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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

241. The Joy of Creating with Kathy Cano-Murillo

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica. You’re going to love this episode. I had so much fun talking with Kathy, the founder of the award-winning site,, specializing in Mexican-inspired crafts. She’s such a strong example of how powerful it is when we show up in a real way.

Kathy is a former syndicated newspaper columnist and now a full-time creativepreneur and has authored ten craft books, two novels, and a best-selling book about the life of Frida Kahlo. Her product lines have been sold on HSN, at Barnes & Noble, Michaels, and hundreds of pottery, craft, and fabric shops across the country. Kathy’s mission is to promote positivity via creativity!

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What’s up, y’all? Welcome back to the Latina’s Booked Out podcast. I am so excited. I have Kathy Cano Murillo, AKA the Crafty Chica. She is the owner of the award-winning site, which specializes in Mexican-inspired crafts.

She is a former syndicated newspaper columnist and now a full-time creative entrepreneur who has authored 10 craft books and two novels, including a bestselling book about the life of Frida Kahlo. Her product lines have been sold on HSN, Barnes & Noble, Michael’s, and hundreds of pottery, craft, and fabric shops across the country.

Kathy’s mission is to promote positivity via creativity. She’s also been featured on Forbes, The New York Times, BuzzFeed, and so many more. Y’all, this woman is such an amazing storyteller. She is so kind. Literally, just having this conversation with her, I felt her love. She’s such a joy. Like, you could feel the love just oozing out of her. She’s such a pleasure to be around and to have this conversation.

I really wanted to tap into her creativity and, like, all the permission you have to give yourself as a creative to create over and over and over again. She also has an incredible story of really trusting herself. I love the way that she [00:08:00] has dove into opportunities.

You know, I, like, there are specific things like, “Oh, I did this,” “I accomplished that,” “I had this goal and that goal.” But now, as I look at the whole overview, it was really knowing at a young age where the magic was, spotting the magic and feeling it, and then [00:11:00] accepting that as the norm.

So, you know, I always love to share, like, thinking back to fifth grade, like this chubby Mexican girl reading her, writing her story in class, and my teacher having me read it in front of all of the fifth-grade homerooms. And I was terrified. But you know what? I read that story, and people clapped, they cheered, and all of a sudden, I was cool for, like, that short period of time after. Yeah. I read that story, and I knew then. Oh my gosh. I have something. Like, I, I, this is like a superpower that I could do, like writing stories, and I carried that with me all through high school and college, wanting to be a features reporter at the Arizona Republic and interview celebrities.

I interviewed my very first celebrity in high school because I knew that’s what I wanted to do, and I stopped his dad and found him and [00:12:00] did a cover-page story. And once that happened, I was like, oh my gosh, this can really start coming through. Later on, my husband and I, we had an art business and we handmade all of these wonderful items, a Mexican-themed home. This was in the early ’90s when there was only little souvenir or fine art. There was nothing in the middle like, you know, pillows or journals or anything like that. And I just kept imagining seeing our handmade products in national retailers, and it happened, like coming Dales tarps.

Wow. Urban Outfitters, Hallmark. We ended up with 300 accounts placing orders. The downside is we were not, I can’t manifest. [00:13:00] End goal and end, but I did not strategize the business operations of it. Yeah. So next thing you know, we’re like two little toddlers. It’s a different problem in this tiny house, and our house is a little factory, like literally in the bathroom where the baby slept.

We had flower pots, you know, ready to go three ho 300 at a time that a store would order. Yeah. And at that point, we hated it. And I went to work at the newspaper because I circled back to high school of like, oh yeah, I wanted to be a features reporter. Yeah. And I work there, started a craft column on Saturday that got picked up by, um, got picked up to be syndicated, ran in 130 papers all around the country, and it was then I started realizing the value of having that end goal in mind.

And reverse engineering and taking the steps to get there. And I realized what a lot of people do is they will have the end goal, [00:14:00] but they keep it so far away, or they keep it as a dream in the clouds. Whereas I, at the time, I didn’t know I was doing it. I was just like, let’s just keep going until they say no, and then we’ll go to the next thing on my list.

Like, I literally had this list of all these things I wanted to do. One by one. They just, it, it wasn’t like I did it in chronological order. I actually found the list, like, after my mom passed away and I found my childhood things, I had my list there and I’m like, oh my God, write women’s fiction novels. I travel all over the world.

Do this, do that. So, you know, that’s why I say like, I’m, I’m so proud of like. Having this business of being a hyper creative, a multi hyphenate hyper creative, where I’m like, okay, I can, I wanna be an illustrator, have my stuff like at Barnes and Noble, um, have an end cap. It [00:15:00] Michaels be on HSN, the Home shopping network, and all of these things came to fruition.

They were all experiences that I. So now it’s a matter of am I a multimillionaire? No. Because my experiences are more about the experience of making those accomplishments. Yeah. Whereas people would always say, if you would pick one of those things. And go hard on that one thing. Yeah, you can like build this huge business.

I’m like, but I don’t wanna do that. Like, yeah, I might as well go work at the bank or something. Or have an office job because then it becomes a work. Well you’re a creative, like that’s who you are. Like Yes, exactly. And you could, I mean, any creative could like build a business off of their, I mean you have, but like a huge one.

Right? But it’s like. You. Well, I have a, I have a question for you actually, off of what you just said, [00:16:00] because I, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve gotten to hear so many pieces of your story, which I love the, like paycheck story or like the salary negotiations, which we could get to. Oh, yes. Lots of lessons along the way.

Lots of lessons about mindset. Yeah. Mm-Hmm. I have a question for you. You talked about how important it is to like have the big goal and like have these like crazy, outrageous goals. I’m curious, do you ever feel like they’re too big or too far or like if, well, let me more straightforward question. Do you ever feel like it’s not going to happen in those moments and what do you do about it to like get yourself Okay.

This is the thing. I believe all of them can happen at any time. I love that. So I were to be prepared for when they do [00:17:00] happen. If they do not happen, I know that it was not meant for me, and I know to go to the next thing because it’s not just three or four. Things that I have on my experience list. I have like 50 things.

Yeah. It’s like a wish list. And it’s not like a bucket list. It’s like, uh, putting in my order of like, I wanna, I wanna see what it feels like to not have, uh, this is the thing that I had talked about. We all grow where I used to have like goals for everything. Like Mm-Hmm. I wanna have a best-selling book.

And then I had a best-selling book, and it was like Amazon today, you know, women fiction, or women who use, you know, mixed media are like, it was a best seller, but in a tiny little category. I’m like, you know what, what would it be like to have a whole end cap at Barnes and Noble? Like, what would that look like?

And there was a part of me that was like, that is too crazy. [00:18:00] Yeah. Like, that is too crazy. And then I’m like, well, technically it could, because I have, you know, novels and journals and calendars. Yeah. And wouldn’t, you know, it ended up not every store in the country, but a lot of the stores actually built an end cap.

With my picture on it. Wow. It had my calendars, my journals. They even pulled one of my self-published short fiction books that I sell, my novels, my craft books, and people were sending me pictures and I was like, right on. Thank you. Thank I know. And that love this solidifies. Okay. If that was doable, like.

Let’s, one of the things on my list is like, have one of my novels turned into, uh, I, I, I used to say like, turned into a screenplay and then it was, but nothing happened. So I’m like, yeah, okay. Like me watching my book on Netflix and people love it. Like it’s a, oh my God. So it’s [00:19:00] really fine tuning and then, or something better.

And if it doesn’t happen, I know that in this lifetime it wasn’t meant to be. But I just am very clear and, and I think that is such an important thing, like in our lives, to stop our expectations of day to day routine and really start looking at life is like. This is our experience here for a short time.

Mm-Hmm. And like when you go to Disneyland and there’s adventure land tomorrow, land this and this. Mm-Hmm. Okay guys, we’re here for one day. What do we wanna see? What, what ride do we wanna go in? What area? Mm-Hmm. You go to that area, you go on that ride, you wait in the line, you, you get the ticket, you wear the proper clothes, you’re gonna need all of that.

So it’s looking at life the same way. Okay, I’m here, where do I wanna go? What do I wanna do? And it was just these past couple of years that I really stepped into the power of that kind of thinking. [00:20:00] Mm-Hmm. From fifth grade on all the rest of the time. It was kind of haphazard. Yeah, it was serendipitous, but now that I understand it better, I’m having so much fun with this.

Yeah. Well, and after it happens a handful of times, you’re like, I guess it all is in my control. Or like, I guess, I guess it what is meant to be, yes. What is meant to be, you know, and, and I always ask like. You know, I do a lot of praying a, a lot of like speaking to my parents and ancestors who have passed on guarded aides, everything.

Like please clear out what isn’t meant for me to make a path so I can easily see what is meant for me. And it’s really surprising the things that get cleared out. ’cause you’re like, oh my God, that wasn’t. You know, or that journey’s done that you got, I got what I needed for my experience from that. So it is can be scary.

It can [00:21:00] be scary. But yeah. I love that though. It’s having faith in why you’re here and following your intuition. I love it so much. I think that’s so true. I remember I. So in the first year of my business I worked really, really hard and like it felt like the result was like this small in my head. You know, looking back that year, it felt like, I’m like, I have worked so hard.

Why didn’t, you know, why didn’t things happen the way it was? And it was the year. The next year I just decided to put like, I’m like, okay, hard work does not always equal the results. Mm-Hmm. Lesson learned, right? Lesson, lesson learned. Yes. So true. And then the next year I’m like, you know, I just, if I really want this, let me just like.

Get good at this and give myself a full year to just like, Mm-Hmm. Get good at it. Like, that’s it. Yes. How do I get good at like, helping my clients get results? And then how do I get good at like, giving value to the world, [00:22:00] growing my audience, like all the things and that wa and then that year. Funny thing is the year I like journaled more than I ever have in a lot of my journals.

I I want to go back to what you said around like how you, how you journal or pray or whatever the case is. Yeah. A lot of my journaling is to God. And so that’s so funny because that year I, and, and still I, I do this from time to time. I should do it more actually. Um, but I’m, I am always writing like, give me clarity, like please let me.

See what I can’t see like Mm-Hmm. Give me the wisdom. I need to have, like, tell me what direction to go. And I think what I love about what you shared, two things are, one, how specific you are with the things that you want. Like some people wouldn’t say like, I’m gonna have an, uh, a end cap at Michael’s or Barnes and Noble or whatever.

Like that feels too big or not specific. Like they might be like, oh, I’d love to like have my. Thing in a store one day, which is [00:23:00] fine, right? Like it’s okay, but it’s like, why can’t we be as specific as you like? Yes. How fuck would that be? Like to just even imagine it is like I never said I’m gonna have my stuff in an end cap and Barnes and Noble.

It was more like. I want, I, I wonder what that would feel like. I would love to have the experience of what that would feel like. What would it look like? And even my first product line, I made my own labels for my paint bottles and I’m like, I don’t need to wait for a store to have a product line. I can have my own product line.

And then it ended up I had a product line Michaels, you know. So it’s being loose and chill with it, but working hard. And I know like with your story of making that decision, you had to sacrifice things. You said, I’m gonna spend this year on focusing on this. What do I [00:24:00] need to clear out to create the space to focus?

And I think that’s where a lot of people. They kind of like can’t clear anything. They want it all at one. Don’t want to clear anything out, and you cannot add something new or focus on something. Yeah. If you don’t take something out. I am a, I’m, I’m. Person where I am very disciplined with deadlines. I think it’s, it’s comes from my days as a newspaper reporter.

Yeah. Well, yeah, we had hard deadlines. I imagine we had to like go out three hours, come back with a story, write it, turn it, all of that. Yeah. So I ha I’m very much like I have to finish what I start and when I’m working on a specific project, I only focus on that when I, um, don’t have a to-do list. I, I am watching tv.

I’m scrolling too much, going down rabbit holes of, you know, Jodie Foster is a child, you know, [00:25:00] TikTok or just random things that like, which is fine. We all need that also. Yeah. But, but during the day when I’m working, like I need to stay focused to finish these tasks so that I can have free time later and.

It really is about saying, okay, I need to, I’m not gonna, I have no notifications on any of my social media. I don’t want deans, I don’t want anything. When I’m working, I put my phone on do not disturb. I let people know like T Tuesday, I can’t. I do this on Tuesday just so I can make sure I get things done.

So it’s not like things just fall out of the sky. It’s like yeah, you have to really work hard on it. Yeah. I, I, I totally, totally agree. I think it’s so funny ’cause I’m a little bit opposite of you. I’m like horrible at deadlines and I’m like scramming to get things done. But I [00:26:00] also think like. Going back to like, it is the hard work and there are gonna be some sacrifices and you don’t even have to think about it as sacrifices.

It’s more just like, there are, like if you, if we wanna create like this life that we want and it looks different for all of us, we like just working hard towards doing like this one thing. And it could be one thing, but like really going towards one goal, whatever that looks like for you. It’s really about the person you become on the other side.

When, when you said, what did I, you said this at the, when you were speaking too at the, um, at the event, but you were something like, it, you, it’s about becoming the person or, um, uh, what did you say? It’s like doing, it’s not only the creating, it’s like who you become along the way onto the goal. Um, yeah, so journey of.

Yes. The lessons that you learn along the [00:27:00] way and being aware of the lessons. Yeah, being aware. ’cause they will, if you don’t time, it will come back. It will keep coming back until you learn the lesson. In business, work, habits, relationships, all people. Put energy into, um, yeah. That, that’s a big, or like the ugly cry moment because it’s not always Yeah.

And you know, it’s like there are some hard fails. Yeah. Ooh. Can I, can I ask you about a, a, your, like one, uh, I guess it’s hard to look back and call it a failure, but. Is there any moment in time that you thought was a failure? Like at the time you were like, it’s it’s the end. Yeah. Oh, yes. Work. I, I’ve had a lot humiliating mistake in front of [00:28:00] very important people.

Oh. Comes with putting yourself out there. There was a time when I had a, for my product line with the manufacturer, I went into the meeting with this super. Presentation. I had read the Excel sheet backwards because know how to work Excel and so there’s all these men silent. I was doing it virtually and one of.

I even had Scarlett O’Hara in my presentation of like, you know, it was, I made it all cutesy. And one guy said, why did you build this off of the lowest selling SKUs? And I said, excuse me. And he goes, he clicked the button and he goes, based off of the top selling SKUs and the marketing, we’re gonna wrap this up and we’ll come back.

So [00:29:00] we hung up. Was shocked and my husband was in the other room and he goes, oh my God. I started immediately sobbing because I had quit my job at the new for this opportunity and I blew it because I didn’t teach myself cell, and I volunteered to give my own presentation because I thought ass, I should have let the professional.

Mm-Hmm. We all do sometimes. But how did you make it okay for you to like, share online and for you to share your creativity in that vulnerable way? Well. It’s like being an artist. Um, I’m just very resourceful to free supplies, right? If someone tells me we, I have like one pound of card stock, I’m like, I’ll take it.

I’ll make books out of it. So when my space came about, I was like, oh my gosh, what a great way. Because at the time. I had my craft column at the newspaper and I wanted it to be in color on the front page of the, of the living [00:35:00] section, and I was able to go on my space and say, you guys will, you click on my article, here’s the link.

And it, I got enough people to do that to where they put it in color. And then it, it got more clicks than the movie reviews. And then the movie reviewer guy was like, is that ethical what she’s doing? Like they didn’t understand the concept. I, I, so I’ve always kind of been a, I love new things, experimenting.

We didn’t even call it social media back then. And then, um, YouTube came about and Facebook and all of those. And I just look at them. As, um, like gatherings, parties, networking, where people are hanging out and talking and sharing, and I want to show up with like the best chocolate dessert ever. Yes. So they’ll go, oh my gosh, who made this?

Yes I did. Hi I’m. Cathy. Except it crafts. So I just look at it like meeting people where [00:36:00] they’re at to share what I do. It’s a free resource. Yes. And to build a business, I always like to tell people you have to remove yourself and your fear. Overcome it for the sake of your business. Mm-Hmm. If you really want to build your brand and build your business Mm-Hmm.

You have to incorporate social media as part of your strategy. Mm-Hmm. And say, okay, I’m doing this because I have an awesome product that will help people. People will love. I’m trying to be a force of good for people. Yeah. So that is more important to me than me being shy on camera. Oh, good. I’m not gonna lie, like I have my own anxiety about posting, you know, where I’m talking and sharing things as opposed to just my hands.

But I’m like, okay, Kathy, get over it. Like it’s just a video. Everyone’s watching tons [00:37:00] like. Stop giving it so much power of being Yeah. You know, just put it out there and move on to the next thing. Yeah. Like, that’s what it’s about. And once you do it, it’s not as scary. Yeah. But it, it helps. The more you do it, the more it builds community.

Yeah. I think that’s so nice. Hearing it from you with someone who’s built such an amazing community on social media. I wanted to call out a couple things that you said. For the people listening, one is you called social, you, you didn’t say social media, but like you called these platforms, like you think of them as like gatherings or parties where you’re meeting people, which I love.

It’s so funny. I have, with my clients, I, I, I talk about social media like a party too. Uh, but when, so because I teach sales. I, my, some of my clients will always get so weird when it comes to like, check out my Lincoln bio or, or, um, sign up for my webinar or like, [00:38:00] whatever. Right? And it’s the call to action and the sales part that feels really uncomfortable and the way I describe it to them is like, well, your social media is the party, right?

So you’re always giving value to people. You’re like, mm-hmm. Telling them like, what’s gonna be at the party, and maybe they’re even at the party. And then if you have something to offer them, like a, um, for, in your case, it’d be like something you created that like is the ornaments. I remember during Christmas, like on your, on your Lincoln Bio, it’s like you’re showing them off.

The way I described this is I was like, it’s almost like you’re baking hot, fresh cookies and everyone can smell them. Oh God, you’re even telling people I’m making these. And then when they’re done, you take them out, put it on a. And you don’t invite anyone to have one. Only just leave them there and then they’re left.

Like, wait, can I have one? Is.

So that, I love that you use that example, ’cause [00:39:00] I use this example all the time. I’m like, you have to at least invite people to have a cookie. No have to. That’s always, they won’t tell them if people have two seconds. Yeah. It’s like if you don’t have it in yours, they’ll go to someone else’s. And Yeah.

Recognizing that each platform has its own personality. Yeah. Oh, I love that. So it’s really saying, okay, is this a dress up party? Is this a chill party? Is this a formal party and looking at each platform at your content of what works best on each platform and each, they’re all so different. They are, you know, like.

YouTube, anything ceramics, people want ceramics. And I’m like, okay, okay, I see. I see you. Yeah. Um, you know, Instagram, it’s craft tutorials, tick tock. It’s storytelling. So it is, each party has its own vibe to it. Yeah. And what do you want out of [00:40:00] it by sharing it. What, what is the end goal like? Yeah, just setting intention for everything.

Like for me, even doing an Instagram, every single thing, I go, what do I want out of this? Yeah. You know? Do I want them to like it? Do I want them to share it? Do I want them to say, I wanna make that, I want to take that class, I want to work with her. Mm-Hmm. Um, I wanna leave a comment because I can relate to that story.

So I always, just like the Barnes and Noble end thing, I always. Also do the same thing on a smaller level too. I love that. And it just kind of helps, like see, puts the little bricks appear in front of you of where you’re going. It’s so intentional. There’s the end goal. Yeah. Be intentional. And it doesn’t mean you have to do it a hundred percent because I mean, yeah, it’s also just like gotta be spontaneous and just throw stuff out there and have fun.

Yeah. That is the main thing. But you know, the 80 20 rule kind of thing, you know? Yeah. [00:41:00] You know, have a good direction for it. Yeah. So people can get something out of it. And, and yeah, like you said, invite them to have a cookie. Yeah. Tell them you know, what they’re made of and Yeah. And don’t just let them smell it.

Like every, every, they’re curious, like, people wanna to know. That is such a great analogy. I love that. I, I know I always use it ’cause it is like you, because it, it’s like you never, you always wanna invite people to have a cookie if you’re baking fresh cookies. I also love what you said around being the force of good.

I think so many people, they, you know, we get so like in our head about. Like either making something a business or putting ourselves out there and giving value to the world in, in our way. In my business, because I work with so many coaches, I’m really, especially in my, in my, um, program, show Up Real, it’s a [00:42:00] content program to build community and one of the things we talk about all the time is like.

How do like for folks to just get out there and like take action on the thing? Yes, and I think that we just get too much in our heads a lot. Like, and we make it like anytime it becomes like about us and like, oh no, but what about me? And like, I feel nervous, or I’m gonna sound stupid, or I’m gonna sound this way, or I sound like a beginner.

But it’s like we have to remember, I love the way you phrase this, like we. Like we have wisdom. We can be a force for goodness, like in this world. Yes, and we should do that in whatever way. Like is our genius and is our gift right for you? That is like c creating and being an example, I think too, for all of us by the way, you’re like, are you into manifestation or are you just like a crazy manifester?

I, I think it’s a little [00:43:00] of both. Yeah. I’m like, everything I’ve learned about your story is like, I want this. I get it. I want this. I get it. Well, there’s a lot of things that I, that don’t come through too. Yeah, yeah, yeah. There’s And there, yeah. And there’s a lot of ugly tears in there too. Like that comes with the territory.

You know, we don’t, we can put in our orders and then we don’t have control of which ones are gonna be. Yeah. Serve to us. Oh, I, it’s so, so true. Or in what way They’re served to us. Yes. I, it’s so true. I always tell my clients like, you can have the goal, but don’t get picky about the how you get there. Yes, I know.

Like, don’t get picky, like, right. Just stay focused. Yes. I love that. You know, one tip that, like you were talking about community. One thing that I found that was really helpful is build different communities. Something I love that something with [00:44:00] Crafty Chica that I, I, when I first started it, I looked at like Oprah JLo at the time.

Tyra for and Martha like their brands. How they had these different branches, like, uh, you know, a product line, uh, an experience of, you know, shopping or, um, their TV show. So I’m like, okay, how can I do that in a crafty chica way? So with Crafty Chica, I look at everything that I. About, I am a woman, uh, Mexican-American.

I’m an artist. I’m a crafter. I live in Phoenix, Arizona. That’s five different communities right there. So it’s getting involved in the trade show industry of being a, a crafter, um, in the book industry of being an author community there, Phoenix, our local community here. Um, each one of those are [00:45:00] communities, so it’s like, you know, we have different, it’s good to have different revenue streams.

It’s also good. And the ultimate thing is to bring the different communities together to cross pollinate them. Um, you know, get book readers to get into crafting or to get, you know, crafters into reading books or, you know, so that is something that’s really important. When we talk about communities, it’s, we’re multi-layered people and are we, we belong in different communities, so.

You know, just showing up for those different communities. It doesn’t, it’s not as intense as you think. It just should happen organically, but definitely check out the trade organizations for the different professions that you represent. I love that so much. I never thought about it that way, but there’s so much value in leaning into those communities because you also get to like [00:46:00] own your identity within that community more.

Yes. Which is so cool because some people we get so co especially for like newer things, right? So like if you’re a new crafter. In your head, you’re gonna be like, well, I’m just dabbling. I don’t know, like la la, la. When the reality is like, no, if you’ve crafted and if you’ve been doing this work, like you’re allowed to like be in this community, you can just become that person.

Like it could just become a piece of your identity. I love that. That is so, so genius. I realize that like. Um, when I went to my first reading card trade show, Mm-Hmm. It was a totally different world from the craft industry. It was more polished and like Yeah. Just kind of swanky and I was like, oh, my GI was the new girl.

It’s good to be the new girl. Like, yeah. Keep learning and growing and stepping into new spaces. So it, it felt good to be the new girl and almost like, yeah, like you said, own my [00:47:00] identity and start all over and, and you know, what am I gonna do with this? That kind of thing. Yeah. I, I love, love, love that. You know, what’s funny is, and, and we will wrap up soon, I am actually kind of bad at networking.

I get very, I, I’m very like. Like, I’m outgoing, but I am just a little You’re, you’re, I didn’t talk to that many people at Mujeron. I met a lot of people and it was a joy to meet people, but I am like an extroverted, I don’t know. I’m definitely an extrovert. I don’t know what it is. I gotta uncover it. But I love this advice because now I’m like, Ooh, let me look at all the different identities I have and let me lean into those and get myself in different communities.

That a little, just like broaden it more, right? Yeah. Then like this one community and like, I have to build this or grow in this. Really, it’s like I am multifaceted. Like there’s a lot to Yeah. It’s like when you look at your [00:48:00] friends and you’re, you have that one friend who’s awesome to go have breakfast and coffee with.

You have another friend who you go to concerts with. Yeah. You know, like there’s just one friend that just comes over and you craft all day. Yeah. So just like you, like what am.

You know your communities like that too? Of, of, yeah. You know, because we’re, we’re very complex. We have different sides to us, and they’re all beautiful. I love that so, so much. Thank you so much for being here. You are such, I could talk to you all day. I have a lot more questions for you, but I don’t wanna take up all your time.

Thank you so much. Your energy is just like a, like just talking you feels like a warm hug. Thank you so much for coming.

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