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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

237. $100k to $200k Marketing Shifts

On today’s episode, I am sharing three marketing strategies you cannot avoid on your way to multiple six-figures. I share what to change, or evolve, and why these shifts will create your next level.

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[00:00:00] I want you to build the skill of learning how to communicate and articulate your offer, your programs, your client testimonials, and really learn how to edit your copy, how to get straight to the point. When you’re in that level of like going to multiple six figures, it’s so important that you practice your writing.

My name is Catalina del Carmen and I’m on a mission to put more cash in the hands of women I’m a wife, mom, amiga, prima, and I happen to run a multiple six figure. Your coaching business. On this show, I share sales and marketing strategies that keep your business simple. Your mindset [00:01:00] focus, your bank account big, and your impact even bigger.

So if you are on a mission to create generational change and you want to make a lot of money doing it, welcome to the Latinas Booked Out podcast.

What is up y’all? Welcome back to Latinas Booked Out podcast. I hope you are doing well. I’m doing good. We just wrapped up, Show Up & Lead Mastermind launch and I, I mean, the amount of lessons that came out of this launch it. was so, so, so good. Like these lessons, I am taking with me and I’m going to be using them all year just from the lessons learned.

We have such an incredible group of people, [00:02:00] this room. Is very high level and I’m just, I’m really excited to serve in this group. This program now is 12 months long, this mastermind, and I’m so excited to get things going, especially finalizing live event stuff, which is. It’s happening next month. So anyways, I’m so excited.

Besides that, the amount of content that I have planned for this podcast in the next really like three months is, it’s a lot and it’s good stuff. So I cannot wait to just start churning these episodes out. But before that, I wanted to share an IG live that I did on Instagram, obviously, for the last launch.

This was a request of my client. My client’s like, can you please [00:03:00] put this on the podcast? And I thought it would be such a good episode for everyone to hear. On today’s episode, I am talking about marketing shifts that happen from the 100K mark to the 200K mark. I’m sharing three things that you’re just not going to be able to avoid as you want to get into this multiple six figure range.

I break them down for you. I keep it simple and obviously keep it real. So you’re going to want to listen to this episode. If multiple six figures is like where you want to go, make sure to listen, take notes, do whatever you got to do. And besides that, I can’t wait to see you on the next episode. I actually want to share one more thing.

Show Up Real is opening for enrollment soon. So if you want to work with me inside show [00:04:00] up real, which is my content and community program to help you build community through content, make sure to get on my wait list. I’ll add it below. So that you get all of the most current information, we are doing something very fun with this upcoming launch.

We, I’m planning it right now and I’m just so excited. So make sure you’re on the wait list for Show Up Real. If you want to learn how to build community, you want to stop playing it. This content game of like, I hate content. I hate social media. La la la. I never have anything to say. No, no, no, no, no. We fix that inside Show Up Real.

So if you want to learn more about that, make sure to add yourself to the wait list below that will be launching in the next couple of months. Besides that. I will see you guys later and just get ready for the next couple of weeks. I’m preparing a lot of episodes and I can’t wait to share all of my [00:05:00] lessons that I’ve learned in the last couple of months.

Okay. All right. I will see you later. Take some notes. This is a good IG live and also I just want to mention. If you hear anything about the Show Up & Lead Mastermind launch within this Instagram live doors are closed to that program. If you have any questions about it or you really want to get in, you can DM me, but I just wanted to give that disclaimer because I did record this during that lunch.

All right, y’all, I will see you later. I send you a big old hug. Bye. Hello. My name is Catalina Del Carmen. I am a business coach for women of color coaches, consultants, and creative entrepreneurs. Today I’m talking about a hundred K to 200 K marketing shifts. So I was thinking about. What changed in my marketing when I was going from 100K to [00:06:00] 200K?

Now, in my marketing, there are a couple things that I had to get very, very good at. So I’m going to get into that right now. But before I do, I just want you to know that Show Up & Lead Mastermind is open for enrollment. That means that you can apply and get on a sales call with me right now. If you are interested in being a part of this mastermind, That is what’s happening, but let’s talk about what happens in your marketing when you’re going from a hundred K to a 200 K shift.

Okay. So here’s, I was really thinking about like my experience and the experiences my clients go through. Like what happens to their marketing when they’re shifting from a hundred, like, let’s say that you’re either close to a hundred K or right around that mark. If you’re, let’s say 75 K or like 70 K or something like that.

Okay. If you’re there and you’re like, okay, I want to make it to six figures [00:07:00] and multiple six figures. What do I need to do? These are three things that you’re going to have to get clear on as you scale from a hundred K to 200 K. Okay. So number one, Some of y’all are going to hate this, but number one is you have to get great at copywriting.

And I want you to do this. I don’t want you to hire people to copyright for you. I want you to build the skill of learning how to communicate and articulate your offer, your programs, your client testimonials, and really learn how to. How to edit your copy, how to get straight to the point when you’re in that level of like going to multiple six figures, it’s so important that you practice your writing.

This is a skill that will get you all the way to millions. I promise [00:08:00] you it’s, you know, I was in a mastermind and my coach is. She, she has like 10, she’s already made like 10 million in a year and she still is writing her emails. She literally recently hired a copywriter, but outside of that, she was writing her emails all the way to over 10 million.

And it’s like, if, if, if, if she’s running a 10 million business and still values writing emails for her launches and her programs, then you got to do that too. You have to build the skill from going from that 100K level to 200K level. That is one thing I got very good at. I practiced. Writing I practice and here’s the thing.

I’m actually, I never considered myself a great writer. So for me, I had to really learn how to edit my own copy. I had to learn how to [00:09:00] read my copy and my emails and my captions from the view of my clients. Like I wanted to get straight to the point I wanted to. What you have to do at that level is like, when I say editing your copy, what I mean is really looking at your copy and asking yourself, where am I trying to reiterate the same thing when I’ve already said it, where am I just adding fluff words or adding, or it’s like a run on sentence you have to get great at copy.

That is one skill that’s going to help your business grow. Drastically. And at the 100k to 200k level, practicing your copy and getting good at writing copy is going to be a game changer for you. I promise. I promise, promise, promise. You will not, you will not regret it. You won’t regret just practicing writing more copy and you won’t regret it.

Doing that work. Okay. So that’s number one thing [00:10:00] that you have to improve at getting better at your copy. Um, learn how to edit, edit it better, get straight to the point and really also own your voice, really own your voice. I think people think that copywriting and emails should be like professional and should sound more like.

Businessy. And that’s just not the case. I don’t want your emails to sound businessy. I want them to be the way I tell my clients is like, I want you to write your emails as if we were having wine over dinner. Like, that’s how that’s the energy. I want you to be straightforward and to the point. And I want, I should say this.

I want you to be you in your emails. Right? So like, I’m a very direct person. I talk a lot. I’m, you know, I’m, I’m friendly, but I’m like a straight shooter. Like that’s my personality. So my emails are going to sound like that. Right. That’s how my emails are going to sound, but I want yours to be at your level.

And I think from when, when [00:11:00] you pass the a hundred K mark, or even if you’re close to the a hundred K mark, that is a time to really start looking at your copy and be like, okay, Let me read this as if I was my audience. Let me read this as a viewer, as a reader. Okay. So number one, you got to get good at copy.

Number two, around the a hundred K mark, you want to start getting very clear about your offer. You want to start getting very clear about your One, your offer, meaning your program and what you sell, you want to get clear about the dynamics inside of it. And you want to get clear, um, the promise, like what’s the program promise.

If there is one, what deliverables are going to be delivered, um, what, who is your ideal client, right? You can have one, you can have a couple, right? It’s just important that you get. Clearer on that, like, that’s one thing that my clients after the [00:12:00] six figure mark, they get, they’re like challenging themselves to get clearer and clearer and clearer from a hundred K to 200 K.

That’s an important piece of the puzzle. Not only that, though, not only your program promise and identifying your ideal clients, also really identifying like what skills are my clients learning when they work with me, what skills am I great at teaching, what skills are needed to create the transformation that I sell.

Like what skills are they learning? What tools do I use? How, what tools do I use that I haven’t even shared with my audience? Uh, from a hundred K to 200 K is the time where you really, really, really want to start owning, owning the tools that you use with your clients. Cause there’s so much that you do with your clients that nobody hears about.

And from the a [00:13:00] hundred, like that. When you go from 100K to multiple six figures, that’s really about learning how to articulate what’s happening in your program. What’s happening, what’s the transformation look like for your clients? What is going to be the experience they go through when they go through that transformation?

From 100K to 200K. In the coaching world or consulting world, what you’re really doing is articulating the value of what happens in the program before a hundred K you don’t really need to. When you are like before a hundred K, you can just tell your stories and talk about your experiences and how you did X, Y, Z, and how amazing it was.

You can make a lot of money just sharing your experience in your copy and in your marketing. And that works. It works when you’re talking about your experiences to 100k, but when you’re going from 100k to 200k, [00:14:00] it needs to be a little bit more refined because it’s not all about you. What you really start selling is not just you.

You’re selling your program, and I want you to think your program like a product, like it’s something that is tangible that people can buy. And that is the shift that happens when you start going into multiple six figures is you have to slowly now, I don’t want you to like dive into the pool of like, I sell a product, but you have to slowly guide your way of thinking of your program as a program, something separate from you, because when you’re the coach and you’re leading the way, you’re building a personal brand that is.

Beautiful. You can make a lot of money doing it, but when you’re solidifying your offer, when you want to scale your business longterm, you have to start looking at your program as something separate from you and you’re the person guiding, but inside this [00:15:00] program, it’s, that’s what you want to articulate the value in.

That’s why it’s so clear to have offer clarity. Like you have to get clear on the transformation you sell. You have to get clear on the skills that. People are learning inside your program. You have to get clear on what tools you use to help people create results in their program, because all of that is articulating the value of what you’re selling.

The more, especially if you have any type of group program, if you have a group program already, you have to think of it like a, like a product. Sell it that way. And I, one thing I’m always asking myself about my programs is like, what is the value inside the program that I need to share? What have I not shared yet?

Like what, how can I articulate the kind of moves that my clients are making inside my program? How can I articulate the growth that happens in here? [00:16:00] Sure, there’s the money growth, but how do I articulate the other growth, right? Learning and practicing how to do that is going to be so valuable for you as you scale.

You also, when it comes to offer clarity and program clarity, it’s so important that you look for patterns of your point of view. So if you have created six figures in your business already, or even close to six figures, like 70K or whatever, 70, 80, 90K, you already have probably created a lot of content.

wrote a lot of emails. And if that’s the case, I want you to start reading them. I want you to start studying them. I want you to start really looking like reviewing your coaching calls and review what topics, what concepts, what things have clients grabbed onto and learned from. It’s so important as you scale your business that you know, the tools that your clients are [00:17:00] using, that you know, the, the concepts that like really give them an aha.

And they’re like, Oh my God, I never heard anyone say that, say it like that. Or I never thought about it like that. Like when clients tell you this, you want to grab onto those because that means that something about whatever you’re sharing. is helping articulate the value. Like they are actually seeing, they’re having a little mini result and I want you to take those little moments and I want you to pocket them because you’re going to want to use those in your marketing.

So you want to look for the patterns you want to look for the patterns of. Things that you’ve said that clients are saying back to you saying, Oh my God, it was so helpful when you said X, Y, Z to me, right? You just want to look at your business a little bit differently, a lot differently, but you want to start looking at your marketing a little bit differently and really starting to consume your own marketing like a client.

Okay, so that’s number 2. And then lastly, number 3 is when you’re going from [00:18:00] 100 to 200k in terms of your marketing shifts, one thing that you’re going to want to do is either create or refine. Your signature process. So something I talk about inside Show Up & Lead Mastermind and something I have my clients do when they’re at this level is create a signature process that their client goes through.

to get to the result. So what this looks like, it could look like a step by step process that helps clients go from not having the result to having the result. Now it looks a little bit different for everyone. And I think this is something, I mean, this could be helpful at any Income range. But I think at the 70 to a hundred K mark, that’s where I really want you to start building belief around the process that you, your clients go through and really identify the [00:19:00] process your clients go through.

I mentioned this earlier, but like, so sometimes we’re just doing, we’re just doing our business and we’re meeting with clients. And our clients are getting results, but we aren’t really conceptualizing. Like what is the most helpful in this program? What has been, what has helped my clients move the needle in their growth the most?

I want you to study your business in that way. So, you know, what, what your signature process is. And I want you to practice talking about it in your marketing. I want you to start. Owning that processing and really calling it yours if it’s yours, obviously, but like, if it’s not yours, don’t do that. But I want that’s when you’re in your marketing, I want you to start using that process and help people.

Help your like what’s going to help your marketing is using that process as a [00:20:00] guideline of like, this is, this is what I teach. And sometimes you can even refer to your process, but I want you to have a process at this level. It’s going to help you be able to articulate the value of your programs better.

Um, and then last 1 is I want you to start really considering if you haven’t already, if you have a group program, I want you to have curriculum, um, or some type of intellectual property that’s yours. I am. Uh, working on a module inside show up and lead mastermind, that’s going to be designed all for people who are going from one on one to group programs.

And we’re going to, basically there’s going to be everything you need to launch a new program and also, um, how to launch it, like how to live launch it and all of that. But one thing that you’re going to want to start thinking about from the a hundred K level to 200 K level is creating your own intellectual property and creating.

It goes off of that process. It’s like the first thing you got to create is the process. And then it’s [00:21:00] like adding to the, adding curriculum to that. So you could build something, especially those of you with group programs. If you have a group program, I want you to start building something that is yours and very you, that you can start getting to know.

That you could start molding that is packaged up. So you don’t, so your clients don’t have to coach from you all the time. They can go to your assets, your intellectual property, and they could get coached through those. Now, this is more of a multiple six figure problem, but I just want you to start looking at your business in this way.

I want you to start looking at your business, figuring out like, what is the process my clients go through to get a result? What do they need to know within that process? And can I start making videos about it? Can I start making a portal [00:22:00] about it? And I if you’re selling one on one coaching and you’ve made You know, around 70 K at least, then this is a perfect time to start doing this.

I want you to really start thinking about how can I help my clients get more results faster and quicker and. It’s going to help your marketing because you’re going to get so bought into that process helping your clients that you’re, it’s going to be so easy to talk about it in marketing and it’ll be so helpful because you’ll learn how to really just articulate your, your program more and differently.

So those are the three things. Okay. I’m going to repeat it really quick. So for those of you who are listening, if you are at the a hundred K range or even near a hundred K, right? So if you’re like 70 K, uh, 80, 90 K, and your goal is like, I want to make it to six figures and, or not [00:23:00] six figures, multiple six figures.

This is, these are the three marketing shifts that you’re going to have to make at that level. So start practicing them now. Number one is you’re going to have to get really good at copy. You have to write more. Like I want you to write more copy. I want you to edit more copy. I want you to reread your copy.

You’re going to have to get good at copy as you go, like you’re not gonna be able to dodge it. So I just want you to start practicing it. I want you to start taking action on rereading your copy and editing it yourself. I want you to start practicing that when you’re going from 100k to 200k, that is a skill that’s going to be needed.

And I want you to do that. So that’s number one. Number two is getting very clear on your offer from the a hundred to 200 K range. Under a hundred K, you have a lot of flexibility, but once you hit around to a hundred K [00:24:00] and you want to scale that, you got to get clear on your offer. I want you to start.

Really getting behind some type of program promise, really identifying your ideal clients, what that looks like for you. to be one. It could be a handful, but I want you to know who they are. Number two is I want you to understand the skills that you’re teaching. I want you to also start owning some of your own like tools.

methodologies, like things that you see coming up. Like, I think it’s really important to call out the tools that you are suggesting your clients to take action on. Or if there are things that you’re every single client you’re telling them the same thing, it’s probably because it’s kind of your thing.

It’s probably one of, it’s probably a tool you use. And what I want you to do at that, like at that phase is to start owning it. Start owning it. Own it. I mean, if it’s not yours, then don’t own it. But like, I, you could [00:25:00] still own it as like, this is someone’s and I use this in my program, right? Like, I just want you to get behind it.

And especially if you already use it with clients, I want you to get behind the methodologies, concepts, and tools that you use with clients and not go back and forth with this like friction about it. Okay. Um, so getting very clear on your program, getting very clear on your offer, and then having its back, having its back and just trying to like.

Make through your copy, being very clear about all of the components within your offer. And the number three is creating your signature process and owning that signature process. Your signature process is basically what your clients go through to get from a to. To Z in terms of transformation, right? So I always recommend that it is five steps or less.

Like you want to make it very simple. Um, maybe I could do a whole live on just creating your process, [00:26:00] but you want to make it really, really simple. But what I find is that it’s just more important that you own it. That you’re like, you know what? This is the process my clients go through. I remember when I was creating my process, I was like, this is the same process as everyone else.

And I remember I wanted mine to be like super unique and special. And the reality is like, if it’s yours and it represents you and like, if your client would read it and be like, oh yeah, this is totally them, then that’s probably your fucking process. And I want you to own it and I want you to like have your back.

Well, you are creating it and sharing it with the world. And then number two is I really want you to start thinking about curriculum and, um, how that plays a role in helping your clients get results in your programming, your container. You don’t, I think that’s more of like when you, once you get some multiple six figures, I think that’s more.

always, sometimes like if you have a group program, then it is important that you start creating that curriculum and, and it doesn’t [00:27:00] have to be all at once, but you want to start taking a stab at it more and more and more and more because at some point you’ll have to remake it all anyway. Um, okay. Those are the three things.

I hope this was helpful. Let’s go get that money. Okay. I’ll see you later. Bye.


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