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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

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[00:00:00] And I want you to look at those three things we’ve talked about and choose two things, two ways you could simplify your business, uncomplicate your business, pick two ways you could better serve your clients, two tasks you can do to better serve your clients and two ways to give yourself more compassion.

And I want you to take action weekly, every minute. That you like debate this or go in circles is time you could be serving and making money.

My name is Catalina del Carmen and I’m on a mission to put more cash in the hands of women of color. I’m a wife. I’m Mom, Amiga, Prima, and I [00:01:00] happen to run a multiple six figure coaching business. On this show, I share sales and marketing strategies that keep your business simple, your mindset focused, your bank account big, and your Impact even bigger.

So if you are on a mission to create generational change and you want to make a lot of money doing it, welcome to the Latinas Booked Out Podcast.

What is up y’all? Welcome back to Latinas Booked Out Podcast. Today’s episode is a bonus. Episode that I am bringing to you from this week’s webinar. This webinar is called create six figures from one offer. Simplify your business model, master self compassion and make more money. Y’all [00:02:00] this webinar turned out so, so well.

I know you’re going to get so much value from it. I designed it for. Companies for CEOs, for coaches who have already hit at least 30 K in their business. But I think this is very, very relevant for folks who are at the six figure level as well or near it. I really created it with you in mind and I go through three steps that are going to change your business if you implement it.

Now, so listen in. And before I let you guys go, I want to remind you that Show Up & Lead Mastermind is open for enrollment right now. Now we have an early bird bonus. If you Apply, book your call now to apply and join by January 7th. That’s this upcoming Sunday. You will receive a one on one VIP day. It’s four [00:03:00] hours long where you and I will strategize your priority project for 2024 or we will really work through your biggest mindset blocks.

VIP days look different for everyone, but I do not want you to miss out on this opportunity. If you are considering Show Up & Lead Mastermind, book your call with me now to apply.

All right, y’all listen in and reach out to me for any questions. See you on the other side. Okay. So first I want to talk about some challenges you might be having in your business. If you relate to these, let me know in the chat. So some of the problems that I see amongst like the crowd I just talked about are Revenue might feel stagnant.

It might feel like you’re growing at a [00:04:00] snail’s pace, even though you’re working, you’re putting in the work, you’re evolving, you’re, you’re like doing the things you’re supposed to do, but your revenue feels stagnant. You might be overworking and really close to burnout, like you might be very, very close to burnout.

And you’re just like, this is not sustainable. Like I cannot keep doing this and not getting the result of my hard work. And then some of you might be Kind of the opposite of that, where you’re like, you might just be a little cozy. Like it might feel a little bit cozy where you’re at in business, where you can expect a certain amount of money coming in.

You’re not really growing your revenue, but, and you want, and you have a desire to grow your revenue, but you’re, you’re, you’re kind of like this cozy underworking. That might be a possibility. Also, one of your biggest challenges might be like, I don’t know what the hell I’m [00:05:00] doing in my business all the time.

Like there’s really no strategy and you’re kind of just waiting for your next chunk of money to come in or your next program that you’re going to launch or your next class or something like that. You might be hopping from like a sales class to one on one coaching and then the retreat and then a course or something like that.

And you also might be obsessing over the wrong things. And when I say the wrong things, I mean, like you’re obsessing over your marketing of like, Hey, why isn’t this working? I’m not getting enough sales calls. And you might just be The problem might be like you’re so focused and attached to things going the way you want them to go.

And yeah, so this is what I see a lot of. I want to, let’s talk about it a little bit deeper. So let me tell you why these might be problems for you. You don’t exactly know how you’ve created results that you have. [00:06:00] I think this is 1 of the number 1 reasons people struggle with scaling past 6 figures is they get to the 6 figure mark.

They’re proud of themselves. They did the thing. And then they Keep doing the same thing except expecting the same results, which sometimes you could get like semi close to the same results, but you don’t exactly know how it’s happening. You can’t gauge like, is this marketing working? Is my podcast working?

Is Instagram the place I need to be? You might even be like thinking like I should now is the time to join TikTok or start a YouTube account or la la la la la la la la. You also might be scared of burning out. I remember there was a time in my business where before things really started moving, I was just burnt out and I was tired and I had put so much [00:07:00] effort into my business It’s not that I wasn’t willing to work more.

We’re all hard workers here, but I didn’t want, like, it was like, if this is how it is, I don’t want to do it. Like, I don’t want to burn out. That’s not the point of why I started my business. So you might be scared of burnout, like going after your business once again, right? It’s a new year. And I knew the new year can come with that, this energy of like, do I really want to do this again and see if I can make more happen this year.

You might have some shame that your business hasn’t grown as fast as you want. I was just talking to one of my clients yesterday and she was explaining to me like, sure. I’m having increases in my revenue. Sure. Like things. are semi working, but she had this like shame around, like, why isn’t it happening for me?

Or why isn’t this growing faster? Or you might’ve lost some self trust [00:08:00] because of past investments. Now this could be coaching investments, but this could also be like investments in your business, whether you hired a copywriter or you invested heavily in your, in your systems, or whether you invested heavily in.

Um, like curriculum or whatever place that is, um, I’m thinking of my sister shouldn’t call her out. She’s not here, but she is, um, she’s a photographer and she has a studio and she’s making the decision to like, let go of her studio. Finally, it’s just changing a business. She’s had it for a couple of years, but she poured so much time and energy.

And it’s like, it’s time to like close that chapter. But she has. Like that includes some loss of self trust, right? It’s like you, it could feel like a failure even when it isn’t. You also might have some money drama going on. Like, you know, your money mindset is all over the [00:09:00] place. Like you keep thinking that like hitting a certain revenue or hitting your next milestone is going to give you the feeling going to give you the security.

That is going to help you finally feel like you made it in business or finally feel like you’ve gotten to the point you want to get to.

And here’s why this happens. Like here is why these challenges occur. It’s because you’re busy. Likely. You’re likely busy. You have a full life. You’re doing most or all of the jobs in your business. You might have a VA helping you. You might have some help. You might have a lot of help. Who knows? Um, but the revenue just doesn’t seem to be right.

Right? So you’re either not paying yourself, paying your team too much, or you’re not making enough to like pay for the things you want in your business. You don’t have time to like. Audit everything you [00:10:00] do. I remember, um, we’re going to talk about that a little bit later, but like, I remember a point in my business where things were moving to, like, things were moving quickly and I was getting all of these one on one clients and I really was dead set on.

I, I had this thought that I like needed a very strong onboarding system and I invested a ton of money in it and I ended up not using it the month after and I just like literally poured more than four figures into this off into this service that I bought into immediately when something went wrong. I ran from it and turn the other way.

And I was just in my head about, like, I had so much shame around that money I spent. And I’m like, I shouldn’t have spent that money. Why did I do that? Or my thoughts were like, how come I can’t commit to the things I invest in? How come I can’t, you know, like playing this game of, of shame really. [00:11:00] And it really got my money mindset in such a crazy way.

And. Throughout all of that, I wasn’t actually looking at my business and auditing the things that weren’t working. Like I could have looked at that investment I made and I could have audited the steps I took and really looked through all the videos that were provided for me through this service and taken the time to fix things.

But the pressure felt so. If you have felt that way in your business, let me know in the chat if you felt that way in your business. But like the pressure felt so big and the shame felt so big of like, why did I invest this money? I’m so bad at this. I’m, this is never going to work. And yeah, that’s how, that’s how it felt.

Um, you also might. Be in a mind or one of the reasons this is occurs also is you’re adjusting to inconsistent entrepreneurial income, right? [00:12:00] Like I remember before, not before in, in the beginning of my business, especially I think this is really something for those who have sold one on one coaching and are scaling into a group program.

This is a lesson I had to learn so, so well. I had to learn how to be okay with zero months and I had to be okay with allowing there be months and normalizing months where I wasn’t going to make money, especially as I was learning how to sell. In a new way, I was learning how to sell in a new way and I had so, so much mindset drama around not having consistent income and just having spurts of like 10K, 15K, 5K, 1K, and it just didn’t feel safe to me.[00:13:00] 

Okay. I want to talk about the solution and really go through this in detail. I want to go through this in detail on. This is very much what I teach inside Show Up & Lead Mastermind, especially going into the next round. I’m redoing all of the curriculum. So I really want to talk to this. Um, okay, here’s the solution.

What needs to happen to scale your business revenue growth if you are in that 30k mark is simplify your business model. Your systems and operations, hire help or scale back on help. Simplify your marketing strategy and simplify your sales process. What I see so, so, so often is people who complicate their businesses too quickly.

They are so [00:14:00] focused on scaling their business that they Basically change up their business model, they change up their systems, they hire people, they add more marketing channels and they overcomplicate the sales process that their clients have to go through. All at the same time, all at the same time, because they think, or they were told that the scaling means you have to do all this stuff at once.

That is not sustainable. That is exactly what leads to burnout. It exactly what leads to super low revenue. And what I really want to teach you inside of this class is like having this long term vision for your business. We talk about this inside Show Up & Lead Mastermind every [00:15:00] single week. We have to focus on the longterm.

And what that means is we don’t just make these unintentional decisions because we don’t want to like feel the fear. So we just spend the money or we just put on the class or we just jump into an investment to like fix something in our problem to fix something in our business or we just hire a copywriter because we’re bad at it.

No, you want to keep things simple literally all the way to a million dollars. And I don’t mean not change things. I don’t mean not evolve, like you’re going to be making investments in your business to grow it and to scale. You’re going to be changing processes. You’re going to hire people to help you.

You’re going to be doing all of these things a hundred percent. Yes, but you’re not going to be doing it all at once. Or I don’t. Recommend doing it all at once. I want you to [00:16:00] be able to be strategic and intentional about the decisions you make in your business and do it for the growth of your business, not because you as the CEO, an individual needs it for like your own personal support.

If you really want to support yourself and not burn out, you will take things, you will uncomplicate your business. You will make things easier for yourself. Okay. So number, that’s number one, what needs to happen to scale your revenue growth? You have to simplify your business model. And this is, it’s different for everyone, but like your business model, you might just need to go from five things that you sell every year to two.

Or one right in terms of systems and operations, you might need to hire someone to help you and you have been maybe resisting it because you don’t want to spend the money or it might be letting go [00:17:00] of the copywriter that you hired because you thought you were bad at marketing and who also isn’t moving the needle in your business.

You might have to simplify your marketing strategy and what that might mean is you let go of the. The, the marketing channels that aren’t moving the needle in your business because you need that energy for something else right now in this season.

Simplifying. Okay. Number two, the second thing that you’re going to need to scale your business to six figures from one single offer is to get a handle on your mindset and your mental health. You cannot build a bigger. Business burning out, exhausting yourself, obsessing over what’s working and hustling to your next revenue.

You are going to need to prioritize self compassion, [00:18:00] prioritize self compassion and learn how to manage your mind at an elevated level. And when I say elevated level, what I mean is being fully, fully, fully aware of your emotions and how your emotions are leading decisions in your business. What I see a lot of And where people get stuck is they are kind of they feel against the wall in a decision that they have.

So let I’ll give you an example that 1 of my clients went through. They launched their group program and they realized that their onboarding system was. Like nothing, it was zero and they had such shame about it that that shame could easily and I’ve been here to that shame could turn into like, Oh, I need to fix this, this, this, this, and then your attention immediately goes [00:19:00] to solving problems off of your feelings.

When the reality is, when we’re building a business, we can’t just be basing business decisions off of our feelings. We have to be strategic. We have to go by a plan that we created. So when I talk about having a handle on your mindset and really having the skills and the tools to manage your mind, to regulate your nervous system, it’s not just because it’s so good for your mental health.

No, it helps you be more strategic. It helps you make sound decisions. It helps you really act like a CEO versus a what, like a solopreneur who’s doing it on their own. This goes back to like, we got to look at the longterm. And I want you to be in a space where you’re so fucking good at taking care of yourself.

When you’re, when emotions are big and emotions are [00:20:00] hard, you are so, so good at honoring yourself and giving yourself what you need that you can easily calm yourself down. And then when you are ready to look at your business and make a decision, you make a sound one. You make one that’s going to move the needle.

Okay. Number three, you got to get service focused. You’ve got to get service focus. Meaning, if you are going to scale your business, you have to elevate the way you serve your clients. You will get the effort you put into making your programs better, your curriculum better, figuring out your clients problems quicker and faster, serving your audience that you market to in new and fresh ways.

All of the effort you put in to serving better will [00:21:00] come back to you 10 fucking bolt. Every single time and you know what I love about having a service mindset having I love this concept of I learned it when I worked at Nordstrom when I worked at Nordstrom, they, um, I worked in Norston for 8 years and I started there as a salesperson in the BP department, which was like the.

Teenager section, although I still shop there, um, but when I worked there, they had a system in place where all of the managers and even the store managers, like every single person in the entire company or entire store, they all started as salespeople and they all knew how to do the things at the service person level.

And they called it servant leadership. And I loved this concept because it helps you kind of just stay close to making the client happy, stay close to understanding [00:22:00] their challenges stays. It helps you stay close to having empathy for the people that you serve, and it helps you stay close to your why, because if you’re a coach, if you’re.

If you have any type of service, it’s typically because we are very, very passionate about serving people. We’re very passionate about serving a problem. The only reason we all have businesses is because something changed our life once upon a time, and we found it so fucking profound. That we felt the, the, the, we felt the energy of like, damn, I’m next.

I have to do this. People need to know about this. That’s why we have freaking businesses. So when you are scaling, it’s so easy to get into this mindset of like, but I market so much. It’s like, [00:23:00] I should like, I do such so much work and I’m not getting like enough clients or la la la. Like that mindset is so anti service and it just stretches the gap between your clients and you.

I want you to be focused on serving. I want you to have a commitment to serve. And I want you to be thinking all the times this morning I was, um, I was getting food or did I get food out today? I was getting food at my, like, my local, it was like a sandwich shop slash bakery. And I was there and I thought about one of my clients and I started asking myself questions like, why has it been such a struggle for her to take this one task?

Like, why? And I’m thinking, I’m like, what would stop her from that? Like, to me, that task is so easy, but like, what is challenging her? What can I create for her as another resource that would possibly help? [00:24:00] What three resources, what three things can I say? What three pieces of the marketing can I create that can help her even just.

differently about this one task. That is a level of commitment. I want you all to have. It’s the type of thinking that CEOs of coaching businesses of consulting businesses have because they’re so obsessed with the client’s problem, not our own.

Okay, let’s move on. All right, so here’s why these solutions work. Here’s why these solutions work because complicated businesses have slow growth. When we are complicating our, and when I say complicated business, that could mean something different for everyone, but it’s like when we are, if our business is like a [00:25:00] scattered brain, it’s going to affect the growth course, it’s going to affect the growth.

If we’re always trying to solve, like, I remember in the very beginning of my business, I, I mean, within, within three months, I put out three different offers and that meant three different checkout pages, not even three different checkout pages. It was like each checkout. Each, each program had like three checkout pages, right?

And a sale, each program had a sales page and each program had its own email, like mini sequence, whatever onboarding. Right. And I had to do that for every single one. And this was before I had anyone to help me, but it was, I was complicating it so much from the very get, and then I think that. Energy comes, can come up again at a different level, right?

Like when I hit six figures in my business, I remember I knew I had to make some investments. And I [00:26:00] knew I wanted to start a group program. I didn’t end up starting the group program for like an entire 12 months later, but at that time I thought it was time to move to a group program. And when I was thinking about the investments I wanted to make, the one that I really wanted to make was a very expensive mastermind.

And I remember debating that decision and I was like, I don’t know, like, do I really want to invest in this again? Or do I want something a little bit more focused or do I want to hire someone? And. Maybe, I don’t know, maybe I’ll even start doing end rides. Like there was just so many things that I could invest in to help my business grow.

And what I’ve found that like. Honestly, the best investment is always going to be on yourself at least, I mean, I’m not going to say at least until a million, I’m going to say like just every single entrepreneur I know has done that for like successful entrepreneur does that forever. So my whole thought [00:27:00] about it is like.

I mean, there’s like no end to how much I’m going to invest in my baby. Imagine like I have two kids. So it’s like, if I’m investing in their growth, there’s like, it’s priceless. I will learn and I will grow. But I don’t want you to complicate it. I want you to be super intentional about the steps you take instead of just solving problems with feelings.

Next one is an exhausted mind cannot focus on long term strategic growth when you are burnt out or when you are just like toying. If you’re letting your brain entertain a whole bunch of, I hate saying negative thinking, unintentional thinking, but like an exhausted mind cannot focus on the long term strategic growth.

They want the quick fixes. They want the month to month revenue. The an exhausted mind is like, when is it going to come? I did all this stuff. I [00:28:00] put on the webinar. Why isn’t this happening? I invested in my systems. I invested it. I hired somebody. Shouldn’t this be easier? This person isn’t helping me the way they did it when it’s like they’re I want you to learn how to first master self compassion at your level so that you can always calm your mind and it’s not you’re going to have a calm mind.

It’s you’re going to know what to do when you have an overwhelmed brain when you are, you know, in your head about stuff. And the third one is like up leveling the way you serve always leads to understanding your clients better, which leads to understanding what you’re selling. It leads like being in service.

I could talk about [00:29:00] this all day. I’m so passionate about it. Being in service will always lead you to the answers you’re looking for. How can I help my clients better? And this is why I’m so passionate about like one offer because a lot of people, what they do is they will have an offer and then they’ll not love the offer.

And they’ll be like, Oh, I need to change my offer. This is probably a bad idea. La la la la. And instead of improving the actual offer with the clients who are inside and really taking time to be committed to the growth. Of their clients committed to the growth of what happens inside of the container.

They’re focused on, like, how come I didn’t sell it as much this time? How come this isn’t working? And sometimes you’re gonna like. Revenue problem, [00:30:00] like not revenue, but like even people who have. Like when I think about multiple, like last year, even when I think about a multiple six figure year, right, there were many times where I was like, this isn’t working.

Why isn’t this working? This is supposed to work every time. I’m like, let me shift this energy. Let me give myself compassion. Let me, um, regulate my nervous system. Let me. First, take care of myself and then I’m going to go into service. And then I get really onto my brain when I want to complicate my business because then my brain’s like, you should, you’re never going to get this right.

You’re never, your systems are never going to be where they’re supposed to. I spent two years obsessing over my systems just to realize in my third year of business, like third, I’m going into my fourth now, but just realizing going into my third year of business, like, thank God I didn’t complicate my [00:31:00] systems.

I almost did. And look, I want you, there are things your business are going to need. I just want you to look at the longterm and be strategic about them. Okay. So here are the three scaling priorities. Okay. Simplifying your business. And again, this is like everything under the sun in your business, serving your clients and community.

Your focuses are serving. Your focus is implement. Uh, simplifying. And then lastly is mastering self compassion. Becoming so effing good at being your advocate. Being so, getting so good at loving on yourself when you need it. That your business isn’t gonna isn’t going to be affected because you have big emotions.[00:32:00] 

All right. So here’s what I, I want to get a little bit deeper on this. So like, let’s talk about why this works. So why keeping your business simple all the way to a million dollars or six figures, multiple six figures, multimillion, whatever you want, you can put any number there, but here’s why it works.

It helps you have a strong temperature check. On what your business needs, not what you need, what your business needs. You, it keeps you from over investing in areas too quickly or unintentionally. You practice constraint regularly. This is a big one. I want you to really think what would happen if you practiced constraint.

If you practice like, okay, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I think another way you could say this and people don’t like, um, delayed gratification. I know that’s like not an unpop, [00:33:00] it’s, it’s an unpopular thing to practice, but it kind of feels like that when you’re constraining, you’re like, maybe I won’t do the group program right now.

Let me fix my systems first. Let me create really good curriculum. I’m proud of first so that I could go into selling something that I’m proud of. Instead of let me jump into this and, like, see what works and I’ll just throw it at the wall, throw some spaghetti at the wall and see if it works when you’re.

When you keep your business simple, you’re practicing constraint regularly and you’re really making decisions from a place that’s intentional. Next one, why it works is you’re able to see the long term vision of your, the long term vision for what needs to change inside your programs and inside your marketing.[00:34:00] 

You are higher, you hire and fire more easily because systems aren’t complex.

Cause you know, like I know, I still, for the most part, not everything, but for the most part, I know how to do everything in my business. That’s not always the case, but for the most part, and I’ve done that, I don’t do everyth I probably still have to look up and research, but like, for a long time, I think that’s still a good thing.

Doesn’t mean and I have people who help me, I have support, but being able to like, actually Build my team intentionally. I have a story for you, but I’ll save it for later. Um, let’s move on to the next one. So why it works. You’re focused on important [00:35:00] goals. Seasonally. There are seasons of growth. I don’t want you to just like jump in every time you see a problem in your business.

And I mean, some problems you’re gonna just, you know, typically we’re solving problems all day, but like, I want it. I want for the bigger things. I want you to see the growth, have the plan. And this is 1 thing we do inside Show Up & Lead Mastermind. We like create the plan for your business. We create a 3 year plan.

So you’re like, okay. I don’t need the multiple six figures right now, or I don’t need the million dollars right now. There’s a plan, there’s a vision, and if I have three years, there’s a lot of room to fuck up and learn. Like I have room to learn and grow. I mean, in my three year, three year plan, I had a whole baby.

That one that I would, it was in planned, but the pregnancy was so tough and that wasn’t planned. Okay. Um, you also, why this works is it [00:36:00] protects your peace and honors your life. This is why I love that. I’ve created such a simple business. I literally started, well, I, the first year was very, very complicated.

Second year. I was like, I’m selling one on one only, and I’m committing to it all the way through. And I was scared and I was nervous. And I was like, there’s no way this is going to work. And that is the year I made 200 K and I blew my own mind. But I was so out. My vision was like, December 31st, I ain’t changing shit until December 31st.

I’m staying on course till December 31st. And this was like a, this was in January when I was thinking all this, it was a commitment. And what it allowed me to do is enjoy my life more. I was busy. Clearly, I was one on one coaching that much money. I was very busy, but my [00:37:00] business boundaries tight. My communication with clients, tight.

I had to learn all these skills of honoring myself and honoring my piece because I had no choice. Okay, here’s why elevating your client experiences and focusing on service always works. Understanding your clients better always improves your marketing. Like every time my clients are like, uh, my marketing, I’m like, go watch some coaching calls and see what you’re not solving for your clients.

When’s the last time you did that? Like the tedious work. Like, I want you to study your clients, each of them. What are their problems? How come I haven’t found a solution? What am I resisting? Like, what resistance do I have? Our brain is so good to be like, why don’t they get it? [00:38:00] Look, I made this. Well, maybe it’s not as good as you think, or maybe they just think about it differently, right?

All of our clients have such unique experiences. All of us have such unique brains. We learn in such different ways. How can I communicate something differently? How can I say it in a different way? So understanding your clients will always leave to improve your marketing, watching your own content.

Here’s why it works. It elevates your client experience because watching your own content and curriculum to actually audit. Your marketing is how it gets better.

So many people are like, I don’t know why it’s not working. Did you look?

And this is why the self compassion comes in. They don’t look because they’re shitting on themselves. [00:39:00] Of course they didn’t look because they’re telling themselves all these mean things in their head.

By the way, if you’re feeling this and you’re like, I need to work with this woman, go to my website and book your call with me about Show Up & Lead Mastermind. Okay, why this all, I’m going to continue this, why this works. When you are focused on service, when you’re focused on elevating your client experience, you stay in revenue generating activities.

You are in motion. Serving and giving is so contagious. It’s such good energy, right? Like, imagine the last time you volunteered or the last time you did someone a really big favor. Giving is so, there’s so much joy in it, but there’s not joy in it when we are burnt out. And we have complicated businesses, right?

When we’re running to our laptop, every time a client says yes, [00:40:00] and we’re like, oh, I got to edit this checkout page and send it a little that’s. What keeps us exhausted. So of course we can’t focus on this.

Why this works is happy clients talk about their experiences. This year, oh no, 2023, um, I, I launched Show Up & Lead Mastermind in July. The last time I launched it, the last time I launched it in, uh, June, July, June, I think it was, uh, 2023, I got a hundred percent retention. I had eight people in the program, it’s a six, at that time, it was a 6, 000 program.

A hundred percent of people rejoined.

A hundred percent of people. Now that was a lesson learned because that [00:41:00] the first of the second round wasn’t the case, but that was a lesson learned. And instead of telling myself, like, I got to do this and I got to do this and maybe I’ll put out a new program and make this money this way. I’m like, no, I’m going to swallow my pride.

I’m going to. Either take money from my reserves, or I’m going to figure out how to make money some other way, but I’m going to fix this program and I’m going to make it better. And the result was 100 percent retention. Happy clients talk about their experiences. Happy clients re sign regularly.

I already have people within Show Up & Lead Mastermind who have re signed because they know I’m committed. They know that every single round, I’m gonna try harder to solve their problems and explain things differently. Like, one round is a [00:42:00] hundred percent not the same as the last.

Okay, why this works? It keeps you hopping. It keeps you from hopping to new prog program to new program. And it helps you focus on improving the quickness. of the client results in your own program. I’m always asking myself, like, how can I help my clients get the results quicker? What do I need to create?

And sometimes look, and this is where the self compassion comes in, because sometimes I’m in this, I’m in service mode so much that I’m like, wow, I should have done all of this other stuff that I wanted to do for them, and I didn’t do it. Shame on me. But then I go back to the compassion and I’m like, Nope, we’re staying on the lane.

As long as we’re making strides forward, we’re taking care of our clients and we’re looking for problems to solve for [00:43:00] them. We’re doing okay. All right, let me move on a little bit quicker. So it helps you connect with your audience. So when you do this, you get better at your marketing because you know your clients so, so well, and it keeps you creating more connection leads, PR opportunities.

It keeps you in connection. With your people.

Let me move on. Then the last one, I think the most important one is self compassion mastery. None of this shit works. If you are mean to yourself too much, just doesn’t fucking work. If businesses were easy to scale, then we’d all just fucking everybody’s like, I’ve been in a lot of masterminds. I’ve had a lot of coaches.

I’ve it. I, I love business. I’m a business major. I could, I’ve read books. [00:44:00] Like I, I know so much about marketing in a digital space. People fail because they don’t give themselves love. They don’t reparent themselves. They don’t heal their inner child. They don’t know how to nervous, uh, regulate their nervous system, period.

And in point, I was watching, um, uh, YouTube the other day interviewing Mark, okay. Not Reuben. No, Mark Reuben. A Mark, not the one in Dallas who owns the team, but I was, uh, I think his name was Reuben actually. He, he’s like the owner of sports e commerce site, something. Anyways, he’s like, his businesses are valued at like over a billion dollars.

And he’s a hustler. I could learn so much from him, but he was on this podcast [00:45:00] and they started, they asked. Him about his relationships with his family and his entire energy changed. And he was like, well, you know, they get it, they get it, they know my that, and you could just tell he was that, like, he was talking about this business and he was talking about, like, how, how, like, he loves, he loves the grind.

Right, like, I’m like, yeah, I love the grind too. And then they asked him about his daughter and his wife. His daughters and his wife and his just complete energy change. And I was like, this is exactly why I do what I do because we are in this society where we had so many examples of what it takes to build a business that is big and impactful and all of this.

But it’s like, what we’ve normalized is the sacrifices your life.[00:46:00] 

And I’m saying that’s not true.

Come with me. I’m going there. Like, I’m proving it to myself over and over and over again. That I can make my way to millions in revenue. And also make my way to fucking t ball and all the things I want in my life. A very, very slow Christmas season for me. This is why self compassion mastery is so important when you, and, and here’s the thing is, I think when, if people have the skills of self compassion, nervous system regulation, and really know themselves at a deep level, they can make the sound decisions and they could come to terms that they don’t need the results quickly.[00:47:00] 

They don’t. Okay, so here’s why focusing on this works. One is because we’re very complicated humans. We’re complicated. We have complicated families. We have complicated lives. Motherhood is so complicated. I have a one year old, y’all. By the way, right now, The phase is like 10 out of 10. I actually love this space because you could finally walk properly and I’m like, okay, he’s not going to like die and he’s just just so cute and he’s just babbling all the time right now is good.

But if you checked in four months ago, I was in a different place. Uh, but we’re complicated people. We have tendencies of people pleasing that turns into client pleasing and team pleasing. We have perfectionist tendencies that sometimes makes our results mean something bad about us.[00:48:00] 

Here’s why this works. Because when you do this, you practice detachment regularly. You stop looking at your month to month results and putting and sitting under the shame storm of like, I should have done better. How come this isn’t working? I’m, I must not be good at this. I mean, you feel the shame, you feel the shame, but you work your way through it.

When you master self compassion, you learn how to manage your mindset so you can focus on your business priorities.

You build a business around your life, not the other way around.

Your life comes first.

You have a toolkit of nervous system [00:49:00] regulation tools that keeps you in self compassion. There’s a tool we use. I need to make a video on it. I full transparency for my clients who are here. I’m sorry. I haven’t made a video about this, but quickly. Quick to compassion is something, um, I honestly put it together on our last live event.

We have a live event. Um, it’s a three day live event for show up and lead mastermind. And last, um, time it was in August and it was in LA. And my client sort of that asked me, she’s like cap, but you’re so good at giving yourself compassion. I’m not good at that. And I was like, well, It’s not that I’m not like, I’m so good at giving myself compassion.

It’s that I’m quick. I’ve practiced it so much. I’m quick to give myself what I need. I don’t debate the rest. I don’t debate the nap. [00:50:00] I don’t debate the walk. I don’t debate the things that I need immediately. And it makes the process. Into action quicker, because I’m not having this debate of like, well, you probably shouldn’t nap because you have like three videos to create and you haven’t posted anything and you should have written an email.

I’m like, no, we take a nap because we know that’s the most productive thing to do. And that’s going to get you into action mode. It’s called quick to compassion. Okay, I’m going to move on. Um, you and then lastly, um, this works because building a multiple six figure business, a million dollar business, it’s not easy.

It is going to take a lot of hard work. You are going to have some times where it feels like you’re grinding more than others. Don’t get me wrong. Like we are anti burnout, but there is some hustle in there. There are, there are going to be seasons where it’s hustle season. [00:51:00] I have a podcast episode that’s called, Oh shoot.

What is it called? Something around like hard work versus hustling and the difference of each. Highly recommend, uh, listening to it on Latina’s Booked Out Podcast. Um, but there is a difference. Okay, let me move on so we can get to the Q& A and everything. All right, so these are the priorities, y’all. If you can master Self compassion and you don’t got to master it.

You could practice it. Let’s just start with, let’s just start with practicing it regularly and often focus on your clients. How can I make this better for them? How can I help them delight them? Right. I recently made, for those of you who don’t know, I recently made the decision to make show up and lead [00:52:00] mastermind, a 12 month program.

I had already had clients who bought into the six month program. And basically I was like, surprise. You now get literally double the program.

And for me, it was like a fucking delight. My brain wasn’t like, Oh, I should have charged this much or I should, I’ll now I’ll scale this back and I won’t give them as much. No, I’m like, how fucking fun would I feel if I invested in something? And then my coach was like, Nope, you get all of it. But now for 12 months.

I’m like, how fucking fun would that feel? So I decided on it. I could have made the decision earlier. Um, but that’s okay. Lesson fucking learned. But delighting clients and then lastly is just keeping things simple [00:53:00] and intentional all the way through as you grow, as you scale, having a plan. So we’re going to talk about a lot in the next round of the mastermind is like, can we just stick to the plan?

We can have some room wiggle room for play. We can have some wiggle room for. You know, self trust and doing the crazy things, but it’s like, can we stick to the plan and learn about our business and ourselves and how we execute and what helps our clients and how we can make our businesses better, not faster to where we want to be.

So where’s your business at?

Where’s your work? I want you to leave this. Mastermind. And I want you to look at those three things we’ve talked about and choose two things, [00:54:00] two ways you could simplify your business, uncomplicate your business, pick two ways you could better serve your clients, two tasks you can do to better serve your clients and two ways to give yourself more compassion.

And I want you to take action weekly every minute. That you like debate this or go in circles is time you could be serving and making money.

Where is your business at? Okay. I think this is where we wrap up. Yeah. Implement the work now. Implement the work now. Okay. Now I think. Okay. So the teaching portion. Of this webinar is over so the teaching the like where I’m giving the value that part is coming to [00:55:00] an end. If you want to stay for Q and a, you’re welcome to that’s going to be after this.

I’m going to talk about my mastermind a little bit. I know some of you are interested, so I want to make sure I lay everything out and can answer those questions, but regarding the actual content and value. We can still talk about it after, um, at the end of the webinar. But I just want to give a little signal to anyone who’s like, I just came to learn.

The learning portion of this is, is, is ending. Okay. I hope that was valuable to you. If it was valuable to you, tell me what was most valuable. I would love, love, love to hear it. Tell me what was valuable. Okay. I’m going to go here to my sales page. I want to talk, um, a little bit about what show up in lead is for those of you who are, are really considering it or are going to book a call.[00:56:00] 

I just want to be very, I want to go through it really quickly. And kind of give you guys an idea of like, who’s in this room? What do we do in this room? What kind of conversations do we have? I think you have an idea of like everything I talked about. The coaching that happens in this room is very much aligned to everything I just talked about.

It’s weak, simplifying is a core value inside the program. Self compassion is a core value inside the program and really, really honing in on service. And the way, I didn’t mention this in earlier, but like the reason service is so important is because I view service as selling. So like when people feel icky about selling, when people feel like, Oh, I don’t want to like sell too much to me, it’s like hand in hand, it’s like, I don’t want to serve too much when it’s like, and if the energy is, I don’t want to serve too much, then it’s like, we have a different thing to talk about.

But I really, really, really want you to think about serving and selling as [00:57:00] literally the same thing. The way I talk about it with my clients is like. It’s, it’s like inviting people to the party. It’s like talking about a party. It’s imagine talking, like imagine your content. When you give value to people, you are telling them about all the amazing change that happens when you get this transformation, all the amazing things that happen when you, you know, take action on X, Y, Z.

And I want you to imagine that as like. You’re talking about an incredible party that’s going to happen and then not actually like inviting people to work with you. Not really focusing on the sale part is like not inviting them. It’s just telling them like, I’m going to tell you how amazing it is to work with me.

And then I’m just going to like walk away and not invite you to the party. No, we always invite people to party. It’s inclusive here. It’s my job, my obligation to sell and to invite everybody. [00:58:00] That’s the way I think about it. So anyways, okay, let’s talk about, I want to, um, really get clear on like. Here’s what Show Up & Lead Mastermind is.

So this is a little bit about what you can expect inside. I’m restructuring all of the content in the next, um, round. And, but this is kind of what we work on. One is we commit to the long term vision, which means you develop habits that keep you focused. I mean, very similar to what we were just talking about.

Keep you focused on the long term vision. And really, really getting focused on the goal. Like we’re going to get, keep focused. The second part is, and these are kind of all modules. It’s not exactly set up like this, but it is going to be. Um, so this is kind of the mindset portion and really focusing on self compassion.

And keeping focused on the goal. The second part here is [00:59:00] keeping your business simple. So every module is dedicated to keeping your business simple or helping you grow your self compassion. Um, so you’ll find that inside the program and like dynamics on how to do that. We have a fully booked formula.

This is an entire module with a set of videos. This is dedicated to one on one people who sell one on one. So I have a photographer who’s in the group and she has grown her business to really quickly in just one or six month round. Um, I think she went from like 15 K to like 50 K, which is pretty, which is so exciting.

Um, within. The current round, and she’s a photographer and videographer. So she’s not a coach, but she. She’s going to join the next round. So clearly it’s making a difference in her business. But this is all for folks who sell one on one. There’s something there for you. Um, [01:00:00] these, this program is going to be new.

So basically I’m going to create a new module. It’s all about creating, uh, an offer from end to end and it’s going to be very much the how. So for those folks who are transitioning into a group program. So I have some clients who are selling one on one and they’re transitioning into group in the next year.

It might be the end of next year. It might be in the beginning, who knows, but they’re transitioning. So I’m going to, I’m creating a module that’s really dedicated. And this goes back to what I was talking about, guys. I’m thinking of my clients and I’m like, I need to add this for this person. They need this to get to the next level of their business.

So I’m going to create it. Right? So there’s going to be the module that’s dedicated for this. I have one client in mind and I’m like, I’m creating this for her. She, here’s everything she needs to know for of what it looks like [01:01:00] from the experience of selling one on one to selling a group program and really, really, really preparing your business to scale in that way.

Okay, so there’s that. And then let’s see. And I think with this within these within this section, there’s going to be 2 things that I’m going to talk about in that section. 1 is the build out of a group program. And then 2 is going to be, um, a launch program on how to launch launching in the way that we do it, which is Technically called live launching where there’s an open cart and a closed cart.

It’s very much a strategy and there’s a lot of strategy within that. And I really believe that like the self, your self compassion, um, ability needs to be high. Like if you want to do that, or you got to be willing to practice getting that high. And that’s going to happen within scale, your programs and memberships.

And then lastly is [01:02:00] repeating success. Um, one of the things we talk about in the group are Repeating your results, understanding your results and repeating what works and letting go. What doesn’t. It’s very important that if you’re committed to scaling your business to whether it’s six figures, whether it’s multiple six figures that you have a gauge on what’s working and you have a gauge on what’s not working and you have a gauge on your.

Habits, your tendencies to do the things that don’t work or your tendencies to overlook something because it’s easy to overlook or you don’t want to like feel it or, you know, whatever. We all have these tendencies. I do too. And with every single launch of mine, I’m always looking for like, what am I resisting every time?

Where do I not want to do the work every time? And. In the repeating success, um, it’s, it’s not a module yet, but it will be a module that will [01:03:00] be dedicated to learning how to evaluate your business from a self compassion and sustainable lens. Identify exactly what marketing is working for you, what isn’t strategizing next 3 years and really building out a plan alongside what works and what doesn’t work.

So inside the program. It looks like that kind of now, but it’s going to evolve and then what you get inside the program, which I’m so excited that this is a 12 month program now, um, it’s going to be 12 months of weekly coaching. This is, I’m so pumped to just, I already have people in this program that are my current clients that resigned and like to be able to serve them at this level is just a.

Fucking pleasure and rereading this right now. Cause I, I made this decision not too long ago is so fun. Um, so it’s going to be 12 months of weekly coaching. There will definitely be holidays, um, in [01:04:00] there and I will take like vacations and things, so it’ll be 12 months, but in reality, there’s going to be some that are like, are not going to happen during holidays or things like that.

Um, We’re also going to have some co coaches as well, once in a while, right now, it’s mainly me. And for the next year, I would say probably 80 percent me, um, maybe even 90, we’ll see where my business goes towards the end of the year. But regardless, um, I’m committed. I’m committed to my clients growth. So my clients are always, they know that like, um, that’s commitment.

So 12 months of weekly coaching, we have a three day live in person event that is happening in Los Take care. Vegas, Nevada, February 21st through the 23rd. And that’s going to be, I think I’m actually, let me go here real fast because this is where we talk about it a little bit. So here’s the plan for those three days.

Day one, you’ll really. We’re going to plan your year. You’ll identify your [01:05:00] offers on what you’re going to sell. It’s really a lot of decision making. So you’re going to plan your offers. You’re going to create your marketing plan. And I don’t want you to be intimidated by marketing plan. I’m not a person that’s like, I have a marketing plan.

And like, it has to be my way. This is very simple marketing plan. It. Simplifying and simple is like the layer we put on everything. So we’re not making your systems complex. We’re keeping things simple and you can get micro if you want within it. But when I say marketing plan, I mean a very simple marketing plan, one that you feel like you have a handle on.

And you’ll also, um, have You also think about how you will use. Yeah. You also think about like, okay, so here’s my plan. Do I need to hire someone? Do I need to change my team? What does that look like? And you’ll get clear on your messaging as well day two, we’re probably gonna work on your messaging on day two, but day two will be a mix of [01:06:00] implementation and decision making.

So we’ll be spending the beginning half of the day, very focused on identifying your positioning and, and when I say positioning, it’s like really honing in, like who am I and my programs, how do we stand out in this space? And typically that’s just being more you. And getting like having your own back and like really leaning into like who you’ve always been and like what makes you special, you know, so honing in on that and creating belief plans and we call what I call belief plans is like, I am a firm believer that like, if you’re trying to get to a next level, you need to believe new things about yourself.

Right? When I got pregnant, I created a new belief and that belief was I make babies and money at the same time. I had to believe it. I had no fucking choice to believe it because old cat didn’t believe that. I didn’t, I never experienced it. I didn’t have to believe it. But when I’m [01:07:00] going into a new season of my life, new season of my business, I have to believe.

new things. So that’s when I say belief plans, it’s like, we got to strategize, like, what do you have to believe in? What beliefs are you going to practice on rotation? So that’s going to be the beginning half of the day of day two. And then the second half, we’re going to be looking at your sales pages and creating sales sequence, email sequences for your offer.

So you’re going to be writing a lot of copy and sequence. We’re going to keep the tempo kind of going. So if you’re, if you, if, if you feel intimidated by writing copy, just know that the next day you’ll be able to like revise it. I kind of want to get, I’m pro, I will get some like peers together to review it and to just get some feedback.

But my goal is that everybody leaves with. An email sequence, hopefully probably something as, as little as five, as big as 15 emails, where anyone [01:08:00] that joins your email list will automatically get these emails and you’re warming up that anyone, anyone that signs onto your emails, you’re warming up that audience.

And if you don’t even use email, then obviously you would set that up here. And then day three will really create the, the, this is six months, the 12 month action plan. And what I mean by that is, like, really identifying your priorities by quarter, right? So, like, if 1 of your priorities is building out your curriculum and really investing time and energy into that, I want you to be able to think.

About that from a a 12 month view and be like, okay, you know, from Jan, from February to, I don’t know, uh, April I’m gonna be building out, doing all this. And then from May to June I’ll be, you know, getting, putting it out into the group. Introducing [01:09:00] it to everyone, la la la la, just creating a plan and then we’ll celebrate and then we’ll have some fun, um, in Vegas, which is so fun.

All right, so that is the live event. So that is right here. That’s the live event. Outside of that, we have a community communication hub. We use slack where. All of my clients within within Show Up & Lead Mastermind, they just support. They are the best. Um, they support each other. They are calling each other out on with love on coaching.

They are asking for coaching. They do a lot of peer coaching. So. You’ll have access to coaching with me regularly, but for in the moment coaching, you can ask for it on Slack and I will answer, but also they, the group right now, like they will just Slack each other and be like, do you have [01:10:00] time to coach and just like handle the problems quickly?

Right. And typically their mindset, but, um, there’s a lot of, there’s just so much love within the community. Um, fourth is you can get your copy and launches. Uh, reviewed and get feedback on it. So whether it’s webinars or, um, a piece of content or like a series or like whatever plan you have or a launch you have, you can get it reviewed.

And I review those. I might have, um, someone help me with those at some point, but you’ll, but I’ll train them fully if they do. And those are going, those happen on, uh, within the group as well. So basically, like, if you want some feedback on the strategy that you create, you could put it in there on Slack and I will review it.

Also, you have the portal, um, the program portal, which the program portal mainly looks like this. [01:11:00] What I talked about a little bit earlier, so you have that and then we also have a private podcast. The private podcast is a collection of our group coaching calls, webinars, trainings, things like that. Um, but I, I’m a podcaster 1st, I started as a podcaster, so it’s important to me that things are in podcast form because I have, I like podcasts, so I like to add that, um, outside of that, the program is.

10, 000 paid in full or four payments of 2, 500 for the 12 months. Program, and there is a bonus of a VIP day when you join by this Sunday, January 7th. So January 7th, um, is the last day to join and also receive this. If you are considering this, if you want, if you’re either thinking about joining [01:12:00] or you know, you want to book a call now, give me one second.

Just so we can meet before the seventh, I just don’t want you to lose out on a four hour VIP day with me where we could look at your business in detail, um, and really strategize. I, I typically find I’ve done VIP days with my clients in the mastermind for a while now. And what I’ve realized is we typically handle a couple of things.

One will handle your biggest mindset blocks. And, or we will tackle your priority projects, right? So I once had a client who was building out a podcast and she’s like, I want to just get this podcast done like now, right? So we strategized all that and then it just happened. Another client, we just focused on her money mindset the whole time, like the entire time.

We’re like, okay, let’s just deepen this and like handle it. And then she left with a belief plan, right? So [01:13:00] that’s the early bird bonus is available until Sunday. I want to be very, very clear that. The sales call has to have, well, it doesn’t have to, but you, if you want to talk to me, you got to talk to me before Sunday, Sunday, I will not have any actual sales calls available.

So Saturday I have some available and tomorrow I have some available. Okay, and if you can’t make those, like, if you can’t make Friday or Saturday, we can talk on Instagram DMs, and I’m happy to like have an audio message back and forth so I can answer all of your questions and get to know your business.

But I just want to be really, really, really clear. If you’re interested in joining and you want to join by January 7th, make sure to book the call. So after the call, you can make your decision for real, for real. But once you book the call, you at least, you know, at least that’s on the calendar. And by the seventh, you could really make a [01:14:00] formal decision.

If you don’t need a sales call, you’re welcome to join the link. I gave you the Calendly link actually has two, um, links to pay without a sales call. So that’s also an option. Um, the right here, uh, within the Calendly link. So it’s up to you. Um, obviously I just want to stress. Early bird bonus for hours, one on one, um, if you want that, just make sure to get on top of it.

Okay. Now I quickly want to talk about my clients. These are, I still need to update these, but I want to talk a little bit about my clients. All right, so let’s talk. I want to talk about what happens inside of these inside Show Up & Lead Mastermind. So much, so much growth. Here’s why it’s so important to be in.

I mean, I’m biased, right? I’m selling a [01:15:00] mastermind. So, of course, I’m going to be like masterminds are the best, the fucking best. And I stay in masterminds, like stay in masterminds. I’m a part of multiple typically on a regular basis. And I think it’s a Pure reflection of why my business grows and grows and grows and grows.

But let’s talk about people in the program. I want to start by really talking about the value of the live event, the live event. If y’all have not been in a group of coaches and entrepreneurs who, All forked down thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to focus on their business. And this group is certain, like, these are people who want to impact their community and want to grow their business and are just fucking amazing people.

I don’t know how to say it, but I want to just talk about the value of those days because it’s dedicated days to focus on your business. Dedicated days to write copy to [01:16:00] practice writing, writing copy to have someone literally there to be like, Hey, can you reread this? Can you look at this? What, what message am I conveying?

We’re often looking at copy and Being like, take that out. Let’s get straight to the point. You don’t need to be nice about this. Be forward about it. You’re the expert, right? Like being in person in that room and then also being able to peer coach each other. One thing that happened at the last live event is one person was very stuck on her niche.

She was like, she, she had just switched her niche and. She was very stuck on, like, I don’t know what to call myself and la la la. And I was like, who can peer coach her? And someone peer coached her and they went off, you know, and just coached for a while. And she came back and it was such a celebration.

Like we, we, she was like, I am now, I forget. I think it was a freedom coach. And we all just like yelled and [01:17:00] cheered and it was just. Sut the camaraderie was so fucking special being in a group of people who believe. in themselves who believe in the growth of their businesses and who are supporting ourselves through it.

It’s such, such a special, it’s just such a special thing. And, okay. So that’s one thing I want you to consider. And another thing I want to share with you is the type of growth that happens within the mastermind. We have one client. I said, she’d I recently shared about her, but she, I said she tripled her revenue, but I did the math and I was like, she actually quadrupled her revenue.

Um, she started at like the, the baseline last, uh, last round. And she also got pregnant last year and she’s eight months pregnant now. Her name’s Norma. She’s a manifestation coach. And this woman, we, I just met with her the other day cause she had a bonus one on one and the amount of things she [01:18:00] accomplished last year.

She won, quit her job. We have a couple of people who have nine to fives and a business. She quit her job. She started Um, her therapy practice alongside her coaching, she leased an office, like her own office, which is so fun. She got pregnant, which is even more fun and she quadrupled her revenue. Like it is, and I’m not making this up, like go look for her manifesting with Norma.

Um, I think she might, I, I might actually have her, her, uh, what do you call it? Her IG story on my story still, and it might be gone by now, but she did all of this within the program. And it wasn’t, let me be clear. I’m always like my clients own their success. It’s not like me, it’s not the program exactly.[01:19:00] 

But. She was able to do all of this, manage her nervous system, give herself compassion through the first trimester, the second trimester, the third trimester, and also just honor her life while building something. And I just want to, you to imagine, I don’t know like everyone who here, I know most of you here, but Even the people that see the replay, I want you to really just imagine, like, what do you want in the next year?

Where do you want your business to be at the end of the year? Where do you want your business to be? Do it in a container with people. Like, do it with people. The reason that I’ve had so much growth is because I have people that I lean on who do what I do, who do very similar work, who understand the entrepreneurial journey and I could lean on them.[01:20:00] 

I lean on my husband for my husband’s stuff. I lean on my certain friends for my friend’s stuff. When it comes to building a coaching business, building a consulting business, um, building a service based business. Lean on entrepreneurs who get it, who value their life, who value the impact that they put out there.

Man, I’ll go back to Soledad, but I want to go back to fully booked formula. So everybody in the business, everybody in the mastermind has slightly different offers. Some have programs that they launch on a regular basis. Some have one on one, but I quickly want to talk about. If you sell one on one services, one thing I’m going to challenge you in is to get fully booked, to get fully, fully booked.

And the reason I created a module all about getting fully booked is because when you [01:21:00] learn how to get fully booked with one on one clients, not only you obviously make more money, you obviously You know, grow demand, which is so important to, to scaling. But what really happens is you are challenged to deal with CEO problems instead of coach problems.

You’re challenged to enforce. Business boundaries, your challenge to disappoint your clients, your challenge to be on a sales call and say, I’m sorry, I can’t do a special 12 month, uh, payment plan for you because I have a boundary about this and it’s important for me to stick to my boundaries because I’m so busy and I’m one person, right?

Like you are challenged in ways to grow as an entrepreneur into a mature entrepreneur that. Having clients here and there or having certain like [01:22:00] offers here and there and like having this like very like comfortable growth, it doesn’t allow you to do like it doesn’t allow you to do so inside show up in the mastermind.

One of the areas of growth for the folks who sell one on one coaching is really, really, really getting committed to this. Like I’m going to get so, so good at selling this and I’m going to get really good. At giving myself compassion that I’m never going to be scared to burn out because I know how to give myself compassion.

I am going to go into talking about Soledad because that’s basically what she did. Um, when I started working with Soledad, uh, we were, we started working together before Show Up & Lead Mastermind ever existed in one on one coaching. And I remember when she came to me and she’s here, by the way, you can say hi to her.

Um, When she came to me in [01:23:00] one on one coaching, she wanted to build out her coaching business. She was making money in her business, but it was kind of like coming from a lot of places. And she really wanted to like create money from like one, you know, one way. And one thing we focused on So much, by the way, so if you want to say anything, feel free to, I know sometimes you like to, so I’ll go, I was already in that chat box.

Okay. So I was a freelancer in 2020. I made 800 and then as a freelancer, I had made 33, 000 and I agreed to work while I agreed. I wanted to work with cat, um, in October, 2021. At that time I made 33, 000 and I took 10, 000 of that money and worked with cat one on one for six months. And then I joined Show Up & Lead Mastermind.

And so within 11 months, I had. I had six figures. I 10 X my investment. [01:24:00] And then I joined, um, Show Up & Lead Mastermind. I already joined again for this next round. And I continue to make money. Like I’ve continued to like grow my income, but I think more than anything, I’ve continued to evolve and just, I feel like business is like kind of like an onion and you just keep Unraveling different layers of parts of you that you need to grow and develop so that you get to have the revenue and the business success.

And so I’m excited. You scaled your program. Right. You scaled your program. You really committed to like fully booked. I remember you were like, I want to get like a hundred clients, something crazy, but you scaled your, your one on one and you really took went all into one on one. So much so that you were able to build out your group program and now you have a group program and one on one coaching.

And now the focus is like, okay, how do I sell a group? And how do I [01:25:00] learn how to sell a group? Because a lot of people think it’s like, Oh, once I know how to sell and I have all these clients, it’s just like so easy for me to sell anything. When the reality is like, when you’re learning how to sell in different ways, there’s a learning curve and you have to learn how to sell something.

You don’t just like, 100 percent no from the, from scratch. You got to practice. You got to go at it. You got to try again. You got to see the areas of growth and all of that. So it’s really a circle of, of committing to your business and trying at it, auditing your auditing, your launches, auditing your business and realizing what works, what doesn’t do a lot more of what works, what, what, you know, do a lot more of what works and not do what.

Doesn’t I want to, by the way, feel free to, like, hop off, but I’m going to talk a little bit about, um, transitioning into, or no, no, no, I’m going to talk a little bit about what happens inside the [01:26:00] slack group. So we have a slack group where our. My clients with Show Up & Lead Mastermind can communicate with each other.

And there’s a lot of different channels. There’s different channels where you can ask for help. So I’ll just name some of them. We do challenges inside Show Up & Lead Mastermind as well. We had a four clients in one month challenge. Um, we do the cringe challenge, which is something I do with my other group program too, which is the marketing challenge where you just embrace the cringe in marketing.

It’s such a fun challenge. Cause it’s really like we get to break all the rules and challenges. I mean, in marketing and just play around, um, inside the, the Slack group, there are, there’s the challenge channel there’s coaching from cat. So there are lots of channels where you can get coaching from everyone.

And I will mainly. Like reply to all questions and stuff, but if you only want to hear from me There [01:27:00] is a channel just where it’s like I just want to hear from Cat. I don’t want to hear from anyone else I just want to hear her opinions and We also have that channel in there too. There’s collaborations and networking.

There’s share your wins, which is probably the most popular channel. We’re always sharing our mother effing wins. Yes. Sorry. I just saw my client just signed. Yeah, Anita, my client Anita just signed her second client at her new fucking rate. Look at that. Some of them, um, I need to reply back to that. Um, regardless sharing your wins, we share, not just the money wins.

We share the growth wins. We share, I just, um, Naomi recently, which, um, she’s another client within Show Up & Lead Mastermind. And she’s joining the next round. She, I remember earlier, like at the end of last year, she [01:28:00] was celebrating. Letting one of her clients go, which obviously doesn’t feel like a celebration, but that was something that was so hard for her, but she knew it was time to let this client go.

They weren’t doing the work. She wasn’t doing their work. She’s like, I decided to let them go. I refunded what felt comfortable to me and I ended that shit. And that’s motherfucking growth, right? Like that’s motherfucking growth. We celebrate PR wins. We celebrate how many people joined our webinar. We celebrate doing hard things, right?

We celebrate podcast downloads. Um, I mean, there’s, there’s, there’s so much here. Um, we celebrate repurposing like content. Like if we had a marketing strategy that like we actually implemented and did, we celebrate that. Like we actually do like, we celebrate all of it. Oh my God. I’m just so happy about that.

[01:29:00] Okay. Sorry, I’m just excited about that. Slack group. I talked about the Slack group. What else do I want you to know? Um, we do copy and launch feedback. So I also do sales call, uh, feedback. So I will actually look at my clients sales calls and tell them exactly what the problem is of why they’re not closing clients.

And we look at that and we talk about it and I give them the feedback on there. Um, what else? Oh, I quickly want to talk about the transition from one on one to, to group programs and what that looks like. So one of the things that’s going to be in part of that module, it’s not a part of it yet, is developing a process for your future program.

One of the first things I did when I scaled from one on one to group was I created a process. I created a process that helped my clients get from this [01:30:00] result to this result. And really not only creating the process, like the system or like the, the steps, but learning to build belief in it. Here’s what nobody tells you when you are launching that new program, having that process helps refine your messaging.

Having that process, it, it, Shows you the expertise you have because the fact that you have a process means you’ve had clients go through it. You know what it feels like to go through that process. And it’s one of the things that we teach inside that, or we’re going to teach, I’m going to teach inside that module is transitioning into a group program, having a process that works, that you’re confident in and building belief behind it so that your messaging and marketing when launching that group program is consistent and, and, and powerful.

All right, y’all, I think I’m going to end it there. If you have any questions about Show Up & Lead Mastermind, make [01:31:00] sure to book your call with Cat now to apply. You can go to You can also DM me one on one. And I think that’s it. Y’all have a wonderful, wonderful day. I can’t wait to work with some of you and I will see you later.

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