Show Up Real is a show dedicated to putting more cash in the hands of Women of Color.

Hosted by multiple six-figure business coach Catalina Del Carmen, she shares strategies that keep your business simple, your mindset focused, your bank account big, and your impact even bigger. Listen to the weekly episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app. 



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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

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Inside this program, we also do social media audits, and you have access to a private podcast so you can listen to the group coaching replays on the go. This program is for coaches, creatives, and service-based businesses who want to grow their online presence by showing up authentically and engaging with content that is going to increase their business results. Whether you are brand new to content in the online world or if you’ve been doing it for a while and you know that you need help, come join us inside Show Up Real. It is the marketing program for people who want to show up authentically, learn how to sell authentically, and grow their business while growing their community.

Doors are open right now, and the 48-hour bonuses will end this Thursday, June 8th at 7 p.m. I cannot wait to see you inside. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @catdelcarmen. Let’s get on with the show.

My name is Catalina Del Carmen, and I am a wife, mother of two, daughter of immigrants, and rule-breaking business coach for women of color, coaches, creatives, and service professionals. I spent years trying to figure out the online business game—creating fashion blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram pages, email lists, all the things—with little or nothing to show for it.

Now I run a growing multiple six-figure coaching business, keeping things radically simple so I can spend more time with my babies than my business. Inside my programs, Show Up Real and Show Up and Lead Mastermind, I teach my clients how to build an online community using authentic, revenue-generating content that doesn’t require them to be everywhere. Whether it’s your first four figures in business or six figures in my mastermind, less is more when you are committed to growing your impact and revenue at the same time.

In this show, I tell the whole mother effing truth about what it takes to build and scale an online business. I don’t gatekeep, I don’t tell you half the truth. I keep it real, and I will challenge you to do it as well. Welcome to the Show Up Real podcast. How’s everybody doing? I am so excited about today. I want to teach you how to create your own community and teach you how to do it in an authentic way. Teach you how to create content in an authentic way.

Okay, let me, okay, thank you. Sorry, I was trying to make sure that I could see myself. Perfect. Okay. I had to rent a space for this, so thank you for your grace. I am in the middle of looking for an office for myself, and I’m realizing now that this is a little bit too high, so I might have to sit for this. Give me one moment. I’m gonna, yeah, that’s much better.

So I want to make this very simple for you. I want to make building a community very simple for you. If you are here, I’m going to assume that you want to grow your community, you want to have a better relationship with social media, and you want to stop feeling like you hate marketing and the algorithm is against you and all of those things. You also want your work, your content, to go out into the world because you know it’s good, right? There are some of you who are like, “I’m just creating and creating and creating, and I feel like, sure, I’m creating content, but do I know that it’s getting to the right people?” I want to feel good about that, and I want to make sure I’m doing that.

Okay. Alright, so first, if you’re here, can you tell me where you’re from? Tell me where you’re located. Let’s get a little community going in the chat. Tell me, let’s start with this: tell me what you do, what your name is, what you do, who you serve, and where are you in the world? Okay, so you could put that in the chat, and then meanwhile while you do that, I’ll get a little bit started.

Number one, I want to go through really quickly what today’s going to look like. Number one, we’re going to talk about your content challenges. We’re going to talk about building a community online, and I’m going to give you my kind of process to increasing your revenue and your community with content. Okay, then I’m going to tell you about my offer Show Up Real, and then we’ll get into Q&A.

When I was writing this, I realized it was so much information I don’t want to go through all of it, but I do want to give you a little background on why I am even qualified to talk about this. Okay. So my content journey started in 2017. I started fashion blogging. I honestly just wanted a creative outlet and I loved fashion. I worked in retail for a long time. That’s really when my marketing journey started. That was when I really decided like, okay, let’s grow something.

I played with LinkedIn for my career, and I think I did one YouTube video that year as well. In 2018, it shifted into lifestyle content, and I got away from fashion blogging. It just didn’t fit me, and I started creating YouTube videos. I got pregnant that year, and I was really focusing on growing my Instagram and growing my community. In 2019, I had my baby. I was very confused about what the hell I was going to do with this community that I had built at that point. This was the year I really started talking about personal development. My friends and family, my sister, I remember specifically, was like, “You should be a life coach.” I looked at this podcast and, although I hated the word, I knew that was the direction I was going to go because I always kind of felt that in me.

So in 2019, this was a big year, and by the end of the year, I had a four-month-old, and I remember by the end of my maternity leave, I decided to host an event, an in-person event. I worked in learning and development at the time in my career, and so hosting an event, like hosting a training, didn’t feel hard to me. So I put that on, told people to come, marketed the event, and 25 people showed up. I charged 25 and after that event, I was so inspired, and I knew I wanted to start something. I decided to start a podcast from that event only because I wanted to continue the conversation. At that time, the event was called Follow That Fear. I ended up calling my podcast Follow That Fear, and that was December of 2019. I started the podcast, and it really stemmed from wanting to be an example for my son. When my son was born, I was like, “Okay, Cat, you could talk the talk and tell him that he could do whatever he wants with his life, or you can go do it.” At that time, I was like, “I have to be that example. I don’t want to be the parent who doesn’t walk the talk and just tells them they can do everything. I want to be the person who shows them.”

So I started the podcast and I dedicated 2020 to learning marketing, the podcast, telling people about my podcast. My podcast at that time was very much this diary of, “Hey guys, I’m going on this personal growth journey. I think I’m going to start a business. Come follow me.” It became the energy of my podcast at that time. It was January,

February, March, April, I was putting out this podcast. So in April, I hired a life coach. I wasn’t making any money yet. I was very much like, “This is a lot.” I hired a life coach. It was one of my biggest investments at that time, and I was so scared to do it. I remember I was paying her monthly. I think I was paying her 200 a month or something like that. I was really afraid. I was like, “How do I do this?” But I knew, I knew I needed help. I knew I needed support, and that was the start of my journey. So I started coaching with her, and it was in April that I was like, “Okay, I think this is going to be a life coaching business.” I started creating content and making offers. My first offer was 50% off, and I remember it was 500 dollars. I worked with a friend who was like, “I want to work with you.” She’s a photographer, and we worked together. It was a 12-week program, 50% off, and I had one client.

That was the start of my business journey, and it was a hot mess. I didn’t know what I was doing. There were a lot of imperfections, but I kept going. In 2020, the pandemic hit and my business really started taking off. I started coaching more people, creating more content, and really figuring out what my audience needed. I dedicated 2020 to showing up, and that’s when my business really started growing.

Then I focused on doing my content strategy. I created a very simple content strategy for Instagram, a very simple strategy for my podcast. And I let that be. And in the meanwhile, I helped. My clients get results and I learned how to manage my mind, my shame, and my healing in the middle of all the growth.

Simplifying my business to these things was the best thing I’ve ever done till this day for my business. And even now, as I’m scaling and growing my business, I’m very particular of what. I’m putting out into the world because I know the workload and the energy it takes to do it. So number one is if you really want to get serious about increasing your revenue and growing your community, this is step one, okay?

And I’ve seen this done over and over and over again with my clients, which we’ll talk about later. Number two, you have to think movement over following. So I’ve been doing a lot of, um, we have new curriculum coming out in Show Up Real on June 12th. So I’ve been, literally, my head has just been like so much in this program.

And one of the things I realized is like the mindset that I had. When I started that podcast and really wanted to get it into the world, I thought about it as a movement. Like the reason I started a podcast was because I, like the inspiration was, from it, came when I was sitting at this table with, Two with my Tia and my cousin and my mom and my mom was telling them about me and how I negotiated my pay.

Like this is when I was in my job and she was telling them how I negotiated my pay and I did this whole thing. She was kind of like showing me off and I was like, okay, mom. And I remember my cousins and my tía were like, just praising me and they’re like, Oh my God, that’s so amazing and la la la. I could never do that.

I don’t have the guts to do that. And like all this stuff. And I remember in that moment, I was like, they like, these people are leaders. Themselves, but they don’t have the knowledge, the information that they need to grow. And that is the real truth of what started my podcast. I was like, I need to create something for them.

Like people like my cousins, like my Primas, like my people. And that’s why I created it. And when I decided to market it, it was so not about me and growing my podcast. It was very grass roots thinking. People need to know that fear is normal and that you will feel it when you do new things. Like I went on a fucking mission to let everybody and their mama know that it’s okay to have fear and that you’re going to have fear when you do this and you’re going to have fear when you do that and you’re going to have fear all the fucking time.

And my mentality was sure. I wanted to grow my podcasts, but I was so focused on like, people need to know that this is possible for them. People need to know that they can do anything right. This was before I started selling anything. I was just had my podcast. So when I talk about a movement versus a following, I started doing some research when I was thinking about this and I was like, it really is like the movement, right?

When you’re, when you’re starting something grassroots, you’re knocking on fucking doors. Let me tell you about this. Let me tell you about this. Did you know XYZ? And that is the kind of energy I want around you building your community online. This is why you’re getting all in the mix with, like, all the algorithm shit.

Like, your content becomes infectious when you are thinking about your movement, not this. Your content will instantly change, right? When you focus on getting the word out to people who need to know. I think that’s what gets lost in marketing is like, we start growing this business, we put tons of energy in it, and then we have to do this thing called marketing, and it becomes a to do list, when the reality is, you have to remember why you started, you have to remember that people are, people like, need your service.

They want your service, they need your service, and they want it now. And that is the kind of mentality I want you to have about your business. You’re not just creating a following and getting likes and follows. Like you are, you are creating a movement that is much bigger than your business. You’re creating something that’s much bigger.

That’s going to help people. That’s going, I mean, the, the, I think the reality is for those of you who are creating content and honestly, those who aren’t creating content either, even in your relationships, even in the people that you’ve talked to, you have made a difference in so many ways.

It’s important for me that you guys know you’re growing and that you’re celebrating that, that you’re valuing the experience.

The program is 2,000 paid in full or four payments of 500. And that’s the gist of the program. I want to talk a little bit and I’m going to keep it up.

Is there any way you can split me on one side and then this on the other? If not, that’s okay. But I want to talk really quickly about what kind of happens inside Show Up Real and what kind of results are my clients getting? I’m thinking of one of my clients, she’s an ADHD coach, her name’s Brenda.

She came into my program, she was already a coach and she’s a very experienced therapist, but she wanted to grow her online community. And she just kind of struggled with going back and forth with content. And not only did she not know what to post exactly, but she just felt very uncomfortable posting.

And one of the challenges that she took advantage of was, I think it was March, we did 30 days of video. And in that time, And I think we did 30 days of reels specifically like short form video. And in that time, she went from not creating a reel ever in her business to posting 21 reels in one month.

This is the power of challenges within this program. We, it’s very collaborative. And I think what, I mean, they do it, but they collaborate a lot in the Slack channel and cheer each other on because the reality is when we’re trying something new, when we are going out there and giving value, it can be hard and we want like they celebrate together.

So. She immediately went from doing no reel to 21 in one month. And then within three, within the month after that, or two months after that, she created her first three clients in a really long time. So I want to celebrate her. She is amazing. And one thing that she utilizes the most within the program is she goes to the coaching calls.

She’s going to the group, the weekly group coaching calls, and she’s getting coached. In the, what it’s like inside the group coaching calls, people are either looking for strategy or they’re looking for a mindset and we kind of tackle both. So just today, actually, we had a Show Up Real call and one of my clients, Andrea.

She is a money coach and one thing that she shared with me was that she has a problem talking about client objections, right? So she has, she just had a hard, I think we were going back and forth around like, I don’t know what’s, Exactly is an objection and like how to actually speak to it. So what we did on the call, just to give you a visual of what kind of what happens on those calls is like, we wrote down all the client objections and then we wrote down, what is the fear?

Next to the objection, right? So for her, it was money. She’s a money coach. So for her, it was a lot of like, there’s a fear of gambling. Like you’re gambling in your money. If you in advance, there’s a fear of this. There’s a fear of, you know, your family telling, thinking like you’re doing the wrong thing with your money.

We wrote down all of the objections and then we created solutions. And, and for her, I think, I don’t know if it was email or content, I forget, but we created like actual one word, um, uh, one word titles for each content that directly hits the client objection, right? That directly hits like what the solution she has for that objection.

Okay. So let’s talk about what you get in my Show Up Real program. You get the curriculum. There’s monthly coaching calls. Every single Tuesday you get on demand. Oh, Brenda’s here. Sorry. I just noticed that. Um, On demand audits, for your content and social media. And one thing I didn’t mention before is you get social media audits, which means we will give you an audit on your profile.

So whether that’s LinkedIn or whether that’s Instagram, if you are a person who goes back and forth with your bio, we will give you feedback on that. And give you an overall audit on like, what is the personal brand that exudes out of your social media from fresh eyes, right? We always want to know what like brand new people are like, what is their experience when they’re looking at our content?

That is why I made this feature inside Show Up Real, you get to ask for reviews and feedback. Anytime and you get a custom video specific to you on what to fix and what to change, or what to consider or think about. So you get the on demand audits and reviews. You also get monthly content planning calls plus we have a supportive Slack community. I’m so excited for you to join Show Up Real. I hope to see you there.

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