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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

229. Increasing Client Results with Group Programs

On today’s episode, I am sharing a recent IG LIVE where I shared three strategies for scaling your client results when transitioning into group programs. Your ability and commitment to creating client results inside your group program is what will make your program successful as you scale, let’s talk about what you should consider in that process.

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EP. 229. Increasing Client Results with Group Programs

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My name is Catalina Del Carmen and I’m on a mission to put more cash in the [00:04:00] hands of women of color. I’m a wife, mom, Amiga, Prima, and I happen to run a multiple six figure coaching business. On this show, I share sales and marketing strategies. That keep your business simple, your mindset focused, your bank account big, and your impact even bigger.

So if you are on a mission to create generational change and you want to make a lot of money doing it, welcome to the Latinas Booked Out podcast.

What is up y’all? I hope you are having a good start to your. week. I had a really great past week. I went to my hometown. I went to the Bay Area, the San Francisco Bay Area. [00:05:00] Last week, I got to see so much family. My kids got to spend time with their family. My son PJ is old enough to kind of remember these things a lot.

And he had so much fun with his cousins. We just did a lot of holiday stuff. So for me, I think it was so, so nice to see family. I really feel grateful to have family. I know a lot of people, you know, the holidays. aren’t always the funnest because of whether they don’t have much family, whether they aren’t close to their family anymore, whatever the reason is, you know, I, I really am grateful and I pinched myself that like, I still have my mom.

I don’t have my dad anymore, but I have my family and we’re healthy. So. I just felt very, very grateful, even when there was so much chaos happening in the world, which really does [00:06:00] tug at my heart so, so much. I have been thinking so much of just the people of Gaza and Palestinians during this horrible, horrible, I don’t even, I have a hard time calling it a war because I really just feel like it’s one country, one powerful military against one very small location.

It’s just occupation. Anyways, I could go on and on about what’s happening. In the world, but I won’t not for this show, but regardless, I just feel very grateful. And last, last week I got to see so much of my family and my sister and it was, it was just great because I don’t live near them. So seeing them is so good.

All right. Today we are talking about scaling your client results. So today’s episode is an Instagram live I did recently [00:07:00] talking about how to scale client results. I don’t think a lot of people think about this when they want to scale their business, but what I’ve found is that if you. If you want to scale a group program, if you want to have a thriving group program that grows and grows and grows, you have to be asking yourself questions that will help you Make the program better, help you improve the inside of the program, help you as the coach, as the leader, really help people get results.

And this is why client results are so, so important to that. So many people don’t have success in their group programs because they’re not focusing on client results. And today I really want to talk about. So three things to think about and [00:08:00] consider when you’re scaling from one on one to group programs.

I know this will be so beneficial for those of you who are either selling a group program or planning to in the next six months to a year. All right, y’all, let’s get started with the episode. So if you are selling one on one and you’re getting busy and you know a group is coming, this is for you. I just want you to think ahead of time on like, what will it look like if I want to scale from one to one, right?

One on one coaching, one on one training to one to many, okay? So step number one, there are three, I don’t know if this is a really steps, this is more just like. These are three things I want you to consider when scaling your client results. But number one is, and this is what I have everyone in our mastermind do, you have to create a process that your clients go through.

That will get them a result. So, and this, I want this to be wildly [00:09:00] simple, but before scaling into a group program, you have to, you as the entrepreneur, you as the CEO, you have to have a clear vision on like, what is the actual customer journey or customer journey from A to Z. And getting the results. I want it to be simple.

I want it to be doable. And I want you to really take, and I’ll tell you how you create this process. You really look at your one on one clients and you think to yourself, okay, what’s the transformation I sell, right? Like what is the end point? So that could be. You know, lose 20 pounds if you’re a health coach or something, or that could be like, get a new job or whatever the transformation is.

For me, it’s like, okay, create your first six figures, right? Create your first multiple six figures. What does that look like? Getting fully booked? Right? What does that look like? You have to identify the transformation, [00:10:00] and then I want you to look at your one on one clients and really look for the patterns that people go through.

Now, if you sell one on one and you’ve been doing it for a while, there’s probably things that you say over and over and over and over again. There are lessons that your clients learn over and over and over again, like, and I I mean, over and over and again by like every single client will typically have drama about this or every single client will typically struggle when they get to this point in the process of growth.

Right. I want you to identify what is that growth and really write it out. Write out the entire process they get, that they grow through, go through to get the result. And then I want you to create a signature process. This is what we do inside Show Up & Lead Mastermind. I think every single round since the first round, it’s wildly important that you have a process that you walk your clients through.

And I’m not just talking about like. Throwing a whole bunch [00:11:00] of videos inside of a portal. I really want you to have an intentional process that your clients will go through in your future group program. Like when you’re imagining it, I want you to spend time thinking about like, what is the process in the way that you articulate it?

Like how would, how would, if you were to pick someone up from the street and they were like, I want to, I don’t know. Um, Increase my salary by 30 K. Let’s say you’re a career coach. I want you to create one really write out what it takes, like every single step they need to take to get there and then create your signature process.

Here’s why a signature process is so important to your group program. Because when you’re selling one on one, you could really. Talk about everything. And when they get inside the container, you could pretty much help them with anything. Like any coach I know can help [00:12:00] their clients with the majority of their problems across the board.

But when you are starting to sell one too many, right? Like when you are starting to sell your one person serving many people, you have to understand the growth process so well to be able to sell it and market it. To be able to sell it and market it. This is why a lot of people, they sell group programs and they don’t get the result they want.

They don’t sell a lot of their group program because they don’t understand the problem enough. They don’t understand the process that their client is going to have to go through to get the result they want. So what I want you to do, and I would do this before like six months, honestly, I would do this at least six months before you plan on launching any type of group offer.

I would start really resonating and thinking on this, like what is the process they [00:13:00] have to go through and create a simple one. And the reason you want it simple is because you want to be able to market it and you want to be able to understand it as you create more marketing materials. And number two.

You want it to your job is to simplify getting the result for them, right? Like when you are selling a group program, the point is for them to be able to do that. So when you’re going to, when you’re selling one on one, you could really talk about anything related to the trend. The transformation you’re selling and it’ll work because once they get in the container with you, you can help them with anything, but in one to many model, when you’re creating a group program, you can’t really like help everyone with everything they want because you’re not one on one coaching, they don’t have that one on one space with you, so you have to be able to support them and help them through the process and got to understand the process.

So, okay, that’s number one. Okay. When you’re scaling client [00:14:00] results. Okay. Number two, what did I write here? You have to, Oh, you have to have a decided, you have to have a decided program format. Here’s what I, here’s what I have learned, um, launching my groups over and over again. Every time you do a launch for a group program, especially that first launch, you have to make all of the decisions about the program ahead of time, because here’s what will happen when you’re scaling from one on one to a group offer, what will happen is that you’ll create this group in your head, right?

You’ll be like, Oh, it’s going to be this. It’s going to be so good. La la la. And then you’ll make the decisions about it. But then the closer it gets to launch date, You’re going to want to change things. You’re going to want to go back on your decisions. You’re going to want to think like, Oh, maybe there should be five months instead of six months, or maybe there should be, you know, eight weeks instead of 16 weeks, or maybe it should be, [00:15:00] uh, this price instead of that price.

Like your brain is going to want to entertain, entertain going back on the decisions you made. One of the most important things you can do before you launch your program is be decided. Have decided format that you sell, have all of the decisions made ahead of time, meaning what’s the price of your program?

What’s the format of the program? How many times are people going to meet? What days are they going to meet? Is there going to be additional coaching besides that? Is there a community channel where people can? Well, people can talk and network. Is it managed? Will there be coaching on there? Will there be peer coaching?

Do people know how to peer coach? There’s so many aspects to a group program that you just want to have decided. It doesn’t mean it has to, it’s like end all be all. You’re going to be able to like, you know, move, like evolve your program and change things inside. But for. That first launch when you’re transitioning from one on one to group, you want to have these things decided [00:16:00] and your growth is really committing to the decisions you made and seeing them all the way through, seeing them all the way through.

It is so important because when you do that, you prove to yourself that. You can, you can commit to the decisions you’ve made and you could learn from them. One of the mistakes I make, honestly, I make it all the time, but like, I’ve just gotten better and better and better and better is. I will, there’s like specific decisions I have to make before my launch.

And then when it comes closer, well, so one of the decisions I have to make typically before a launch is the webinar. And if I have a webinar, I have to choose the title of it. I have to choose the points of it. That’s something I’ve decided on a long time ago, but the first time I launched my mastermind, I didn’t have a webinar at all.

I had this thing called simple scaling week and simple scaling week was five days of basically [00:17:00] coaching where I’m coaching you on scaling. When I first launched this, I was in such indecision on whether I should do this like five days of coaching or a webinar so much so that I got so close to the launch date that I had to like bite the bullet and just to make a last minute decision.

What I want for you is to not make those last minute decisions when you’re launching your group from one on one to group programs. And really… Understand the details of the program that you’re selling before you launch and have them decided and then dealing with the emotions that come with you implementing them.

It’s so, so, so important. And then the last kind of piece I wanted to share with you when you’re scaling client results, by the way, I didn’t mention what, how the format is important to the client results, but when you’re creating the format of your program, when you are deciding like how long it’s going to be [00:18:00] and how, um, many times you’re going to meet for coaching and like all of those decisions, the first, first, first person thing I want you to consider are your client results.

When you’re. Launching a group program, especially if you have demand from one-on-one coaching and you’re launching a group program. I don’t want you, like your program isn’t about like meeting all of your personal needs and all the time you want to yourself and all whatever it is about creating a result.

Like when you sell coaching you, you are literally committed to helping someone. Create a result. And I think a lot of people in the coaching industry, and I think really the reason coaching industry has a bad rep sometimes is because people are so interested in selling and marketing their programs versus actually delivering on the result.

When you are creating the program that is going to scale you from one on one to group programs, you have to be [00:19:00] relentless about wanting to figure out the formula. To getting to the results. It is going to mean so much more to you in a group dynamic for you to figure out how can I get everyone in this program to get a result, to get to the result.

And Actual, like it has to be this relentless, this relentless commitment. Like it has to be a commitment about like not committing to like the perfect launch and the perfect way to do things and making sure I sell more and more. It’s like. One thing I’ve learned over and over again in my business is when I am in my head about my own business, about my own lunch, about my own sales, about my own marketing, the best thing you can do for yourself and your business is deliver to your clients and look back at your clients and be like, how can I solve their problem better?

How can I say this in a different way? [00:20:00] Why is this not working for them? Why are they not seeing this? How can I change the way I’m saying it so it clicks better? Like it has to be this commitment to helping them get a result. That is what makes you sell better. That is what helps you market better. Not the perfect things you say and the perfect whatever.

Like it is really about you understanding. What is a simple, simple, simple way I can explain this to my people and to how can I make my program the best fit for people to get a result? Okay. And then the last thing I’ll add number three is when you are scaling your client results, you have to be willing to have flexibility inside the container to, You have to be willing for it to evolve and grow, right?

This kind of goes against what I just said. So the second [00:21:00] thing I said here, I’m sharing three tips on scaling client results and by scaling client results. I mean, like you’re selling one on one coaching and now you want to transition to one to many in a group, what you’re going to have to do is willing to be flexible.

Inside the container. So once the launch is behind you, I want you to have that conviction to help your clients get results and you’re going to have to be flexible with it. I think so many people are. So I’ll give you an example inside my mastermind. The first round of my mastermind, I learned so, so much.

I had a very like rigid, like, this is how many times we’re meeting. And this is, What is inside and I stuck to that plan, which is great, beautiful. But the second time I launched this program, I was like, you know what? I’m putting my ego aside and I’m going to be so effing [00:22:00] committed to every person in this group.

And I want to, I want to help them all get results at the highest level and the highest standard. So what did I do? I created. In the whim inside the container, I was like, okay, now if you’re making over 50 K, we’re going to have a special call just for over 50 K folks. If you’re even right now, like there was a handful of people who are leaving their nine to fives.

I added an additional call every month where we just talk about leaving nine to five. Like I am so willing to use, like to give. Extra and more in my containers, if it’s going to help move the needle in their client results, people, I think the people who struggle with getting client results are the people more interested in their own business problems than they are in getting the results for clients.

Business is about helping [00:23:00] people get a result. That’s it. Every single business on the planet is about helping people get a result or solving a problem for humans. And the best CEOs are the ones that are wildly committed to solving their clients problems. Those are the businesses that do the best through the businesses that last longer when there’s like nothing stopping the person from getting more client results, not more money, more client results, because the more client results you get, the better you are at selling your program, the more client results you get, the better you are at converting your clients, the more like the, the more you are really committed, And like actually leveling up your programs and, and just willing to stay in the space of, I want to help a person get a result, the more you are in that [00:24:00] energy, the more you are better at the fundamentals of business that will easily slide you into six figures and multiple six figures.

But it really is about having this wildly, this wild, radical commitment to solving your client’s problems and letting that be the, the overall focus and letting the other things really be imperfect and letting the other things be mediocre even. But when it comes to serving. That is always what’s going to steer you in like making more money in your business.

I’ve seen it over and over and over again. All right, y’all. That’s all I have for you today. Again. So I’ll just go through these really fast. How to scale your client results when you’re going from a one on one, uh, programs to group programs. Number one is you have to have a simple process that you could repeat simply that people go [00:25:00] To get to the result they want.

So A to Z, what do they need to do? High, high level. Okay. That’s number one. Number two is you have to have a four, a program format, right? Or a program details has to be aligned with the result that you are selling. The program details aren’t to like cater to your life and cater to whatever’s good for you and your business.

No, it’s about. Creating what’s gonna help my people get a result and get a result as fast as possible. Okay. That’s the point of the format. I mean, of course you wanna like obviously cater to your, your life a little bit in terms of times and stuff. I have kids, so you know, there’s another way to look at it, but I just, I’m always thinking of my clients before my own ship.

And then lastly is you have to be. Flexible and generous inside of those containers. The only reason I’ve been able to have [00:26:00] launches that surpass my, you know, expectations are because I’m so willing to give inside my container. Like I am ready to pick up the, like to just schedule an extra coaching call.

If everyone’s in their head that week, I’m ready to give. generously inside my program and let the program evolve. Like I made the decisions on what the program looks like. And then inside the program I’m committed to client results. When you are committed to client results, real results, and you have a simple process that’s doable and simple and And you’re committed to that.

Your marketing becomes better. Your sales become better from that marketing standpoint. So anyways, that’s my three, three tips to scaling client results. My mastermind, Show Up & Lead, opens January 4th. This mastermind is designed for women of color coaches to scale to [00:27:00] six figures and multiple six figures.

We cover kind of four high level things. Number one is Under one is commitment to getting fully booked. I don’t mean fully booked, like just a little bit fully booked. I mean, uncomfortably fully booked. I want you to come to me saying I have too many clients or I have too many sales calls books. That’s what I’m talking about.

That’s number one. Number two is transitioning from one on one to group. I want to help you transition with demand. The reason some people have amazing first launches, um, from one on one is because they had demand. If you don’t know how to create demand, that’s going to affect your sales. So transitioning from one on one to group and how to calm launch, I’m creating something called the calm launch code because I want people to be able to launch calmly without the drama without.

Being mean to [00:28:00] yourself, I have a whole process that’s going to help you launch your programs with so much self compassion with marketing that is so clear to your people. And the goal is really like, how do we launch something calmly without the deep meanness and self doubt that our brain will tell us?

So. If you want to make sure you get on my wait list for Show Up & Lead Mastermind – doors open January 4th. I cannot wait to see you inside and my DMs are open if you have any questions at all. All right, y’all. I will see you later.

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