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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

236. $54k Calm Launch with Soledad from Wealth Para Todos

Today I am joined by Soledad, from Wealth Para Todos. She is sharing her journey to create calm and profitable launches. She shares how her last launch created more revenue than her last three launches combined. She shares what mindset shifts helped her stay detached and the strategies she used when she got stuck. Listen in & learn.

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My name is Catalina Del Carmen and I’m on a mission to put more cash in the hands of women of color. I’m a wife, mom, amiga, prima, and I happen to run a multiple six figure coaching business. On this show, I share sales and marketing strategies that keep your business simple. Simple. Your mindset focused, your bank account big and your impact even bigger.

[00:03:00] So if you are on a mission to create generational change and you want to make a lot of money doing it, welcome to the Latinas Booked Out Podcast.

What is up y’all? Welcome back to Latina’s Booked Out Podcast. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. Now, today I am talking with Soledad, one of my long term clients and friends, and we are talking about her 54, 000 launch. I love this story so much because she really lays out how this launch made more money than her last three launches.

And she gives us all the details why, and she did it inside Show Up & Lead Mastermind. I wanted to share her story, not only because I [00:04:00] wanted to celebrate her and tell you how amazing she is, but I also wanted you to see that launching when it comes from a place of calm and self trust, you can make a lot of money.

This is trial and error, y’all. This is what we do inside Show Up & Lead Mastermind. So let me tell you a little bit about Sonidad. Soledad is a former public school math teacher turned money and self care coach. She has helped her clients pay off debt, build savings, start an investment stock account, and develop a plan to reach financial independence.

She helps her clients retire early and create a plan where that is possible. As a former public school math teacher, she always had a passion for educating and empowering others, but it wasn’t until she [00:05:00] was sick. On medical leave in March of 2019, that she decided to pursue her passion and personal finance.

During that time, she started to develop her financial literacy by reading books, listening to podcasts and YouTube videos. And by May 19, 2019. 2019. She became the CFO of her familia. She calls it the Puro Party Parlinos. Using her newfound knowledge, she implemented zero based budgeting and was able to pay off 23K in student loan debt, create a six month emergency fund, max out her IRR.

A’s for herself and her husband, max out their 401k and create an early retirement plan. They’re on plan to retire at the age of 45 y’all. This woman is credible. She’s also a [00:06:00] mother of two and she’s just such an example of what is possible. I cannot wait for you guys to hear her story about this specific launch.

And before I do that, I just want to make sure for those of you who are listening to this who are like, I want to be able to create a launch like this. I want to be able to feel this way in my business. I want to invite you to Show Up & Lead Mastermind doors are open right now. They only open twice a year, and if you are interested in considering joining, book your sales call with me now.

All right, y’all, let’s get started with this episode. Let’s go. Hello, Soledad, welcome back to the podcast. I feel like at this point, it is the Catalina and Soledad Show.[00:07:00] 

I know it makes me actually so happy because anybody who doesn’t know this back in the day when I first started following Cat, which I learned about Cat from people who listened to her pod. When I learned about her. I reached out to her because I wanted to be on her podcast and she ignored me. So it actually makes me so happy that this is going to be, I think, my third time on here because I’m like, look at that.

Look at that. When, when a door closes five other open. I did not mean to ignore you. Lemme tell you something, I’ve been thinking about this because I’ve been thinking about how friendly or unfriendly I am on social media sometimes, like in dms, and I was like, Hey, you need to be friendly again because you know, look, here’s the deal y’all, for everyone listening, when I am postpartum, I’m kind of like, I give no fucks except [00:08:00] for myself and my mental health and my kid obviously, and.

I, I feel like every time I have a baby, I go through this like very unfriendly phase because I’m just like trying to protect myself. Um, except when you reached out, I don’t know why.

Anyways, well, I’m glad this is your fourth time actually. Three solo shows and then we, we did a show with Naomi and Sylvia, so. Um, I’m so excited to have you on and every show you’re teaching us something different. Like you’re giving us more growth. And on today’s episode, I want to talk about your launch, your 50 K plus launch.

Have you wrapped your head around it yet? Like, do you know that you made 50 K out of a plan that you made? I think finally, finally, it’s starting to hit in and I’m celebrating it a [00:09:00] lot more and I’m realizing that, you know, I’m going to build my 450 K business. I think that. Biggest takeaway from this past launch was I made 50 K in a very calm, collected manner, and I definitely have the belief that launching is little party, it’s fun, and that was not the case.

That was not the case for the past two and a half launches. Yeah, I it’s, it’s been so fun watching you through this journey and, and testing things and learn about yourself through launches and all of that good stuff. Okay. So let’s set the scene. Let’s set the scene. You, um, 2021, we worked together one on one.

You spent 2022 like putting in the work, becoming a great coach, helping your clients get results, one on one coaching at that time, um, mainly. You [00:10:00] were only doing one-on-one coaching for the majority of that year, and then you, you decided to launch a program. It was when I was on maternity leave . So I kind of came back to it being planned and I wasn’t gonna like shit on your, um, entire launch and program when I got back, even though inside I was like, well,

But you went through it and since then you in 2020. Um, you did like a mini launch, I think at the beginning of the year, or was that December 2022? So I did my first launch starting in October. It was supposed to be like October 20th to November 30th. Something that you had told me not to do, but didn’t listen.

Then I did a mini launch the last week of December, 2022. And then I launched a full launch in May. Yeah. Yeah. So you had three, two and a half mini launches, uh, launches and you, what was [00:11:00] the average? How much were you bringing in for those? Approximately, you think? Well, the price was less, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

The price was less back then. That’s true. But, um, I don’t, if you let me look it up, then I can give you like the exact numbers. We don’t need exact numbers. You’re a money coach, so you’re like, let me give you the dates. I just know that the, uh, that I made more money this last launch than all of my other ones combined.

Okay. So, and I had like, I was actually tracking it. Um, so I’m going to say like maybe 16, 001 launched and maybe, you know, like, yeah. Well, if you divide it by three, yeah, if you divide it by three, it’s like 16 K, um, maybe, yeah, average. Um, it didn’t work like that every time, like 16 days, 16, not each time. Um, but you weren’t bringing in 50, that’s for [00:12:00] sure.

You were not bringing in a 50, 000 launch at once. Um, let’s talk about how you felt. In your past launches, like, cause I think a lot when I, when you start getting into a proper launch model for a scaling program for a scalable, what I would call a scalable offer, meaning if you decided at any point in your life and business.

You only wanted to sell wealth para todos and you wanted to learn how to sell it, you could, that’s what makes it scalable without having to, like, you could still pick your schedule, you could still do the things you want to do in your life, like you, it’s scalable, right? For one on one coaching. It is so valuable.

So let me just be clear here, everybody who’s selling one on one coaching, that’s scalable too. It’s just a different strategy that you’re using to scale. And you, your real work, uh, is pricing and [00:13:00] being comfortable with like going to new prices. That being said for you, you have a scalable offer. Where was your mindset at in the other launches?

Like, how did it feel going through the other launches? Seeing that this one, this last one was so, so much more profitable and so much more like calm and chill. Why is that? Like, what were the other ones like? The other launches, I think all of the launches, I started each one with a lot of belief before.

So I was like, really hyping myself up of like, people want this, people want this, and I spend time doing thought work on that. So that allows me to show up and write emails, and for my first launch, I was like, I’m going to send an email every single day for 30 days, everybody wants this, everybody wants to read my emails, everybody wants to hear it.

However, I was only sending email to my wait [00:14:00] list, which for that one, like 200 people. And so it was easy for me to have the thought. Everybody wants this because these are people who are signing up. I had that first launch. There was a hundred spots. The fact that 200 people got on the wait list. I was like, Oh my goodness.

There’s not going to be enough spots for everybody. Like I think some like my ignorance. When it comes to conversions, conversion rates, like kind of like served me because I was like so excited and really helping people. But at the same time, it, it really made me fall into a lot of shame when I didn’t get the results I wanted.

So when, during the lunch, Right. So during day one of open enrollment on my first lunch, when not all the spots were taken, and instead of her looking at like, maybe like 12 people, which is huge, a huge thing that on my day, right. Instead of being like, Oh my goodness, 12 people enrolled on day one. I was like, Oh [00:15:00] damn, only 12 people.

That’s, you know, not a hundred. That’s not even 50. That’s not even 25. That’s where my brain was going. So I, I think a struggle that I had from my launches is a lot of high belief, you know, we talk, I’m really, really good at like gross goals and going after that. But then when I don’t meet the goals, I’m filled with so much embarrassment.

And unfortunately, my embarrassment quickly always turned to shame. And then, you know, in my mini lunch, I didn’t, I had very low, like I only wanted seven people to join me while I thought of those academy during that mini launch and eight people joined. So I felt so successful. But then now I had all these people in the program and I didn’t have, you know, onboarding.

I didn’t have systems. I didn’t have all these, I didn’t have curriculum. It was like, and so very quickly by January, I was like, what the fuck, what did I get myself [00:16:00] into? And gratefully, I was in the mastermind and you were able to coach me and you’re like, soul, no more shitting on welfare at both Academy.

You’re going to fall in love with it. This is a new offer. You’re going to get used to marketing for this offer. You’re going to build belief in this offer. You’re going to build belief that people want to buy this program. Like you’re going to do the work. And I was like, so overwhelmed, so overwhelmed by it.

And I was like, okay, well, the next launch, we’ll make sure that onboarding better and though onboarding improves so much more, there was actually an onboarding process, there was still tech issues. And so again, I feel embarrassment and very soon it turns into shame. And I think a pattern that we’ve had with, you know, the big two launches was you having to coach me out of wanting to quit.

By the gap. Yeah, and the launch. Oh yeah, I always quit the launches. That was a common theme. The [00:17:00] last, the prior launches. The two big launches, I always quit them. I never finished them. And by quitting, I mean like, let’s say, you know, enrollment was, open enrollment was for November 30th. I stopped selling November 6th.

And it was just like done. And then for the other one, I was like having a shorter launch because I thought, Oh, if the open enrollment is only for a few days, then it’s not going to be so crazy. Well, guess what? Even if open enrollment was for five days, your girl quit on day three because embarrassment turned to shame.

And, and that’s really, I think we’re all the self compassion work. And the framework has really been a game changer for me. So tell me what changed, like, what did you do? I mean, let me, I got to pull up, you wrote this on, um, a, on the Slack channel, you shared your wins and I think it laid it out really, [00:18:00] really, really well, and I want to read it to everybody and then you can kind of give us.

You can kind of give us the, um, the background on like, how did you, how did you make, how did you make that happen? Um, okay, so let’s see. Let me look at, I’m looking for a specific message here now. Alright, here it goes. Open enrollment ended this Friday. The launch generated a total of 54, 000, 54, 204 in sales.

17 people renewed their membership, and all 6 new people paid in full. 41 emails were automated and repurposed to IG, 91 percent of all emails were automated, 41 IG posts were automated, 70, 87 percent of all of them, all the [00:19:00] IG feed posts were automated. Wow. And as I shared before, 73 percent of my content was repurposed and 14 pictures with just a caption were posted.

And I didn’t die. We could get into this in a minute. There was one day during open enrollment that I posted one carousel, one static post, three three IG reels. and an IG live on Instagram. I went from not wanting to talk about wealth, wealth, para todos in my feed to posting about it six times. And I didn’t die.

This was my mindset launch. I did mindset work at least twice a day for this launch. I could write, I could free write, create intentional thought models and or a script. I also tended to my nervous system daily [00:20:00] with my neuro fit app. I learned a lot, but the best part of all is I am not burnt out. I am alive.

Keep marketing. Damn! I know! You’re reading it right now, I’m like, oof, what gross. What really gross. Damn! Because All of that, there was so much resistance for the two and a half launches prior. You had been telling me for, you know, over a year, so send emails to everyone on your email list, post to your Instagram feed, get out of just your Instagram stories, you know, let people know on your Instagram feed.

The walk by those academy is open. Um, repurpose your content. You don’t need to do everything from scratch. It was all things you had been telling me. But I felt so much resistance and it’s crazy now because I don’t have those thoughts [00:21:00] of resistance that I had before. I had to work through that through my mindset, right?

Like I did a lot of thought work and I got peer coaching and anytime I found that resistance, this was the launch that I was like, you’re, you’re going to listen, you’re going to listen to cat. And if you don’t feel like listening, we’re going to get curious about it. And we’re going to create new thoughts and beliefs so that you could take action that had is giving it.

Like, I remember I’d come to be like, just give me strategy. And it was like, you were giving me strategy for over a year when it came to launching. But I couldn’t listen to strategy because of all the feelings of overwhelm and, you know, embarrassment and being nervous would get in the way of doing the strategy.

Yeah, I remember with this launch. I mean, like the real goal and you said it within was within, um, what I just read is you said, this was my mindset launch. And it was like we, our goal before looking at the numbers before [00:22:00] looking at the people getting in, the goal was like, we’re not burning it out. You’re not burning it.

You’re not going to play the burnout game and you’re gonna see it through. You’re going to see it through all the way. Yeah. To, to, to the end, because of, because you had all this data from your last launches and your last growth, tell me, what, what do you think were like, top two, one, two or three, like, strategies?

That moved the needle for you, you think, in this launch? I don’t know if you would call it a strategy, but for me, um, I know you refer to it as a revenue generating activity, right? Um, regulating your nervous system and the self compassion. Those were Huge, huge, huge for this lunch. I would not have been able to do it.

I mean, this lunch, I was dealing with a lot of personal things, you know, I had my [00:23:00] car stolen, I had my two abuelas that were, um, sick and didn’t have health issues and there was a lot of stuff in my personal life, but I think it was the August Show Up & Lead Mastermind live event. When we learned about the self compassion model that it really, really hit me like, so like.

You’re a toxic boss. You have all this compassion and empathy for other people. But when it comes to yourself, you’re so hard on yourself and you’re like, you’re mean, you don’t give yourself space to make mistakes or really step out of your comfort zone. If you’re struggling, you’re so mean to yourself.

And so I walked away from that light event, like. Okay, I’m going to really start to surrender and I’m really going to explore ways to be kinder to myself. And instead of, you know, turning to [00:24:00] actions as a way to out, try to outrun my shame, I tried to get rid of the shame. And I was able to do that with the self compassion model.

And then also learning to regulate my nervous system, being in my body and noticing physical reactions of nervousness, of resistance, of fear. I learned to, to notice that, and then I listened to my body and I tried to regularly my nervous system and provide some more comfort and be kinder to myself. And I think because I had done that already in August through our work and then in September, and I started just being a lot more playful and kinder to myself that I was willing to have this launch and it not be about the money.

I literally had the thought of let’s. That’s your mindset launch and let’s just prove to yourself, Soledad, that launching can be puro party and that it doesn’t lead to burning out because I [00:25:00] thought if I can do that, if I could get through an entire launch and not want to quit my entire business. Then in January, I’m still going to have energy and maybe I’ll launch multiple times.

I’ll start to launch more time because it won’t feel so scary. So I realized that was my work and I had to decide to commit to growing in that way. A hundred percent. And you killed it. You did the work. I remember you coming. I don’t know if it was like the beginning of your launch or midway through, but something was going wrong and we had to troubleshoot.

I forget. I think, I think your VA was like at the top of their hours or something. I don’t know. Some, and then you were like, but you had all this other work to do and we just, I don’t know. The carousel posts. I was automating content and I was creating these carousel posts. And you that’s what you said.

Okay, it’s time to simplify now Do you think I should just maybe stop posting on instagram? [00:26:00] That was my solution Maybe you know I let go of the instagram feed post and just focus on email only And then you said or you take the email and put it as a caption and just put a picture of yourself and I was like Like the thought that I had was like this is failure.

This is failure And I had to decide like okay You were planning on making them parasols. Yeah, and then we’re like, no, we scale back. We just put a picture, a static picture, and we swallow our pride, but that’s simplifying. This is simplifying like these little tiny tasks is like, how do we make it more simple?

How do we make it more easy? Like this is the time we don’t want to stop. We want to go, but how do we make the going a little simpler for us so that we can keep giving value? Sorry, I cut you off. Yeah So I I [00:27:00] had a a lot of resistance and I remember having a thought of like this is failure and I had to choose Between like okay.

So are you willing to have this perceived failure? It’s just a it’s a perception, right? It’s not really And I was like, are you willing to have this perceived failure? If it means you don’t burn out and the ultimate goal was not burning out. So I was like, okay. And I, and I remember I got on that call, I was like, okay, I’m going to do it.

And then when it came to actually doing it, I had the resistance and I leaned into peer coaching support, I got the support and they just made it playful. You know, Sylvia from the mastermind was like, I double dog dare you to do it. And then Naomi was like, she’s not going to do it. And so it was like, she was going to do it.

And then I was like, fuck it. I’m going to do it. And then I was like, I’m going to do it. I’m going to do it. And just learning, you know, how to not make it so crazy scary. It could just be [00:28:00] fun. Yeah. Yeah, it could, it could. I, I, you know, what’s funny is I get to that. You might even notice because I feel like I know you, you have eyes on like when I’m selling, but like, I almost always get to a part in my launch where it’s like all the fucks are, have already been given, we are done with all the fucks.

And now it’s like, fuck it. Like, I’m just going to do me and go out there and sell and it’ll have to do. And I think what it does is it creates energy. And we’ve talked about that inside the mastermind too, is like, it’s so much more valuable that you create eight energy that you want, because your energy is going to change the way you show up in your content, in your business during your launch.

So it’s like, if we could just make it more fun for us, put on some music, say some things that feel spicy or like, you know, whatever. Um, or in your case, like. put out this format that like [00:29:00] really, really, really gives you resistance. Then it’s like, we can just shake it up. And it doesn’t have to be so serious.

Like we’re not curing cancer. We’re not like we’re, we’re helping people change their life, but it’s not going to be in 24 hours. And whatever we post on social media, isn’t going to, to, you know, like, isn’t gonna like. Just one post isn’t going to do all of that, like it’s not going to ruin your business, you know, or you’re like, yeah, and I think in terms of like the second strategy that really helped me during this launch is I learned that I could arrest.

And nothing is going to happen like things could be, I could feel overwhelmed. I could feel really disappointed. And if I start to have the thought of, Oh, I want to quit because there was a moment when I had over 200 people sign up for my workshop and only 40 people showed up live to the call. And I say only, and I realize it’s a big deal, but again, it’s like these [00:30:00] expectations that I’m struggling with, right?

And 40 people. Had showed up and I felt I was tired. I know that I was tired of the day after Thanksgiving. It was a lot of family stuff and I felt failure and I thought about unscheduling all of my automated content and in that moment when I started to feel that way, I created an unintentional thought model.

I put in the slack and then I just decided. I was going to rest and take the rest of the day to go to dysfunctional gardens and just, you know, feel some comfort in my body. And when I did that, after resting, I woke up the next day and I was like, okay, it’s time to keep selling. Like I was ready to do that.

And so I gathered like. Evidence for two, like, you know, beliefs that one launching can be brutal party. And also it’s always safe to rest. I can take care of myself first before taking care of my business. And, and it’s gonna actually help me. Like I have [00:31:00] so much evidence for that now that that’s why I think it’s like, um, cool collected launch method.

I remember, did you say this gun? So gardens. Yeah, I love that. I love that so much. It’s a place. It’s an actual place. Oh, it’s a real place. Yes. It was just what you were calling it. And I was like, I fucking love that. We should take the kids there. Okay. It’s an actual place. It’s really cute. It’s an actual garden.

Oh, nice. Okay. Yeah, we should. PJ would love it. Um, that’s so funny. I thought you were just, because you do this. You like make the Okay. Anyway, like little names for things all the time. No, you know, when I, I got to quickly chat with you during your launch and you were going through a lot with your, your family, but you literally, you were like, you know [00:32:00] what?

Like, I’m honestly, it feels like my business is the phone part of life right now, and I’ve, I’m feeling very . I’m just like. With my family and doing what I got to do, taking care of my grandmas, being with them, la la la, and in that moment, I was just like, wow, this is, for me, that was the self assurance of like, like, this work is so important and look, a lot of people.

Teach launching. A lot of people teach business coaching across the board. I’ve studied a lot of them. Like I love business. I’ve studied business. I’ve studied so many different ways to do business. And I just love listening, hearing you say that during the middle, like. The middle of your launch was so powerful to me.

And it was just such a reminder of like how important the work is and like people can shit on mindset [00:33:00] work all they want. They could shit on the inner, you know, the inner work as it pertains to business, but the truth is they are so hand in hand. We are creating a different culture of business building within my programs, I think, within the community and it’s.

It’s gonna, it’s, it’s changing the game. I really do think it is. It’s changing the game. People are still out here hustling and burning out, hustling, burning out, hustling, burning out, feeling guilty that they don’t spend time with the people they love. Like they’re playing that game. And I just, I think you’re just such an example of what’s possible.

I think you’re such an example of like, let’s go to the drawing board. Let’s try again. Let’s figure this out. Okay. I’m going to listen to cat here. I’m going to listen to myself here a little bit, but I’m listening to cat here or I’m listening to this or. Just willingness to go back at it and grow.

Congratulation. You fucking had [00:34:00] a 50, 000 plus dollar launch and you’re just getting started. That part. I truly am just getting started. And I just want to say thank you to you because bless, bless your heart for having the patience to be my business coach or, you know, I always say, That I really, really trust you with my mindset because you’re somebody who does it with so much cutting.

And it’s not just me. I get to witness it in the mastermind on how you coach other people. And it’s, it’s just a gift. You’re, you’re truly gifted and being able to know. When people need strategy and when people need mindset work and I love, I love watching you do that. I appreciate you, you know, take all that compassion and love and give it to me when I’m on the other side of your coaching because I just [00:35:00] hired you as my, my money coach.

And now you’re going to have to deal with a whole other side of cat you don’t even know about. Well, you know what? You like have, I’m going to have probably the most, most patients ever, ever in the world because you have really, you’ve really helped me through my coaching business, dude, from like the beginning.

And so I’m just so grateful that you continue to have these different programs that I get to benefit from. Um, thank you. Thank you. I appreciate you. Okay. Where can people find you learn about wealth, but I thought those all the things. Yeah. Follow me on Instagram. That’s where I’m really all the time. And then again, subscribe to my email list.

Um, you could do that at what’s better for those. com. And if you’re looking for a money and self care coach, check out what part of those Academy check out working with me one on [00:36:00] one. Amazing. Thank you so, so, so much.

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