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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

235. Growing Capacity for More Business & Health with Naihomy Jerez

She is sharing how she honors her body and business growing her capacity to take on more. She shares what has helped her grow her business while making room for more living in her full life (like living in the Dominican Republic for 5 weeks of the year, buying a new car, starting a podcast, putting on events, speaking at conferences, and growing her revenue.

On today’s episode I am joined by long-time client, Bronx raised Dominicana, wife, mother of two, Holistic Food & Health Coach and Host of the Well-thy Generation Podcast, Naihomy Jerez.

Listen in and learn how to create more space for living in life while growing your business.

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My name is Catalina del Carmen and I’m on a mission to put more cash in the hands of women of color. I’m a wife. Mom, Amiga, Prima, and I happen to run a multiple six figure coaching business. On this show, I share sales and marketing strategies that keep your business simple, your mindset focused, your bank account big.

And your impact even bigger. So if you are on a mission to create generational change and you [00:03:00] want to make a lot of money doing it, welcome to the Latinas Booked Out Podcast. All right y’all I have the book. Incredible. The most triggering when it comes to health, the most, honestly, the most knowledgeable person I know who understands food in a way that, I mean, to me, you’re like a fucking dictionary. Like you just know everything and you should just hear the amount of times I’m like, Paul, you know, oh, To my husband, I’m like, Paul, like Naihomy said that we shouldn’t be buying these things.

Like this is exactly, and then I’ll like look and then it’ll have like red dye and I’m like, we’re throwing it away. We’re like, we can’t do this to our kids. And I know all this stuff because of you. So anyways, [00:04:00] I want to give everybody a little gist of like why you do what you do. I think your work is so unique.

When it comes to the health space, because you have this perspective, you’re born and raised in the Bronx, right? Like I don’t want to raise in the Bronx. Oh, born in Dr. I didn’t know that. No, I didn’t know that. But, um, born in Dr. Raised in the Bronx. You have two kids. You are, you know, you live in New York city.

It’s a very busy place. Your lifestyle is. You know, it’s fast, like it’s fast for the most part just based off of where you live and you have kids which that feels like a fast lifestyle and it’s on. Um, and I feel like your perspective to health is one that is very, very, very needed. Um, just during our conversations, you’ve kind of blown my mind so many [00:05:00] times and I just love what you do.

So that being said, give us a little gist of who Naihomy is and how she became this health coach that just. Is so good at what you do. Thank you. I mean, I don’t know how much time we have. It’s I’ll, I’ll try and condense the story, but here is how I became a health coach that I, it was never in the plans. I was actually embarrassed to find out I was a coach.

I, I resisted it for so long. Uh, but anyway, after I had my second son, I didn’t recognize myself anymore in my body. And I was just so uncomfortable. And I know that after I had my first son, I had C sections for both of them and I treated myself so mean. Um, I just wanted to stuff myself back in my jeans and in my old clothes.

And I had so much shame and I was so [00:06:00] embarrassed. And I would literally like, hurt myself trying to, uh, like fit in my old clothes again, because the pants would just like poke in my incision. And I was so uncomfortable. And when I had my second son, I also had a C section, but this time around, I decided that I was not going to be mean to myself.

And I was going to wear my maternity jeans for as long as I needed to. So I could be comfortable and I could feel, you know, okay, not actually physically hurting myself. And I also decided that I wanted to change how I looked and change my, like how I was feeling because I just Did not feel like myself anymore.

So I was never a fan of actual diets before I had kids. I tried juicing and I tried pills and I tried like 5 a. m. Gym sessions and all these wild things that people do. [00:07:00] And I would really like very quickly. Quit because I just hated how I felt and I felt like it was torture. So I knew that that’s not what I was going to do this time around.

And something that happened to was like family members would give me girdles and fahas and they’re like, Oh, just wear this. And that was great to recover from the C section, but I was like, I don’t really want to depend on this for the rest of my life. So. I decided that I was just going to go to the gym once a week, and that’s what I started to do, even though I was not consistent at first, but I started to notice how I felt every time I went and how I felt when I didn’t go.

So I started to build up that evidence bank in my brain. And then a few months later, through my company, I was able to get access to a nutritionist. And I was like, Oh, I eat well already. I don’t know what I’m going to learn, like whatever, but I like food. So let me just see. And that experience ended up changing my life [00:08:00] because I had no idea how big of an impact food make made in the body.

Um, there was so much to learn about food. I didn’t even know there were careers that dealt with just food. So, and then I started to see how I, again, started to feel the energy I had, how my body was changing. Like everything started happening super fast because I was committed to learning and implementing whatever this nutritionist told me.

And I tracked my food for nearly two years with her. I ended up losing 50 pounds and it was not part of the plan, but that’s just what happened. Yeah. Yeah. And then. In the first year that that happened, I was like, great, this is wonderful. But everybody gains the weight back and I don’t trust it. I didn’t trust myself.

I just, I was like, well, next year, I’m just going to have to be embarrassed and like, look different again and explain to everybody what [00:09:00] happened. And I just kept going on with my lifestyle and. Because I actually enjoyed it and I realized how good I felt. So when year two came around and I was exactly the same and living my best life, that’s when it all clicked.

And I was like, wow, this really works. I really do feel great. It doesn’t have to be that hard. And there were a lot of new moms around me at that time too. And I was like, I’m living just such a different life than they are just by what I’m doing, not because I’m special. It’s just, I’m, I’m doing different things.

And I decided that this is what I wanted to teach women in my community. I was like, I just need to teach people that there’s a simpler way to do it, that it just takes some education that you don’t even have to sacrifice your whole life for it. And you don’t have to torture yourself. Like you can actually feel good and you can maintain your results because.

People [00:10:00] would do all sorts of things that would get results and they would go right back to where they were before and have to start all over again. And that’s how I started. I, when someone there was a, I had the budding of the idea in my brain and. And a former college mate saw me at a baby shower and she was like, Oh, what did you do?

Like, you look great. And you have these two kids and blah, blah, blah. And I was like, yeah, I can help you. I can teach you what I did. And she was like, really? And I took a napkin. I wrote down my phone number and I was like, just text me when you’re, when you’re ready, just text me. And like two weeks later, she texted me.

And I started helping her for free and I started helping other people who were asking I would go during lunchtime to like hotels to hotel lobbies to cold calls with people during lunchtime. I would go to their office. And that’s what how I started I just started helping people free [00:11:00] I would, I would coach them through WhatsApp on the train while I was brushing my teeth and my lunch hour, and I became up.

Transcribed So that’s how it kind of started, but there’s a like a lot more to this story. That’s incredible. I did not know that part that can detail that part of your journey. That’s so, so, so good. Okay. Uh, there’s so many directions I want to go with this because I really, for the listeners, I want the reason I wanted Naihomy on the show outside of like, of course she’s my client.

She’s been in Show Up & Lead Mastermind, like la la la, but. One thing that I’ve seen you grow through is really grow your capacity to take on more, um, really learn how to trust yourself over and over, and really create a life, like, step by step, that you, like, actually [00:12:00] want, like, one foot in front of the other.

And. I, I want to talk about that and we will talk about that, but I, I think I would love also to understand your perspective on like how your, how health takes a toll when you are going after something because you work with a lot of very ambitious, very high achieving women with disabilities. Either they are like, you know, like executives or leaders at work.

Mm-Hmm. Um, or sometimes coaches, entrepreneurs. Um, really a mix of people. Mm-Hmm. And you’ve also just blown my mind in so many conversations. So ex Okay. So let’s, let’s just keep it on health just a little bit more. Why do you think, like, why do you think it’s so hard for people to feel good in their skin?

Sure, lose weight, but like, understand food, like, what do you think they are most scared of? Or like, why is it so hard for people to, especially [00:13:00] busy, you know, busy women with full lives, why is it hard for them to like, eat good food? I think it was a couple of things. Number one is just the creating space for themselves.

That’s often where I have to start coaching with my clients. They are so busy and they want to start paying attention to themselves, but there’s no space in their life for that. And that requires a few things. Like it requires maybe communicating with a partner if they do have one or they’re Children if they have Children, if they don’t, it’s just their life in general, where there needs to be a reprioritization of what they want and how to how to accept and go through that learning curve of how do they prioritize themselves and what would that look like?

That’s one. Two, I feel there is an [00:14:00] enormous lack of education. I don’t feel there is a huge lack of education of What food actually is, how food should be used, how food makes you feel so that because of this lack of education, a lot of people don’t even know what to do, not because they don’t want to, but it’s just, you don’t know what you don’t know.

And then three, there’s so many things that are normalized, especially for women. It’s like, oh yeah, you know, you, you always have really bad PMS. You are very tired because of your career and your kids, you always have bloating. There is joint pain because you’re getting older and you have all of these things.

And I don’t think people realize how bad they’re feeling in their skin and that there can be something that can, there is a lot of things that you can do about it. So it’s just so normalized [00:15:00] within Our own bodies and what happens in our family. It’s like, Oh yeah, my generation. Yeah. It’s 100 percent generational.

And you know that those are, that’s one of my pillars and values too. So it’s like, Oh, my parents have diabetes. So it’s no surprise. I’m pre diabetic. My parents have high blood pressure. So it’s no surprise that I’m, and It’s just happening because we lead similar lifestyles. If we switch our lifestyles from what other generations are doing, that we have a really good chance of not developing those chronic illnesses.

So those are, I think, three things of why it’s not happening. It’s like no space, no education, and then normalization of things that are not actually accurate, like Yeah, just because it’s normalized. It doesn’t mean that’s the way it should be, you know, it blew my mind when you told me that people just have normalized their symptoms so [00:16:00] much.

They don’t even know how to feel good. Like when you said that, I was like, We don’t know how to feel like you’re the norm is shitty and that they don’t even think they have a problem. They just think they need to like, keep like, like just stay at this pace or like, um, not pace, but. Like the, they normalize the symptoms.

They normalize. Yeah. Like my, my husband has, um, I hope it’s okay for me to share this. He has rheumatoid arthritis. He’s had it since he was very young. Like a lot of, a lot of like, he actually had it as a child. Um, uh, so we’re, we’re not, I mean, you know, we try to live decent lifestyles. Like I. We do our best, but we’re very cognizant of, um, when he, when he swells up because that’s like visible like you actually like it [00:17:00] actually feels hard.

Um, so that’s like, honestly, he was the first person to really make me realize like, oh shit like we really have to like when I met him I’m like. We have like, I got like your food directs, directly impacts how you feel. Like he was the example of that. Like when we, you know, would drink, we were, we met when we were 21.

So, um, drinking and have lots of beer. Like he would just swell up so much in the morning, which made total sense. So. When you told me that I was just like, Oh my God, like we are a generation of people, of people who have normalized all of these shitty symptoms. Now, before I get into the business stuff, I want to ask you when we were having brunch one day, right?

Like, um, for the last live event, we, we did a little intimate lunch. Um, and. You were talking about [00:18:00] your symptoms you were having in your body and you and how you’re dealing with it and the way you talked about it was so intentional and it was like there’s a problem and I’m getting to it. Like it was just so much conviction and you were just like, yep, I went to the doctors and they told me this and then they couldn’t find this out and then now I’m gonna go do this and you, it was literally like one thing fucking goes wrong in Naihomy’s body and she’s like at work to like solve the problem and figuring out what the problem is and what, you know, the why behind it and I, I found it really, really fascinating and.

Because people don’t care about their body and their health as much as they should. I don’t. I need to. Like, I want to, right? So I’m curious how, and I think I know the answer, but like, how do you [00:19:00] manage taking care of your body while living such a full life? You have, you are, you have two fucking kids, you have a partner, you have a house, you have, like, you have to travel, travel, because you live in New York City, yeah, travel to pick up your kids, and like, it’s like, you just have a full life, a full, beautiful life, you’re an entrepreneur, you’re running a business, you have clients, right, how do you, like, take care of yourself, or are cognizant of your health and your body, you know?

When your life is so full, that’s a good question. I had to figure that out early on in my journey because I realized how good it was making me feel and I kept, and I started to feel addicted to feeling good in my body [00:20:00] because what happens in a health journey is that you start making these changes and then you kind of go back to what you were doing before and then you’re like, Oh, I don’t like how that feels anymore in my body.

And that’s how you start to create intentional change is not even restriction anymore is like the decision of you rather feel this way versus that way. So at first it was just. There’s just so much that goes into it. It’s like communicating with other people, setting boundaries with yourself, setting reminders.

So I’ll, I’ll try and give a few examples. When I first started going to the gym, I was still nursing. So I was like, all right, I’m going to get up. I’m going to pump. I’m going to leave a bottle and that my partner is just going to have to deal with the baby. And there’s milk already there. So whatever. And I remember one day I came home and he was so frustrated because he’s like, this baby like only wants you.

And he’s like, I wrapped your shirt around him so he could [00:21:00] smell you because he could not stop crying. And then he calmed down and I was like, great, you figured it out. Yes. You put my dirty shirt on him. Great. Um, Then I, I would come up with the excuses right in my brain. I’d be like, Oh, I’m not going to the gym today because it’s cold outside or it’s like raining.

And I would text the trainer, right? The group instructor. And I was like, is there a class today? It’s snow outside. And he’s like, Yeah. Like, why would it there be? So I started to see how the mind of these people who were committed to their, to their exercise routine, how they work. Like they didn’t let the weather be an excuse for them.

They still showed up. And then what I started to realize is that when I would go to the gym, I was a lot of a much more better person. Like I was a lot Yeah. More patient with my kids. I’m with my partner. And although people assume you’ll be more tired, like I actually had more energy and I had more calm [00:22:00] energy.

And when I didn’t go to the gym, I was just super frustrated with myself. And then I would have FOMO. And because I could only go to the gym once a week because of my schedule, then I was be like, damn, I’m like, there’s a whole six days between me and getting like this workout in again. And The days where I wouldn’t meal prep to go to the office and to bring my lunch, then I will have to go to times square and like figure out in between all these people, what kind of food I wanted to eat that was more aligned with how I wanted to feel.

So it was just these decisions of which, which hard do I want more? Do I want the hard of like taking out 30 minutes to meal prep, some lunch for at least I would do at least three lunches. Or do I want the heart of going out in Times Square and being frustrated because I don’t, I don’t find food that I want to eat.

So it’s so good. That’s so good. [00:23:00] It’s like communicating. And really what I ask my clients all the time is how did that make you feel? How did that make you feel? Because you get more You will do things more because of how it made you feel than just because this is what you need to do. You need to connect the two.

So when I started to realize slowly but surely, like, oh, this made me feel that way. And this made me feel this way. And it’s like, ah, the initial process of doing things like the meal prepping and the going to the gym was never for me. That exciting. And it was actually met with a lot of resistance, but my future self, the next day having that lunch was so grateful that I took the time to do that lunch beforehand, or that I showed up to the gym.

And I started to realize that no matter how tired I was, whenever I went to the, my workout class, I never regretted it. So I would always tell myself, [00:24:00] Naihomy, I know it’s hard right now, but you never regret it. And I also started to make things easier for myself and prep myself for what I needed to do.

Like I would buy super easy meals to make during the week. And I would something I still do to this day. Seven years later is I would leave all of my workout clothes in the bathroom. So I would leave the bathroom with my stuff on, like with my clothes on. So. I don’t even know if I’m answering the question, but it’s just this decision of what are you going to do for yourself?

That’s going to set you up for like the future version. And one time I had this conversation with my client, I’m like, the future version is not like a year from now. Your future version is like, Tomorrow, like, how is this gonna set you up for success tomorrow, you know, so, so, so good. You know, that’s funny you say that because the other day, the other day, so I had, I’ve started working out [00:25:00] with, um, a personal trainer, probably now like five months ago or.

For four or five months ago and I mean, the way I feel compared to what before I started is just like night and day and the other day, I think it was literally last week. I, I, I feel, look, when I work out really consistently, especially like muscle, like something about, because I had been doing cardio, but it’s like nothing fucking beats getting strong.

Like when you fucking feel strong, it’s like you feel unstoppable. And I’m like, I gained so much weight in my second pregnancy that I’m, I’m very heavy, but I’m like. I feel very strong and it almost confuses me because I’m like, wow, like the other day I had this thought. I was like. If I feel this much better now, how?

Like I, I can’t even [00:26:00] imagine what I’ll feel when I’m like really intentional about what I’m eating and like feeding my body These like really good foods. Like that’ll just be like. Like steroids, not literally, but like, is it like, like feel good steroids, right? Like, it’ll just, it has to make me feel better than this.

And sometimes I’m like, but I feel so good right now. I don’t need them. I’m like, no, like there is so much room to grow. And I think, yeah, you’re just so spot on and like. How you feel is so much more important. Okay. Okay. I want to, I want to do a quick turn before, cause we could talk about this all day. Um, I want to talk about you and your business and all of the growth that you’ve had, um, and everything you’ve been able to like do and create year after year.

So I’m going to read off a couple things that you did. And the reason is I want everyone to have a full [00:27:00] picture of like, What it looks like, like, what does it look like to build a business one foot in front of the other to really grow capacity to take on more to, to feel all the feelings to still live a life that you want to live, try new things, la la la.

Um. Yeah, I want to, I want to paint that picture. So these are just a handful of the things that you did in the last year in 2023. You spoke at a conference. Was it your first conference that you spoke at? Yeah. Yeah. You spoke at a conference as a speaker. You did a three day free training event. You did six live cooking classes.

You hired a V. A. You launched your podcast. You traveled to for business. You came to Show Up & Lead Mastermind live event in L.A. and you’re in New York. So that’s Yeah, that’s not a drive. That’s [00:28:00] a distance. Um, you had many clients. You increased your revenue. You launched your client portal.

You took five weeks of summer and spent it in Dominican Republic with your family, with your kids. Um, and you ran your business from there, which is just incredible. We talked about that right before we started this podcast. I’m like, do you know how big of a deal that is? Um, That’s a lot. Like that’s actually a lot and I’m curious, you are running a business.

You’re growing a business day by day. You’re taking care of your kids. You’re not only feeding yourself, you’re feeding your children and your family. How have you, one thing we’ve worked on in the mastermind in the last year has like growing your capacity to take on more, to feel more, to feel the emotions.[00:29:00] 

You also, I don’t, you, you also, I feel like practice business boundaries. I know that there, that you’ve had clients that you’ve had to really like be serious about whether, um, You know, well, yeah, some clients just didn’t work out like you, what is it called? Um, you just, I seen you, what I saw was you practicing your business boundaries in a really new fresh way.

After learning so much, how do you do this? Like how are you growing your business? Right. It, it’s going this way. How are you doing that while, and all the other things I say, While you are taking care of your health and spending time with your family, doing the things that are important to you, going to Dominican Republic for 5 weeks for many weeks, um.

And setting up house there for the summer. Like that feels like a [00:30:00] lot for some people. How do you do that? How do you manage that? And how have you grown your capacity to like think bigger in that way? Oh, that’s a loaded question. It is. I know that’s like one. We can just start with like, how have you grown your capacity this year?

How have I grown my capacity? Number one, it’s been through showing up mostly in coaching because I know it hasn’t been like me skipping through fields of daisies to just paint a picture. I, I honestly, I’m like a child throwing a tantrum on the floor every single time these things happen. But one thing is that.

If I want it and I know that it’s just something I need to go through, like I’ll throw the tantrum and I’ll work through it at the same time, right? Like I, I just understand now that tantrum phase is just [00:31:00] something I go through, like it’s just me and I’m in kind of a tantrum phase right now that I’m working through, right?

So it’s given. Myself the space to just be annoyed and frustrated and petty and like whine about it and having people hold space. for me to do that, but also hold me kind of accountable and ask me questions to kind of get out of that. That’s one two. I’ve had to set, I don’t think the right word is expectations, but just, I’ve had to really get to know how I work and how I, what I’m good at and what I’m capable of to then set myself up to manage many things at once.

And by that, I mean, I’ll set. Specific times for when I get to worry about something like if I have, [00:32:00] for example, my three week, my three day training event in October, I had to plan three workshops, I had to plan, you know, decks and, and promotion and emails and all this that might be a help me with.

However, I knew that during the I Monday through let’s say Thursday. I couldn’t really focus on these workshops because my schedule is very choppy. Like I go from one client call to another and then I have to either leave to pick up my kids or go to the gym and then I need to make dinner and then I’m too tired at night and so on and so forth.

I know that for these type of projects, I’ve come to learn that I need a large window of time, let’s say four hours uninterrupted to work on these things. So I knew that Fridays I could do that. So I would set Fridays outside aside for that because I don’t take client calls on Fridays. And during the [00:33:00] week when my brain was like, Naihomy, you’re so behind on your workshops and you haven’t worked on it.

And I’d be like, Nope, remember, we’re going to worry about this on Friday. Like, we’re not worrying about this right now. So I started to set boundaries with my own brain, and I started to realize that it was okay to switch my schedule around, which is something you coached me on in June because I had so much going on in June is both.

My kid’s birthday is the end of the school year here in New York. And then both my kids classes wanted to have so many events that we were invited to. Like they had an ice cream shop and they had like publishing parties and they have, and then, and then they had trips and I really want to show up for my kids and they, they, Did all of this in this month.

And that was also the month that we were going to leave to DR for like a long time. Yes, I remember. And I was so stressed. And you were like, well, why don’t you just move things around? [00:34:00] That kind of, I was like, what, and you were like, yeah, just, you know, tell your clients that you’re moving them or you get to like make space in the week because you really want to show up for your kids.

And I was like, yeah, that’s true. So now I’m a lot more. I guess open to just creating that space. If it’s not currently there and I need to shift things around, then I don’t have that much mind drama because of what I went through in June to just be like, Oh, these are the changes that are going to have to be made.

Everybody’s aware of it. Everybody’s still going to get their calls, but I need to create this space for myself. So I don’t feel like I’m drowning. Um, and I’ve also helped, I’ve also used technology. To help me, like, how can I automate things? How can I give more responsibilities or tasks to my VA that just take up a lot of mental space?

How can she help me halfway? Like, [00:35:00] sometimes I do half of it and then I pass on the other half to her. So how can I use technology to kind of ease up on the pressure or remind me to do certain things or to create my to do list in a way that doesn’t feel so heavy for me? So, so, so good. Yeah. I think, I think what you said, well, I wrote down notes when you were talking, and then the first thing you said of like, just knowing that you go through the tantrum phase, first of all, I don’t call it the tantrum phase.

That’s my, that’s my language. That’s her words, okay? Yeah, that’s my, 100 percent me. I love, no, but I love this because I, in, in my own similar ways, I will, like, I just will, I’ll have a signal when I’m going through something or when business feels really hard or when I’m just really being like frustrated that [00:36:00] things are hard.

I, um, so I don’t have a tantrum phase. I drink and smoke and I numb. That’s what I do. I numb. And then now I’ve gotten so good at like. knowing myself that I’m like on top of like, Oh, you want to numb this. You just don’t want to feel this. And now I’ve gotten to a point where I’m just so intentional about like, like sometimes I’m like, Oh yeah, we’re totally numbing tonight.

I’m, I’m smoking a joint and like enjoying some Netflix. And then. The other night, you know, like the next night I’m like, no, you’re going to have to feel this. We’re taking a walk today and you’re literally just processing emotions and you’re crying and you’re just going through it. But I think what you said is so good.

Cause you were like, you just have to know yourself. You got to get to know yourself. And when it’s a cycle and you see it as a cycle, then you can start [00:37:00] normalizing like, Oh, I’m just in my tantrum phase. Or like, I just really want to like. Be I’m just really upset that this is so frustrating or like, in my case, I just really don’t want to feel the hard, like, I don’t want this to be hard.

I kind of want to just hide and like, not do anything and just like go away. Everyone leave me alone. And I think knowing yourself and being onto yourself is a skill that mature entrepreneurs are learning. Like they’re onto themselves when it. They feel, you know, when they know something, when they’re going through a cycle and they’re feeling hard and they just have to go through it, they kind of.

I think we just get better at it. And I think once we start giving ourselves what we need in those moments, um, we, we can go through the process quicker, but also we don’t have to like, like it’s, it’s still okay. We’re like, we’re not trying to get rid of it, you [00:38:00] know? Like we don’t have to get rid of the feeling of wanting to.

To release or numb or whatever, like we feel that way because we’re human and like, we want, we don’t want to deal with hard things because we never do. And it’s the same thing with our health, the self awareness. Yeah, I know when you were talking about, um, when you were talking about health, I was just like, yeah, evidence, evidence bank.

Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. Yeah. In business too. It’s like, what’s the evidence bank? The self awareness. Yes. And like how important it is to just go through the thing. Um, you also, you, you also mentioned. Getting support and like using tech and support to help you. I think that’s so, so, so smart. I just was on a sales call with someone who they were debating if they wanted to basically be in a mastermind or hire, um, a copywriter.

And I was [00:39:00] like, and they were like, not at six figures that they were, they were like right at the 40 K range. And I was like. You know, you could like, if you could, first of all, you don’t have to hire like a copywriter because this is feels hard for you. I would rather you create hire a VA and create a process that like exactly what you said, do half the work and then have them do the other half vice versa.

And every process could look different. But anyways, we went on to talking about how like. Um, doing the hard work is important, but like, I think what a lot of people don’t realize is if you get to know yourself in business more and more and more and more, you realize. Where and how you could utilize support to make your life easier to, to take over the stuff that is going to slow you down or that you get in your head about [00:40:00] or vice versa.

And I know you’ve, I, I, you actually used your VA during that time when you were in, um, Dominican Republic, um, for, for those reasons. So anyways, I just wanted to call that out. It’s so, so important to like, get to know yourself and. What your process of growth looks like what that looks like. Okay, we have a couple minutes.

Um, I don’t want to take all your time. What are you most proud of yourself for?

Not quitting.

I can just hear it in the lab. You’re like Catalina. Um. What are you? Okay. You’re not quitting. Yeah. This is like a really y’all, if you know, Naihomy, she’s like rolling her eyes at like, what are you the most proud of? But this is the work. This is the work. What are you most proud of? It’s been a [00:41:00] year. It’s been how, how you’ve been three years in business.

Yeah. It’s going to be four in May. Oh, it’s going to be four in May. Okay. Got it. Got it. Got it. I’m like, wait, how long has it been for me? I guess that’s me too. Um, what are you most proud of in this journey of entrepreneurship? And you’ve grown every single year. It’s just the truth. Every single year you’re in the positive.

And what are you proud of?

That’s such a hard question for me. I know it is. That’s why I’m asking you first. I am proud of just honestly, my gifts. And I know it’s not like just me. I know it’s a gift from God and I don’t know. And the way I’ve helped. And [00:42:00] supported women like really turned their health around. Like I deal. Yeah. Yeah.

Give us, give us a little background. What, tell me how you have helped women turn there. Um, women who I have helped have. reversed autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s and IBS. They’ve been able to come off medication. They’ve gotten rid of their acne. They’ve reversed prediabetes and high blood pressure.

They are living their best lives like they’re able to travel without getting sick. They’re able to travel and maintain their wellness while they’re traveling and come back and go back to their routine. They’ve been able to pass on this information and help family members and loved ones. Feel better and like reverse things to like one of my clients, she would go on walks with her mom, not like physically in person, but they [00:43:00] would go out and talk on the phone and walk and her mother started getting better lab results to just from that.

So it’s just, it’s been, it’s been a lot like women in their fifties just feeling better and perimenopause. Um, that’s just off the top of my head. I mean, it’s been a while. I’m getting watery. I, I know you are crying. She’s she’s literally crying. Y’all I’m really proud of that. And I’m proud that I have addressed and like have continuously done work on myself.

So I can keep showing up in that way. Um, because I just. I’ve, I still have not seen someone else approach things or think about things the way that I do and just make [00:44:00] it culturally relevant and relevant for women who are extremely busy and that’s part of the reason why they get into the situations that they’re in.

Um, so I sometimes, as you know, have a hard time accepting that and seeing that and just leaning into that, but I also see the results and there’s proof of that in their lab work and how they’re feeling and their confidence like coming totally broken from doctor to doctor to doctor to medical professional and none of them being able to help them to just, you know, Feel great in their skin and what to do about it and how to address it.

So when you were saying like, oh, you felt like when I felt something was off in my body and I’m like, I’m going to get to the bottom of this. That’s what I tell my clients. I’m like, I just want you to know when something’s not right and what you can [00:45:00] do about it. And if not, what kind of help you can get because that that’s life changing instead of just like ignoring everything.

Or not knowing that you’re feeling something, you know, so I’ve had to, there’s been many things I’ve had to face in terms of like past traumas and triggers. And I’ve had to work with life coaches and therapists and with UCAT and with my peers and I’ve just. I guess never given up on myself and I’ve had to lean into being embarrassed and like wiping my boogers on my shirt in front of five other people on a zoom call.

And now it’s like, well, this is what I have to do to get through it. Like, I really want the help. I don’t want to be stuck here. So if I have to clean my moguls on my arm and my shirt, like look disgusting. Well, then that’s what That’s what [00:46:00] I’m good at. That’s what’s gonna have to, yeah. Um, I think the work that you do is so incredible and that’s why I was tearing up, just like listening to you say all the ways, all the results your clients have gotten, all the ways that you’ve helped them.

It’s like, our work is so valuable. Like, I, our work is just so, so, so, so, so, so valuable. It’s a domino effect in our communities. It It’s, it’s incredible. And the work you do is amazing, Naihomy. It’s so amazing. And it’s been such a gift being able to just coach you inside the mastermind. Um, okay, we got to get off.

I am running late for my next call, but, um, tell me two things. One, why should people join Show Up & Lead Mastermind? And two, where can people find you? One, why should people show up, join, Show Up & Lead Mastermind? [00:47:00] I believe that they should join because especially if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re very serious about your growth and just like going through these pains that I’m talking about is because I really appreciate your honesty.

That’s one. And the way. that you coach. I prefer somebody who is not beating around the bush or not sugar coating things for me. So that’s. That’s one reason. Um, two is also the community. I have gotten so, so, so much value from just being with peers, being community, being with other coaches who are, you know, have different expertise that has been super valuable for me.

So Those, those are two reasons I can go on. Thank you. Thank you. Where can people find you and learn about you and talk about your, well, just tell them to go to your podcast. Go to her podcast. [00:48:00] Go to my podcast is called Wellthy Generation Podcast. It’s W E L L as in wellness. W E L L T H Y generation. So you can follow me there on my podcast.

You can also follow me on Instagram @naihomyjerez. And those are two very good ways to find me. And you can go to the link of my bio there and find links to everything else. Amazing. Thank you so much. I love you. I appreciate you. And I cannot wait to see what you grow this year.

Yes. Thank you so much, Cat. I appreciate you.

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