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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

226. From Coach to CEO Identity

On today’s episode, I’m sharing how your identity evolves as you scale your business from $30k to $200k. What you believe about yourself as a coach is not what is going to get your revenue to $100k+ and on today’s episode, I’m sharing exactly how you need to think to grow your revenue and scale your offers.

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EP. 226. From Coach to CEO Identity

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I cannot wait. Wait to coach you.[00:03:00] 

My name is Catalina del Carmen and I’m on a mission to put more cash in the hands of women of color. I’m a wife, mom, Amiga Prima, and I happen to run a multiple six figure coaching business. On this show, I share sales and marketing strategies that keep your business simple, your mindset focused, your bank account big, and your income.

Impact even bigger. So if you are on a mission to create generational change, and you want to make a lot of money doing it, welcome to the Latinas Booked Out Podcast.

What is up y’all? Welcome back to Latinas Booked Out Podcast. I hope you are doing so, so, so well. I’m [00:04:00] doing great. Things are moving and shaking. I have had. Just the best client wins lately show up real, my group program, a 12 month group program about content and building community. My clients inside show up real are just killing it.

They are. Creating more content. They are taking more risks with their content. They’re saying things that they’ve been wanting to say. They’re showing pictures of themselves. They’re making reels. They’re just having fun with their content. And in return, they are getting more questions from people, more DMs from people, more comments, their audience is growing.

And it’s just so fun to watch. I. Love coaching people inside show up real because I, I just remember wanting it so bad. I remember wanting to just figure out the content game and. Y’all, the [00:05:00] content game is literally about you making it fun and easy for yourself. I think that is the simplest way to do it, honestly, even at like, even when you’re scaling, right?

So like, if you already have an established business, obviously you’re still growing it, but like, if you’ve already made some money in your coaching business and you’re used to showing up online. It’s still, you’re still going to have content humps from time to time. And when I go through those. I literally have to go back to let me make this fun limit.

Let me make this easy for myself. And I go back to that because that always gets me out of my head. So anyways, I’ve been loving, loving, loving what’s happening inside show up and real show up real. I keep saying that, but that’s for another day outside of that. My mastermind, [00:06:00] um, is. Killing it. I literally have not talked about the wins that are happening inside show up and lead mastermind.

My clients are really doing incredible things like incredible things. My client, Sylvia, Sylvia brands, she. Created at the beginning of October, she created this challenge and I wish I think it was called a creep into confidence and she has created so much demand. She has. Over 40 people, I think over possibly over 50 people who are fully, fully engaged in this challenge.

She has been showing up for it just like it feels like daily and so [00:07:00] many people are getting results. So she’s a confidence coach, a self trust coach and so many people through her guidance. Have just gained so much clarity and are taking action. It’s literally wild watching her do her thing and be in her space and create her own lane.

It is been so, so fun. My client, Sam, my client, Sam, but also my health coach, she, I worked with her two times. She put on her very own live event to celebrate her weight loss, um, anniversary, I think it was. And she’s a health coach. She’s a. weight loss coach for women of color. And she put on this incredible event in Minnesota, where she’s from.

And I watching her do that, watching her put it together, watching [00:08:00] the panel that she had talk of clients, watching her just do business her way. Watching her step into another level of authenticity, another level, like, of I’m going to do me, and creating so much buzz and excitement, it has just, it’s, it’s, y’all, like, it is incredible when you decide to do something and then you do it.

Right. When you decide to do it and do it over and over and over again, they’re just willing, this group is just willing to like, do whatever they need to test their growth, to try new things, to launch in a different way, to, to market in a different way, to create demand. It’s so exciting. And my client, Naomi had a three day live.

A virtual event talking all things, how she’s a holistic health coach and she did [00:09:00] three trainings. I think one was about food and like understanding the food that’s going inside of your body. Another one was about hormones and understanding your hormones. And I forget that what the last one was about, but they are just moving and shaking Norma.

My client Norma is. Is she just short of like evolved her niche and she did a challenge of her own. I honestly, this group is just like pushing the needle. They are having 50 percent increases in their revenue from last year, a hundred percent. They’re doubling their revenue. They are. I’m just. They’re out there, by the way, and so many of them increase their prices and are signing clients at their new prices.[00:10:00] 

So there’s just so much going on with this group. I am beyond proud of them. How lucky am I to like witness this bad assery inside my mastermind mastermind is opening. At the end of November, November 28th and doors open to the public, December 5th. If you want in to a group that is committed to the growth of their business is ready to scale to six figures, multiple six figures, millions.

And we’re all going together. I invite you to this group. It’s. So, so good. You, they’re, they’re amazing. You’ll hear more of them on the podcast, but I, I just feel so lucky. I feel so lucky to get to work with people who are big hearted, like me, who love their clients, who love their work and who are really committed to [00:11:00] their growth.

So besides that, I want to talk about something I want to talk about today on today’s episode, I want to talk about the identity shift from coach to CEO. I think not enough people talk about the actual changes that happen when you really develop your CEO identity. I think. Here’s the thing. A lot of coaches think like I’ll become a coach and then I’ll just sell, sell, sell, sell and make a whole bunch of money and then sell, sell, sell, sell.

But the reality is there’s such a shift. There’s such a huge shift from I’m a coach and I know how to help people. I Know how to get people results, or I’m learning how to get people results. I’m learning how to help people. I’m becoming a good coach, or I am a great coach and I’m learning how to sell.[00:12:00] 

I’m learning how to market, whatever the case is. But there’s a difference from when you are trying to figure out your business. And how to get it off the ground to having it off the ground. And now you’re, you’re really dealing with, with, with business problems, right? Like business challenges that are a little bit more specific that.

Are more clear to you than they were, you know, when you started your business and the identity shift really happens into, okay, I’m, I, I’m a coach, I’ve been a coach, I know how to be a coach, but now it’s time to be like a ceo, it’s time to think like a ceo of a coaching company, not just a coach like that shift from, um, Coach to CEO of a coaching [00:13:00] company that is so different, you have to think about different things.

You have to think about scaling. You have to think about operations. You have to think about team and how you’re going to support yourself. So you could market more and create more and make your programs better and. Launch and like, there’s so many things like business get, gets much more complicated when you really start taking your role seriously as a CEO of a coaching company.

It can really, really, really shift. So on today’s episode, I want to talk about that shift. I want to talk about my experience and the experience I see my clients go through from coach to. CEO of a coaching company. Okay. All right. So let’s, let’s, let’s just dive right in. So let’s really [00:14:00] quickly talk about the experience of gaining and grieving new identities, new beliefs.

I think one of the most significant changes as you grow into a CEO versus a A coach is you really start believing. Very new things about yourself. You start being sure about things that used to feel like a far stretch to believe, right? Like, once upon a time, I thought six figures was like a dream in business.

I mean, I thought that six figures was This like figurative thing and even more multiple six figures. Like I thought that was so far from me. And I remember thinking I would have to work so hard [00:15:00] to get go there, which sure I’ve absolutely worked hard. But when I think the more I’ve stepped into my CEO identity, I’ve realized more and more that.

I have to believe new things, intentionally believe new things to get to each kind of level of business, right? Like the first, like one of the things you’ll gain, right? As you transition identities, as you grow new identities, what you’ll gain is a lot of self compassion for yourself. Hopefully that’s what we try to do in the mastermind, a lot of self compassion for yourself.

A lot of new beliefs, a lot of, of letting go of old beliefs. I used to have this belief that I was a very hot mess or I was very unorganized [00:16:00] and that this is just who I am. And it’s always been a problem. It’s always going to be a problem. And this is going to stop me from really growing my business.

Like, I was very tied to that belief. Now, although I have some belief that, like, I’m a hot mess when it comes to things in my life, I’ve really, really, really, really learned that those things just aren’t true. Those thoughts and beliefs aren’t true anymore for me. And that’s why I’m here. And I am very organized, like I, I think throwing the first live event of the mastermind last round.

So last round of the mastermind, we had our live event in Los Angeles, California. This upcoming year in February, we are having the live event in Las Vegas, California, which I’m so, so, so excited about. And I remember that event [00:17:00] I was so nervous for, but actually putting on that event proved to me how organized I really was.

Every single hour of those three days were completely organized before the event. I mean, play by play. We like, I, I literally organized this entire like form And I, I, I didn’t organize it. That’s not true. My team organized it, but I delegated it and I delegated it in, in, in a lot of detail and every single hour of that entire event was organized to the T.

Everything from food, everything from videography, everything from photography, content, everything. The events we went to the cabana, um, celebration at the end, we had a lunch on the picnic. The lunch was [00:18:00] beautifully set up for us ahead of time. Like, everything was done executed so well that it was. Such proof to me that my beliefs about myself were lies, like they’re just no longer true.

And I had to really just look at myself in the mirror and realize, holy crap, like that isn’t true anymore. And that’s going to be a part of your journey as you’re scaling and growing into ACEO. You’re going to have to believe new things, and you’re also going to have to test those beliefs and do new things and realize that like you are, it is capable, you’re capable of doing more without burnout, or you’re capable of putting on a launch without being mean to yourself, right?

Or self sabotaging, [00:19:00] right? Like you’re going to grow new beliefs about yourself. At least that’s what we practice inside the mastermind. We have created our, like, I’ve created the entire first module all dedicated to the mindset of a CEO, right? So like, it is very important that you know how to build new beliefs.

It’s very important that you know how to give yourself compassion. It’s very important that, you know, your kind of burnout scale and that you’re taking good care of yourself. I think people think they need to do more when they scale, but the honest truth is you, you really got to like, take a step back and realize, okay, where is my growth?

Where is the growth in my programs and in my client experience? Where is my growth in myself as a leader, as, um, a person who plans [00:20:00] things ahead of time? Where is my growth in my marketing and my content? Like, how am I going to make that easier? For myself, while doubling the amount I show up, right? Like, how do I do that and make it easier for myself?

Take care of myself during those, you know, those evolutions as I grow. And then there’s like the grieving of identities. Like one of the, the ways that I’ve grieved in terms of identities, thoughts, decisions have been around. One, I remember really grieving my decision to focus on coaching coaches and service providers.

In the beginning of my business, I helped all entrepreneurs. I helped product based businesses. I helped, um, Etsy shop owners. I helped a beauty brand. I helped a lot of different people. [00:21:00] But when I really decided to double down and kind of niche down a little bit, like more specifically, I remember I cried.

I cried. And here’s why I cried. I remember getting very emotional because I care a lot about community and I remember having this belief in this thought of like, now that I’m only focusing on coaches, I’m letting my entire podcast community down. And my podcast community are the people who helped me get to where I was.

And I remember feeling very emotional about it. And the, the reality is I got myself where I am and I give a lot. And the even bigger reality is the clients who Listen to my podcast who supported me, they were all with me, like they are down for the ride and I had to realize that, right? Like, but it was, it was this identity of myself of, of [00:22:00] letting go of enjoying the uncertainty.

Like there’s almost. There’s almost like ignorance is bliss is a true statement, right? Like there is some bliss when you’re ignorant to things and, um, I’ve, you know, I’ve matured so much as an entrepreneur now, and I really see the mastermind as a place for people to mature into CEOs, right? Like you go in a coach and you.

I always talk about my mastermind as like a three or four year commitment to your business. I invite my clients to come back over and over and over again because business is like you have to be in it for the long term, especially if you’re creating signature programs, if you’re creating signature signature process that is unique to you.

Like what I’ve learned is that like strategy hopping is just [00:23:00] not helpful and really committing to like your long term vision and seeing it through will teach you so much about yourself and it’ll teach you so much about your clients and it’ll teach you so much about your offer when you recommit to yourself and your growth over and over and over again.

So they’ll be grieving identities, they’ll be. New niches, new audiences, new clients, right? Like some OG clients might go away, you know, like they might kind of graduate and do their own thing. Like there’s a lot that happens when you’re, when you’re scaling that you, you really, you know, you, you just, you grow through it and you mature.

So let’s talk about the coach identity. So like, what, here’s the thing. What got you to this point in business, [00:24:00] especially for the folks who have made some money as a coach, and maybe you’re interested in the mastermind. Maybe your next goal is six figures. Maybe your next goal is multiple six figures, right?

What got you to this point in business is your growing belief that you are a coach. You’re a coach that knows how to help people, right? Like what you need to make your first 30K in business is a strong identity that you can help people get results. Yes. And a lot of like, I think anyone. Honestly, your first, like, probably 50 K even do 100 if you want.

Um, I feel like that whole time you’re convincing yourself that, like, you’re a coach. You’re a great coach. You help people get results. You’re really building the belief that you can help people get [00:25:00] results. You can. Help them have salary increases, you can help them get out of debt, you can help them lose 15 pounds, right?

You can help them travel across move across the world, right? Like you are building belief in the promise that you sell the transformation you sell. And not only are you building the belief in you as a coach, but you’re building your belief in the people buying, right? You’re building the belief in the offer that you’re selling.

That is like, that energy gets you to your first, you know, 30K, 50K, whatever the case is. And doing this and really owning that identity as a coach helps you really elevate the way you think about yourself, right? You start really seeing yourself as a person who has a business and you start seeing [00:26:00] yourself as a person who is smart, right?

Like you, these changes help you kind of see. The help you see yourself as a person filled with value person that’s knowledgeable, a person that knows how to help people. Right? I remember, especially in the beginning. It’s like, I remember I wanted to like coach everyone. I’m definitely not like that before.

I mean, now, but before I like. Had this like eager knowledge to coach anyone and everyone because I was so deep into the coach identity, right? Like that was what I was building. It’s what I was evolving. It was what I was working for. And that’s exactly what the work is identity wise when you start your business and grow your business.

owning your coach identity, not seeing yourself as a new coach, not seeing yourself as a new entrepreneur or new business owner, and really [00:27:00] seeing yourself as a coach who can help anyone get a result. Period. End in point. And so valuable to you. But I think when you’re scaling your business and You want to grow your revenue, right, from, let’s say, 30k, 20k, 30k, 40k, 50k, to 100k, 120k, 170k, 250k, right, 500k, even a million.

What evolves and what changes is, You really have to start looking at yourself in this identity of. I am a CEO. I am a business owner, and I’m not just helping people get results. I’m running a company. [00:28:00] I’m running a coaching company. I’m actually like, I’m responsible for the moving parts of my business.

Okay. I’m responsible for the moving parts of my business and everyone who gets hired on all the projects we work on, the marketing that goes out, all of it goes by me typically, especially when you’re like growing. And as you transition to really scale your business, your identity has to evolve with you.

You will soon not just be a coach, but you’ll be a CEO of a coaching company. And this means that you’ll learn. How to think differently about yourself, about your programs, and about the clients that you serve. I remember the first kind of beliefs that I practiced in growing my CEO [00:29:00] identity was that I’m safe at zero months.

Like my first, it used to be that like every zero month. I was like, there’s a problem. Like, I used to think, like, there is a problem and I need to fix this. Like, this is not okay. But it wasn’t until, like, the, the first handful of 0 months before I launched my group program. Show up and lead mastermind.

Like that first launch of it. I didn’t, I had many, like, I probably had three or four months of 0 because I stopped taking on one on one clients. I was also pregnant. So I was also preparing for maternity leave. But at that time, I really had to grapple with the belief of, I know how to make money. I know how to bring in sales.

This is all like, I’ve already practiced this, [00:30:00] right? I know how to help, like, I know how to delegate to my team so they can help me. I know what type of marketing needs to go out for this group program. I know what kind of energy I need to be in. There are so many, you know, it’s such a juggling act to grow into a multiple six figure business that.

You’re gonna have to grow new beliefs. And one of those beliefs is learning how to not flip out if you have a zero month and not really thinking of your business in that way and really learning how to plan and organize your revenue. How to plan and organize your marketing efforts, how to plan and organize the way, you know, what you see your team looking like, um, their projects looking like, right?

Like it just looks different [00:31:00] as you evolve and grow into that CEO identity. Your desires and goals will shift from. I want to see what I’m made out of, right? Like, I want to see if I can really help this person get X, Y, Z, or I really want to see if I can hit this goal to like, it goes from that energy to I’m committed to growing this business beyond just me.

This program is so much bigger than me. My company is going to impact so many more people than me. You’re also like some of those new experiences also include having an influx of new clients, right? Like I remember. Scaling into group programs. I really had to get used to selling to a lot of people at [00:32:00] once.

And you have, I mean, there’s so many things you have to learn as you scale and really start owning that identity of a CEO, a coaching company. And one of them is like, you have to have a strong belief. That you are a salesperson and you know how to sell and you could sell anything to anyone and really learning how to collect that proof of how is that true?

Because you’ll be tested, you know, like, if. You launch programs, if you plan to launch new group coaching programs, you’re probably going to have to experience launches. And when you experience launches, you likely won’t make money for 1 month where you’ll be putting in a lot of work or 2 months sometimes when you’re putting in a lot of work and you’ll be putting work in for 2, 3 months for 1 month where you have, you know, a lot of revenue that [00:33:00] month and Going from one on one and making money, like what felt like all the time to only making money in certain times, there’s a lot of scarcity that comes up.

There’s so much growth that has to happen. There’s so much growth that has to happen. And how you really evolve your CEO identity is you ask yourself questions. You ask yourself. And, and these are ones I want you to answer, but I, you really ask yourself, like, what do I envision my company looking like in three years, in five years, in 10 years?

What kind of projects will I work on? What kind of programs will I have? What kind of team would I be? What I have? I mean, um, would we have an office? Would they be local? Would it be virtual? Would I be working from a beach in Tahiti? Or will I have an [00:34:00] office in my home? Right? Like, it’s really about Oh, Doing the work to identify, like, what do you want, right?

Like, what do you want? And sometimes we don’t always know exactly what we want, and that’s fine, but deciding, like, okay, what direction do I want to go and then implementing the plan to go there, even when things get uncertain. I think that’s the most important part is like, you’re not going to have certainty all the time.

So if you know, you’re not going to have certainty all the time, who do you want to be when you feel uncertain, how do you want to act in your business? What type of decisions do you want to make? Right? It kind of changes from really doing last minute, like scarcity filled. I’m going to host a webinar and do X, Y, Z to [00:35:00] I’m I want to create something I have never created before.

I want to create, you know, a 40 K launch. How am I going to do that? Right? And actually creating a plan with the knowledge that’s in your brain, implementing that plan, getting coaching, having your coach look at it, like getting the feedback, executing the feedback. And then going through it, learning, and then chipping away at your growth for next time.

That CEO identity is all about seeing the long term vision for your business versus the dopamine hits of short term growth. And learning to like, accept the emotions that come up when you don’t get what you want the way you want it.[00:36:00] 

Inside show up and lead. We focus. I mean, I have a ton of different modules that, like, help you develop your CEO identity identity. But 1 of them that I think is so important is what I call the quick to compassion framework and the quick to compassion framework is. All about helping you become a person that is so quick to give yourself compassion and love and give yourself whatever your nervous system needs.

You’re so quick to do that. You recover and grow faster because you’re not debating with yourself, whether you deserve rest, whether you deserve a nap, whether you deserve to take a day off, whether it’s okay to like. Cancel your [00:37:00] client calls, you just make a decision and you move on. Movement is so important as a CEO.

Like when you’re really owning your CEO identity, you are keeping it moving. You are just like making decisions. You’re executing them and you’re learning from them and you’re editing them and you’re going again. Inside the mastermind, we call this the self trust cycle. The self trust cycle is all about making a decision, implementing the decision, seeing it through, right?

Like executing the decision you made, evaluating it, editing what needs to be edited, going, implementing it again, right? Taking action again, executing again, then coming back, evaluating, right? Like it’s this whole process of evaluation and editing. Implementing [00:38:00] and making decisions like you’re making a decision, you’re executing and you’re evaluating, you’re making a decision, you’re executing and you’re evaluating and editing.

This process builds trust. It builds trust in yourself as a CEO versus the self sabotage cycle, which is all about making a decision, implementing it, executing it. Not liking the results you got immediately, so changing everything, like seeing it through is the goal instead of what, what I see a lot of people do is they will launch a program, they execute it, they don’t get the results they want, and then they change the entire program, the name of it, everything, the price, 6 months to 12, they make like 20 decisions to change it, and then they change it.

Execute again, and then [00:39:00] it doesn’t go well again, and then they think it’s something else. And then they’re like, F this program. I’m going to do events now. And then they do events and then the events going well, and then they decide to put their attention X, Y, Z, because they. Have some scarcity and want the money now.

And then the original plan gets diluted. It’s like owning your CEO identity. Developing a CEO identity is really about practicing an insane amount of self trust and knowing that you’re going to figure it out when you get there, but trusting that you have a plan and trusting that you’ve surrounded yourself with the right people to execute it.

And if it doesn’t go well, you’re always going to do the work to figure out why that is your CEO identity. That is the difference between I’m a coach and I know how to [00:40:00] help people to all the way to I have a plan. I’m going to implement it. And if it doesn’t work, I’m going to solve the problem and I’m going to implement it again.

And I’m going to get so good at selling this one thing that people won’t be able to deny it because it’ll be so, so good. I think at the higher level. It’s not about new things all the time. It’s not about a new thing here and a new thing there and a new thing there and a new offer and a new retreat and a new course and a new growth program and new, new, new, new, new.

I want you to focus on making things better. CEOs make their programs better and better and better and better and better and better and better and better. That’s what they do over and over again. They’re not hopping from one strategy to another. They’re committed. They’re committed to the growth of their business.[00:41:00] 

They’re committed to the impact it’s making. They’re, they’re committed to solving the problem and helping more people get more results all at once. This is the work we do inside show up and lead mastermind. We go to the drawing board and we actually see what’s happening in our launches. We actually see what’s happening in our sales.

We’re actually look for what’s happening in our marketing and we fix things. We adjust them and we take action. All right, y’all. I hope that was helpful. If you want to be a part of a group of people who are established coaches, service providers and are committed to the growth of their business, I want to invite you to show up and lead mastermind.

This program is designed for you [00:42:00] to support. Get fully booked in one on one clients, transition into group program and learn how to come lunch. If you are interested, get on the waitlist. This program is getting started February 22nd. I believe I might have to double check that date, but doors open November 28th to the waitlist and December 5th to the public.

So if you want to join us in getting started in February, Make sure to get on the waitlist. You’ll get an email with all the information. I cannot wait to learn more about you. There is an application process. You’re going to apply. You’ll book a sales call. We’ll talk. I’ll give you any information you want and we’ll get started.

Alright y’all. I will see you next week. Talk to you later.

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