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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

230. $18k Investment – Hear from Show Up & Lead Mastermind Clients on Their Biggest Growth and Why They’ve Invested 3 Rounds in a Row

On today’s episode, I am joined by three of my amazing clients who have been a part of my mastermind for the last three rounds: Naihomy JerezSylvia Brands and Rita Soledad Fernández.

I asked them about their growth within the mastermind, why they have joined time over time, and what growth they are most proud of. Listen in to hear what they have to say.

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EP. 230. $18k Investment – Hear from Show Up & Lead Mastermind Clients on Their Biggest Growth and Why They’ve Invested 3 Rounds in a Row

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My name is Catalina Del Carmen and I’m on a mission to put more cash in the hands of women of color. I’m a wife, mom, amiga, prima, and I happen to run a multiple six figure coaching business. On this show, I share sales and marketing strategies that keep your business safe. Simple your mindset, focus your bank account big and your impact even bigger.

So if you are on a mission to create generational change and you want to make a lot of money doing it, welcome to the Latinas Booked Out Podcast.

What is up y’all? Welcome back to Latinas [00:04:00] Booked Out Podcast. I am so excited you are here y’all today on today’s episode. I have. three of my incredible clients. I am so, so excited for you to hear from them, for you to get to know them, for you to go Google them and look them up on Instagram. They are incredible humans, and I’m just so excited to have them on the podcast to day.

All right, so let’s get started with kind of telling you the why. So I wanted. All three of them to be on this episode today, because one, these three clients have been in every single round of show up and lead mastermind. So I have launched three rounds of it. I’m launching my fourth currently, and they just have a better perspective of what the program has evolved into.

They’ve seen me grow through it. I’ve seen them grow through it. We’ve all seen each other grow. And [00:05:00] I not only wanted to, you know, really share with you their experience and what have been the, not only the biggest takeaways, but like, why are they continuing to invest in this program? And I really wanted to share and talk through like what they are doing in their business that is either working, that’s moving the needle in terms of revenue and impact and scaling.

And Um, where are the, like, why do they continue to choose to step into that growth when it is hard and how simple it can be? Like sometimes we think the growth to here to there is going to be so hard when the reality is like we could just step into newness and growth and elevating ourselves and the way we think about ourselves.

So On today’s episode, I am asking them all those questions, um, about their growth. So, Let’s just get into it. I [00:06:00] want to start by introducing them. So number one, I have Naihomy Jerez on the podcast. She is a food and holistic health coach. She teaches women of color how to use food to heal their bodies and get their sass back in their life.

Then I have Rita Soledad Fernandez. She is a money and self care coach. Her story is like, she was a math teacher and kind of turned into the CFO of her family, and it turned into this influence into a coaching business online. Her story is so good.

Lastly, we have the Sylvia Brands. Sylvia is a confidence and self trust coach. She’s also the [00:07:00] host of Confidence a Toda Madre podcast, and she helps women activate their self trust to exude confidence in every single area of their life. I am so excited to have these three women on.

I do want to say really quickly before we get started, if you kind of want to see who you’re listening to and really get a background on who you’re listening to, you can follow them right now on Instagram. They’re all very active on Instagram: Naihomy JerezSylvia Brands and Rita Soledad Fernandez. You can follow them all while you’re listening. I know sometimes I’m like, Listening to a podcast. And I’m like, who are these people? So if you want to know, there you go, go follow them.

They are very friendly. They are just amazing, hilarious people. So let’s get started with the episode. I am so, so, so excited and so honored to have My, what, what do you call them, Sylvia, my three season, three years or season three years. Yep. Seasons one, two, and three. Yeah. So I have Soledad, Sylvia and Naihomy on today’s episode.

They have all been a part of every single round of show up and lead mastermind. And. And. I, I just adore you guys. I love you guys. And we’re going to Bad [00:09:00] Bunny, right? In February. I might love to say that. Anyways, um, I’m so excited to have you guys here. I really, what I want is for you guys to really share your growth.

Like your real, real growth within the mastermind. Also, I know two of you have worked with longer. So just in general, I just want to talk about growth. We’ll talk about money, but we’ll really talk about the things that fuel what I think fuel money, which is obviously taking action towards scary things, but finding safety in it.

And like doing things that really feel, give us the safety to go do scary things. All of you I’ve seen grow in so, so, so many ways and I’m just excited. So yeah, let’s get started. All right. The first thing I want to [00:10:00] talk about is I want to talk about doing big things. This is a little off script actually, but here’s the thing.

Each of you have taken big chances. I’m thinking of you Sylvia with your last challenge. Like that was a really big thing and it turned into a bigger thing. She did a challenge, you could explain it, but you did a challenge, um, where you really created a lot of buzz and demand. Uh, and, and I saw it in action and you like, literally, I love that you didn’t ask permission.

You didn’t, not that you should, but I’m just saying like, so many people are like, Oh, I want to see what my coach says. I’m like, I want to, you know, and which is fine and great. Right. But I love that you just like went ahead and like did what you felt was right and was very you. All of you guys have done things like these, but that’s the one that kind of like came out right now.

I want to talk, I’ll start with you. I want to talk about [00:11:00] like, what led you one, what the hell challenge did you do? Tell us just a little bit about it. Uh, give the people some background. I think you had like 40, 50 people in. The group engaging with this challenge and I was a part of that group and I just got to see all of the engagement and I was just like, wow, this is amazing.

So I’d love to hear, like, on Naihomy Soledad, like, you think of things of, like, the bigger, scarier things. Actually, Naihomy, your podcast that you, we, I think that’s included in this, like, when we’re doing big projects, when we’re taking big strides. To create buzz, create demand, to give more value to our clients, what gives you the courage to do that?

We can start with you, Sylvia. Okay. So the challenge that Cat is talking about is I did a 30 day creep into confidence challenge. And one thing you should know about me, and this is something that also happened during seasons [00:12:00] one, two, and three with Cat. Um, I. Really niche down hard. So I can confidently tell you I’m a self trust and confidence coach.

Um, and that’s what I do. So within that challenge again, cat really plays to your suits. Not even if they’re not strong yet. She just always sees your end game. And so I was like, okay, how can I get better at this? Yes, it might be really fucking scary. And. How can I, how can I just get stronger? And I think one of the biggest things inside of cats coaching is what’s going to get you stronger.

How are you going to have more fun and how are people going to really get to know your messaging, who you are, what you do and how you serve your community. And so. I really like to have motherfucking fun and I, so I had creeped into confidence and it was 30 days. Yeah. Yeah. I love it. It was [00:13:00] 30 days of a journaling challenge because that is a component of what is inside of my coaching program.

And so I know that is a strong suit of mine. I know that I could lead my community in that. But yes, it was my very first time doing a challenge like that. And one of the things also that is really great about Cat is that she teaches you how you’re allowed to have space for everything, like you’re allowed to have fun, you’re allowed to feel overwhelmed, you’re allowed to, in the middle of doing something, but to really move through the entire thing.

Yeah. How did you actually take action on it? Like, what did you tell yourself? Because every time we try to do anything big, Right. We have all the little voices who are like. Uh, you shouldn’t, maybe you shouldn’t like [00:14:00] really, you know, maybe, maybe you, it could just be a one day webinar and still another three day webinar or like maybe that creep into confidence because it’s October.

Like maybe that theme is lame. You should be more professional. Right. Or like, just these like thoughts that come up. Like, I’m curious what, one, tell us about like, what were the dynamics of it? Like, tell us about the, what I specifically want everyone to know is like, tell me how you used Instagram, um, groups or whatever to do it.

Um, and a little bit about how you did it, but also like, What do you tell yourself when you’re there and you have that mind block of like, am I really going to do that? Like right before you made that, the group on, on Instagram, like what was the growth right in that moment? What did you tell yourself?

Okay, so perfect. I will be super duper honest. The growth for me was that I’ve already always, always, always, always had a belief that technology fucks me up, that I’m not good at tech, that I, I [00:15:00] can’t be consistent for 30 motherfucking days, um, which is a big one for every fucking body. If they’re honest, uh, 30 days straight is so hard.

But also I had a belief that like, Oh, emails. No, there’s no way it’s not going to work. The tech’s going to fuck up. I, I’m not knowledgeable at, I am so sorry, Kat. I’m saying so many bad words. No, no, it’s okay. It’s totally okay. That, that I, the tech piece isn’t going to work. Of course, it’s going to mess up because Sylvia, you don’t know enough about tech and tech has always been your issue and it’s going to be the same old motherfucking story every single time.

And this is not going to be any different. So I was really, really, really scared of that part. And so what did I do? I said, if it ain’t, if it ain’t going to kill you, it’s going to make you stronger. And I said, but you love Halloween and you love teaching people about self trust and confidence. And that’s going to outweigh the shit of your belief being so scared of tech.

Yeah. [00:16:00] And when I went to inside of the, um, of creating that group, then believe it or not. It came down time to rally and this went thing went live and all of a sudden 55 fucking people were added into this group chat on I G and they were all here to creep into confidence and everybody was daily expecting and looking to their email to get the journal prompt because they were so excited to get to fucking work.

It was so good. Like it really did create a lot of buzz and so much energy. The amount of feedback that you got just from everyone, like, wow, I don’t like, this is, I could already see the change. Like, I don’t lie. I can’t believe like, I barely know you. And I just added, I just joined this, this, um, challenge that was so, so, so good.

It was just so good and creative. Oh, [00:17:00] I’m curious. Actually. I want to ask Naihomy. Because Naihomy did something like, well, not similar, but like, I was just telling Naihomy on a, um, on a call the other day, on a group call the other day that like, she literally, like I told her she should start a podcast. She took that.

It was kind of casual. I was like, you should totally start a podcast. And I think it was at the live event, huh? Cause then we were talking about it then. And, and you ran with that. And I feel like I’ve. I’ve worked with a lot of people and I have, uh, so many friends in the industry and people like literally flip out about starting podcasts, like literally flip out about it.

Like it takes them years to create safety, to build a podcast. And I feel like with you, you just did it so effortlessly. You barely asked me anything about podcasting and you just like took [00:18:00] action and like, whatever. I’m curious, like what was your mindset around that and like why did you decide to number one?

And then what was your mindset about like, What did you think that would do for your business? What did you tell yourself along the way?

Hey, so yeah, launching the podcast, uh, by caught podcast. Um, I had along my journey in this business, I’ve Heard a lot of things from people like, you should write a book or you should get a podcast. And I’m like, no, no, no, no, that’s not for me. And anytime somebody would tell me I should have my own podcast.

My thought was, I don’t know what to talk about, which is kind of funny because I can rent on Instagram stories for like 15 minutes straight. Um, so [00:19:00] that was my thought. I don’t know what to say. And second to that was, I don’t want to start something to Sylvia’s point and not stay consistent with it. So I was really scared that I was going to start it and not stay consistent because I don’t like doing that.

And I felt like that was going to add pressure to me. So those were the top two thoughts. Then when we were having a conversation, I had heard from some people before with my stories, they would say things like, Oh, I really wanted to share this with X, Y, Z, a loved one. And your stories were gone, or can you make this into a post so I can go back to it.

And those, those kinds of. Things were floating around in my head and then when we were having a [00:20:00] conversation and I was sharing something about health with you and you were like, your audience needs this. They need to hear this. Like, why are you not sharing this? You need your podcast so that you can share this with people.

I was like, oh, okay, well, Yeah, that was really good. By the way, you should do an episode. You were basically coaching me, but you said had something like, and we’ll go back to the topic. Um, but you said something like. You’re like, no, it’s not that you’re not feeling, uh, something like, it’s just people are too used to feeling shitty or something like that.

It’s your capacity for the food doesn’t grow is your capacity to feel not well in your body. Yes. And I was like, what? Yeah. I’ve never heard anyone say it like that. Yes. Now I remember. Yeah, so, because I, [00:21:00] the people who I trust with my growth, I take their vision for me seriously. And this is why I invest and this is why I, um, a student, um, and I enjoy growing because sometimes I understand that we can get so deep into our own mind and we limit ourselves because.

We feel scared, and I’m no different. So when someone sees something in me and they feel and they know me well enough to know that I’m ready, I really trust that. So that essentially was what happened in that morning, um, in that conversation and. I had, I have been a guest in so many podcasts before, and I really enjoyed it.

And actually through being a guest on a podcast is how I started to find my voice. So the technology. I knew so many people already, including you and all my mastermind, you know, friends who [00:22:00] had podcasts already. So I said, okay, if I ever have a question or a doubt, I know exactly where to find the answer aside from like YouTube or whatever.

So that’s what I decided to do. I said, I trust all these people. I can ask questions whenever I want. And my biggest hang up was what was I going to talk about? And that’s something I did ask you. I’m like, where do I start? Because I don’t know. So I start with my story. Do I start with this? So I start with that.

And you were like, okay, here are the five points where you’re going to start. And my first time recording was. Super awkward. I’m like, okay, I even had to put like my phone up to make pretend I was recording stories on Instagram because that’s where I was comfortable. You’re used to. Yeah. I just, I just started from there.

I don’t know. Yeah. No, it just happened really quickly and it feels like you had no drama about it. And I know that the goal was like, I know at [00:23:00] the, at the live event where we had this con, the original conversation, it was really about doubling down on the value that you give to your audience and your clients.

So what’s the name of your podcast again? It’s Wealthy Generation, W E L L T H Y.

Okay, I want to, before, I have a question, well, I have many questions for all of you, but I have a specific question for Soledad, but before that. I want to quickly ask you, Naihomy, and if any of you guys have anything to say, then chime in, but I want to talk about productive rest and resting and how it’s just productive all the time.

And especially to you, because I know that that’s something that you’ve practiced in our coaching, like over and over and over again, how has doing that helped you grow your one grow, like the amount of money you bring into your business, but also Grow, like, your [00:24:00] capacity to, like, be more visible, do more things, like, show up in a way that you want to show up.

Boy, that was a big lesson for me about two years ago, and I was not used to resting. I didn’t even know what it was. I have to get coached so many times on this. I would assume that I rest when I go on vacation and I had to work, work, work, work, work, and then I would plan a vacation sometime and then go do that.

Especially starting off in my business. I just. Felt like I had to be on all the time, finding solutions all the time. And if I ever took any sort of break, I was failing and I really had to undo the habits of corporate America. Really. Um, I was forcing myself to work at certain times. I was giving myself unrealistic [00:25:00] deadlines.

I was, I was. Working in a way that was not allowing me to reflect or to take care of my nervous system. And it was in this space that was not authentic to me and what I wanted to do. It was actually pretty backwards, but I couldn’t find safety in that because that’s not the way that society was built. I, I would always say to myself when I worked corporate, like, Oh, I wish I could take.

Fridays off, I wish I could lay in bed if I was tired or if I was sick, I wish I could just have slow mornings. And I came to this point because I was running my own business that I could create that for myself, but it became, it felt so unsafe that I would spin out any single time I tried to do that.

And I wasn’t working hard [00:26:00] enough, so you introduced your podcast to me, which was productive rest and I had to block out my entire calendar and block out any content, actually, because I was overconsuming, I was trying to find answers. And I was not being productive at all because I couldn’t settle down and do anything.

I was just spinning out and I had to grow my capacity to feel uncomfortable doing nothing. And I took an entire month to do that. I blocked my calendar. I was, I only showed up with my clients and because I was so unable to process my emotions, I couldn’t grow my business because I was just freaking out half the time when I wasn’t coaching.

So I was no good. Yeah. So In learning how to find safety and rest and in [00:27:00] running my business, how I want to run it and not making it mean that I’m feeling or that I’m doing something wrong. Then I was able to grow my capacity to show up. How I wanted to show up and not this false expectations of, I don’t know who’s to show up in that way, because that’s how it was used to.

I was used to performing and doing things to make other people happy and making sure I got a good year and reviews, but I didn’t have to do that anymore. And. I was having a really hard time just redefining how I wanted to run my business and knowing that in doing that, I could also be successful. So how do you think that relates to making more money?

Like why does like rest and like, why does rest? Typically, like, especially, and we’re obviously talking to like the person who has, who struggles to rest. Right. Like, yeah. That person, right. Who, who, who, who’s like [00:28:00] spinning out, who like always seems to be on this like hamster wheel of trying to build their business.

Like I’m curious, like how you would explain why doing that helps you actually make more money in your business.

I think that resting allows you to make more money because. All of a sudden you’re focusing on the person you want to help instead of you calm yourself down enough to realize that you’re creating a problem where there’s not a problem is just relearning something that here’s a quote, like something that, that somebody mentioned to me that really helped me and it was, it was You’re in a pool and you feel like you’re drowning and the person’s like, use your legs, just stand up and you notice that [00:29:00] the water is up to your knees and you’re like, just flailing in the water, throwing this tantrum and all you need to do is use your legs and stand up.

So I was not using these tools. So you’re wasting all this energy, just spinning yourself out where if you. Calm down a little bit. You use your legs, you stand up, then you get to realize and live in your purpose. Like I do this because I want to help women get their health back. I do this because I want them to learn how to live a life in wellness.

And if I’m just spinning out all the time, I cannot, I cannot have the space to focus on what my goal is, like what, why I’m doing this work. Yeah, you can’t do it. You just can’t do it. You can’t help people. Um, my, one of my mentors would say, protecting Stacey Bayman would say you have to protect your biggest, the biggest asset in the business, which is you [00:30:00] yourself.

You have to protect that like for you to be able to like implement. And then once you’re West it, it’s like things become so much more clearer and you like naturally just have a little bit more self compassion and. I’m, I’m just a big believer in that. Like being in that energy is so much more productive, um, for your business and making money than it is spinning or being in circles or living in a decision and like, sure, we’ll go back and forth about it.

Right? Like we’re humans, um, we’re still going to be tired. We’re still going to overwork from time to time. Um, but coming back to that, like belief of like, no, no, no, no. Rust makes me money. Yeah. I’m better when I rest. I’m a better coach when I rest. I make more money when I rest and like embodying that and I’ve seen you embody that because I remember the first it’s been a while now.

I think it was it. It might have been your first like five figure month right after you took the month off. Or something like that. [00:31:00] Yeah. I closed five clients in one month. Right after. The following month. Yeah. And it was so funny when I was coaching you because I remember I was telling you, like, you should probably take a break.

You should probably take a break. And you were like, not really having it. And then you got so burnt out where you’re like, Kat, you know what? I’m done. I’m not showing up. I’m like, I didn’t take a break. And then you took the break and then you signed five clients. Like, and. I remember I, it was such a visual representation of like that lesson, um, that story.

So thank you so much for sharing, for sharing that. Going down rest, but also self compassion. I want to talk to you Soledad about, I feel like at the last, um, at the live event that we had for the mastermind, which was so amazing. I got to hug and meet all of you. We had a ball. Um, I, you took to this, I don’t know.

Concepts. Um, I created, I created it that night [00:32:00] because you asked me a question. You said the cat and maybe you could say this better, but yeah, let me tell them. Everybody, you need to know this. All right. I came in to round two, the live event, ready to fight. Like I showed up ready already. Like,

like I was so, so frustrated with myself. So disappointed in myself and so unhappy that I couldn’t even sit with that. So I started to project that shit onto my wonderful coach and she was triggering me left and right in her content because she was saying things like. I built this business and the dream personal life and I was so unhappy.

I was feeling so burnt out. I didn’t feel like I had that balance in my personal life and also with my business. So on her Instagram story, she’s like, this is [00:33:00] exactly what I dreamed of. And I was so jealous and so mad. And so when she came and she, you know, I think it was like day one, I think it was day one where Cat is.

Teaching us something and she’s literally giving us strategy and I was like, nope, that’s not gonna work for me and she was like, why? And I, and I was just like, no cat, like this won’t work for me because I’m not like you. I’m not, I’m not like loving and graceful. I, I’m hard on myself. I don’t sit with disappointment.

I have very self critical talk. I’m not like you and then she was like, actually, so I’m that way too. And I was like, liar, I didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe it. And then she’s like, no, but I learned, I’ve learned how to tap into compassion. I’ve [00:34:00] learned how to regulate my nervous system. I’ve learned. And she said, it’s just a skill.

It’s just a skill. So like you can learn this too. And when she said it like that, I, I, it hit differently because I thought it’s a personality trait. People are either naturally, you know, um, very loving to themselves, or they’re like me have had so much trauma. I’ve had people in their life who’ve been very hard on themselves that it’s the only way they know how to talk to themselves.

And when Cat talked about self compassion being a skill, something that I could learn, I mean, round three has been all of that. Me like, okay. I’m going to learn this and I’m going to master self compassion and that’s going to be my biggest takeaway during this round. I feel like you really have focused on that this entire round.

Do you, did you want to add something, Sinead? Yeah, I wanted to add something because I feel like it’s also really important to share the opposite [00:35:00] of son. So I was. The poster child for toxic positivity. Oh, when, when I, when I started with Kat, I was like, Oh my God. Yeah. I love self compassion and Cat would always ask me all the motherfucking time, how are you doing?

And I’d say, I’m good. I’m excited. And then I would get in the ring with Cat to get coached and. I’d be like, are you? Are you really excited? Is it is it exciting? Because you would be in a big challenge like you’d be in the big like the you’re a launch that didn’t go well. And you’re like, no, no, no, I’m excited for the next one.

And you would just like stay in that energy. And I remember Totally. And she would ask me all the time, like, are you, how do you feel? And I would be like, I’m okay. Like everything you heard in the cliche rap song, I was like, it’s a, it’s a lesson. I didn’t lose. I learned, [00:36:00] like, I would come with some fucking shit ready and prepared to put this beautiful stamp on it.

Because again, it was. Self compassion. I, I, again, when you’re a toxic positive person, because your trauma has happened. And so you refuse to go there, you refuse to let yourself. Yes. Like. Understand those thoughts and do the real thought work that is going to grow you. It’s almost like you’re like, Oh no, no, but I can’t cat.

I can’t. Cause if, if I go too far, it’s the point of no return. And your lesson was no, go there. I’ll catch you and I’ll even hand you a flashlight. Yeah. Yeah. You do have to go there. Yeah, you have to go to like the wounds. You don’t want to touch the stuff. Like, if you don’t go there, you’re not going forward, not in business, at least, like, like it’s, yeah, that’s such a, thank you for bringing that up.

Like a whole opposite of it. Cause it really was that. Because again, there [00:37:00] it exists in our community. Yeah. That, you know, like, oh, be the strong one. Mm-Hmm. And all of the shit, and it’s like, okay. But sometimes it’s okay. Yeah. Yeah. My one thing I try to kind of catch myself on is. Especially when you, the feeling of I’m excited, I have realized that like, even when things are going well in my business or right before things go well in my business, excitement is never, almost never the feeling I’m feeling.

I’m never excited before launch that went really well. Like I’m a little, I think I was a little excited maybe the last mastermind launch, I’m thinking of like my last launch with show up real that launch was like, I wasn’t like excited. I mean, I was excited to finally get it out in the [00:38:00] world, but I wasn’t excited in general.

Like that wasn’t the emotion that I felt. And when I’m creating copy or creating content. I’m always trying to be onto myself of like, I don’t need to be excited to create content. I just need to like, I think calm is a way better, um, emotion to create from versus excited. And I wanted to mention that because you used to use excited a lot.

And I mean, we all kind of use excited, you know, often, and people think they need to be excited. They think they need to be inspired. They think they need to be in this positive energy to create You know, good content or to serve their clients and that’s not true. It’s like, it’s literally not true anyways.

Um, thank you. Thank you for mentioning that. Okay. So that, so tell me how you have been using this with this. Actually, I would love for you. How, how are we on time? Um, if you [00:39:00] could tell us a little bit about how you’ve used self compassion in planning this launch, especially compared to others. Yeah, so this launch, my focus, this is my third time launching Wealth Baratos Academy and every single time that I have been in the mastermind and I have launched, I’ve always burnt out where I get to the point where I’m like, I’m quitting.

I’m quitting. That’s it. I’m done with Wealth Baratos. Literally I dig this hole where I’m so critical of myself, where I’m so mean to myself, where I’m so, um, like I just beat myself up so much that I’m just like, it’s not worth it. The problem is the problem is walk by at all those, my business, not the way I’m talking to myself.

And so I’m like, yeah, I’ll just get rid of the business. And then I won’t talk to myself that way anymore. That has been my pattern and Cat has been able to coach me out of that hole repeatedly, every single time. And [00:40:00] this round of the mastermind where I now have the self compassion tool, I also have what I call the end to the third power tool, where we are naming or noticing our feelings, naming our feelings and normalizing our feelings.

I’m going to have the, these additional tools. I said, this launch, it’s not even, it’s not even about the numbers. It’s not even about how much money I bring in. It is literally about how kind I can be to myself throughout this entire launch. It’s all mindset for me. And I really, I mean, there was recently a coaching session where I was like, Catherine, give me the strategy.

Just give me the steps of how to run my emails. Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it. And she was like, no strategy is going to matter if your mindset is so rackety backety. She didn’t say it. I’m saying it, but like, she said that. And I was like, Oh, and then the nice thing about the mastermind is that you don’t only have access to cat.

You have access to everybody else in the group. And so then I have [00:41:00] Sylvia in my ear saying this play, this have fun soul, be a trickster. And then I have, you know, Naihomy in my ear saying, Oh, it is a mindset thing. It is. And it’s okay. It’s okay that it’s a mindset thing. You can work on that. It’s a skill and that has really just been able to, like, support me, like, okay, fine, if it’s a mindset issue, then I’ll learn the skill to really address my, my thoughts, regulate my nervous system, just be kind to myself repeatedly.

And that’s my approach to this launch more than anything. It’s been very, um, it’s been calm and I’m noticing that I’m already thinking about next year and how many times I’m going to launch next year, which is a huge shift because usually during a launch, I’m thinking about getting the nine to five, including my business, so winning.

That’s so, so, so good. I know I’ve seen you through, you really. You had some [00:42:00] launches, um, some interesting launches from the beginning. She actually doesn’t take my coaching sometimes. Let’s be a hundred here, um, in her first couple launches. I’m like, don’t do that. And she’ll, and it’s cool. Like you’ve got to learn on your own way.

Um, what did you do? What? Your first launch? Was it your first launch? You were just like, I’m, we’re stopping it. Like, you put it, like, you completely stopped. Like, right? Oh, yeah. It’s been some hard times. Um, it was, Cat, I’m gonna be open enrollment for, I think it was like, 45 days and she’s like, nope, you don’t want to be in open enrollment for 45 days due to weeks.

And then I was like, nope, it’s going to be for 45 days and it’s going to be great. And then I just quit. I just stopped and I just closed. I didn’t even tell people it was over. I just stopped. And then I was like, Oh, okay. I’m going to launch again. And it’s only going to be for seven days. And then I launched again.

I was like, it’s only going to be for [00:43:00] three days. And Kat’s like, no, except two weeks repeatedly, you know, two weeks, two weeks a day, and this time, this was my round, round three, where I was like, I’m going to listen, I’m going to listen to Kat. And after finding you at the mastermind, I do feel like I’m being a better listener.

So, so, so. Okay, Naihomy, what are your thoughts? So I was going to add something because I think that we oversimplify how rest should just be obvious. And self compassion and everything that we’re talking about. Like you should just be able to do it. Like, what’s the big deal. Don’t you want to just lay on your couch and, you know, color or do whatever.

Um, it would be nice if it was that simple. But the truth is that is not, [00:44:00] and I want to really normalize that for anybody who is listening to this and thinking that maybe something’s wrong with them because they don’t enjoy rest or they don’t know how to rest is literally a question I ask my coaches.

I’m like, please tell me what’s right. And what do you do? And it was actually something because we’re so conditioned that. You rest when you’re on vacation or you rest when you’re dead or you rest like there’s the all these sayings around rest and if you do it, it means something about you. Like, you’re lazy or you’re not working hard enough or all these things.

Right? So, if you find that you’re in a space like where Soledad was so burnt out or toxic positivity like Sylvia and. Me who I didn’t even know what rest was and I was just overwhelmed by thinking of how to rest, then I want you to know that. There’s nothing wrong with you and, and, and you don’t know, and we don’t know a secret that you don’t know.

Yes. And [00:45:00] that’s what I thought. I’m like, what does everybody know that I don’t? And this is why I was listening to so many and over consuming information. So it’s just as soul said, a skill that we have to learn and like sit in the, and something I love to tell my clients this. You just need to sit with it feeling like shit.

Like it’s okay that it feels like shit and don’t try and change it. And I was so uncomfortable doing things to care for myself for so long. And still, sometimes I have to remind myself and really talk to myself and say, no, this is what you need right now is not to do X, Y, Z. So if you’re in that space.

Then, then it’s okay. Yes. A hundred percent to everything you just said. And like, I still, like when I’m in [00:46:00] a emotion, I still struggle with like, sometimes I feel like I’ve given myself too much slack or that’s the way I’ll say, I’m like, okay, that’s enough cat. You’ve rested enough. You’ve been easy on yourself enough.

Like now it’s time to get to work and now it’s time to do this. When the reality is, I’m like, I’m no good. If I’m spinning, I’m no good for my business if I’m spinning and and rest can be like. It’s super short. It could be like a walk. Like it could be just like taking a 15 minute nap. Like it doesn’t, I’m not saying like halt your business to rest.

So you don’t, you know, and then not be productive in your business. No. And sometimes rest can be so short. Maybe sometimes it’s a whole day. Sometimes it’s a whole week. Sometimes it’s a whole month in Naihomy’s case. But that’s, it’s not about how long or whatever. It’s that you sit with the emotion of like, okay.

Right now I’m not going to be good for anything in this energy. [00:47:00] So, so, so good. Thank you guys so much. I wish I could be here so much longer, but we were just all talking about nonsense before this and dancing, um, before we pressed record and I’m sorry, but I appreciate you all. Um, where can everyone find you and, um, and kind of get into your stuff?

We can start with Suvya. Okay. So if you can share, obviously tell us where everyone can find you, but also tell me like your biggest takeaway, your biggest learning, what you love about being in this program. You guys have all invested so much hard earned cash. So obviously it’s for a reason you see the value.

What is that? And then also tell us, you know, where people could find you. Beautiful. I’m so happy to do this. Uh, my name is Sylvia Brands and I’m a self trust and confidence coach. And I can happily tell you that that [00:48:00] niche and that tag was created and birth inside of seasons one, two, and three show up and lead.

Um, And I’m so proud of that. And I, I really want to take a second to just give cat her flowers because she is a remarkable human being who believes in our people and our beautiful color and all of the things that our community has to serve and to really, again, iron sharpens iron and to really get us into the space of like you’re meant to serve and show up and lead isn’t a title or a name.

That’s just a coincidence. It’s exactly what she does and what she nurtures and what she feeds and. I can only tell you that one of my favorite things from working with Cat is I used to show up in Season 1 saying, I don’t know to every single one of her questions. And she would say, Sylvia, you do know, you do know, but you’re [00:49:00] just scared or you don’t trust yourself.

And I remember being like, in tears and being like, Kat, I swear! And wanting to fight Cat and being like, I swear, I don’t know. And she’s like, take the time, let’s coach yourself and come back to it. And that is one of the most remarkable things about Kat, and that is truly one of her spiritual gifts, is that she can see your endgame, and she knows exactly how to coach you, and she knows the type of style you need, because obviously you guys have heard me say motherfucking every other word on this, and she knew she needed to give me a level of hard that I needed.

And I’m so proud to say that I’ve broken up with, I don’t know, and it’s not even words that I have in my vocabulary because I trust the shit out of myself and Cat Del Carmen gave me that motherfucking thing. You are so kind. Cheers to that. Cheers to you. All right, let’s see, Naihomy. [00:50:00] Oh, I literally have tears rolling down my eyes.

Because I just, it brings, it makes me so emotional to hear. Everything like Sylvia talking about this, you know, and just thinking of you guys don’t say, I don’t know anymore. I’m like, what? Yeah, because, you know, I we’ve been together through all 3 seasons of the mastermind and that’s part of what I want to say.

So. Hi, I am Naihomy Harris. I am a food and holistic health coach, and I teach women of color how to use food to heal their bodies and get their sass back. Like Sylvia, my very specific niche has transformed through all seasons of food. The masterminds, um, 1 reason that I keep investing and joining number 1 is [00:51:00] I’ve also wanted to quit and have had resumes and cover letters up when I get super overwhelmed and I believe things are not working, but it’s really important for me to have somebody.

Who sees me at a higher level than I see myself and to hold that space for me. And that’s something that Cat has done for me. And just to give me the space to grow into who she knows that I can become and how I can help and how I can be a leader in this community, because it does get, you know, overwhelming and.

To to not only be growing your business, but having to grow yourself at the same time. So that’s something that. I really, really value my revenue has doubled every single year and she always holds that believe for me when I, like, look at her cross side and, [00:52:00] um, 1 of. Also, the reason why I was crying when Sylvia was talking is because, and I know that I was asked this question at the live event.

Like, why do you keep investing? And it’s because it’s important for me not it’s important for. Me to grow and for me to see my own growth, but it’s very important to me that I’m not the only one. So every single human in the mastermind has gotten the growth that they came for because everybody’s growth looks different.

So it’s not fair to compare one to one, but every single person has left. You know, at a higher level than where they came, and that is very important for me as well. So, yeah, it has been such a pleasure, honestly, to be in the space with all of you, we’ll, [00:53:00] we’ll end with everybody. Hi, everybody. I’m Rita Soledad Fernandez. I’m a Money Self Care coach. You can find me at Wealth Para Todos. Please call me, my cat has done throughout this podcast. I want to say I’ve only worked with cat. Cat has been my only business coach prior to starting my own company. I was a public school teacher. I knew nothing, nothing, nothing about business.

I met Cat on her podcast, which used to be Follow That Fear, and I have worked with Cat one on one and then I did three rounds of the mastermind. Everything I have my business really because of Cat. The reason why I’m so committed to working with pat is because she’s somebody who really studies her clients. She, she takes time to really understand what you’re thinking and she’s determined to help you [00:54:00] close the gaps to fix your problems and every single thing, you know, like. Second round or third round in the mastermind, I came to her with a problem and she switched up the agenda and created a whole new protocol just like that, you know, you know, in a few hours and Cat is always going to make sure that you get the results that you want.

And I’m so grateful to have had her as my only business coach and as a mentor to help me also show up to be the type of coach for others, just like that. You know, we just, all we got to do is really simple. All we got to do is serve our people and the money comes our way. Thank you. Thank you guys. You guys are the best.

This is such an honor. You guys. It’s our dream, dream, dream clients turned friends. I can’t wait to, I can’t wait to dance it up with you guys in next year, but I love you guys so much. You’re amazing. You’re incredible. I love you too. I love [00:55:00] you. You inspire me just watching you guys grow and I’m, I’m just, I’m just so excited to see your guys journey.

All right, y’all. You guys heard it from. The season uno, dos y tres folks. Um, let’s wrap it up. Thank you guys for staying late. I love you so much. 

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