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Catalina Del Carmen is a wife, mom, first-generation Guatemalteca, and multiple six-figure business coach. She keeps it real week after week, sharing the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies that keep your coaching business simple while still massively profitable and impactful.

263. Thought Leadership & Curriculum Breakdown

Today, I’m talking about thought leadership and curriculum. You need to be a thought leader and develop your own curriculum so you can stand out and help more people get the results you provide.

I share 6 steps to follow to create your own unique concepts, methodologies, and overall curriculum.

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Welcome back to the Show Up Real podcast. I am so excited to be here with you today. So today I want to talk about something that is really important to me and has been a big part of my business and something that I really focus on with my clients. And that is your curriculum, your unique concepts, your methodologies. So if you are a coach or a consultant, or if you have a group program or a course, I really want you to start thinking about how you are teaching, what you are teaching, and how you can create your own unique curriculum and process and methodology. And I want to kind of break that down for you because it’s really important to me that you start thinking about your own unique process and how you teach people, how you get people results, and how you can really start to create your own concepts, your own curriculum, and your own methodologies to teach your clients. And this is really going to help you stand out in the industry. This is really going to help you start to create your own thought leadership and your own unique way of teaching things.

So I want to break it down for you. I want to talk about creating curriculum. I want to talk about creating your own unique concepts and methodologies. And I really want you to start thinking about how you can start doing this in your own business. And I’m going to share a little bit about how I do it inside Show Up & Lead Mastermind and how you can start doing it in your own business as well. Okay. So let’s get into it. All right. So the first thing I want to talk about is creating your own curriculum. So if you have a group program or a course, I want to help you start the process of creating your own curriculum. Okay. So curriculum is basically the education that you’re going to teach the process. And I don’t want you to be perfect at it. I don’t want you to think of it in this perfectionist way. Okay. Your curriculum should evolve. I am not the same coach I was three years ago. My curriculum has evolved.

When I first created my mastermind, it was so different. I actually don’t even think I had a curriculum. When I first created my mastermind, I just knew I wanted to help women of color coaches, creatives, and consultants, and service professionals make money online using organic content. And that’s what I did. And it was a lot of one-on-one coaching and just meeting them where they were. And then slowly and slowly I created more curriculum based off the results that were being created in the group, right? So if you are a coach or a consultant or a service professional, and you have a process, you have a process to your program, I want you to start writing that down. Okay. So if you have a group program, if you have a course, or if you want to start a group program, I want you to start writing down your own process, and we’re going to go through it, but I want you to start writing it down. And I want you to take a look at your clients that you’ve worked with one-on-one, if you’ve worked with clients one-on-one, but I want you to look at what has been the same for the people who have gotten the best results. What has been the same for them? And I want you to start writing that down.

So you can start writing. I don’t care if you pause this, if you’re walking, if you’re driving, do it later. But what I want you to start doing is when you’re ready to think about your curriculum, your concepts, your methodologies, I want you to start thinking about what has been the same for the clients who have gotten the best results and start writing down what your unique process was for those people. So I’ll give you an example. Inside Show Up & Lead Mastermind, I focus on three things. The three things that I focus on inside the program that has created the most results for my clients is number one, the Show Up and Lead mindset. The Show Up & Lead mindset is basically the foundation of my work and helping people grow to six figures and multi six figures. So we really focus on mindset work. And I specifically do that with a framework called I-R-U. All right. So I-R-U stands for impact, revenue, and utilization of time. All right. So every single one of my [00:17:00] clients in the Show Up and Lead Mastermind, we focus on what impact are you making? What, what revenue are you making? Right. And how are you utilizing your time? And we do that work inside the Show Up & Lead Mastermind, but that is a framework that I use.

So number one, Show Up & Lead mindset. Number two is creating your own unique process and curriculum and, and refining your offers, right? So we focus on your process, your curriculum and refining your offer. And then the last piece of my curriculum is showing up and leading with your content, which I use a process called CRP. And it is [00:18:00] building your community, creating, um, revenue, revenue generating content, right? Revenue generating content. And then P is packaging and promotions. So that’s, those are like my three things that I focus on inside the mastermind. And, and when I created the curriculum, I really just had to think about what has gotten my clients the most results. And when I thought about what got my clients the most results, I came up with that process and it’s something I’m refining all the time. But I want you to think about what gets your clients the best results. And I want you to start writing down, okay, well, what is that process? Okay. What are the results? What’s the process? What’s the same for all the people who got the best results? So for me, I [00:19:00] noticed my clients who had the Show Up and Lead mindset, that was a framework I used. They got better results. My clients who created a unique process and curriculum and refined their offer, got better results. My clients who learned the show up and lead process for content creation, community building and, and packaging and promotions, they got the best results. So I started writing that down and that became my curriculum. So I want you to start writing that down as your process. I really want to, um, I want to challenge you to start writing it down, even if it’s messy. Even if you’re not really sure. Okay. I want you to start writing it down.

So the second thing I want to talk about is your unique methodology and concepts. So now that you are kind of [00:20:00] writing your curriculum and you might not have it all down, but I want you to just start thinking about what the process is. Okay. And then the next step I want you to take is I want you to start thinking about how you teach these things. So let me give you an example. I have concepts inside Show Up & Lead Mastermind that, that are unique to me. Right. So let me give you an example. Inside my process of, of I-R-U, right. Impact revenue, utilization of time. What I noticed is that my clients who create consistent, impactful content, that’s what’s helping them get results. So what I did is I created [00:21:00] a concept called CRP and it helps my clients create their own content creation plan, which CRP stands for content creation plan. And it helps my clients do that. And there’s three steps in that process. There’s community building, right. There is revenue generating content. And then there is, um, what’s it called packaging and promotions. So what I noticed is that these clients who have created content, who have created consistent content, they had to focus on those three things. They had to build community. They had to create content that generated revenue and sales. And then they had to focus on [00:22:00] promotions and packaging of their offers. So what I created was, what I created was this concept. It was a unique concept to me, and it helps my clients get results, right? It’s a part of the curriculum that gets them results. So what I want you to think about is what unique, how do you teach what you teach? What is the process that you take your clients through? And how can you create a unique concept to yourself that helps them get results?

Another concept that I talk about a lot is the value, the value ladder, right? So when you are creating content, there is three things, three pieces of content that [00:23:00] are going to help you create value, right? You need your value content. You need your, what’s it called? Your value content, your story, right? Your personal story and connection content. And then you need your offer content. And that’s a process that I have created that has helped my clients create revenue and sales and all of this stuff, right? So what I want you to think about is like, what’s your unique concepts? What are the things that you have created that are going to help your clients get results? And I really want you to think about those things. I really want you to think about what have I created, right? What’s unique to me that [00:24:00] is going to help them get the results that they want? What is unique to me that’s going to help them get the results they want? And I want you to start thinking about those concepts. And if you have a unique way of teaching something, I want you to name it. So if you have a unique way of teaching something, I want you to name it. So for example, I have the show up and lead mindset, right? That’s one of my concepts.

That’s one of my frameworks that I use inside my curriculum. I have the value ladder, right? I have the CRP process for content creation. I have the, um, I have, what’s it called? The I-R-U method, right? For impact, revenue, utilization of time. I want you to start naming your concepts, naming your unique process. And [00:25:00] this is going to help you start to create your own thought leadership. And this is going to help you start to create your own unique way of teaching things.

Now, let me be clear about something. With your only selling one-on-one coaching, and you’re new to it, you don’t need any curriculum at all. I don’t believe that at all. Like, one-on-one coaching is so custom. You can help people without all of the teaching and curriculum and all of that. You can just help them solve their problems with the access they have to you.

But once you have a good load of clients, right? So once you’re hitting like, I don’t know, 8, 10, 15, 20 clients at a time. Once you’re doing that, it’s going to become very repetitive for you to be teaching the same concepts over and over and over again on every single call. So the first kind of ways I started doing this was I started making videos teaching the basic concepts of what I was teaching or what I was coaching on. So I started with doing that. Then I started to do group calls, or group trainings. And every single month, I think for like half of 2021, I started to do a training every month just for my private clients. Now, sometimes I would have one client go, and other times there’d be like 12 people there, right?

But the way I thought about it wasn’t like, I need people there to make me feel better about this or make it, make me believe that it’s important enough to teach. No, my job is not to go out there and do the work for my clients. That’s not my job. I don’t have control of that. They have to do the work. But what is in my control is teaching them anything and everything I can, trying again and again and again and again to help them see and understand how to create the results. So one part and why practicing articulating concepts and teachings, why that’s so important, is because the way you get better at teaching, the way you get better at marketing, is by articulating more and more and more, saying things in different ways again and again and again, and really exhausting the amount of ways you can explain something.

So I recommend absolutely, especially for more experienced coaches who’ve been doing one-on-one for like, one and a half, two years, right? If you’ve been doing it for a long time, you got to teach more. You want to teach more. It makes you better. I don’t care if nobody goes to the training. It’s not about the number of people who go. It’s about you becoming better at coaching and at teaching. You need as much practice. And when I say you need as much practice, I mean, I used to just do like, I remember 2021, I started doing monthly trainings. And then it slowed down in 2022, um, when I got pregnant, and then I had my mastermind, and I definitely was teaching like random trainings in there.

But it was really like, when I think about how much I was flexing my muscle and, uh, uh, really working out that muscle of thought leadership in my first two years of business. It was very light. I was definitely like power walking and jogging. Like I was not really stretching myself. Like it was good, right? Like it was good to do that. But I wasn’t, it was slower. When I think about the last two years, I’ve been so committed to learning how to teach. I’ve been so committed to learning how to talk about concepts that I’m just not fully comfortable with, but I’m willing to teach it anyway. Because the reality is when you’re creating group programs, when you are creating programs that you’re going to bring multiple people into, it’s important that your curriculum becomes the coach, right? Like you want to have, you want to have every person in that group to be able to have access to you, but you’re also one person, right? So you can’t, and it’s not one-on-one coaching. Maybe it’s a group program. And if that’s the case, you want your program, like the actual assets and videos and curriculum, you want it to hold some of that weight so your clients actually don’t need you all the time because they could lean on your content. They could lean on your curriculum. But for you to even get good at that, you have to go out there and start practicing, start articulating, start teaching. And some things you’re not going to want to teach, but they might make sense for your clients. So you have to learn how to teach it, even if it’s not your favorite topic, right? You have to learn how to do that. So flexing that muscle is such a big part of really creating your own unique curriculum process.

Okay, number four. Number four is create your signature process. This is something that I challenge my clients to do in Show Up & Lead Mastermind is you create your signature process, meaning that you create a high-level process from A to Z, Z being the result that you sell.

So this process is designed to help anybody step into your program and get the results that you sold them. Now, I want to be clear here. Your signature process isn’t going to be like a 10 out of 10 right off the bat. You are typically going to evolve this. It’s going to be versions, right? The way I think about group programs is like the iPhone. Like when the iPhone first hit the scene, right, like first hit humans, people were amazed by it. There was some confusion because it was so high tech, but once people got used to it, right, they came out with new versions. And now there’s like, I don’t know, 15 versions or whatever the case is, but that’s how it’s going to be with your process and curriculum as well. So the first thing you do before you create curriculum is you have to understand the process that people go through in creating the result. You have to actually identify that, and typically it’s just a couple steps. You don’t want it to be like 9 things or 20 things or 15 steps. You want it to be very high level. You want to be able to explain this very simply. And then once you’ve identified that, which inside Show Up & Lead Mastermind, you will, then you share it with clients. You share it in your marketing, you create videos for your clients. You talk about it in your marketing and IG lives and Instagram reels. You don’t talk about the process. It’s not about the process, but what you’re talking about and what you’re sharing with your clients is the solutions, the simplicity of the process to get the result. Remember, everything has to do with helping people get to the results. So the point of the process is to help them get the result.

So step four is you create your signature process and then you go to work to build your belief in that process, to have that process’s back, to believe that it could be this simple, right? That happens after, but first you have to create it. First, you have to create it. And you can do this in so many ways. You share it, right? You share this process. You share it with people. You share it in your marketing. You create videos about it. You create marketing about it. You see what your clients gravitate towards, which is super important. One of the most important things that I learned in launching my mastermind was, so every mastermind, we typically launch with a live event, a live virtual event. Sometimes it’s in real life, sometimes it’s virtual. But regardless, it’s basically two days of me teaching. The wonderful part about it is that I kind of force myself to teach for three days, which is a lot of days, right? So I’ve done that. I’ve done this many, many, many times now. And what I’ve learned throughout it is that you will find that the more you talk about it and the more you help your clients get results using your process, the more you’ll see exactly what they gravitate towards, exactly what feels like a solution for them, exactly what is helpful in their journey to creating the result. It’s a really amazing thing. Because your own concepts, this is where you’re really tapping into thought leadership, is your own concepts turn into things that they are thinking about. They are no longer in like a confusion mode. They go to your concept, they go to your methodology, they go to one step of your process, and they feel like that alone is the solution. It’s really exciting. It’s really exciting when you start articulating it because you start to really realize like, damn, I really do know my shit. This is really helping my clients.

So step four is you create your signature process, and you can do that inside Show Up & Lead Mastermind. Number five. Number five. After that, that is where you create your body of work. Okay? You create your body of work. Now, this could be a solutions-based curriculum for your program that you sell. It could also be a book. It could also be a course. It could be an ebook. It could, you could package this up any way you want. For this example, I’m going to use curriculum because I’m making this episode for a specific client, but I really want you to think about it as your body of work and you get to choose what that looks like. Okay. I’m going to use curriculum, but you get to choose what that looks like. So number five is you want to create a solutions-based curriculum, aka your body of work. And this is where you’re expanding on the process by creating curriculum of the top topics, the concepts, and the methodologies you’ve used the most. Right. You’re expanding on that

process by creating actual curriculum, actual videos, workbooks, like learning tools, right? For your clients to help them get the results they want. This will give your clients not only the solutions that they want in your program, but it’s going to give you some peace of mind and like some breathing space to know that, okay, there’s videos on this. Okay. I have resources for them. And you can continuously, like every client I’ve seen do this, continuously makes their curriculum better and better and better. Now, for me, for example, I want to take you through kind of the phases that I went through to create this curriculum. So I had created the very first show up and lead process. Right. And then from that process, I would, I would, I started, what was it? I think it was in 2021, 2022, I forget the year, but I started doing monthly trainings for just Show Up & Lead Mastermind. And I started to do monthly trainings every month. And I was just teaching one thing. And after each one of these trainings, I would put it into the portal, into my Show Up & Lead Mastermind portal for my clients. Then I started to see my clients using those videos, then they would take those videos and I would see how they worked with them and how they did with them. And I’d be like, okay, let me tweak this. Let me fix that. This one training actually helped a lot more people. So let me move that around and let me create a bigger lesson on this. Right. So that was kind of the second phase. The third phase is where I’m at now is now it’s like, all right, I’ve learned what really works for my clients. I have two years of doing monthly trainings. Now it’s about making this entire curriculum and onboarding it into my mastermind in a way where the mastermind is really running and getting results for my clients. Because this is the first time I’m running a really intimate group of clients in Show Up & Lead Mastermind. So with that said, you want to make sure that you have, that you are also tracking, right? You want to track and see what is working and what is not working. What are they getting results from? What are they not? What are they still needing? What can you provide? The point is you want to create a solutions based curriculum or a body of work to really solve for all the things that your clients will need to create the results. And this is a good way to scale your business, because let’s say you want to launch a new program and you just need to create a new curriculum for a new topic. Now you’re in the practice of really teaching, articulating your concepts. Now you’re really in the practice of teaching. And the more you teach, the better you get. The better you get, the more you believe in your content, the more you believe in your content, the more you sell your content, the more clients you get, the more results they get. Like this is how you scale your business over and over and over again. It has to be solutions based, always solving for the result. All right. I hope this was helpful. And if you are interested in working with me, you can always check the show notes. My clients right now are going through an epic Q3 and Q4 in 2024. And if you want to work with me in the future, you can always go to my show notes and book a consultation. You can always get my free resources in the show notes as well. I hope you have a wonderful day and I will see you next time. Bye.

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