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Meet the host

Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

244. How to Create More Content, Quicker

In this episode, I’ll walk you through the simple yet powerful process of creating more content quickly, breaking it down into manageable steps for you to follow. From trusting your first idea to crafting a problem-solution narrative and sharing your personal stories, I’ll guide you through the process to help you overcome content creation hurdles. With a focus on fast writing or recording and light editing, you’ll learn how to publish content faster and more confidently, empowering you to connect with your audience and grow your business.

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[00:00:00] What is up y’all? Before we get started with today’s episode, I want to let you know that doors are officially open to Show Up Real. If you want to stop being in your head about content, going back and forth of whether you are doing it correctly, whether you’re doing it right, whether you’re doing it enough or saying the right things at the same time, Join Show Up Real.

Show Up Real is my 12 month content and community building group program where you will learn how to show up consistently without the pressure of having to do everything perfectly. Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or brand new to content, here’s what’s true. Letting go of our perfectionist and people pleasing tendencies is hard, and this program is designed to help you relieve all of that.

Inside Show Up Real, you take back the funness of showing up and doing [00:01:00] your life’s work. You’ll build a movement and a community that you care about. You’ll spend less time in your head going back and forth on what to post and instead you’ll create, you’ll publish, and you’ll move the F. On, here’s what you get inside to Show Up Real, you get access to 12 months of the Show Up Real curriculum.

This includes on demand, live videos and trainings. Plus we are cooking up new things come spring. You’ll also get access to weekly. Glee group coaching calls where we will coach you on marketing and mindset and all things content. You’ll also be in community with other bad asses. You’ll have 12 months access to a slack group where you will celebrate your wins, where you can ask questions, where you can get your content reviewed and all the things.

We also do challenges. Often [00:02:00] we have workshops, we have guest coaches and so much more, and you also have access to our private podcast, which you can listen to on the go and includes all of the weekly group coaching calls so you can re listen to them and learn and grow from your peers. This program is a 2, 000 investment or for payments of 500.

If you decide to join this lunch, there is a pay in full bonus where you will get two full years access when you pay in full. Meaning, instead of a 12 month program, you will get 24 months access when you pay in full for this lunch. If you want to create more content easier while showing up as yourself and not taking all the time in the world to work on one [00:03:00] post, join Show Up Real.

All right, now let’s get started with the episode.

My name is Catalina Del Carmen and I’m on a mission to put more cash in the hands of of women of color. I’m a wife, mom, amiga, prima, and I happen to run a multiple six figure coaching business. On this show, I share sales and marketing strategies that keep your business simple, your mindset focused, your bank account big.

And your impact even bigger. So if you are on a mission to create generational change and you want to make a lot of money doing it, welcome to the Latinas Booked Out Podcast.

What is up, y’all? I hope you’re having a wonderful, [00:04:00] wonderful start to your week. Doors are open to Show Up Real and we are also starting Cringe Challenge today. So I am so excited. So, so excited. Cringe Challenge is a challenge that I put together in Show Up Real, but we are doing it with the public launch of this program.

I’m so excited. If you have not heard about Cringe Challenge, it is the challenge where I challenge you to post 20 times in 10 days, dive into doing things imperfectly and vulnerably, and really just be yourself. Practice having fun with content and not taking it so damn serious. We have over a hundred people who have joined this challenge and we get started today.

If you want to be a part of this, you can still sign up in the middle of the 10 day challenge. You can use the link below. All right, y’all, let’s get started on today’s episode. I want to talk [00:05:00] about how to create more content. Quicker, how to create more content quicker. I’m going to give you a very simple process.

This is a step by step process that you can take action on right now, especially those who are listening to this, who are inside Cringe Challenge, use this process to go from to publishing. It is so simple. It is so quick. And if you can really exercise this process with self trust, You will be putting out more and more content and you will feel like it’s easier.

You’re going to feel like it’s too simple because when you are starting to create more content, when you are starting to see more results, it typically comes with this energy of, I thought this was [00:06:00] supposed to be more complicated. It’s not complicated. It’s simple. This is the process. I will soon. Be implementing inside Show Up Real, I’m working on creating new curriculum and this is going to be a part of it.

So I’m so excited. But meanwhile, I’ll teach it to you here. So here’s the process that’s going to get you creating more content quicker. That is going to be just as valuable and just as converting as the content that you either put out now, but you’ll just put out more because it’s so easy. Okay, let’s get started.

The idea to publish process starts with. One, an idea. I think a lot of people get stuck with picking the idea of what to post. They either have too many ideas or they don’t have ideas at all. And regardless of whether you have too many or too little, the problem [00:07:00] is that you’re focusing on doing it correctly.

You’re focusing on saying the right thing. And what typically stops people from I’m actually going through with the idea is for the folks who have too many ideas, they get either overwhelmed with the amount of ideas and not sure which one would be most valuable, or they think with all of the ideas that there is something appropriate, correct, right, that they should be talking about right now.

Now, in some cases. There could be certain topics or certain ideas or certain pieces of content that make more sense for you to post in a specific timeframe. For example, like a lunch or whether you are putting together a challenge or a webinar or like something, right? Then of course you want to create content that like, has to do with what you’re kind of selling at that moment.

That [00:08:00] being said, what I’ve learned over and over and over again in my business is when I am in my head about content, when I am in my head about content or choosing an idea, the best thing to do is to trust the first idea. So the first step of this process is trust the first idea. The first idea. First idea is almost always correct.

And I say correct, meaning like I always get the best responses from the best, from the first idea. I always, it just, I feel like I always come back to my first idea. So the first part of this process is trust your first idea. The last thing I want you to do when you’re trying to create more content is to be in circles of what you should post, how often you should post, whether you’re doing the right thing We’re saying the right things, talking about the right concepts or topics or whatever the case is.

The honest truth is if you want to create more content, trust your first [00:09:00] idea. All right, so that’s step number one. Step number two is create a problem and solution. So from that idea, which typically will be some sort of problem, I want you to create a solution, a one sentence solution. Okay. Meaning if the problem is in question form, like how do I know I’m eating a healthy meal for the health coaches out there?

Like how do I know if I’m eating a nutritious, nutritious and healthy meal? I want you to be able to answer that in one sentence. I want you to be able to answer that very simply. And to the point, the reason I want you to answer it so simply is because I want you to also trust that first kind of solution.

I mean, you’re typically, it’ll take a little bit of brainstorming and by a little bit, I really do mean like one to five minutes of thinking of a solution. that makes [00:10:00] sense for the, for the idea. But typically, if you’re coming up for a salute with a solution to a problem, I also want you to go back to trusting what your brain tells you.

Every time I get in my head about finding a solution or trying to type out a solution to a problem or an idea that I’ve had, I always have to go back to So I’m going to telling myself, Cat, just answer the question, like, what is the solution? If there was one solution, what would it be? And I typically will write that down.

After I have a simple solution, then I like to answer.

Okay, so I have a problem. I have a one sentence problem. I have a one sentence solution. Now I want you to dig in your brain for answers. the, the context that [00:11:00] will be the content. Okay? So the context is going to come from a story, a story of yours. So every time you have a solution to a problem, it means you’ve learned the lesson.

It means that you know that solution to be true, which means There is likely a story that is attached to that. So when I ask you to answer with a story, what I’m asking you to do is ask yourself, how do I know this to be true? This being the solution, how do I know that this is a solution that works?

Question mark. When did I learn this lesson? Question mark. Not only do I want you to ask yourself these questions, I want you to Answer them. I want you to answer them and let that answer be the premise of the content. Let the problem, solution, and [00:12:00] story be the content. Then after that is step four. Step four is write or record the story.

Fast, write or record fast. So when I say write and record fast, I mean it, I want you to really start. You’ve already, I want you to consider at this point, you’ve already had a solid five to 10 minutes, maybe not 10, five to seven minutes of brainstorming, which To be honest, since you’re talking about your business, since you’re talking about concepts that you know, topics that you know very, very well, or at least you’ve had some experience in them, if you’re, if you have a solution, if you have a story, that means that you actually can write or record quickly because you already have that solution.

So I want you to practice [00:13:00] writing or recording fast. Then Step five is I want you to focus on light editing. I do not want you to get stuck on the editing hamster wheel. I really want to challenge you to show up quicker and let it be imperfect. And as you go on, as you create more and more and more of this type of content, you’ll get better.

You’ll get quicker. You’ll edit quicker. The editing will become easier and easier and easier in the beginning. I just want you to Lightly edit like I want you to light edit and then I want you to publish fast So write or record fast light edit and publish fast faster. I really, really want to challenge you to publish faster.

I don’t want things to sit in your drafts forever and forever and forever. I want you to add it faster. So let me go through this process [00:14:00] one more time. Number one, you’re going to trust your first idea. Number two, you’re going to create a solution to the problem slash idea you came up with. Number three, you’re going to.

Answer with a story. You’re going to ask yourself, how do I know this solution to be true? When did I learn this lesson? Number four, you’re going to write or record fast. Number five, you’re going to light edit and number six, you’re going to publish faster. That is the process that will help you create more content quicker.

I promise you if you start implementing, implementing this right now, you will see how much more content you create in one day, in one hour. Hour in the time that you have available. These are the things I teach inside. [00:15:00] Show Up Real. I want you to be able to create more content with the lifestyle that you have.

I want you to be able to create more content with a nine to five as a stay at home mom, as a very, very busy entrepreneur, right? I want you to. Always make time to market your business and market the work that you do because not only is this, you know, if you have a business, this is paying for the bills.

Marketing pays for the bills. It keeps people coming to you, people learning about you. I want you to create content so you can build more of a community online and grow your business. Show Up Real is open right now and If you want to get coaching as early as tomorrow, you can get coaching join now and you’ll be able to join our first, um, group coaching call of [00:16:00] this launch, which is, which is happening Tuesday at 10 a.m. Pacific standard time. And I will be there to coach you. You’ll also get access to the Slack group and the curriculum where you can learn and start taking action and learning from those as well. All right, y’all. I will see you. We are doing a series this week for Cringe Challenge, so I will see you tomorrow with another topic.

All right, y’all. I’ll see you later. Bye.

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