybe in like April or May or June or something, if that’s you, I want you to start thinking about the process that your clients go through to get to the result.

I want you to start looking at patterns that your clients go through to get to the results. So if you’re a health coach, and let’s say that your transformation is 20 pounds, I want you to [00:10:00] actually. Take a look, like, I want you to really dissect every client experience you’ve had, the clients you’ve worked with, and I want you to look at their journey and ask yourself, like, what are the patterns I’m seeing within all of my clients, kind of you.

process, like super simple process. Are they all going through to get to the result that they want? This is why this is important. One of, so strategy number one that I will encourage you to start thinking about to really start creating is your one of the kind process, your repeatable process, your process, the process, I should say that your clients go through to get from a To Z in terms of a result, right?

So typically that process could look a little bit different for everyone. But if you have a bird’s eye view on your client results and your client journeys, [00:11:00] typically there are some things that you help people with. All the time and you probably these are probably very common knowledge to you because it’s typically the things we’re repeating to our clients all the time.

Right? So, like, every time we get a new 1 on 1 client, we’re kind of starting them on a certain, um, on certain content, on certain curriculum, on certain topics that we want to uncover before you get to, you know, step 3 and 4 and 5. Right? One is I want you to start brainstorming and really thinking deeply about what is the process that my group program is going to people through.

What is the process and what is the transformation? Not only the process, but the transformation, like what result am [00:12:00] I helping people get? And I really want you to consider that and kind of think of all the ideas of what that could possibly be. What transformation am I getting and do I feel confident in?

One thing I ask my clients in my mastermind all the time. Especially when I’m first starting work with them is like, what is a transformation that you are confident that you could, like, if you were to pick someone off the street and they, they were, you wanted to teach them how to get X result, right?

Would you be confident that your process if they listen to everything you say in this process, would they get a result? If the answer is yes, then that’s probably something that you could consider for your group program as a result as the transformation they go through and the process helps them get to the results.

That is, is going to be [00:13:00] hopefully or the beginning of your signature process. Something that is yours, something that’s unique to you, something that is based off of all of the data, all of your experience selling one on one coaching. Okay. Now you want that process to be something that people can digest.

So you want it to be simple. Sometimes when you do, when you’re creating your own process and inside Show Up & Lead Mastermind, I teach you how to create your own process, your own signature process for your group program. And when we’re doing it, what I always encourage my clients to do is to keep it wildly simple.

So if you were to explain how to get the transformation in just a couple steps, what would those steps be? Like in, in two to five steps, what would those, what would that process be? That’s how high level I want it to be. And the reason I want it to be very high [00:14:00] level is because typically getting a result Isn’t that complicated?

Typically, it is simple, right? Like if I wanted to really lose 20 pounds, I mean, this, I’m not saying this should be your process, but if I wanted to lose 20 pounds, I got to eat more vegetables. I got to move my body and I probably have to not stress as much, right? Like just those three things. If I really invested into those three things.

A hundred percent, I would lose weight. Typically transformation isn’t complicated. And this is how I want you to think about in your head is like, how can I make my process so simple that it feels simple for people who are interested in working with me? So when they come to me and they have questions, I could be like, yeah, this is my, my process inside my group [00:15:00] program is going to cover this.

Like this is what we do. We go from A to B to B to C to C to D. So when you’re scaling from one on one to group, number one, one of the things I want you to start really considering and thinking about, because you will have to decide on it, is the transformation you sell or the result that you promise, right?

Like what is that transfer, um, transformation? Look at your clients, look at what they’ve accomplished and, and really decide. Like you don’t have to decide now, but you will have to decide. So I want you, if you’re planning to transition into group in the next six months, I really, really, really want to encourage you to start thinking about the transformation that you feel confident in selling.

Okay, that’s number one. Number two is the process that people will go through [00:16:00] inside this program. And I want you to really think about your one on one clients, the experience they’ve gone through. the coaching and the process that you’ve helped them go through in their journey and really extract at a high level like what does it take to get to the result and start thinking about that because you will need some type of process once you launch your group offer.

Number three curriculum, you will need some curriculum now for those of you who have curriculum for your one on one clients and you’re planning to use that for a group program, I would want you to really, really Thank you. Really answer number one of what’s the transformation and number two, what’s the, my signature process or the process that they go through to get the transformation.

And I would want the curriculum to be [00:17:00] dedicated to helping them get the transformation. I don’t want the curriculum to be super general that it can kind of help a lot of people with a lot of things. The whole point of curriculum is that it’s. all in a circle, helping them get the result, helping them get that transformation and create that transformation for them.

Now, I also want you to consider that your curriculum in a group program is going to be pretty simple. When you first launch my first launch of my mastermind, it was extremely simple. I barely had any curriculum. I should have had more. Um, but it was the first launch and I. I decided to double down on just really being committed to their growth.

Um, and I, I believe I also had one on one calls as well at that time. So I tried to [00:18:00] make up for it with more one on one time. But ideally I was also pregnant and went on maternity and even going through a lot, but. Ideally, you want some curriculum that’s centered around the transformation that is dedicated to helping them get the result.

Okay. And then number four is really understanding that selling a group offer is different than selling one on one coaching. I think this is a big misconception. I think people think it’s like the same. And like, if they. Sell one on one coaching, then they should just be able to sell. Um, sell a group offer.

I think obviously the, the skill will translate some, but I really, really do think about launching as such a, it’s like a different type of selling, and if it’s a different type of selling, you [00:19:00] have to get accustomed to selling that way, and I want you to prepare for some type of learning curve. I don’t what I, here’s what I don’t want you to do.

I don’t want you to sell. One on one coaching for let’s say a year, make a hundred K and then think that a program the next year is going to make you a hundred K. because you sold one on one coaching the year before that. I really want you to consider like, okay, I’m going to be transitioning for a while and I’m going to be transitioning from one on one to a group program and it’s going to take me time.

It’s going to take me some time. It doesn’t have to take you a lot of time, but if it isn’t going to take you a lot of time, then you’d probably have to launch more. And if you’re launching more, you’re getting more experience selling differently more. And if you’re getting more experience selling differently, more, of course, you’re going to have more clients and you’re going to be more successful.

So like, depending on the type of group offer [00:20:00] you want, I, depending on the type of group offer you sell, hopefully I just want you to gauge that it’s that goal. A group offer will bring in at least hopefully 50 percent of your revenue than the following year selling one on one, which is great because that means you’re, you’re scaling, right?

You’re making more money or the same money, but you’re not the person on every one on one call now, right? 200

K after making a hundred K. In one on one coaching, then you’d probably definitely, I say, um, raise your one on one coaching price that following year. Still sell that out while you’re launching a program, which is [00:21:00] completely doable. You just got to be committed. Like you just got to want it and, and learn to give yourself a lot of grace and learn to be okay with just a lot of newness and growth, but it’s a hundred percent possible.

It’s a hundred percent. I think the biggest, the biggest takeaway I really want you to get from today’s podcast episode is that transitioning from one on one to group program is really about learning how to sell a different way. And then also learning how to look at your business differently, because when you’re really scaling into group your, I think of it more like a product based business, you have to really get to know the product you’re selling.

You have to understand the product well and when you’re first launching a group, you don’t know the products that well, like you are kind of [00:22:00] learning and it’s evolving. And I also want to just make space. To say that, like, when you have a group offer, it’s okay that it evolves as you go, it evolves as you launch.

That it will kind of grow with you. Um, and that’s okay. That doesn’t have to be a problem. It doesn’t need to be a bad thing. I like to think about my launches as every time I launch, I’m learning more about launching and I’m getting better at launching. So me doing that over and over and over again after selling one on one has just helped me become a confident seller, not just in, in one on one, but also selling in a launch style, if that makes sense.

And one thing I’ll add here is. And I’ll do a whole other episode on like what you need to consider when scaling, but one thing you do need to consider is [00:23:00] how am I going to scale my marketing because your marketing isn’t going to get easier when you scale to group. I would honestly, I would say. It doesn’t get harder, but you’re going to need a lot of new marketing, a lot of new materials when you have a new group program.

So I really want to challenge you to think differently about your content. When I say differently, think. Like create intentional thinking, like good thoughts about content. I want you to find joy in marketing. I want you to find, you know, lots of energy from marketing and learn how to do that because you’re going to have to market more like.

Typically, you’re going to have to market more. You’re going to have to market in a different way. And it’s normal to have thoughts about that. It’s normal to kind of be in your head about that in the beginning. Um, but you’re going to keep marketing for a while. So it’s like, not for a [00:24:00] while, for ever. If you want to scale your business, um, you’re, you’re gonna continue putting effort into marketing.

So I think getting, stop telling yourself the story that like, You’re gonna, it’s going to be easier from a marketing standpoint, it will be easier, but it’s going to be harder before it gets easier if that makes sense. But to be honest, if you’re already, you know, if you’re already booked out in 1 on 1 clients and you’re ready to scale into group, then I would say.

You probably have already gone through a content hump in some way, shape, or form if you’ve been get your clients online and if you don’t, and you’re, let’s say that you’re, you know, you’ve signed a lot of one on one clients from your network and from more referrals, if that’s you. Then [00:25:00] I want you to really start thinking about social media and to start thinking about content in a really productive way.

I want you to think about social media as a place that’s going to help you scale. I want you to think about Instagram as a place that helps the message get to your clients. I want you to start thinking about social media as a vessel for you to have more time. Instead of a place that you need to put so much time into because just getting yourself in a circle of like, oh, I have so I need to do so much and I need to post this on Instagram and it’s like, if, if you don’t like work on that relationship between you and content, it’s, it’s helping nobody.

It’s helping nobody. So I hope these strategies are helpful for you. I highly, highly, highly recommend considering all of them, making decisions on some of them before you scale from one on [00:26:00] one to group programs. Y’all, for those of you who have made 30k plus in your business, 50k plus in your business.

And you want to scale to six figures, multiple six figures, half a million, plus, plus, plus, I want to invite you to join Show Up & Lead Mastermind enrollment opens December 5th. And on December 5th, doors will open. To join the next round, which starts at the end of February 2024, this is a high level program mastermind for coaches and service providers who are really committed to scaling their business.

So, if you are interested, make sure you join the waitlist. Once you join the waitlist, you will get. All the information about the program. I invite you to join DM me on Instagram. [00:27:00] Any questions you have, but besides that, I will see you next time. All right, y’all see you next time.

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