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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

231. Disrupting Your Identity

On today’s episode, I am sharing an episode I recorded during a season of change in my business. Right after hosting my first mastermind live, in-person event, I recorded this episode all about disrupting your identity. I share the lived example and the value of it. Listen in and subscribe!

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EP. 231. Disrupting Your Identity

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My name is Catalina Del Carmen and I’m on a mission to put more cash in the hands of women of color. I’m a wife, mom, amiga, prima. And I happen to run a multiple six figure coaching business on this show. I share sales and marketing strategies that keep your business simple, your mindset focused, your bank account big, and your impact.

So if you are on a mission to create generational change and you want to make a lot of money doing it, welcome to the Latinas Booked Out podcast.

What is up y’all? Welcome back to Latinas Booked Out podcast. I hope you are having a wonderful day. [00:04:00] I am moving and shaking. We are. I am so surprised that I’m not more stressed out than I am. I have, I mean, we’re, we’re so busy right now. It’s kind of crazy. I think, I think having two kids, it’s like, I definitely am feeling like, Oh shit, our life is going to be two times one child.

I know it sounds so simple, but it’s But it’s, my brain is still like, I feel like I’m still kind of comprehending that I have two kids. So anyways, Christmas stuff is happening, um, and things are moving and shaking in the launch. Y’all, I am so excited. This launch is going to be more automated. It is going to be more sophisticated.

I think it’s [00:05:00] just going to be more. It’s more hands off for me, which is wild that I’ve gotten my business here. Um, for the next, I think starting the 18th of December until the end of my launch in, I think it’s. January 15th, I want to say, I have automated emails that are ready to go prepared. There’s going to be like multiple a day.

It’s crazy. I think it’s crazy. I told my husband and he was like, great. And um, I just wanted to share that because I’m very excited about these things. Like these are the things I look at and I’m like, I’m growing. Um, but I’m not putting all my eggs. In this automated basket, I still, I love to keep moving and shaking in the middle of launches.

It’s very important to me that I stay creating content, that I [00:06:00] stay writing, that I stay like thinking about my clients and helping them get results. So. That’s kind of where my head has been is really getting my belief as high as possible so I could really show up for my clients in this launch. I think about one perspective that I think about during my launch is my clients are watching me.

And that could be like a lot of pressure for some people. So if that’s not helpful for you, don’t use it. But for me, I I really think about my clients and I think about their experience when I’m launching, right? And I’m just in the beginning of the launch, right? So I’m very much in pre pre launch mode because doors open January 4th.

But I really do think about that experience and I really do think about like, what are they seeing? [00:07:00] How can I make things clearer? How can I just speak to what they need to hear, right? Not only just for the launch’s sake, but like in their actual business, what, like, what can I tie into this launch that’ll.

a hundred percent help them think differently or get a result today, like even a little mini result. Right. So I’m thinking about this when I’m launching. So anyways, we, things are moving, things are shaking. Um, and I’m just, I can’t believe it’s going to be a new year. We will see what. This next year will bring, but I’m, I’m excited about it.

I just also signed up to work with, um, my old coach, Stacey Beaman. And I’m so excited because I’m going to be in her higher level mastermind. It’s called 2 million group. And [00:08:00] every single person in the room is, I believe, at the 300K level or above. Um, I imagine some people are at the 250K as well. I don’t know.

Um, but I’m pretty sure everyone in this room is going to be, well, no, I’m sure everyone in this room is going to be multiple six figures and above and have scalable offers. So I’m. Beyond excited about it. I’ve been a part of her other masterminds before and I’m, I’m just, I’m so ready to learn and grow and all the things.

For those of you who are interested in Show Up & Lead Mastermind, I want to make sure that you get on the list for the free webinar on January 4th. It’s called How to Create Six Figures From One Offer, and [00:09:00] it’s going to be so good. I’m going to be really teaching you the dynamics of simplifying your business to scale.

I think one thing I. Such a great job at is really getting good at sales and selling one thing very well. And I think there’s a lot of power in that I think people hop around to sell different things too often. And it’s just hard to build a skill that way. Like if you want to get very good at something, you got to get really good at selling one thing.

So I really do believe in it. It’s going to be such a good webinars to make sure you get on the list. You can find it below or you can find it, um, in my LinkedIn bio on Instagram. All right. I want to talk about today’s episode. So today’s episode is actually a, a, I don’t even know what to call it. It is a pod.

It’s an [00:10:00] episode, a podcast episode I recorded in. The end of August, or I think it was early, early, uh, early September or end of August of 2023. And I recorded it right after I did my live event for my mastermind. We have a live event for every mastermind, this upcoming mastermind, it’s going to happen in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The last one was in Los Angeles, California, and I had 12 of my clients join me. In LA and we worked on their business for three days. It was incredible. We got coached. We really looked at our business, everybody. It was, it was so, so good. And it was also a pivotal moment for me and my business. It was the first live event that I put on for my clients and it was really just transformational for me.

And after that experience, I recorded this episode and I never posted it. [00:11:00] And the reason I didn’t post it is because I recorded it in my car while I was driving. I just kind of had the, the thought and the idea to talk about my experience and my growth and my identity shift that happened during that time.

And I, you know, I recorded it and then I never really used it after that. So I wanted to share it with you. It’s called disrupting your identity and it really gives you such an inside look to what it takes to really shift the way you think about yourself and how to stop telling yourself the same effing stories that are not productive for you in your business.

If you really, really, really want to hit that milestone. If you really, really want the freedom that you want, you have to have to think differently [00:12:00] about yourself and really. Disrupt your current identity and that’s what I’m talking about in this episode and in when I recorded it, it was so fresh to me.

So I really want you to listen to it. I want you to take the advice. It’s very much like, it’s very pep talky. I’m being very real with you, but I, I think it’s important to be that way because these are the changes that are going to Are going to need to happen at the multiple six figure level, at the six figure level, so I know you’ll take so much value out of it.

Listen to it. Just feel it with either in the car or walking or whatever. Just I know you’re, you’re gonna take something away from this episode. All right, y’all. I will see you later. I just wrapped up a three day in person event that I threw for my mastermind. Um, it’s a part of my mastermind, at least currently.

We do a live event to kick [00:13:00] off the six months of working together in the mastermind program. Now, I have recently been in a space where I am really disrupting my current identity. And what I mean by disrupting my current identity is I’m in a place where I intentionally want to challenge myself. I want to challenge myself.

I want to stretch myself just before burnout. Like I want to get busy and I want to do the work because I know exactly what is required to get to the next level of my business. I want to hit 700k really. Um, but my first goal is 300k, 500k, but I’m really focused on like, [00:14:00] okay, who is this 700k cat? Who are they?

Let me get to know her. Like let’s explore like the realities of like what business will look like. What kind of emotional capacities will I have? How will I handle business challenges and problems? So when I, when I, when I say disrupting identities, one thing I’ve, I made a decision about two months. It’s probably, yeah, about two to three months ago when I launched my, it was about three months ago when I launched my mastermind, Show Up & Lead, I decided that I committed to also putting out a new offer, a new program.

S um, in September, which I’m now launch, uh, launching for like in pre-launch, and I also decided to throw a live event for my mastermind clients, which I had never done a three [00:15:00] day live event. And I, outside of those, I had a lot of. big projects inside of my business around my team, around my systems and processes, and really just getting the business facing side of my business, very organized, um, and prepared to grow.

Right? So I am in a place where I really, really, really need to be super intentional about where my attention goes and I have I’ve really turned on the level of, I would say the turned on the pace of my business. We’ve just put the pedal to the metal and we’re going and we’re moving and we’re shaking and we don’t really have time to like slow down and make, you know, sit on decisions too long.

So that’s kind of what I’ve decided on. And for me, when I focus on back into my business, what I’m really, one of the, one of the many projects. is working on my [00:16:00] curriculum. Um, and really challenging myself to delegate. So there’s a lot going on in my business and all of it are decisions that I made because I could have just launched my program, gone through it, onboarded my clients, had a virtual live event like I have the last two times and waited until the end of the year for My launch for show up and lead again, like in, in November, December timeframe.

And that could have been my year, but mid year I asked myself if I wanted to do something, like if I wanted to create insane results, like if I wanted to really surprise myself of what is possible, what would I need to do? So I started looking like, okay, like what if I did a million dollars in revenue [00:17:00] from this month to the next?

Sorry, from this year, um, for the rolling 12 months. So meaning like from August of this year to August of next year, what if I could do a million dollars? Like if I wanted to do that, what exactly would I do now? When I think about that now, I’m just like, okay, let’s do the math. What would I like? A million dollars is a lot of money.

See what I would have to sell, how much I would have to sell of it. Like what, what’s, what’s, what would I need to do? So first thing, first things first, I did the math and I was like, okay, I gotta sell. I gotta increase my prices for this. I got to sell it. At this point, I probably have to work on these projects inside of my business, my curriculum.

I need a lot of time for curriculum to develop more so I can make my programs better. And I just really just mapped out like, okay, how are we going to do this if. we [00:18:00] want to do it. And one thing I realized when I was doing that is that I have to make the decisions that I have to make the decisions that are going to help me become the person who knows how to make that much money.

And if I’m going to become the person who makes that much money, I need to put myself In situations in circumstances where I’m really thinking at a high level where I’m really challenging myself to be the most organized I’ve ever been to be, you know, provide the best client experience I ever have. Um, planning ahead of time, right?

Like there’s so many things that I’m typically triggered by that I need to become that person, right? Like I’ve always considered myself someone who is disorganized. I’ve I’ve always considered like, I definitely have ADHD [00:19:00] tendencies. I haven’t been diagnosed, but like for sure I have all the effing tendencies.

I’ve always considered myself, um, a person that’s like not really good at like book work. I was a pretty bad student. I mean, I went, I got, I went to college and I got my business degree. Um, but I, I thought of myself these ways. Okay. But when I think about who I am at a million dollars. When I’m bringing in a million plus in my business, I’ve really been challenging myself to keep things like that person keeps, keeps things moving.

Like I’m definitely in a pace. Like there is a nice quick brisk pace when I am making a million dollars, but like just the right amount. So I’m not in pure overwhelm. Right. And look, I’ve practiced this enough. Enough to know that [00:20:00] when I, when I need to regulate my nervous system or when I need to rest, always give myself that.

I always give myself that. Especially like Million Dollar Cat. She doesn’t need to take a break from Instagram. She doesn’t need to take a break from things in her life because she’s always taking breaks and she doesn’t even consider them as breaks. She’s just like, if I need to rest, I rest. I don’t, I don’t like it’s easy, like it’s not a big deal.

We don’t have to like that version of me isn’t like me taking dramatic, like, Oh my God, I need to do this. I’m so exhausted. La la la. I’m just like literally 24 seven taking care of myself always like a hundred percent always I prioritize taking care of myself and, and really making sure that I’m supported.

So when I [00:21:00] decided to really start planning this live event for my client, I knew it was going to stretch me and I started thinking like, okay, cause I started procrastinating originally and I remember thinking this isn’t okay. I’m such a hot mess. Like why, why am I procrastinating, procrastinating on this stuff?

I can’t be procrastinating like this anymore. Like million dollar coaches don’t do this. And like, I’m not going to make the money if I don’t get my shit together and la, la, la, la, la. And what I realized while I was telling myself this story is that me talking to myself this way is going to be the reason I don’t achieve my goals.

And if I really want to achieve my goals, I’m going to have to step into new identities. But I’m so comfortable in my current identity. It’s so like, I’ve gotten to a place where it’s like, I can confidently [00:22:00] bring in one to 200 K a year. That’s. Feel safe to me. I could deal with 100 to 200 K problems, right?

Like two, probably two 50, right? Like 100 K to 250 k. I could deal with those kind of problems. I can manage a business that size. I have many years of experience now, well, I’ve, let’s say two, two to three years, almost three years of experience managing that kind of business now. So if that is the case, and I wanna trip.

Triple that money, right. Triple that amount of money. Then, who do I need to be? What identity do I need to step into? Now, sometimes it’s really hard to actually understand, like, okay, what’s the, what identity are you at a million bucks? Or like 700K, or like, whatever. So because that can feel hard sometimes, what I [00:23:00] like to do, and I’ve always been this way ever since Follow That Fear when I started my podcast, it used to be called Follow That Fear.

I. Follow. Follow that fear and I, I decide to step into very big, scary projects because I know that they’re going to shake me enough to have a lot of growth. Now that may seem very like, like it sounds like friction, right? But what I have found and I’ve practiced this a lot is that in your business, If you’re going, like if you want to, if you want to create some big goals, if you want to, let’s say that in the next four months [00:24:00] of this year, you want to double or triple the amount of money you’ve made so far this year.

Like, that’s it. It’s big, right? That’s a lot of money. So if you’ve made 30 K and you want to end the year at six figures, you got to do some changes. What you’re going to like, the same shit ain’t going to work. It’s just not going to work. So you got to ask yourself, like literally like a CEO, like a business owner, map it out.

I want you to whiteboard this stuff. If I wanted to make, you know, 70, 000, in four months. What would it take? What would it take? Now, some of you that might like make your nervous system go crazy and that’s okay. That’s [00:25:00] like, that’s for another episode. Actually, we talked a lot about creating safety in my, in the live event.

So I’ll definitely have an episode about that soon, but I do want you to be willing to stretch, stretch your capacity and really learn that you get to put the pedal to the metal on your business anytime you want, anytime you want. I’m in a season of putting the pedal to the metal and you know what the best thing about it this time is?

That I am so good. I’m so good at taking care of myself emotionally, regulating my nervous system. I’ve become so good at that, that I feel very, very safe to work very hard and put in a lot of extra work [00:26:00] without it completely burning, like completely burning me out. Because, strictly because I know how to take care of myself, I know how to tend to myself.

I’m very quick to be compassionate with myself. When I need rest, I don’t argue with myself. I just rest. And because that dialogue of back and forth isn’t happening as much, I’m less stressed and I can focus on my goal. And I could really practice on believing new things and disrupting my current identity.

It like shakes my current identity and it’s almost, you know what it feels like? It’s like, it’s like I shake my current identity and then a little crack of My new identity opens because I put myself in new projects in new circumstances, I do [00:27:00] things that feel very scary to me so much so that I realize, holy crap, there’s more out there.

Like I could believe different things. Maybe I am this way for, let me give you an example. So one thing that scared me deeply about throwing an event is that I have had this identity that like, I’m very. Very disorganized and I’m a hot mess and I like something’s wrong with me and I’ve never been really good at this stuff.

And by this stuff I mean like organization and like studying and school. Like I tell myself these stories in circles. Putting on this event really challenged me because we really needed to be organized. Like we needed to be organized. And look, if you checked in with me, like 30 days. days [00:28:00] from today. I wouldn’t tell you that we’re deeply organized, but when it came down to the event, everything went really, really well.

And if you could see the, the behind the scenes in terms of like all of our, you know, all the agendas and documents and decorations, like everything that was. so extremely organized, you’d be impressed. At least I was impressed going through this live in person event. I looked at my business like from the outside for the first time in a very long time.

And I thought to myself, damn, this is starting to look like a million dollar company.

Things are getting tighter. Things are getting cleaner. I am in, I’m getting very good [00:29:00] at regulating my nervous system. I’m getting very good at I’m not giving myself what I need. I’m, I’m getting great at choosing my thoughts and choosing my thinking. I’m getting great at rusting. I’m getting really good at not shaming myself

and all of those things are helping me step into new identities because I’m shaking the core.

So I want to ask. you what, like what, when you step into fear and do the scary thing and you do it at a good pace, you’re like, you know what, in two months, this is just going to happen. And it’s just, what’s going to happen. We’re going to execute this. And when you step into that,

what is the work? What are the [00:30:00] thoughts? What are the limiting beliefs that you’re going to have to work through? I want you to ask yourself that, and I want you to start working on them, working. on them.

Let me tell you something. You choose your growth every time you get to choose and hand pick your own growth. If that’s the case, if you get to hand choose your growth, I want you to get serious about what it’s going to take to get your revenue to where you want it to be by the end of the year or by the next 12 months.

And I want you to get all of the like entitled, like it. Well, I’m doing it already. Like I’m already doing what I’m supposed to do. No. Well then fucking change it. If it’s not working, excuse my language. [00:31:00] Really though, it’s like you can’t expect a result doing the same thing, telling yourself the same stories.

If it’s not working, if it is working, then I want you to double down on it. But if it’s not working. Then you have to identify what is off and fix it.

If you can get yourself to a place where you are looking, looking for the problems and the challenges in your business that are slowing you down and find a solution for them and then implement that solution, I promise you, you can transform your identity. You can change your business. You can probably double and triple your revenue.

You if you’re willing to do the work.

And [00:32:00] really what I want to tell you is that it’s okay and it’s safe to do really big, scary things. It’s okay and safe to have projects that scare you. It’s really, really safe to do brand new things you’ve never done before.

It’s gonna shake your identity. You’re gonna have to learn how to take good care of yourself. You’re gonna have to test. Test, test that, that line between burnt out and hard work. You might have to test it just a tad. I don’t want you to jump in the deep dive of burnout, but making a lot of money is a lot of hard work when you’ve never done it before.

Like if you’re trying to reach big new revenues, [00:33:00] you’ve never done it. The first time is going to be hard and that’s not a problem.

Be willing. To shake up this current identity, be willing to just shake them just a little bit. So a little crack happens and you can see that light of a new belief. And start thinking about yourself differently. Maybe I can do this.

Maybe I was wrong about myself about this. Maybe I am organized. Maybe I am great at content. Wow. I have a lot to fucking say. Maybe I am really good at running business.

Your current identity is something that you’re going to have to go through anyway. Like you’re going [00:34:00] to grow. Through this identity into a new one, whether it’s in the next year or whether it’s in the next 10 years, you get to choose the pace. But what I’ve learned is that if you can learn how to take good care of yourself, how to trust yourself, how to rest immediately when you need rest, how to regulate your nervous system immediately when you feel triggered and need it.

If you could learn how to do that, you could learn how to push yourself a little harder and create more capacity for what you want in your life. Get yourself all the support you need.

All right, y’all. I hope this was helpful. I’ll see you later. If you are listening to this podcast episode thinking, yes, this is me. I need to. to disrupt my identity. [00:35:00] I am ready for the next level of my business. I want to invite you to join show up and lead mastermind show up and lead mastermind is my six month group program for high level coaches, creatives, and entrepreneurs who sell programs online.

So if you want to learn more, make sure to check out my sales page and if you have any questions at all, feel free to DM me on Instagram so we can start the conversation of whether this program makes sense for you. All right, y’all have a wonderful week. I will see you next.

Hey Amiga, if you are not on my email list, you are missing out on some juicy content. I share sales and marketing tips every single week. Plus, you’re the first to know about new freebies, webinars, [00:36:00] and all the other things fun happening. To get on the list, sign up for my free training, how to sign up. Sell out four figure offers.

This training will also shift your mindset around what it really takes to book out your coaching business. So sign up in the show notes or on my website, cat do to be added to the email list. I will see you next time.

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