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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

262.Transparent Business Update [ Mid-Year Growth ]

I am sharing a recent Instagram Live today where I give a transparent business update. Hear all of the business growth I’ve had so far this year and how I’ve been able to take on more and celebrate myself along the way.

I got so much feedback that this update/pep talk was helpful, so I hope it helps you here too.

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[00:00:00] My name is Catalina Del Carmen, and I am a wife, mother of two, daughter of immigrants, and a rule-breaking business coach for women of color, coaches, creatives, and service professionals. I spent years trying to figure out the online business game, creating fashion blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram pages, email lists— all the things, with little or nothing to show for it. Now, I run a growing multiple six-figure coaching business, keeping things radically simple so I can spend more time with my babies than my business. Inside my programs, Show Up Real and Show Up & Lead Mastermind, I teach my clients how to build an online community using authentic, revenue-generating content that doesn’t require them to be everywhere.

[00:01:00] Whether it’s your first four figures in business or six figures in my mastermind, less is more when you are committed to growing your impact and revenue at the same time. In this show, I tell the whole mother effing truth about what it takes to build and scale an online business. I don’t gatekeep. I don’t tell you half the truth. I keep it real, and I will challenge you to do it as well. Welcome to Show Up Real Podcast.

What is up y’all? I hope you are having such a wonderful, wonderful start to your week. On today’s episode, I am sharing an IG live I recently did, um, just a couple of days ago. The reason I wanted to share it with you is because a lot, a lot of people took a lot away from this Instagram live. I decided to go on an impromptu live and really just talk about business, give [00:02:00] my audience a business update on where I am in my growth, in my business, what’s been happening in my business. And so many people took so much away from this. I got, I don’t know, like 50 plus likes, which is a lot for a live for me. Usually, they get like just a couple and so many comments just thanking me and, um, just so much impact. So I wanted to make sure that you guys also got a chance to really listen and, um, see all the growth that I’ve had this year and how much I’ve put myself in a position to be able to take on more, um, and, and, and really just celebrate myself too and learn how to do that.

So if you are someone who struggles to celebrate your growth, if you are someone who struggles with feeling or struggles not hitting the [00:03:00] result or not hitting the goal, I want you to listen to this episode and I really want you to hear myself talk about my business and let it be an example to you that there is so much good that can happen when you are looking at your growth differently. When you start being proud of yourself for doing the work, when you start actually making plans that scare you and learn how to grow your capacity without burning yourself out, it can be so powerful. It could be so powerful, not just for your business, but for you.

So listen to this episode. I give you a very transparent business update. It’s half the year into 2024, and I just hope you can [00:04:00] use this as a little update slash pep talk. So listen up, let me know if you have any questions on Instagram, you can DM me, and I think that’s it for now. You should know that Show Up & Lead Mastermind will be opening up for enrollment in September. I will be talking all about it on the podcast, but for right now, take a listen to this and let me know if you have any questions or thoughts. And if you do take something away from it, it would mean so much to me if you could share it on your Instagram stories, share it on LinkedIn or Facebook, wherever you hang out, and just share the message with people who you think might need it. Okay. All right, y’all, I will see you later. Bye.

I kind of just wanted to give you a transparent business update, and I wanted to talk about what’s happening in my business, what I’m learning, and celebrate myself. I just want to talk. So [00:05:00] honestly, if you want to go live with me, let’s go live together. I’m doing this just for fun. Okay. No serious drama. Okay. First, I want to start by giving you a little update on what’s happening in my business. Being super transparent. I’m going to write down because when I’m talking, I just do better when I write down.

So it’s almost a half-year mark and I have been reflecting on what the year has looked like for me. And I gotta say, I’m so proud of myself and you know, it’s beautiful. I’m not proud of myself just for the money, um, because technically I, I’m like, okay, uh, uh, revenue-wise, I’m not exactly where I wanted to be, but I’m like, I’m, I’m, I’m right there and I’ll give you more details in a second. But, um, but what I’ve realized this year [00:06:00] is like, I’ve taken on some of the biggest projects in my business this year so far. Um, I have challenged my brain so much. And I think that there is so much value in detaching yourself from the money and the goals. Um, I think so much of us want the money now. So much of us want the goals now. So much of us want the accolades now. So much of us want the visibility now. And the reality is that like, when you’re so tied to the how, you cannot see your own growth. You don’t even give yourself a chance to be proud of yourself because I am in this place where my revenue is not where I want it to be. It’s okay. Like, it’s not bad. I’d say it’s at what, 35, 40 percent of [00:07:00] probably 40 percent of my goal. I, I’m not good at math, but, um, I’m probably at like 35, 38 percent of my goal, so I’m a little behind, but I also have two launches at the end of the year, plus some other, some other things that I’m working on revenue-wise. So I’m like, I’m confident I’ll hit my goal or get close to it. But regardless of that, I’m so fucking proud of myself. So proud of myself. And I want to say this publicly and go, go on the live and really just like say that because business is so hard. And I feel like so many of us put so much effort into growing our business. And the reality is it doesn’t get easier. Like, I’m sorry to break it to you, but [00:08:00] your business is not going to get easier. I was just on a call with my mastermind, the one I’m a part of. And I said something on the call, I was getting coached and I was like, I told them, um, what did I say? I was like, I have this thought of like, when is it going to be my, like, when am I going to have another big year again? When am I going to have, like, this big, huge win? And, um, everyone on, and, uh, it was a peer coach coaching me and, um, like a peer of mine. And she was saying that, uh, she was saying like, well, we’re entrepreneurs. We all kind of feel that way. And on that call, the, the, the people in that room range from as low as 300 K in revenue to 3 million plus in revenue in that mastermind that I’m a part of. And she asked everyone, she’s like, who feels what Cat just said, right? Who feels this way [00:09:00] in their business? And when people making 3 million a year raise their hand and they’re like, I also want it to feel easier in my business. You really get a perspective that like, if you’re looking for business to feel easier, right? You are not looking at business the right way. You’re not looking at in entrepreneurship the right way. What makes your business easier is you taking care of yourself in your life. Just want you to take note of that. Okay. Business isn’t just going to get easier. There is no such thing as passive income unless you are throwing it in the stock market. Like, that is the only actual way to create passive income. Everything outside of that, you will have to work. There will be labor included. [00:10:00] And it’s a fact of life. You don’t have to like it, but it is a fact of life. So if you are wildly ambitious and you love business and you want to build your business and you want to grow your business and you want to scale your business and you want to make more money, you want to have a bigger life, right? If you want all of that, your labor is going to be a part of it. I’m sorry. I hate to break it to you. I’m just sorry. It’s just the way it is.

That being said, if you want that labor to feel easier, you have to get very good at taking care of yourself and you also have to get good at taking on bigger projects in your business and doing the scary things that you think will burn you out. A lot of people aren’t growing their business because they think doing the extra work means burning out. They just assume it. They’re like, if this is a lot for me now, I definitely can’t do that. But they don’t even give their selves a chance to learn how to take on bigger projects. This year, let me just, I’m gonna write this down while I talk to you. I’m going to look at my calendar too because I really want to give you a transparent look. So here’s what I want you to know. I got my calendar out.

In January, I re-launched Show Up and Lead. I re-launched my mastermind, and I had a launch, and that launch was an 80 K launch in January. So it was technically December and January, but I’m going to count it for January because that’s where it all ended. So in January, I launched Show Up & Lead Mastermind. We had a phenomenal launch, an 80 K launch. I was so proud of myself. So proud of myself.

February came, and I had a lot going on in February. I did two big projects for clients, so I had two private clients that I was working with. We were putting together big launches, and I was working with them behind the scenes on putting together their launch plans and all the things. So I took on two big projects in February with clients, and I coached the shit out of them. We worked really hard. It was awesome.

In February, I also spoke at a small event in Texas. So I took on projects for clients and spoke at a small event in February.

March, what did I do in March? Oh, and February also, I was speaking at events.

In March, I decided to, um, actually I was getting coached, but my coach decided to create an evergreen funnel. So I took, um, a very big project, created an evergreen funnel, worked on it all through March, April, and May. So in March, April, and May, I was working on this huge, huge evergreen funnel project. It’s the first funnel I’ve ever put together. It took so much from me. It was so hard, and I did it. I created a program called the Show Up Real Course. And it is a part of my funnel, and that funnel is now working, and it is making money, not a ton of money, but it is working. It’s doing well. So in March, April, and May, I created my first funnel ever.

In May and June, I decided to make another big move. I decided to put myself out there to speak at events. I spoke at two events and applied for two other ones. So in May and June, I was speaking at two events, and I am applying for two other ones and I just did it.

Now, what I want to remind you, I’m just trying to explain to you what this looks like. So here’s what I’m saying. What I’m saying is I launched a mastermind in January. In February, I took on two big client projects. In February also, I spoke at an event. In March, April, and May, I created an evergreen funnel for the first time ever, which was a huge project and I needed a lot of help, but I got it done. And May and June, I spoke at two events and I’m in the process of applying for two other events.

All of this to say, so January, February, March, April, May, June, that six months of my life has been some of the biggest growth in my business I have ever had. And you know what? I am wildly proud of myself. And I really want you to reflect on this. If you are in a season of not hitting your revenue goals, but you are challenging yourself to do big things, I want you to understand the value of the things that you’re doing. I want you to understand that the projects that you are taking on and the risks that you are taking are the things that are going to grow your capacity to make more money.

I just talked to one of my clients. She’s making good money. She was saying, I asked her what she was most proud of, and she was just like, “I’m so proud that I don’t hate this.” And I started laughing. I’m like, what do you mean? She’s like, “I’m just so proud that I’m not burnt out. I’m so proud that I love my business, and I’m taking care of myself, and I, I’m just so happy. I’m not exhausted.” And it made me laugh because it’s so true. I’m so happy that I’m not exhausted. Like, I am proud of myself, and I feel good, and I don’t hate my business, and I am happy, and I feel proud of myself, and my business is growing, and it’s because I took on big things.

Now, I want you to look at your life and really think about what things do you need to start doing, and what scary things do you need to start looking at differently? What big projects do you need to challenge yourself to do? And how are you growing your capacity? How are you growing your capacity? And I really want you to think about what this looks like for you. So think about it. And that is my live for today. I love y’all. Have a wonderful day. Bye y’all.

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